Impact Wrestling Results (9/15)

Impact Wrestling Results (9/15)

Impact Wrestling Results (9/15) – Before the show starts, there is a video package of what happened last week. Tom Hannifan & Matt Rehwoldt welcomed the audience to the broadcast before quickly transitioning to the opening match.

X-Division Title Match: Speedball Mike Bailey vs. Mascara Dorada

The first match of the night is “Speedball” Mike Bailey vs. Mascara Dorada. The crowd chants “Speedball.”

The two go back and forth with chops. Dorada uses the backstabber. Dorada then goes for the Dorado Driver, but Bailey moves. He counters with a moonsault, they are both outside of the ring.

Back in the ring, the two fight on the ropes. Dorado hits Bailey with the hurricanrana. Dorado went for a springboard moonsault, but Bailey lifts his knees. Bailey hits a superkick and a spin kick on Dorado. He ends the match with The Ultimate Weapon for the pinfall and retains the title!

Winner: “Speedball” Mike Bailey.

After the match, Bailey lifts Dorado’s hands. Honor No More’s Kenny King comes out and hits Bailey with the Royal Flush.

A video package shows Eric Young and Deaner outside in the woods, walking out to a crowd of people in yellow sweatshirts. He asks one of them what his name is, and the guy says “Eric Young,” and Deaner attacks him. Another guy is asked to step forward and he calls Young, “The Designer.” Young is happy. Young asks another person what their name is, and the guy says “Justin” and he gets beat up.  Young keeps asking others in the group and they all answer, “I am violence.”

Back from commercial break. Scott D’Amore is talking to Mike Bailey. He announces that Bailey will be facing former ROH star Delirious at Victory Road and the return of the Triple Threat Revolver. D’Amore also tells Bailey that Frankie Kazarian wants a shot that the X-Division title.

Moose & Steve Maclin Vs. Decay

The match starts off with Crazzy Steve biting Maclin’s face. Commercial break.

Back from commercial break. The match ends quickly. Taurus uses the schoolboy to pin Maclin and get the win. It was a match to show that Moose and Maclin can’t co-exist.

Winners: Decay

After the match, Sami Callihan is on the mic. He calls Moose and Maclin’s working together, “bullcrap.” He proceeds to show a video package of Moose asking if his partnership with Maclin is legally binding and admits he only used their partnership to get rid of Callihan.

Maclin isn’t upset about it. He says that was the past. Callihan shows “Exhibit B” with Maclin talking about attacking Moose . Moose and Maclin fight in the ring. Callihan comes to the ring and hits Maclin with a barbed-wire bat. Callihan stands in the ring, and his music plays. Commercial break again.

Back from commercial break. Jessika Havoc, Taya Valkyrie, and Rosemary are backstage. They are arguing. Taya says Rosemary has a problem with Havoc. Taya says this might be crazy but she “has an idea” to help Havoc prove herself to Rosemary.

Alisha vs. Killer Kelly

Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans are at the announce table.

Alisha tries to get the upper hand but never does in the match. After two sleeper holds and finally tapping out from the Killer Klutch, Killer Kelly wins.

Winner: Killer Kelly

After the match, Savannah Evans tries to hit Kelly with a chair, but she grabs it. Tasha goes into the ring and tries to get the chair. Kelly psyches her out. Commercial break.

Back from the break. A comedy segment to announce Joe Hendry is coming to Impact Wrestling.

Impact World Tag Team Championship Match: OGK (c) vs. Rich Swann & Josh Alexander 

Alexander and Bennet lock up. Alexander tags in Rich Swann. Alexander hits the Backbreakker to Bennet and Swann hits the leg drop to Bennett.

Taven blind tags in and he and Bennett team together to isolate Swann. Taven hits the elbow from the top. Bennett is back in the ring. Alexander tags in and hits a rolling senton. He then knocks Taven off the ring apron. Crossbody to the back to Bennett. Swanton takes out Taven and Benett with a moonsault.

Back in the ring with Taven and Alexander. Taven goes for the pin, but Swann breaks it. 

Eddie Edwards comes out and tries to attack Alexander. Maria distracts the ref, and Edwards hits Alexander with the kendo stick. Heath comes out and strikes Taven. He costs Alexander and Swann the tag team titles.

Winners: Matt Taven and Mike Bennett retain the Impact Tag Team Titles via DQ

Jordynn Segment, where she announces that her Victory Road opponent will be Max The Impaler. 

Backstage, Heath slater apologizes to Rich Swann and Josh Alexander. Scott D’Amore tells them how Honor No More is becoming too much. He announces a match for Victory Road, Rich Swann, Josh Alexander, and Heath Slater vs. Eddie Edwards and OGK.

Mickie James vs. Hyan

The announcers say it’s a win-or-go-home match for Mickie James. Hyan is already in the ring.  During the match, Hyan hit a legdrop and goes for a rollup. Mickie soon gets the upper hand and hits a top rope Lou Thesz press and the Mick-DT for the pin.

Winner: Mickie James

After the match, Gisele Shaw comes out and wants a match with Mickie at Victory Road.

PCO and Vincent Segment. Vincent asks PCO if he likes to hurt, he then speaks about carnivals. He says Honor No More and puts a black bag over PCO’s head.

Commercial break.

Motor City Machine Guns Vs. The Good Brothers

Shelly and Anderson kick things off. Post-commercial, the two are back in action as Shelly takes Karl down with a dragon screw. MCMG try to double team, but Anderson does his best to counter. Gallows comes in with a big splash into Sabin in the corner. GB drop Sabin for a cover. MCMG double team Anderson with Skull and Bones, allowing Sabin to score the pinfall victory.

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns

After, the teams share a Too Sweet and hug it out to send us home.

Impact Wrestling Results (9/15)

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