AEW Dynamite Results (10/26) Norfolk – VA

AEW Dynamite Results (10/26) Norfolk - VA

AEW Dynamite Results (10/26) Norfolk, VA – We are live from the Chartway Arena in Norfolk, Virginia, as Chris Jericho and Daniel Garcia make their way to the ring accompanied by the member of the JAS.

Out next, accompanied by William Regal, is Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta from the Blackpool Combat Club. We are ready for our first match of the night.

Chris Jericho & Daniel Garcia vs. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Wheeler Yuta

Chris Jericho starts by flipping the crowd off, but he immediately eats countless uppercuts from Claudio Castagnoli as Jericho tags out, and Daniel Garcia is dropped by one as well. Wheeler Yuta then comes in and remains in control with some chops, but the ROH Pure Champion answers back with a headbutt and then some chops of his own, only for Yuta to slam him to the mat and follow with a senton. 

Both members of the Blackpool Combat Club then have their opponents inside the ring as they hit their elbow strikes, but a distraction from Jake Hager allows 2.0 to break that up. The fight then spills to the outside, but the BCC members continue to dominate. Castagnoli then uppercuts Garcia into a German Suplex, but the double team doesn’t get the job done as the Jericho Appreciation Society member tags out. 

Castagnoli looks for the swing but Garcia kicks out and tags Jericho in as they begin going blow for blow, but once again Hager causes an intervention which allows Jericho to hit a springboard dropkick to send him out of the ring. 

Jericho drops him again with an enziguri, and Garcia returns to action by stomping down on his opponent. Castagnoli powers up with Garcia on his back, and he then suplexes him down, but Jericho takes Yuta off the apron to deny the tag. 

Castagnoli blocks the Codebreaker and then the Walls Of Jericho before pushing him into the air for an uppercut which allows for a hot tag as Yuta comes in with a diving splash. Jericho tags out and he then attacks Garcia as well, with a Samoan Drop from Yuta getting a near fall. Jericho chops the windpipe of Yuta, but he and Castagnoli work together and a DDT almost gets them the win. 

Castagnoli then springboards in the air, but is met with the Codebreaker, which forces Yuta to break the pin. He then dives out of the ring to take out three men, but back in the ring Jericho tries to use a baseball bat only for Castagnoli to powerbomb him instead, which transitions into the Giant Swing with Garcia on his back at the same time! Hager eats a big boot and then a senton as Castagnoli takes out everyone else at ringside in the sequence. Back in the ring, Castagnoli nails the Neutrolizer to get the win.

Winners: Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta

Blackpool Combat Club Business Backstage

Bryan Danielson talks to Renee Paquette about being frustrated over losing his ROH title opportunity. He says the same about his issues with Daniel Garcia and Wheeler Yuta talking back to him. He vows to take his frustrations out on Sammy Guevara and “his stupid video blogs.”

As he finishes talking, up walks Wheeler Yuta, who gets in Danielson’s face. The two argue and even throw shots at each other. Claudio Castagnoli breaks them up and William Regal helps. They mention it being Yuta’s birthday. He says after Danielson beats the crap outta Sammy later, they’re going to sit down and discuss this like adults.

Jericho Appreciation Society Business

We return from another commercial break to the entire Jericho Appreciation Society talking with Tony Schiavone backstage. Jericho issues a challenge to any former ROH Champion for next week and also mentions how he’s no longer limiting himself to just former ROH Champions when making defenses of the title in the future. Sammy Guevara closes the segment by vowing to beat Bryan Danielson’s ass — again.

AEW Tag-Team Title Eliminator
Swerve In Our Glory vs. FTR

Gunn Club are shown at ringside in the crowd before the match, while The Acclaimed also appear and sit at the top of the ramp while the fans just chant for the champions. When the match begins Swerve Strickland and Cash Wheeler take their time as they feel each other out, with Dax Harwood then coming in and suplexing his opponent down as he follows with a short leg drop.

Keith Lee comes in and FTR attempt the Big Rig, which isn’t possible, and then Lee ends up leapfrogging both FTR members before wiping them out with a double crossbody, and he then drops Wheeler with a double handed chop. After Swerve tags in to dominate briefly, Lee then returns with another big chop to Wheeler. The FTR star begins throwing some hands of his own, but he tries to stretch for the tag to no avail. 

However, Lee misses wildly with an attempted splash as Strickland then tags in only to be back body dropped as Harwood comes in and throws chops toward his opponent. Harwood then throws a bunch to Lee, who he then sidesteps to the floor, but the distraction allows for several pinfall attempts until Strickland accidentally slips off the ropes which provides a break. 

Harwood connects with a high German suplex, and Wheeler comes in as FTR ping-pong him back and forth with a Dragon suplex almost getting the job done. Lee manages to tag in himself and he throws his opponent as Lee and Swerve then sandwich him. Lee throws Wheeler into the air as Strickland catches and powerbombs him, but the FTR star kicks out! Wheeler hits a hurricanrana to Lee, but Harwood then pushes his partner away to save him. He catches Strickland in mid-air and looks for the slingshot powerbomb which is reversed, but Harwood counters it and then hits it. 

Lee attacks Wheeler again in the corner, but Harwood tags in and he looks for a suplex from the top turnbuckle, he is able to hit it, and Wheeler dives in with a splash upon landing, but he doesn’t hit it flush and Lee kicks out! FTR aim for the Big Rig but Harwood doesn’t have the strength, however Wheeler then splits the attempted double team from their opponents, and FTR hits Big Rig!

However, Strickland is on hand to pull Harwood out of the ring to stop the pinfall, and he then throws Wheeler into the barricade to hit the Gunns. Back in the ring, Strickland sneaks a low blow, allowing Lee to slam his opponent to the mat while the Gunn’s hold Wheeler to stop him making the save.

Winners: Swerve In Our Glory

After the match, Gunn Club attack FTR but The Acclaimed make the save.

Saraya & Britt Baker Bicker With Renee Paquette

We shoot backstage and see Saraya and Renee Paquette laughing and talking about reuniting in AEW of all places. As they continue to banter back-and-forth in comes Dr. Britt Baker. She and Saraya immediately start bickering with each other and Paquette breaks up the verbal sparring match, telling them if they’re gonna talk about things they need to do it properly. We head to a commercial break after that.

“The Devil” MJF Talks With Renee Paquette

We return from the break and the commentators send things down to Renee Paquette who brings out her guest at this time, MJF. He comes out to a big pop and then says “The Devil” is in the house. He asks if there are any devil worshippers in the house and everyone cheers again.

Renee asks what he thinks about wrestling Jon Moxley, and he decides to get on the microphone and do an impression of him, before saying the only word that he thinks of with him is mid. 

MJF says he might have got out of control when he said he’d wrestle the title match clean, he’s still MJF lets get real. MJF says something got under his skin, which was when the flea infested William Regal decided to tell him that he didn’t use his brass knuckles because he needed to, but because he wanted to. He thinks that is alluding to him not being able to beat Moxley without his Dynamite Diamond ring, so MJF promises he won’t use it at Full Gear.

MJF says all he has needed to be a success is a grudge, and he is full of them. He has made them into a chip that is on his shoulder, and at Full Gear he’s not fighting Regal, Moxley, or Penta, he’s fighting any scumbag who said he’s not good enough. He will shove that chip down the throats of anyone who doubted him, but he then gets interrupted by Stokely Hathaway, but he slaps the microphone out of his hand. 

MJF says Hathaway might have got comfortable as they’ve known each other for a long time, and he says if Moxley wins the main event, he needs him at 110% so they have no excuses. He tells Hathaway to not go near him, lay a hand on him, or look at him, or else he is fired.

AEW Dynamite Results (10/26) Norfolk, VA – Hour 2

Wardlow & Matt Taven Hype Rampage Battle

We shoot to a vignette from The Kingdom. Matt Taven and Mike Bennett request a title shot and then in the same video package, we hear a response from WarJoe. Wardlow and Matt Taven will be going one-on-one this coming Friday night on AEW Rampage.

Sammy Guevara vs. Bryan Danielson

Sammy Guevara catches Bryan Danielson with a knee strike immediately as he continues the attack in the corner, and he then springboards into the cutter, almost catching out the American Dragon straight away. The Blackpool Combat Club star then manages to bring Guevara down, and he locks in the Romero Special, before transitioning with some elbow and knee strikes to the head of his opponent. 

Danielson comes in with several big uppercuts and chops, but Guevara follows back with some of his own, only for Danielson to absorb them with his neck, allowing him to regain control with kicks in the corner. He takes down Guevara and attacks him with further strikes, but the Spanish God smartly rolls out of the ring, only to eat a dropkick. However, when Danielson looks to jump off the ring apron, Guevara hits a knee and then a huge moonsault from the top rope to the floor.

With the official then distracted, Tay Melo adds insult to injury, pulling Danielson’s arm on the bottom rope. Guevara then talks trash to Danielson before delivering some round kicks of his own, but Danielson then charges back with a big elbow strike. He begins unloading uppercuts and then dumps Guevara to the outside, as he follows by diving to the floor to drive his elbow into Guevara’s head. 

Back in the ring, Danielson connects with a shotgun dropkick, and he then brings his kicks only for him to miss with the last one as Guevara hits a standing Spanish Fly, but Danielson kicks out. Guevara then takes too long on the top turnbuckle, but as Danielson throws him, Guevara lands on his feet. He then looks for three different high risk moves, but Danielson avoids then and catches him into a LeBell Lock. 

Guevara gets to the ropes, and Danielson is then caught taking too long at the top turnbuckle as Guevara jumps up and connects with a Spanish Fly, but Danielson kicks out once more. Guevara looks for the GTH, but Danielson counters with a reverse hurricanrana. He then sets up in the corner, and the Busaiko Knee turns Guevara inside out. He then stomps down on his face before putting in a Triangle Choke with some elbow strikes as Guevara fades.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

Orange Cassidy Gets Three-Way Dance Set For Next Week’s Title Defense

Renee Paquette talks backstage with Rey Fenix and Alex Abrahantes, both of whom strongly praise their partner, Penta El Zero Miedo, ahead of his AEW World Championship showdown against Jon Moxley on tonight’s show. As they continue talking, they mention Rey Fenix should go for the AEW All-Atlantic Championship. When they say that line, in comes Christian Cage and Luchasaurus. He mentions that his monster deserves the title opportunity more than him.

Finally, in comes Orange Cassidy, who stops and asks, “Ya’ll two talkin’ bout me?” He then offers an opportunity to both of them for a three-way dance next week with the AEW All-Atlantic Championship on-the-line. That ends the backstage segment and then we head to another commercial break.

Jamie Hayter vs. Riho

Jamie Hayter’s strength and power advantage is clearly early as she takes Riho into the corner several times, despite that, she sends her opponent to the outside and Riho dives from the top turnbuckle to Hayter on the floor with a huge crossbody. However, Hayter’s power comes out on top again as she drives her opponent into the turnbuckle, and then the ring apron. 

Back in the ring she hits a Snap suplex before driving Riho into the second turnbuckle, with Hayter stomping back on her head after. She then dumps her out of the ring with Britt Baker getting the chance to attack her when the official isn’t looking. Riho then starts trying to throw hands at her opponent, but one slug works for Hayter, that is until Riho uses her agility to avoid attacks. 

Riho is able to plant Hayter to the mat after that before stomping on her for good measure, and Riho then wipes out Rbel before dropping Hayter onto the second ropes. However, she blocks the 619 attempt, only for Riho to hit a Northern Light’s supelx, which gets a near fall. Riho looks for a crossbody but Hayter rolls through and connects with a Brainbuster, yet Riho kicks out!

Hayter then hits a clubbing blow to the back of Riho, but she reverses the next move with a crossbody to land on Hayter, who runs into a double boot and then a hurricanrana. Despite that, Baker grabs Riho’s boots for a distraction, yet Riho reverses whatever Hayter has planned with a Code Red, but that doesn’t get the job done. The Englishwoman hits a backbreaker, but Riho bounces back straight away with a suplex, which forces Hayter to kick out this time. 

She then charges into the corner and misses, and while Riho avoids the Ripcord Lariat twice, Hayter connects with the third to win. 

Winner: Jamie Hayter

After the match Toni Storm appears as she lifts up the title to point to Hayter as they both tease a title match.

Eddie Kingston Gives His Prediction For Tonight’s Main Event

Eddie Kingston is then shown with Renee Paquette, and he says he is wonderful, and says it is great through a forced smile. He wants to move on and talk about Jon Moxley, he says it’ll be hard but he thinks Moxley will take it, and then says everyone else can leave him alone as he shows more obviously fake smiles. 

Darby Allin Isn’t Afraid Of His Biggest Weakness Being Exposed

We shoot to a video package featuring Darby Allin. He talks about the reason Sting hasn’t been on TV as of late and mentions a talk he had with him about wanting to crawl in a hole and give up. He says “The Icon” talked him into not doing that. He mentions someone claiming to know his biggest weakness and he asks them to come to his face and say it. Then we shoot to who he was talking about, Jay Lethal, who is standing by with Sonjay Dutt and their enormous pal, Satnam Singh.

AEW World Championship
Jon Moxley (C) vs. Penta El Zero Miedo

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this AEW World Championship main event of the evening. We see Mox and Penta go nose-to-nose and then a shoving match ensues. They begin to slowly pick up their intensity as they entangle a few more times in the middle of the ring.

We see the two trade vicious chops back-and-forth in rapid-fire style fashion as the crowd in Norfolk goes bonkers. From there, Mox starts to take over and looks for his finisher before getting hit low by a kick from Penta. Penta starts to get in some offense now.

Both guys try and one-up the other with loud taunts and pie-face gestures, with Mox’s being a double bird gesture, before a big flying high spot from Penta to Mox on the floor at ringside connects. This sends us into a mid-match commercial break as the main event continues.

We return from the break to Penta holding court, with the fans in Norfolk loudly chanting his name as he lands kick after kick on a grounded Moxley. He whips him into the corner but sprints into a big boot from a waiting AEW World Champion.

Mox hits a big release belly-to-belly suplex as Penta charged at him. Both guys are slow to get up and the crowd is picking up in noise as we near the final ten minutes of this week’s show.

Penta unhooks his mask to escape from a bulldog attempt by Mox. He gets Mox in an armbar but Mox escapes and grasps the hands of Penta before stomping the piss out of him. Penta fights back and takes Mox out with a big shoulder attack for a close near fall.

The action spills out to the floor where Mox hits a DDT on Penta on the edge of the steel ring steps. We see some replays of that as Mox sells his left arm still being banged up from earlier offense from Penta.

We see Mox bring the action back in the ring where he hits the King Kong Lariat on Penta for another close near fall. Penta with some diving foot stomps and then a horrifying looking Fear Factor on Mox for an enormously close near fall. We see replays of that vicious spot from the Lucha Bro.

Mox hits his Paradigm Shift and follow-up finisher for the pin fall victory to retain his AEW World Championship.

Winner: Jon Moxley

The Firm Goes Roughshod, Take Out Jon Moxley AND MJF

Mox is attacked by W. Morrissey and The Firm as soon as the bell sounds. The commentators mention how MJF said stay away, although he only mentioned during the match and the match is over.

Stokely Hathaway comes out and is yelling and encouraging his men to beat down the AEW World Champion. AEW security sprint down to the ring to try and restore order as the chaos ensues. The commentators bring up something going on backstage.

They shoot to Alex Marvez who is talking in a shook voice about the Blackpool Combat Club being locked in their own locker room. The commentators explain that’s why no one is coming out to help Moxley as he is savagely attacked by the many members of The Firm.

He tries fighting back but is eventually beaten back down as the numbers game is simply too much. MJF comes out and is looking conflicted, as the commentators point out. The crowd pops and MJF paces back-and-forth.

He ends up going backstage and leaving Mox to be attacked by The Firm. He ends up coming back out and he sprints down. He slides into the ring and pushes everyone off of Mox. He yells to Stokely that he is fired. He turns around and is blasted by Ethan Page. The Firm all start to beat down MJF as well.

Now we see Ethan Page and others begin hitting their finishers on MJF. They leave him completely laid out and play to the crowd before throwing MJF out of the ring. W. Morrissey follows out and takes his watch off. He picks up MJF, who tries fighting back, but The Firm help beat him back down. Morrissey hoists MJF up and in brutal fashion, chokeslams him through a table at ringside.

The show goes off the air on that note with The Firm standing tall after their shocking double beat down of Jon Moxley and MJF.

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AEW Dynamite Results (10/26) Norfolk – VA

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