WWE RAW Results (8/01) Houston – TX

WWE RAW Results (8/01) Houston - TX

We are live from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, as Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring to start the show. During the entrance, we see what happened at SummerSlam between her and Bianca Belair.

Becky takes in the cheers from the fans and she welcomes everyone.  Becky says in everything that she does, she gives her all.  She talked about hitting rock bottom and not knowing who she was when she lost the title at Wrestlemania.  At SummerSlam, she remembered who the hell she is.  It ain’t in the fancy clothes or need for validation or glory.  It is in the performance and owning up for every mistake you made.  It is about being better than you were yesterday.  

When I separated my shoulder, I had two choices. I could give up or give everything I had.  I grit my teeth and fought through twenty minutes of pain and it hurt to realize how separated I was from reality.  We tried to create the greatest women’s division.  For all of those women who work their asses off in the back.  When the referee counted to three with my shoulders flat to the mat, I gave my best but my best wasn’t good enough.  I am not defined by one match, I define the match.  I am not defined by any title, I define the title.  I will not be defined by any man, I define the man.  So we start a new era and comeback story and it starts now.

First, I want to credit and thanks to the woman who has pushed her every week for the last year to be the BEST I could be.  Becky tells Bianca to come out to the ring.

Bianca Belair makes her way to the ring. 

Bianca tells Becky that she not only defines the man, but she is the man. They shake hands and hug. Becky tells B to hold it down and she will be back soon.  Becky leaves the ring.

Bianca says she has nothing but respect for Becky Lynch.  I know some people are questioning why that is happening because I remember how many times she shaked my hand, only to slap me with the other one.  I have never wanted to be handed anything.  This title is about working to keep it and Becky made me work for it.  I shook Becky’s hand because there is mutual respect and to gain respect from Becky Lynch, that means something.  I have learned so much from her and I know there is a target on my back and I will not let it slip.  That is why I am the Raw Women’s Champion.  I stay ready for whoever is next whether it is Bayley or who friends who thought it was nice to surprise me on Saturday.

We see Becky Lynch in the back and she has been attacked by Bayley, Iyo Sky, and Dakota Kai. Bianca leaves the ring and runs to the back to check on Becky.  

— The announcers run through what we are going to see tonight.

— We have a video for the United States Championship, narrated by John Layfield.

AJ Styles vs. Mustafa Ali vs. The Miz in a Number One Contender Qualifier Match

We go to comments from Logan Paul earlier today and he says he signed a multi-year, mult-event contract with WWE.  He says he wants more and when he gets in the ring, it will be massive.

Miz goes to the floor and AJ tries to get him.  Ali with a head scissors to AJ.  Ali misses a punch on Miz and he pulls Ali down.  AJ with a drop kick through the ropes.  AJ with a shoulder to Ali and he goes for a sunset flip and rolls through to try for a Styles Clash.  Miz pulls AJ to the floor and sends AJ into the announce table.  Ali with a suicide dive to Miz.  Ali goes for an O’Connor Roll in the corner but Miz holds on to the ropes.  Miz sends Ali into the turnbuckles.  AJ with punches and chops to Miz.  Miz sends AJ into the turnbuckles.  Miz kicks AJ in the corner.

Miz with chops to AJ in the corner.  Miz with an Awesome clothesline to AJ and then he knocks Ali off the apron.  Miz slides under on AJ and AJ with a punch.  AJ with an Irish whip and he kicks Miz in the corner.  Miz with an Irish whip and AJ puts Miz on the turnbuckles.  AJ with a chop and he goes to the turnbuckles and Miz punches AJ to the mat.  Ali with a forearm to Miz on the turnbuckles.  Ali goes for a Frankensteiner but Miz pushes him off the turnbuckles.  Ali lands on his feet.  AJ with a belly-to-back suplex to Ali.  Miz with a boot to AJ and a DDT to Ali.  Miz with kicks to AJ.  Miz has a round kick blocked and AJ with an enzuigiri.  Ali chops AJ and AJ chops back.

They exchange forearms.  AJ slaps Ali and he goes down.  AJ with an Irish whip and he drop kicks Miz off the apron.  Ali goes to the apron and he kicks AJ.  AJ blocks a rolling drop kick and Ali goes to the apron.  AJ goes for a reverse DDT on Miz but Ali with a slingshot rolling neck breaker on AJ and Ali gets a few near falls.  Ali pulls Miz into the corner and goes up top.  Ali misses a 450 splash but rolls through.  AJ with an Ushigoroshi on Ali.  AJ with a Pele Kick to Miz.  AJ goes to the apron and sets for a Phenomenal Forearm but Miz pulls AJ off the apron.  AJ sends Miz into the announce table.

Ali with a tornado DDT off the turnbuckles to the floor.  Ali sends Miz back into the ring and Miz with a Skull Crushing Finale but Miz cannot capitalize.  Miz crawls to make the cover and Ali is able to kick out because Miz took too long to cover.  Miz sends Ali into the turnbuckles.  Miz kicks Ali in the corner.  Ali with a kick and both men are down.  Ali goes up top.  ALi with a 450 splash but AJ gets Ali into a Styles Clash and he gets the three count.

Winner:  AJ Styles

— We see footage from the attack on Becky in the back.


Becky is in the medical room and she asks for some ice but the trainer says he has to look at the arm.

We see Dakota Kai, Bayley, and Iyo Sky walking in the back and Sarah Schreiber asks why the targeted Becky. Bayley says they did not target Becky or Bianca.  This is about them.

The Usos enter the building and they say hello to Bayley, Iyo, and Dakota. Sarah asks The Usos about their chances against the Mysterios.  Jey says they will 100% beat the Mysterios.  Jimmy says they beat the Street Profits while Roman beat Brock.

In the Arena:

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring and we see what happened at SummerSlam with Riddle. We are told that Riddle is not medically cleared.

Seth welcomes everyone.  He says tonight is a night of celebration.  We don’t have to see and we don’t have to hear that idiot, Riddle.  I’ll give credit where it is due for Riddle to show up when he is not cleared and call Seth out.  There is a line between gutsy and stupid and Riddle has crossed the stupid line more than he can count.  There is a silver lining.  Riddle has wanted so badly to be like Randy.  Now he is on the shelf with an injury, just like Randy.  Seth cackles.

There is another silver lining as well.  Now that Riddle is out of the picture, I can turn my attention to Roman Reigns and the Undisputed Championship.

The Street Profits interrupt and come out. 

Seth tells them not to drop any cups. Rollins says he knows they are in the Rockets’ building so you are used to watching losers and he does not want to share space with the biggest losers in WWE.  Seth cackles a few times and tells them that they should break up since they suck as a tag team.  Seth says this is his time and he cackles.

Dawkins asks Seth if they beat him to become tag team champions.  Ford brings up that Cody kicked Seth’s ass when he had one arm. Seth asks if they want a fight.  Seth says he would love nothing more than to stomp both of your heads into the stage, but there is one of me and two of you.  If it is one of you, we can do it. Ford and Dawkins say they like the way that Seth is thinking.  Dawkins asks the crowd if they want to see one of the Profits kick Seth’s ass.  Dawkins says they will play rock, paper, scissors to determine who faces Seth.

Ford fakes out Dawkins and brings the referee to the ring.

Montez Ford vs. Seth Rollins

Seth escapes the ring before the bell rings and then Ford clotheslines Rollins over the top rope to the floor.  Ford with a punch and Ford mocks Seth by humming his music.  Ford sends Rollins into the ringside barrier.  Rollins with a punch and they return to the ring.  Ford with a super kick for a near fall.  Ford goes up top and Rollins goes to the floor.  Rollins tries for a Pedigree on the floor but Ford blocks it and hits a back body drop.  Rollins kicks Ford and drops Ford on the top rope.  Rollins runs Ford midsection first into the ring post.  Ford is able to pouer up to beat the ten count.  Rollins with a kick to the back and he chokes Ford in the ropes.

Rollins with a chop but Ford chops back.  Rollins with knees to the midsection.  Rollins with a gutbuster to Ford for a near fall.  Rollins with a waist lock.  Fprd with a back elbow but Rollins is able to hit a belly-to-back suplex.  Ford slaps Ford on the top of the head as Ford goes to the apron.  Rollins tries to suplex Ford back into the ring but Ford blocks it.  Ford with a punch and he kicks Rollins and goes to the turnbuckles and hits a cross body for a near fall.  Rollins with a foeramr and Ford fires back.  They continue the exchange and Ford takes control.  Rollins iwth a knee to the midsection.  Ford with a back fist and clothesline followed by kicks.  Ford with a belly-to-back suplex.

Ford with a standing moonsault for a near fall.  Ford with a waist lock and Rollins with a standing switch.  Ford lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex and Ford with a blockbuster for a near fall.  Ford punches Rollins from the apron.  Rollins with an enzuigiri and he gets a near fall with a rollup.  Rolins with a super kick for a near fall.  Rollins with a rolling elbow and he tries for a buckle bomb but Ford gets to the turnbuckles and hits a tornado DDT.  Ford gets a near fall.  

Ford goes up top and Rollins crotches Ford.  Rollins with a buckle bomb and a Falcon Arrow for a near fall.  Rollins goes up top and he misses a frog splash when Ford moves.  Ford goes up top and he hits a Seven Star Frog Splash but Rollins gets his knees up.  Rollins hits Black Out for the three count.

Winner:  Seth Rollins

After the match, Rollins sets for another Black Out but Angelo Dawkins comes to the ring to stop Ford.

— We take a look back at the main event from SummerSlam.

Alexa Bliss vs. Asuka

They lock up and Alexa with a wrist lock but Asuka with a hammer lock.  Alexa with a wrist lock and Asuka with a forearm.  Alexa with a take down and bridge for a near fall.  Alexa with a drop kick.  Asuka misses a kick and Alexa with a rollup.  Asuka with a hip attack.  Alexa with an irish whip and Asuka misses a missile drop kick.  Alexa gets a near fall.  Alexa with a punch and knee to Asuka.  Alexa with more knees to the head for a near fall.  Alexa with a reverse chin lock and an STO.  Alexa with a knee drop but she misses the moonsault.  Asuka with a sliding kick.  Asuka with back fists and kicks.  Asuka with a German suplex and a hip attack into the corner.  Alexa goes for a DDT but Asuka escapes and hits a jumping knee.

Bayley, Iyo Sky, and Dakota Kai attack Asuka and Alexa and the referee calls for the bell.

No Contest

Bayley with a running knee to Alexa’s head while Dakota and Iyo hold her.  Kai with a running boot to the head on Asuka.  Iyo goes up top and Dakota gives Iyo a chair. Bianca Belair makes her way to the ring and Bayley, Iyo, and Dakota run into the crowd to safety. Bianca says she doesn’t care which one of you it is, I want a match against one of you. Iyo eyes Bianca as we go to our first commercial of the night.

— We are back and we are told that Bianca Belair will face Iyo Sky in a Non Title Match later tonight.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Ciampa vs. Chad Gable in a Number One Contender Qualifying Match 

Chad Gable tells Houston they have a problem.  Tonight, that problem comes to you in the form of Master Gable, a man whose brain is so big it is twice the size of Texas.  Chad says he is going to win this match and then beat AJ.  He will put this country on his back again.  He says he will not have to cheat to win, like that failure of an organization the Astros.

Ciampa with a forearm to Ziggler but Ziggler with a drop kick.  Gable with a cover.  Ziggler gets a near fall on Gable.  Ciampa punches Ziggler and Irish whips Ziggler.  Ziggler floats over and Gable hits Ziggler from behind.  Ziggler and Gable kick Ziggler and Ciampa chokes Ziggler.  Ciampa with kicks to Ziggler and then Gable hyper-extends the leg.  Ciampa and Gable with elbows and then Ciampa pulls Gable off Ziggler.  Ciampa shooooshes Gable.  Gable holds Ziggler and Ziggler kicks Ciampa and then he punches Gable and Ciampa.  Ciampa catapults Ziggler into the turnbuckles.  Gable with a Tiger Suplex into a face plant on Ciampa.  Ziggler kicks Gable and gets a near fall.

Ciampa punches Ziggler and Gable.  Ciampa chops Gable and then sends Gable sternum first into the turnbuckles.  Ciampa gets a near fall on Gable.  Ciampa stomps on Gable’s hand and then Ciampa hits a neck breaker on Ziggler for a near fall.  Gable with a suplex on Ciampa for a near fall.  Gable with knee drops to Ciampa’s arm and he slams the arm into the mat.  Ziggler with a hesitation DDT on Gable for a near fall.  Ciampa drop kicks Ziggler to the floor.  Ciampa puts Gable on the turnbuckles and he chops Gable.  They fight to the turnbuckles and Gable with forearms to the back.  Gable with a head butt to Ciampa and then Gable with a clothesline off the turnbuckles.

Gable gets a near fall.  Gable sends Ciampa to the floor and Ziggler and Gable go face to face.  Gable and Ziggler push each other and then Gable goes for the legs but Ziggler blocks it and counters with a near fall.  Ziggler wtih an inside cradle and Gable is able to escape and he applies an ankle lock.  Ziggler tries to escape by rolling through and Gable holds on to the ankle lock.  Ciampa goes for a crossface on Ziggler while Gable holds on to the ankle lock.  Ciampa with elbows to Gable and Gable with kicks to get Ciampa to escape the hold.  Ziggler with a near fall but Gable holds on to the ankle lock and turns it into a single leg crab.  Ciampa with a leap frog leg lariat on Gable for a near fall.

Ciampa chops Ziggler and hits a knee drop to the lower leg in the ropes.  Ciampa chops Ziggler on the turnbuckles.  Ciampa sets for a Super Air Raid Crash and hits it but Gable with a diving head butt to break up the cover.  Gable with a double thrust and Ciampa with a rolling elbow.  Ciampa misses a running knee and Gable with Chaos Theory on Ciampa while Ziggler hits Zig Zag on both men and Ziggler gets a near fall on Gable.  Gable is sent to the floor and Ciamap with a rollup and a handful of tights.  Ziggler with a reversal and a handful of tights for a near fall.  Ziggler with a super kick to Ciampa and Gable sends Ziggler to the floor.  Ziggler pulls Gable off Ciampa on the cover.  Ciampa with a knee to Ziggler.  

Gable with a back slide for a near fall.  Ciampa with a knee and Fairy Tale Ending on Gable for the three count.

Winner:  Ciampa

— We take a look back at the history of The Judgment Day and the return of Edge to try to stop them at SummerSlam.

We go to commercial.

In the Arena:

We are back and Edge makes his way to the ring.

Edge thanks Houston for the reaction.  He says for the last few months, he says he has been a bit of an asshole.  That changes because we both get what we want.  I created Judgment Day hopiing to help underutilized talent realize their potential and that they can learn from his 30 year career.  He thought he could do that with Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley.  We were just getting started but the first taste of power clouded their judgment and they thought they learned everything they needed from him.

They put one over him, with Finn Balor and put him on the shelf for a few months.  You saw me pull myself out of the hell you put me in at SummerSlam.  Now it is time to kill what I created.  Edge says he is going to end Judgment Day.


Rey and Dominik are in the back and Kevin Patrick asks them about focusing for tonight’s title match.  Rey says THE Judgment Day are in their rear view mirror.  They have to deal with Edge.  Rey mentions that he was a tag team champion with Edge so he thanks Edge for helping on Saturday.  Rey says they are about one thing, defeating the Usos to become the Tag Champions.

We go to commercial.

— We are back with a look at the WWE Tryouts in Nashville.


Sarah is with Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky in Gorilla. Bayley says everyone is talking about SummerSlam.  They aren’t talking about Bianca or Becky.  They are talking about us.  What did you expect?  Did you see the same show I did?  These idiots were on a downward spiral and they needed her to save the show.  Dakota says they know how to play the game.  Bayley says soon they will be in full control.  Iyo tells Bianca she will see her out there.

Iyo Sky vs. Bianca Belair

Bianca and Iyo with punches and Bianca backs Iyo into the corner and connects with shoulders.  Iyo with an Irish whip and Bianca flips out of the corner and drop kicks Iyo.  Iyo sends Bianca to the apron and Bianca misses a punch but Iyo drops Bianca on the top rope.  Iyo with an Asai Moonsault.  

We go to commercial.

We are back and Bianca with punches and she slams Iyo.  Bianca avoids a charge into the corner and Bianca with a shoulder tackle or two.  Bianca with a drop kick.  Bianca goes for a Glam Slam but Iyo counters and sends Bianca into the ropes and Iyo with a running double knee strike to the back.  Iyo kicks Bianca and chokes her in the corner.  Iyo gets a near fall.  Iyo with a take down and she applies a modified crossface.  Bianca gets Iyo on her shoulders but Iyo escapes and hits a side Russian leg sweep for a near fall.  Iyo goes to the turnbuckles and goes for a cross body and Bianca rolls through and holds on and hits an exploder.  Bianca with the Glam Slam.  Bianca with a handspring moonsault for a near fall.

Iyo iwth a forearm but Bianca with a slam.  Bianca goes to the turnbuckles and Bayley and Dakota come to ringside.  Iyo stops Bianca on the turnbuckles.  Iyo with a forearm and she climbs the turnbuckles for a Fraknensteiner and hits it.  Iyo gets a near fall.  Bianca goes for a suplex but Iyo counters with an inside cradle.  Bianca holds on and hits a suplex.  Both women are down.  Bianca gets Iyo up for a KOD and Iyo lands on her feet and Bianca goes to the apron.  Bianca tries to suplex Iyo to the apron.  Bianca has a kick blocked and Iyo with a punch to the knee.  Iyo blocks a German suplex off the apron and Iyo with an elbow.  Iyo goes for a head scissors off the apron but Bianca catches Iyo and swings Iyo into the ringside barrier.

Bianca tries to send Iyo back into the ring but Bayley and Dakota block her path.

Asuka and Alexa make their way to ringside to stand with Bianca.

The referee decidse that it isn’t necessary to start a count.  Bianca sends Iyo back into the ring.  Bianca gets a near fall.  Bianca sends Iyo to the floor and she lays down on the announce table for a moment.  Iyo kicks BIanca many times.  Iyo kicks Bianca away but Bianca sends Iyo into the announce table.  Iyo sends Bianca into the ring steps.  Bianca and Iyo get back into the ring.  Bianca with a forearm and Iyo fires back.  Bianca with more forearms and the referee tries to get her to stop.  Iyo with punches of her own.  Iyo kicks Bianca but Iyo falls back to the mat.  Bianca with a hip toss to Iyo.  Bianca limps into the corner and she puts Iyo on the turnbuckles.  Bianca sets for a superplex but they exchange forearms on the turnbuckles.

Bianca with a hanging superplex and a standing moonsault for a near fall.  Iyo misses an enzuigiri and Bianca with a waist lock but Iyo blocks a German suplex.  Iyo with elbows and a victory roll and double stomp.  Iyo sets for a running double knee strike in the corner and hits it.  Iyo chokes Bianca in the corner.  Bianca with a spinebuster to counter a hesitation move by Iyo.  Iyo gets her knees up on a handspring moonsault by Bianca.  Bianca with a forearm and Iyo holds on to the referee and Bayley grabs Bianca’s leg.  Iyo with a back elbow and Bianca misses a boot in the ropes.  Iyo uses the ropes for leverage but Alexa pushes Iyo’s foot off the ropes.  

Everyone not in the match gets on the apron to have some words.  They start fighting and the referee calls for the bell.

No Contest

After the match, Asuka with a pop up knee to Bayley.  Alexa with a punch to Dakota and a big brawl erupts between the six girls! Officials come to the ring to separate the women.  


Ciampa and Miz are in the back and Miz is motivating Ciampa until Kevin Patrick shows up.  Kevin brings up Miz’ performances the last few days.  Miz says he was cheated against Logan Paul.  WWE is not a playground for an entitled YouTuber.  AJ blindsided Ciampa like the coward he is to help Logan get a tainted victory.  Tonight is about Ciampa. Ciampa says AJ Styles chose the wrong side at SummerSlam.  He used to respect AJ and his decisions, but AJ decided to support a social media influencer who made a mockery of our home.  When he beats AJ tonight, it will be that much more satisfying.  Miz says he will help Ciampa become the next top superstar.

We go to commercial.

AJ Styles vs. Ciampa in a Number One Contender Match for the United States Championship

We are back and Booker T has joined commentary for the next match.

They start off with a test of strength and Ciampa with a side head lock take down.  Ciampa with a shoulder tackle and the referee checks on AJ.  Ciampa kicks AJ and the referee warns Ciampa.  Ciampa with a aide head lock.  AJ with a back breaker and a second one.  AJ holds his shoulder as he goes to pick up Ciampa for a suplex.  Ciampa lands on his feet and sends AJ shoulder first into the ring post.  Ciampa with a kick to the shoulder and a running knee to the head.  Ciampa gets a near fall.  AJ with forearms but Ciampa with a kick.

Ciampa avoids a Pele Kick.  AJ with a back breaker and a flatliner.  Ciampa goes to the floor and Miz checks on Ciampa’s eye.  AJ goes after Ciampa and AJ with a Phenomenal drop kick.  AJ with a slingshot forearm to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and both men are down in the ring.  AJ with a forearm and kick followed by a back fist and clothesline.  AJ with a sliding forearm.  AJ with a clothesline into the corner followed by a slam and a sit out face plant for a near fall.  AJ sets for a Styles Clash and Ciampa with a waist lock and rolling elbow followed by a Fameasser for a near fall.  Ciampa pulls the knee pad down and sets for the running knee but AJ moves and AJ with a rollup and then he goes for the Styles Clash.  Ciampa with a kick.  AJ with a boot to the head and a suplex into the turnbuckles.  AJ is sent to the apron and AJ with a forearm and he sets for the Phenomenal Forearm but Ciampa with a jumping knee to counter but he can only get a near fall.

CIampa with Project Ciampa for a near fall.  Ciampa with a chop and he has yells at AJ before putting AJ on the turnbuckles.  Ciampa with chops and he sets for a superplex but AJ stops CIampa.  Ciampa with a punch and he goes back up.  CIampa goes for a Super Air Raid Crash but AJ counters with a sunset flip into a Styles Clash.  AJ gets a near fall when Miz puts Ciampa’s foot on the rope.  Miz applauds himself and AJ hits Miz from behind.  Ciampa sends AJ into the ring post and over the ringside barrier.  Ciampa gets back into the ring while the referee continues his count.  Miz grabs AJ when AJ tries to get back into the ring but AJ gets back in the ring in time.

Ciampa with a jumping knee and Fairy Tale Ending for the three count.

Winner:  Ciampa

Next week, Ciampa faces Bobby Lashley for the US Title.


Kevin Patrick is in the back and he is with the United States Champion Bobby Lashley.  Lashley asks how will Lashley focus on a new opponent.  Lashley says he will defend the title every week if he wants because he lives for that.  Ciampa proved that he is a brawler.  He is tough and hungry and that makes him dangerous.  He has Miz in his corner.  Lashley says he is going to bring honor back to this title.  I took care of Theory at SummerSlam.

We go to commercial.

The Mysterios vs. The Usos for the WWE Tag Team Championships

Rey and Jey start things off and Rey with a side head lock and Jey with a shoulder tackle.  Rey floats over but Jey sends Rey under the ropes but Rey lands on his feet.  Rey kicks Jey and sends Jimmy to the floor.  Dominik tags in and hits a cross body on Jimmy and Jey.  Rey sends Jey back into the ring and hits an elbow drop for a near fall.  Rey with shoudlers in the corner and he punches Jey.  Rey goes to the apron and he connects with a forearm.  Rey goes up top and sets for a moonsault but Jey with a thrust kick to the leg and Rey is caught in the tree of woe.  Jey with kicks and Jimmy tags in.  Jimmy stomps on the arm and chest.  Jimmy chokes Rey in the ropes and Jey with a boot to Rey’s head.

Jey tags in and they make a wish with Rey.  Rey rolls to the floor  Jey with a shoulder in the corner.  Jimmy tags in and they make a wish again.  Jimmy with a boot to the head.  Jimmy chokes Rey in the roeps and the referee warns Jimmy.  Jimmy with a punch but Rey punches back.  Rey with elbows and punches to get out of the corner.  Jimmy with a back elbow and he gets a near fall.  Jimmy with a chop.  Jimmy with a sternum first Irish whip to Rey.  Rey with a jaw breaker and Jey tags in and stops Rey from making the tag.  Jey with a back breaker.   Jey gets a near fall.  Jey with a running hip into the corner for a near fall.

Jimmy tags in and Rey with punches and a kick.  Rey with an elbow and a head scissors that sends Jimmy into the ring post.  Dominik tags in and he hits a cross body and punches.  Dominik with a foerarm and back elbow.  Dominik with a neck breaker to Jey and then to Jimmy for a near fall.  Jimmy with an uppercut.  Dominik with a kick and a wraparound bulldog.  Dominik drop kicks Jimmy into the ropes adn Dominik goes for the 619 but Jimmy goes to the floor.  Dominik goes for a pescado but the Usos catch Dominik and run Dominik into the ring post.

Jimmy with a punch and Jey tags in.  Jimmy with a back breaker and Jey with a foerarm off the turnbuckles.  Jey with crossfaces to Dominik in the ropes and Jimmy with a punch.  Dominik with forearms and Jey keeps Dominik from making the tag.  Jey with a hard Irish whip.  Dominik with punches and Jey with a punch and Dominik goes down.  Jimmy tags in and he sends Dominik into the corner.  Jimmy with punches.  Jimmy puts Dominik on the turnbuckles and continues to punch hi.  Jimmy sets for a Super Samoan drop but Dominik with elbows and a tornado DDT.  Jey and Rey tag in and Rey with a head scissors take down.

Rey with a baseball slide to Jimmy.  Rey with a kick to Jey and he goes up top and hits a seated splash and he goes for a springboard cross body but Jey with a thrust kick for a near fall.  Jimmy tags in and they go for 1D but Rey with a head scissors to Jey.  Rey with an enzuigiri to Jimmy and Dominik and Rey with a double 619 followed by a frog splash from Dominik but Jey breaks up the cover.  Jey trips Rey and takes him to the floor.  Jey with a super kick to Rey and Dominik with a suicide dive to Jey.  Dominik goes up top and Jimmy with a running uppercut.  Jimmy with a punch and he sets for a superplex but Dominik blocks it.  Dominik knocks Jimmy to the mat.  Dominik leaps over Jimmy and hits a drop kick.  Jey tags in and they hit the 1D for the three count.

Winners: The Usos

After the match, The Usos stand tall with their titles at ringside as the music hits and we go to replays. The Usos head to the back as The Judgment Day rushes into the ring from the other side, attacking The Mysterios. Rhea Ripley chokes Dominik out with her legs, while Finn Balor and Damian Priest double team Rey. The music hits and out comes WWE Hall of Famer Edge to a big pop. Edge rushes in, drops Balor, then unloads on Priest, clotheslining him over the top rope to the floor. Balor charges but Edge rocks him and nails the Edgecution for a big pop. Edge is fired up for the crowd now. He goes for a Spear to Balor but Ripley shoves Dominik in the way and Edge takes out Dominik with a Spear. A furious Edge chases Balor and Priest off through the crowd while Ripley laughs and taunts the babyfaces from ringside. Rey checks on his son as we go to replays. The post-SummerSlam edition of RAW goes off the air with Rey and medics checking on Dominik.

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