WWE Clash At The Castle Results (9/03) Cardiff, Wales

WWE Clash At The Castle Results

WWE Clash At The Castle Results – The WWE Clash at The Castle Kickoff pre-show (which you can watch in the embedded video below) opens up with Jackie Redmond welcoming us. She’s joined at the WWE HQ studios in Stamford, CT by Matt Camp and Peter Rosenberg. We get a live shot of fans filing into a packed Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales for today’s big event. The panel goes over today’s card.

– We have a video package for Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins.

Jackie asks Matt about Riddle’s demeanor on The Bump. He says Riddle isn’t as happy go lucky as he was before. He tried to take it somewhere and Rollins took it somewhere else. Peter says this might have been keeping it real gone wrong. He says this might be a time where making it personal is true. Jackie asks about channeling your emotions. Matt says Riddle said he doesn’t care about wins and losses, it matters about what happens. Jackie asks about how important this match is for Riddle to show who he really is. Peter says Riddle is trying to find his way. He needs to show that he does not need Randy.

Peter picks Rollins. Matt picks Rollins. Jackie goes with Riddle.

– We take a look at the Smackdown Women’s Title Match with a video package.

Jackie asks what will it take for Liv to walk out of the match as champion. Matt says that Liv might need to survive because she has a target on her arm. Matt mentions that Liv has been training with Riddle to prepare for Shayna. Peter says that Liv has been the underdog for a while, but if she can win tonight, you add this to two wins over Ronda Rousey.

We see Liv Morgan with Leon Edwards in the locker room.

Matt says Liv has to be in a champion’s mindset for this match. Matt picks Shayna. Peter picks Liv. Jackie goes with Liv.

– We take a look at the Intercontinental Championship Match with a video package.

Jackie mentions Sheamus’ comments about Gunther from earlier in the week and if that might help him.

Wade Barrett joins the panel to discuss this match.

Wade says this is the match that makes him thankful he is retired. This will be one you will have to watch through your fingers. He mentions how he was covered in bruises every time he wrestled Sheamus. Gunther might have bit off more than he can chew.

Matt asks about Gunther’s comments to Tyler Bate and if Tyler and Bron are taking notes for their match. Wade mentions Finn and Gunther being on NXT to motivate Bron and Tyler for their match tomorrow. Wade says watching tonight’s video nasty should help them with their match at Worlds Collide.

Peter asks if anyone has the home advantage being in Wales. Wade says it will be loaded with people from across the UK. There will be people from Scotland, Ireland, and the rest of Europe. Drew and Sheamus will have an advantage. They might be from different countries but they have the same interests, but with different accents. Drew and Sheamus will inspire the next generation of talent. Wade mentions that Davey Boy Smith inspired him at Wembley.

Wade says he really wants to pick Sheamus to win the title he won five times and he picks Gunther so he can still have bragging rights over Sheamus. Matt picks Gunther. Peter picks Gunther. Jackie picks Sheamus.

– We take a look at the tag match between The Judgment Day and the team of Rey Mysterio and Edge with a video package.

Jackie asks how much of an advantage Rey and Edge have over Priest and Balor. Matt mentions their experience and teaming again will help them. The Judgment Day have to believe they can finish Edge and Rey. Peter says he is excited to see them work together. He says we have never seen them team up. Jackie brings up Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio and wonders if Beth will be in Cardiff. Matt says Rhea will get involved. He says Rhea is the most important factor in the match.

Peter picks Rey and Edge. Matt picks The Judgment Day. Jackie has to pick Edge and Rey.

– They talk about the six woman tag match.

Peter mentions how tough this match will be. Matt mentions resume versus cohesiveness. Bianca will be defending the women’s division. Asuka and Alexa didn’t win the tag titles either. If they win, do they go after Bianca? There is a team that is on the same page, but what about Bianca, Alexa, and Asuka.

Matt picks Bayley, Dakota, and Iyo. Peter picks Bianca, Alexa, and Asuka. Jackie picks Bayley, Dakota, and Iyo.

Theory and Alpha Academy vs. Madcap Moss and The Street Profits

Back from a break and Michael Cole welcomes us to ringside at Principality Stadium. He’s joined by Corey Graves and Byron Saxton, who are wearing almost-matching red jackets. The music hits and out comes Madcap Moss for tonight’s Kickoff match. Out next are The Street Profits – Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins. Alpha Academy is out first for their team – Chad Gable and Otis. They head to the ring to mostly boos. Samantha Irvin continues the introductions as Theory makes his way out last, carrying his Money In the Bank briefcase.

Dawkins and Gable start things off. Dawkins with a big shoulder. They run the ropes and tangle on the mat, then run the ropes again going back & forth. They trade deep arm drags and Dawkins gets the upperhand, then drops Gable with a right hand. Ford tags in and dropkicks Gable, then kips-up for a pop.

Ford and Gable run the ropes now but Gable pulls Ford out of the air into an ankle lock submission in the middle of the ring. Ford rolls out and dropkicks Gable but didn’t see the tag to Theory. Gable keeps going at it with Ford to allow Theory to hit Ford with a chop block, then send him into the turnbuckles. Theory poses to boos. Fans chant “you suck!” now as Theory sends Ford into the apron, then brings him back in and knocks him into the ropes, then uses the middle rope to choke him as the referee warns him.

Theory takes Ford to the corner with shots to the lower back. Otis tags in and scoop slams Ford. Otis with a running splash to the mat. Gable tags back in and grounds Ford with an arm lock. Fans start to rally for Ford. Dawkins reaches for a tag but Gable knocks him off the apron. Theory comes in and they both stop Ford from tagging. Ford drops them with a double DDT. They try to stop him from tagging but in comes Moss. He runs wild on Theory, then runs over Gable with a shoulder. Moss gets the crowd hyped up, then decks Theory with a shoulder in the corner.

Theory blocks a neckbreaker. Dawkins tags in and nails a corkscrew elbow to theory, then a splash and kick to Theory in the corner. Dawkins drops Theory in the middle of the ring for a close 2 count. Dawkins stalks Theory now. Theory blocks the sit-out powerbomb but Dawkins blocks The ATL. Gable comes in and tangles with Dawkins, rolling into a big German suplex. Moss breaks it up at the 2 count. Ford and Otis are involved now. Otis knocks Ford out of the air with a big shoulder. Moss and Otis are alone in the ring. Moss catches Otis with a big fall-away slam for a pop. Gable attacks Moss and sends him to the floor.

Gable goes for a German suplex to Ford from the apron to the floor but Ford resists. Dawkins puts Gable on his shoulders from the floor. Ford runs the ring and leaps over the top rope with a big super Blockbuster to Gable off Dawkins’ shoulders, also taking Moss and Theory down on the floor. Ford is legal now as he goes to the top and hits the big Frogsplash on Gable for the pin to win.

Winners: The Street Profits and Madcap Moss

After the match, The Profits and Moss begin celebrating as the music hits. We go to replays. The crowd cheers as Moss and The Profits continue celebrating.

– We return to Stamford to see a video package for the Unified Title Match.

– We see Roman Reigns arriving at the building. Peter quickly picks Roman. Matt picks Drew. Jackie picks Roman to end the pre-show.

WWE Clash At The Castle Results

The traditional WWE signature airs. We then transition into the always-awesome, elaborate “cold open” video package for a WWE special event, as the opener for the WWE Clash At The Castle airs now.

Once it wraps up, the theme for WWE Clash Of The Castle plays as we once again shoot inside Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales as the camera pans around the venue.

Bianca Belair, Asuka and Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley, Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai

We go right to the ring for the opener as RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair heads to the ring to a big pop. Samantha Irvin does the introductions as Alexa Bliss makes her way out next. Asuka is out last for her team. Out next comes Bayley, IYO SKY and Dakota Kai. They hit the ring and taunt the crowd.

HUGE “Hey Bayley” chant to start the match.

Bianca and Bayley start things off and Bayley gives a thumbs down to the crowd chanting for her. Bayley with a forearm to Asuka to get the crowd to stop. Bianca hits Iyo on the apron and all six enter the ring. Alexa slaps Dakota and then all six exchange punches. Bianca with a shoulder tackle while the other four go to the floor. Bianca with shoulders in the corner followed by a hip toss and drop kick. Iyo and Dakota grab Bianca’s hands on a handspring move and pull her to the floor. Alexa punches Dakota. Dakota and Iyo go for a double suplex but it is blocked. Asuka joins in and then so do Bayley and Bianca for a triple suplex on Bayley, Dakota, and Iyo. Bianca with a handspring moonsault onto all three and she gets a near fall on Bayley.

Bayley has some words for Cole as she tries to regroup. Alexa tags in. Iyo is tagged in. Iyo misses a punch and Alexa with a kick and one blocked by Iyo. Alexa with slaps. Alexa avoids being tripped by Iyo and Alexa stands on Iyo’s back. Alexa with a drop toe hold and a knee drop followed by handspring knee drop for a near fall. Bayley tags back in and she connects with forearms. Bayley runs Alexa into the corner and tags Dakota in. Dakota with kicks to Alexa and she chokes Alexa in the corner. Bayley tags back in and Alexa with another drop toe hold. Asuka tags in and Alexa with a forearm followed by a bulldog from Asuka and a series of hip strikes. Bayley blocks a round kick and she trips Asuka. Asuka with a waist lock and Bayley tags in Iyo. Asuka with a missile drop kick to Bayley but Iyo with a springboard drop kick to Asuka.

Asuka with a series of strikes but Iyo with a matrix and rollup for a near fall. Iyo with a kick to send Asuka to the mat. Dakota tags in. Dakota gets a near fall. Dakota starts to work on the arm and shoulder. Bayley tags in but then she tags Iyo back in and Iyo with kicks and a double knee strike in the corner for a near fall. Bayley and Asuka both try for a tag and Bayley is sent to the floor. Alexa tags in and she hits a flip senton off the apron but Dakota had made the blind tag and drop kicks Alexa into the ringside barrier. Kai with a suplex to Alexa for a near fall. Dakota works on the back while Bianca tries to get Alexa to make the tag. Dakota with an Irish whip and she chokes Alexa in the corner. Iyo tags in and Dakota mocks Bianca as she goes to the apron. Iyo with a wrist lock. Alexa blocks an Irish whip and she connects with a forearm. Alexa with more forearms. Iyo sends Alexa face first into the turnbuckles on an Irish whip. Iyo with a flapjack for a near fall.

Dakota tags in and kicks Alexa. Iyo tags back in and she takes Alexa to the mat with a hammer lock. Alexa with a jaw breker and Dakota makes the tag. Alexa with a back elbow to Iyo followed by Code Red but the referee does not make the count since Iyo is not the legal person in the match. Dakota with a running boot to Alexa for a near fall. Bayley tags in and she connects with forearms to Alexa. Dakota tags back in and they Irish whip Alexa. Bayley is sent to the apron by Alexa and Alexa with an elbow to Dakota followed by a head scissors take down. Bayley pulls Bianca off the apron to prevent the tag. Bayley appears to have hurt her knee. Dakota drop kicks Bianca off the apron. Alexa with a DDT and Asuka tags in. Asuka with a shoulder tackle to Bianca and a pop up knee to Iyo followed by back fist and more strikes.

Asuka with a German suplex to Iyo followed by a sliding kick to the head for a near fall. Bayley with a belly-to-belly suplex to Alexa. Asuka blocks a kick but Iyo with a round kick. Bayley tags in and she holds Asuka for Iyo to sunset flip Asuka and Bayley follows with a clothesline for a near fall. Asuka with a Codebreaker. Bianca tags in and she punches Bayley and hits a clothesline and drop kick. Bianca with shoulders in the corner. Bayley with an Irish whip and Bayley floats over and hits a spinebuster. Bianca with a standing moonsault for a near fall. Bayley with a thumb to the eye and Dakota tags in. Bianca with a back elbow and she runs Bayley into the turnbuckles and puts her on top. Bianca sets for a superples and she flips over Dakota and sends Dakota into Iyo. Bianca goes for a shoulder but misses. Alexa and Asuka go for a double superplex off Bianca’s back. Iyo with an Asai Moonsault to Alexa and Asuka. Bianca with a rollup on Dakota but she picks up Dakota. Dakota with a boot and Bianca with a forearm to Dakota on the turnbuckles. Biacna presses Dakota and then swings her to hit Iyo and follows with a fallaway slam. Dakota holds on to the ropes. Bianca blocks a Scorpion kick and Bianca with a power bomb.

Bianca goes up top and misses a double stomp and rolls through. Dakota hits the Scorpion kick and Dakota misses the Yakuza Kick in the corner. Bianca gets Dakota up for a KOD but Iyo stops her. Bayley holds Bianca’s braid and Dakota hits the Yakuza kick. Bayley with Rose Plant and Iyo with a moonsault and Bayley covers for the three count.

Winners: Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky

After the match, Bayley, SKY and Kai celebrate as the music hits. We go to replays. The heels pose and continue their celebration to end the segment.

– We see Drew McIntyre with Tyson Fury earlier today and Tyson is in the crowd for this show.

– We take a look back at footage from SummerSlam 1992 in Wembley Stadium. Bret Hart in the crowd for a huge pop.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match
Sheamus vs. Gunther (c)

We go back to the ring and out first are The Brawling Brutes – Sheamus with Ridge Holland and Butch. Ludwig Kaiser appears with a microphone now. Kaiser demands everyone’s gratitude for Giovanni Vinci, who is now standing with Kaiser. The former Fabian Aichner has reunited with his crew. Kaiser then introduces WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther as the leader of Imperium, so it looks like the faction is back. Kaiser goes on with his introduction for The Ring General, and out he comes. Imperium marches to the ring together. Graves can’t believe Gunther has reunited Imperium. The Brawling Brutes look on shocked from the ring.

The two factions face off in the ring now. Sheamus and Gunther stare each other down while the title is raised by the referee. Kaiser attacks Butch first and a brawl breaks out. Holland and Vinci fight but Sheamus and Gunther are still staring each other down. Butch, Holland, Kaiser and Vinci are brawling at ringside now. Butch nails a big moonsault to Vinci and Kaiser from the top turnbuckle to the floor. The bell rings and now Sheamus is brawling with Gunther. They take it to the corner and continue trading big strikes.

Sheamus with a kick and forearm followed by punches. Gunther with chops and punches. Sheamus with a forearm. Gunther with a side head lock and a boot to the head. Gunther with a forearm to the back. Gunther goes for a suplex but Sheamus blocks it and hits a suplex of his own. Sheamus with forearms and Gunther with a boot to the midsection. Gunther with an uppercut and Sheamus with forearms. Sheamus with a kick and a thrust kick and a front kick to the chest.

Sheamus has Gunther on the apron but Gunther gets to the floor before Sheamus can try for Ten Beats of the Bowery. Gunther pulls Sheamus to the floor but Sheamus sends Gunther into the ring steps. Sheamus puts Gunther back in the ring and he sets for Ten Beats of the Bowery but Gunther fights Sheamus off. Gunther with a forearm to Sheamus. Sheamus with forearms. Gunther with a forearm and chop. Sheamus kicks Gunther as Gunther charges into the corner and Sheamus pulls himself up but Gunther chops Sheamus off the turnbuckles to the floor. Gunther moves part of the ring steps to set for a power bomb but Sheamus blocks it. Gunther slams Sheamus on the ring steps. Gunther gets back into the ring and the referee continues his count but Sheamus is able to get back into the ring before the ten count.

Gunther with a chop and Sheamus chops back. They continue the exchange. Gunther with more chops and Sheamus is down. Gunther with a kick. Gunther with more chops and Sheamus chops back. Gunther with a boot to the head. Gunther with more chops and forearms against the ropes and those are the reason why Sheamus is still in the ring. Gunther with a running boot to the head. Gunther with a Boston Crab. Gunther turns it into an STF but Sheamus works on the hand to escape. Gunther with a chop to the back of the neck.

Sheamus with punches and Gunther with a forearm. Sheamus punches back. Gunther with a forearm to the lower back and Sheamus with a forearm. Gunther with kicks and forearms. Sheamus with chops. Gunther with a wrist lock and chop that drops Sheamus to the mat. Sheamus blocks a chop and Sheamus with forearms to Gunther. Gunther runs Sheamus into the turnbuckles to stop Sheamus’ momentum. Gunther sends Sheamus to the floor and Gunther gets Sheamus up and slams him on the floor. Gunther sends Sheamus over the announce table. Sheamus sends Gunther’s head into the hood of the announce table and he is able to hit Ten Beats Of the Bowery.

Sheamus with a clothesline. Sheamus finishes off the Ten Beats of the Bowery and he keeps swinging until Gunther gets to the floor. Sheamus with more forearms across the chest while hanging Gunther on the ringside barrier. Sheamus goes up top as he rolls Gunther back into the ring. Sheamus with a knee drop to the head. Sheamus gets Gunther on his shoulders but Gunther gets to his feet and he connects with a forearm to the back. Sheamus with a forearm and then it is time to exchange chops and forearms. Gunther with a German suplex. Sheamus gets up and Gunther with a chop. Sheamus comes off the ropes with a jumping knee for a near fall.

Sheamus goes for the Irish Curse but Gunther blocks it and connects with forearms. Gunther goes for the sleeper but Sheamus tries to fight it off but Gunther locks it in. Gunther goes for a piledriver but Sheamus blocks and he hits White Noise for a near fall. Sheamus looks around and sets for the Brogue Kick. Gunther moves and Gunther with a waist lock but Sheamus with an elbow. Gunther with a drop kick that sends Sheamus into the corner and Gunther with a power bomb for a near fall. Gunther with a kick to the back and then he stomps on the lower back. Gunther goes to the turnbuckles. Sheamus with a forearm to stop Gunther. Sheamus with chops to Gunther on the turnbuckles and he adds some punches to the chops. Gunther chops Sheamus a few times and Sheamus goes to his knees. Sheamus kicks Gunther’s leg to stop him on the turnbuckles. Sheamus sets for the Celtic Cross and he hits it. Sheamus gets a near fall because he took too long to make the cover. Sheamus gets to his feet first and his back gives out when he tries for the Brogue Kick. Gunther with a power bomb. Gunther with a lariat for the three count.

Winner: Gunther

After the match, Gunther takes the Intercontinental Title but he’s slow to get back to his feet as the music hits and we go to replays. Vinci and Kaiser come back down to greet Gunther as he exits the ring. Imperium marches to the back. Sheamus slowly gets back to his feet in the ring as the crowd chants his name and gives him a standing ovation. Sheamus stands tall and motions to the crowd s the cheers continue. Sheamus’ music starts back up as he heads to the back, stopping to pose with fans on the entrance-way.

– Back from a break and we get a video package for today’s SmackDown Women’s Title match.

SmackDown Women’s Title Match
Shayna Baszler vs. Liv Morgan (c)

We go back to the ring for the next match as Shayna Baszler makes her way out. We see UFC Welterweight Champion Leon Edwards in the crowd. He stands and gets a pop from the crowd as Baszler wraps up her entrance. Out next comes SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan to a pop. We get formal ring introductions from Irvin.

They lock up and Shayna goes for a wrist lock but Liv with a rollup for a near fall. Liv escapes the Kirifuta Clutch and gets a near fall. Liv goes for a Kirifuta Clutch of her own. Liv with a rollup for a near fall. Liv avoids a forearm and hits a head scissors take down followed by a drop kick. Liv with a drop kick to the back against the ropes. Liv with a knee into the corner and she misses an elbow in the corner. Liv with a kick and she goes to the turnbuckle and Shayna drops Liv off the ropes and Liv’s injured arm lands on the ropes before she goes to the floor. Shayna sends Liv shoulder first into the ringside barrier.

They return to the ring and Shayna gets a near fall. Shayna with an arm bar and she spins around Liv to add more pressure to the arm and she kicks Liv in the back. Liv with a back elbow and Liv kicks Shayna. Liv floats over and Shayna with a clothesline for a near fall. Shayna with a double wrist lock and Liv with punches. Shayna with a German suplex and kick to the chest against the ropes. Shayna gets a near fall. Shayna kicks the injured arm. Liv kicks Shayna but Shayna returns to the wrist lock. Liv tries to claw the arm and follows with knees to the back of the head. Liv kicks Shayna away and Shayna misses a kick to the arm. Liv with a jaw breaker.

Shayna misses a round kick. Liv with a missile drop kick. Liv with punches to Shayna and kicks followed by an enzuigiri. Shayna misses a clothesline and Liv with a springborad face buster for a near fall. Shayna with kicks but Liv with a kick and she comes off the turnbuckles but is met by a jumping knee and Shayna gets a near fall. Shayna tells Liv to quit ‘like you always do’. Shayna puts the hand on the mat and prepares to stomp on the elbow but Liv rolls through and applies a triangle. Liv with punches to Shayna. Liv turns it into a cross arm breaker. Shayna with a rollup for a near fall but Liv holds on to the cross arm breaker. Shayna escapes and hits a gutwrench suplex followed by a knee to the head for a near fall.

Shayna puts Liv on the turnbuckles and punches her. Shayna with a double wrist lock on the turnbuckles but Liv escapes and pulls Shayna’s shoulder into the turnbuckle. Liv with a springboard sunset flip power bomb for a near fall. Shayna with a Kirifuta Clutch but Liv blocks it so Shayna turns it into an arm bar. Liv rolls to the ropes to force a break. Shayna goes for the Kirifuta Clutch again but Liv floats over and gets a near fall. Liv avoid a knee and connects with a facebuster and ObLIVion for the three count.

Winner: Liv Morgan

After the match, Liv stands tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Liv sits up in the ring with her title as fans cheer her on. Liv hits the corner to pose with the title in the air.

– Back from a break and Irvin introduces tonight’s special guests, UK veterans Miss Linda and Exotic Adriana Street. We see them sitting at ringside, and NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint is also there. Fans cheer them on.

– We get a video package for the next match.

Finn Balor and Damian Priest vs. Rey Mysterio and Edge

We go back to the ring for today’s six-man match as Rey Mysterio comes out with Dominik Mysterio. WWE Hall of Famer Edge is out next and he’s wearing a lucha mask. Edge hits the ring to a big pop. Cole says the mask is a show of solidarity with Mysterio. Edge removes his mask and stands with The Mysterios as fans cheer them on. Out next comes The Judgment Day – Finn Balor and Damian Priest with Rhea Ripley. Dominik rallies fans for a pop as the bell hits and here we go.

Balor and Rey start things off. They lock up and Balor with forearms to the ribs and he sends Rey into the turnbuckles. Balor with punches and chops in the corner. Balor with an Irish whip and running chop. Balor with an Irish whip and Rey floats over and Rey with a kick to the leg and forearms. Balor with a kick and a sunset flip but Rey rolls through and kicks Finn. Rey with an elbow and a satellite head scissors. Finn backs into his corner and Priest tags in. Priest wants a piece of Edge and the crowd wants Edge to tag in. Edge tags in. Priest with a forearm to Edge’s jaw and then he sends Edge into the corner and connects with another forearm and an uppercut. Priest with more forearms in the corner followed by an Irish whip but Rey covers the turnbuckles to block the impact. Edge teases an Irish whip and Balor tries to do what Rey did but Edge sends Priest into the opposite corner and Edge kicks Balor. Rey tags in and he is power bombed onto Priest and Balor by Edge.

Priest with a Broken Arrow to Rey and he follows with punches. Priest kicks Rey into the corner. Priest with an elbow into the corner. Balor tags in and Priest with a snap mare. Balor with a slingshot boot to the chest. Balor sends Rey into the turnbuckles and connects with a shoulder. Priest tags in and Balor with a back breaker and he holds Rey on his knee for Priest to hit a leg drop for a near fall. Rey with a kick but Priest with a thrust kick. Priest sends Rey into the corner and Balor tags in. Balor and Priest with a series of kicks and Balor gets a near fall. Balor with a suplex and he holds on and then he drops Rey before trying another suplex. Balor with an elbow to the collarbone and a reverse chin lock.

Rey with a jaw breaker but Balor keeps Rey from making the tag. Balor charges into the corner and Rey drop kicks Balor into the turnbuckles. Rey with an enzuigiri and Priest tags in and knocks Edge off the apron. Priest sends Rey to the floor and the referee keeps Priest from going to the floor. Balor goes after Rey but Rey sends Balor into the crowd with a back body drop. Priest leaps onto the ringside barrier and Rey crotches Priest. Rey crawls across the ring to make the tag but Priest is able to stop Rey with one hand. Rey escapes and tags in Edge. Edge with kicks and drop kicks followed by Edgeocution to Balor. Edge knocks Priest off the apron and Rey with a seated senton to Priest on the floor. Edge sends Balor into the ropes and Edge goes for a 619 and connects. Rey with a frog splash and Edge gets a near fall.

Priest grabs Rey by the throat on the apron but Edge with a spear through the ropes on Priest. Balor sends Mysterio under the bottom rope to the floor. Edge drops Balor on the top rope but Balor with Slingblade and a drop kick that send Edge into the turnbuckles. Balor goes up top for Coup de Grace but Dominik gets in the ring and Rey stops Balor on the turnbuckles and Rey with a Frankensteiner. Rhea with a running forearm to Dominik and she sends Dominik into the ringside barrier. Rey with a suicide dive into Dominik and Rhea and Rhea hits the ringside barrier. Rey sends Balor into the ropes with a head scissors. Balor with a clothesline and he kicks Rey to the floor. Dominik trips Balor and Rey drop kicks Balor into the ropes. Rey with a 619 and Edge with a spear for the three count.

Winners: Edge and Rey Mysterio

After the match, Edge and Rey embrace while on their knees as the music hits and fans pop. Dominik enters the ring and watches while Rey and Edge celebrate with Rey raising Edge’s arm in victory. We go to replays. Edge and Dominik are seen talking now, but Dominik looks angry. Edge pats him on the back. Dominik suddenly nails a low blow kick to Edge, shocking the crowd. Rey grabs his son and tries to talk him down. Dominik suddenly levels his dad with a big clothesline as the boos pick up. The Judgment Day is recovering at ringside and they’re loving what they just saw. We see shocked fans in the crowd now. Fans chant “asshole!” now. Rey recovers on the mat and looks at his son, asking why. Edge is also recovering on the mat now. Dominik marches to the back as the boos continue. He stops to turn around and look, then takes his shirt off and yells some at the crowd before exiting to the back. We go to replays. Edge and Rey get back to their feet in the middle of the ring as fans cheer them on. Rey begs Edge and drops to one knee but Edge embraces him.

– The announcers remind us of the post-show press conference to be held after Clash at The Castle.

– Samantha Irvin announces a sold out crowd of 62,296 for the show.

– We get a video package for the next match.

Riddle vs. Seth Rollins

We go back to the ring and out comes Riddle to a pop. Riddle hits the ring and he’s ready to fight. Seth Rollins out next as the pyro goes off, and he’s dressed like a flamboyant version of the devil.

The referee has to hold Riddle back while Rollins enters the ring.

Seth and Riddle with punches and kicks as the bell rings to start the match. Riddle with kicks in the corner followed by forearms. Rollins with punches. Riddle with kicks in the corner. The referee warns Riddle and Riddle touches the referee. Rollins goes to the floor and Riddle follows. Rollins with punches and Riddle sends Rollins into the apron. Riddle with a gutwrench suplex and he holds on and hits a second one. Rollins with a kick and clothesline. Riddle with a kick to the chest and a back senton or two. Riddle gets a near fall. Rollins with a shot to the throat. Riddle with a head scissors take down into a triangle.

Rollins picks up Riddle and he goes for a power bomb to the floor but Riddle holds on to the ropes and Rollins goes to the floor. Rollins blocks a kick and hits a running power bomb into the ringside barrier. Rollins with a suicide dive and he knocks Riddle onto the announce table. Rollins sends Riddle back into the ring. Rollins with a short arm clothesline. Rollins gets a near fall. Rollins with punches to Riddle. Riddle with kicks to the shoulder but he misses a round kick. Rollins with a rollup for a near fall. Rollins with a super kick for a near fall. Rollins with a Falcon Arrow for a near fall.

Riddle with an elbow and he goes to the turnbuckles but Rollins crotches Riddle. Rollins goes for a reverse superplex but Riddle blocks it and Rollins goes to the mat. Rollins with an enzuigiri to put Riddle in the tree of woe. Rollins with a double stomp for a near fall. Rollins puts Riddle on the turnbuckles and punches Riddle in the midsection. Riddle punches Rollins and Rollins punches back. Rollins with a superplex and Riddle hits a fisherman’s buster. Riddle with strikes and kicks to Rollins. Riddle with a ripcord knee and a forearm in the corner. Riddle with another forearm in the corner. Rollins blocks the exploder and hits an elbow. Riddle with an exploder to Rollins and then Riddle kicks Rollins from the apron. Riddle with a Floating Bro onto Rollins on the floor. Rollins with a kick and he sets for a Pedigree but Riddle counters into Bro 2 Sleep and a power bomb. Riddle with a V Trigger for a near fall.

Riddle goes for a Floating Bro but Rollins gets his knees up. Riddle avoids the Stomp. Riddle gets Rollins in a triangle. Rollins gets a near fall but Riddle hooks the ankle. Riddle adds more pressure to the triangle but Rollins kicks Riddle in the head and Rollins with Bro Derek for a near fall. Rollins goes up top for a Phoenix Splash but Riddle moves and Rollins rolls through. Riddle with a forearm and Rollins with a super kick. Riddle with a Pele Kick and Rollins with a rolling elbow and KO. Riddle with a knee but Rollins with an enzuigiri. Riddle with a German suplex. Rollins lands on his feet on a power bomb attempt and Rollins with a Pedigree for a near fall.

Rollins calls Riddle a loser and he says that his wife knows it. Riddle with punches to Rollins and Rollins sends Riddle to the floor. Rollins kicks Riddle in the ropes when he gets back into the ring. Rollins with a DDT in the ropes. Rollins looks around and then he teases an RKO and Riddle catches Rollins in the RKO attempt and Riddle with a rear naked choke. Riddle with forearms to the back of the head. Riddle with kicks to Rollins and Rollins goes to the floor. Riddle slams Rollins’ head in the announce table. Riddle gets a chair and he misses when Rollins gets back into the ring. Rollins with a Stomp to Riddle. Rollins goes to the turnbuckles for a Super Stomp and hits it for the three count.

Winner: Seth Rollins

After the match, the music hits as Rollins recovers while fans sing his theme. Rollins now stands tall as the referee checks on Riddle, who is backing up into the corner while still down. We go to replays. Rollins plays to the crowd and the camera to end the segment.

– Back from the break that includes the WWE Extreme Rules promo narrated by Paul Heyman. Cole says Heyman is not here tonight and hasn’t been seen since the SummerSlam attack by Brock Lesnar.

– We see footage from earlier today of Roman Reigns backstage chatting with Tyson Fury and it looks like they were having a friendly conversation. Fury is shown live at ringside now. Karrion Kross and Scarlett are also shown sitting in the crowd. The announcers talk about being in Cardiff this week as we see some shots of the area. They thank Cardiff and hope to return soon.

– We get a video package for tonight’s main event.

Undisputed WWE Universal Title Match
Drew McIntyre vs. Roman Reigns (c)

We go back to the ring and out comes Drew McIntyre for today’s main event. Drew’s “Broken Dreams” theme starts up to a pop as we get a unique video that includes shots of Drew from a young man to where he is now, and his sword. Drew’s current theme now starts up as he makes his way out to pyro and a big pop from the crowd. Drew stops on the ramp and raises his sword Angela in the air to another pyro explosion. McIntyre now marches to the ring, slapping hands with fans on the way. Fans chant for McIntyre as he paces around the ring and takes it all in. The music interrupts and out comes Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns by himself. Reigns stops on the ramp and looks around the stadium. He takes a few steps forward and stops for the pyro to go off as Drew stares him down from the ring. Reigns raises the title belt in the air to pyro. He then heads to the ring.

Reigns stops at ringside as he and McIntyre stare each other down. Cole says Sami Zayn and Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos are not medically cleared to be here due to the beating they took from McIntyre on SmackDown. Reigns poses on the apron now to some boos from the crowd, raising his finger in the air. Reigns now poses in the middle of the ring to raise the title for one last pyro shot. We get formal ring introductions from Irvin now. The bell rings and here we go. They face off from their respective corners as fans pop and cheer them on. The crowd is all for Drew and he’s smiling about it while Reigns is a bit annoyed.

They lock up and Drew finally backs Roman into the corner and gives a clean break. They lock up again and Roman with a side head lock. Roman with a shoulder tackle and Drew stays on his feet. Roman goes into the ropes to stop Drew and Roman goes to the apron to walk around the ring. Roman gets back in the ring and Roman with a waist lock. Drew with a standing switch and Roman with a side head lock.

Drew with a shoulder tackle and Roman goes to the floor. Roman with a kick to the midsection and a punch. Roman backs Drew into the corner and he punches Drew from the ropes. Drew escapes and drops Roman on the turnbuckles. Drew with punches from the ropes. Drew with a clothesline to send Roman over the top rope to the floor. Drew follows to the floor and he sends Roman into the ringside barrier. Drew sends Roman into the ring steps and then he breaks the count.

Karrion Kross stands up since Roman and Drew are over where he is sitting with Scarlett. Drew has some words for Kross and Roman with a punch and Roman sends Drew into the ring post. Roman returns to the ring and Drew barely beats the count into the ring. Roman with a series of kicks to the chest and he punches Drew. Roman with clotheslines in the corner. Roman sends Drew shoulder first into the ring post and Drew falls to the floor. Drew gets back into the ring but he holds his left arm against his side. Roman with punches to Drew as Drew hangs on to the ropes. Drew punches back and he drops Roman on the top rope. Roman with a flying clothesline for a near fall.

Roman with a cravate and Drew with a kick and chop. Roman with a boot to the head and he gets a near fall. Drew with punches and chops. Roman with a hard Irish whip. Roman starts to monologue and Drew with chops. Roman with forearms to Drew. Roman sets for a suplex but Drew blocks it and Drew goes for a suplex but Roman blocks it. They continue to go back and forth until Roman punches and kicks Drew.

Roman takes a mic and he demands that Cardiff acknowledge him.

Roman turns around and Drew with a Glasgow Kiss and both men are down. Roman with a punch and Drew punches back. Roman with a kick and Irish whip but Drew with a clothesline out of the corner. Drew with another clothesline followed by an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Drew with another overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Drew with a neck breaker and both men are down. Drew gets up first and he hits a running forearm into the corner. Drew puts Roman on the turnbuckles and Drew with a chop. Drew sets for a superplex and Roman punches Drew and drops Drew on the top turnbuckle. Roman with punches and Drew goes into the tree of woe. Drew pulls himself up and hits a spider belly-to-belly superplex. Drew counts down for the Claymore but Roman goes to the floor.

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