AEW Dynamite “House Of The Dragon” Results (8/17)

AEW Dynamite Preview For Tonight's House of The Dragon Episode

AEW Dynamite “House Of The Dragon” Results – We are live inside the venue in Charleston, West Virginia where CM Punk makes his way out and heads down to the ring to kick off this week’s show.

Punk talks about being in W.V. and says he knows someone from here. He sits down in his trademark cross-legged style and calls out “Hangman” Adam Page.

Punk informs Page that he can have his rematch right now. The fans chant “Cowboy sh*t” but no one comes out. Punk says that’s not “Cowboy sh*t” it’s “Coward sh*t.”

He goes on to tell Page that his apology needs to be as loud and public as the disrespect. He says if anyone else has a problem with the champion, he suggests they come on down. He says everyone wants to be the champ ’til it’s time to do champ shit.

With that out of the way, he stands back up and says he is the champion — AEW. He says Jon Moxley can be number one in your hearts, but he’s not number one in the ring.

He goes on to talk about Jon Moxley being the constant number two. He says he was only number three in his own three-man group. He says that’s a constant in his life. He says that doesn’t make him a bad guy, but it doesn’t make him the best either. He says he is the best.

Punk goes on to bring up his broken foot. He mentions Mox talking about breaking bones and says he is the only one to break bones in the last few months — his own. He says but still.

“Tell me when I’m tellin’ lies,” he adds.

Punk says he’s willing to test himself against Mox, but Mox isn’t willing to test himself against his best friend. He says his best friend is only the third best Eddie he’s been in the ring with and only the second best Kingston he’s shared a locker room with. The crowd “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” at that. He finishes by saying Mox won’t even be the first Jon he’s gonna beat for a title in New York.

As he continues talking, the “Wild Thing” song plays and out he comes making his custom entrance to the ring through the crowd. While he does, Punk does a flat back, lays down and makes imaginary snow angels in the middle of the ring. The commentators mention Mox doesn’t look like he’s wanting to have fun.

He starts by saying he better be careful, Punk’s doing what he’s doing best — dropping pipe bombs. He says Punk isn’t the best wrestler even in catering sometimes and mentions his broken foot. He says all the stuff he says into the mic doesn’t mean sh*t. He says the belt over his shoulder doesn’t mean sh*t. He says to be fair, the belt he’s got doesn’t mean sh*t until he beats Punk.

Mox says he is the heart and soul of the company. He mentions how everytime he thinks about Punk it makes him sick. Punk interjects with a quip of his own and then Mox proceeds to finish his rant and then gets in Punk’s face and claims he doesn’t feel Punk will do sh*t. Punk shoots back one final line and the two drop their mics and go nose-to-nose.

They push-and-pull until they erupt with a striking exchange. Excalibur mentions there appears to be some “live rounds” in the mix, alluding to some legitimate shots catching each other. Mox hits the ropes and leaps off onto Punk just as security seemed to be keeping the two apart.

The two keep re-engaging after being split apart, and the commentators even point out that Punk looks enraged. They talk about how they’re doing this for free, noting the money only comes when they duke it out on pay-per-view.

Mox goes to leave but ends up coming back to ringside and the two stare each other down from the ring and the floor. The segment wraps up on that note and Excalibur runs down some of the action scheduled for tonight’s show as the fans continue to chant “CM Punk!” in the background.

— We cut to the back with Tony Schiavone interviewing Powerhouse Hobbs. The big man reveals why he attacked Ricky Starks a few weeks back. The moment Starks said he was okay with losing to Hook, Hobbs decided it was time to make a change. He doesn’t associate with losers and has something in store for Starks. Unfortunately for the Nightmare Factory, they’ve also attracted the ire of Hobbs.

Two-Out-Of-Three Falls
Bryan Danielson vs. Daniel Garcia

Chris Jericho joined commentary before the match as Dynamite went to a commercial break.

The bell sounds and this one is off-and-running. Jericho on commentary talks about his showdown against Garcia being one of the best of his career.

The action gets underway in the ring and we see the two trading ground holds and reversals. Danielson starts to gain the upper-hand as the two stand up and re-engage and we head into a mid-match commercial break on that note.

As we settle back in from the break, we see Danielson still controlling the action as the commentators talk among themselves about the talents of Garcia and the veteran savvy of Danielson. The momentum shifts in Garcia’s favor and he starts putting it on “The American Dragon.”

Garcia beats on Danielson on the mat with strikes that Jericho compares to that of the style used by the Blackpool Combat Club. Garcia locks in a submission but Danielson avoids it being fully locked on. Garcia ends up spiking Danielson with a pile driver and then locks in a dragon sleeper for the win in the first fall.

Winner of Fall No. 1: Daniel Garcia

The second fall begins right after this and Garcia remains in the offensive driver’s seat. He starts blasting Danielson with chops in the corner and taunts and plays to the crowd as we head into another mid-match commercial break.

We return and see replays of action during the break that saw Garcia spike Danielson face-first into the exposed concrete at ringside on the floor with a DDT. Danielson is now bleeding and his face is quickly becoming a crimson mask as the action resumes inside the ring.

Danielson starts to fight back but Garcia locks the bloody Danielson in a dragon sleeper. Danielson tries to escape but Garcia grounds him and proceeds to smash him with elbows on each side of his head. Danielson rolls him out of nowhere during this and somehow gets the three-count to even things up with the count now one fall a piece.

Winner Of Fall No. 2: Bryan Danielson

The third and final deciding fall follows seconds after that and it sees Danielson in the offensive lead, blasting Garcia in the corner with kicks as the fans chant “Yes!” as each shot lands.

Danielson takes flight after heading to the top and leaping off with a missile dropkick that connects squarely on the jaw of Garcia. He ends up being dumped on the floor soon after this and the fans break out in a “This is awesome!” chant. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat is shown on-camera as both guys are down.

The commentators pays homage to the late “Judo” Gene LeBelle who passed away last week. Then they talk us into yet another mid-match commercial break as the action in our two-out-of-three falls opener continues.

s we settle back in from the break, we see Garcia catch Danielson with a running knee for a close near fall. Excalibur points out on commentary how the J.A.S. member is so good at using his opponents’ best moves and skills against them.

We work our way into the finish, which ultimately sees Danielson pick up the third and final fall for the win.

Winner Of Fall No. 3: Bryan Danielson

After the match, we see Jericho leave his spot on guest commentary and look to put a post-match beatdown on Danielson. Garcia ends up stopping him and Jericho gets in his face for defying him. He points at him and the fans start chanting “Garcia! Garcia!” Daniel pushed Jericho away and Chris retreated to end the segment.

— We shoot backstage for a quick interview segment where Swerve in our Glory talks. As the tag champs continue to talk, Private Party walks up and confronts them about some comments they made, noting they tolerated the disrespect once but won’t again.

— Tony Nese makes his way down but things end up going off the rails as Punk and Moxley end up coming out and engaging in another brutal brawl that several security members have trouble breaking up once again.

— We shoot backstage where Tony Schiavone is standing by with Chris Jericho and the rest of the J.A.S. He brings up the skirmish between Jericho and Daniel Garcia after tonight’s opener. Jericho says he’ll chalk it up to Garcia being wound up from his match but tells him he wants to talk to him face-to-face in the ring next week and find out who’s side he’s really on. Up walks Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat who tells Garcia that he doesn’t need Jericho or the J.A.S. He says if anyone should mentor him — it’s him. The guys go to leave except for one member of J.A.S. who Steamboat ends up bitch-slapping for getting too familiar. He yells out, “Look at me now!” to end the segment.

The Varsity Blondes vs. The Gunn Club

The Gunn Club starts out dominantly, with Colten Gunn jumping Brian Pillman Jr. from the corner as he then drops Griff Garrison with the Colt 45 to get a victory immediately for his time. 

Winners: The Gunn Club 

Billy Gunn then says that’s what he wants, and he is super proud of them, claiming the best thing he’s done in his career is working with them. Stokely Hathaway then comes out and stands on the entrance ramp, while The Gunn Club attack Billy from behind, jumping their father until The Acclaimed hit the ring to make the save, chasing them away. They scissor and hug it out to reunite. 

— We see PAC and The Lucha Bros backstage. “The Bastard” speaks up, referencing Aussie Open, United Empire and others before noting that he is looking forward to next week. He tells them he’ll see them in Cleveland.

Jungle Boy Addresses Christian Cage

We return to the ring where Jungle Boy makes his way out. He settles in the ring and jumps on the mic. He talks about how he has been trying to hit Christian Cage with any-and-everything he can since he’s made his way back onto the scene. He vows to finish him off at the upcoming AEW ALL OUT pay-per-view.

He says unless he’s too big of a pu…and before he can finish it, out comes Christian Cage to respond to the challenge live and in person. He says his answer to the challenge is, “no.” He continues to talk, mentioning the recent actions by Luchasaurus, who got himself suspended for headbutting a member of the staff backstage.

He continues talking and heads to the ring. He says he doesn’t want to fight. He vows by the end of the day to deliver on a promise to Jungle Boy. The fans chant “Bullsh*t” and he tries barreling on. He looks for a hug but Jungle Boy wants no part of that, instead opting to hand-deliver a knuckle sandwich to his advesary. The brawl begins and Jungle Boy pounds away at Christian as the two spill out to the floor.

Cage ends up reversing the momentum and now he is in control of the offense. He bashes Jungle Boy face-first into the steel post and continues his assault on the floor, slamming and ramming Jungle Boy into anything that isn’t tied down. He bounces his head off the guard rail and then repeatedly smashes it into the steel ring steps.

Jungle Boy fights back and ends up leaping off the corner of the ring onto Cage. He repeatedly bashes Cage into the steps and blood starts to flow. The commentators talk about some help needing to come out from the back to tend to Cage as the segment ends and we head to another commercial break.

— FTR and Wardlow are shown backstage, with Cash Wheeler saying Wardlow didn’t ask for help, but they weren’t going to sit and watch as nobody messes with the Pinnacle. Wardlow claims it doesn’t matter how big they are, everyone gets powerbombed as Dax Harwood challenges Jay Lethal to a match next week.

Toni Storm vs. KiLynn King

Kilynn King goes for a roll-up immediately, but Toni Storm kicks out and does the same as she then transitions into a side headlock to slow the pace and gain control, only for her opponent to switch with a sidelock take down. Storm avoids more offense, but King then avoids her dropkick only for the second time to hit the target, but Storm eats an elbow in the corner and then a knee striker that sends Storm to the floor. 

King looks to dive out with a dropkick only for Storm to avoid and try a DDT to the floor, but King’s power is too much and she slams her into the ring apron and then the guard rail. Things go back into the ring where King throws some big shots in the corner, but the veteran then avoids a chop to throw one of her own, only for King to regain control by launching Storm across the mat with an overhead throw.

Storm gets set on the top turnbuckle, but she reverses the back suplex in mid-air with a crossbody which leads to them both being down. Storm hits several forearms and then fisherman’s suplex into a bridge, but King kicks out. King then shows her power again, lifting Storm up as she follows with a spine buster, and this time it is Storm having to kick out. Toni responds with a German Suplex, and she follows with the hip attack in the corner and then a pendulum DDT to score the win. 

Winner: Toni Storm

Thunder Rosa is shown backstage clapping at Storm’s victory, but she doesn’t appear to be too visually happy.

— The commentators show a video package announcing Orange Cassidy & The Best Friends against The Truth Busters for an AEW Trios match on this week’s edition of AEW Rampage.

— From there, Excalibur runs down some of the action scheduled for Friday’s one hour AEW on TNT program, as well as some bouts for next week’s Dynamite and an ALL OUT PPV update.

The Young Bucks & TBA vs. Andrade El Idolo, RUSH & Dragon Lee

Young Bucks handed Justin Roberts a card and he introduced Kenny Omega as their partner. Don Callis and Michael Nakazawa accompanied Omega during his entrance.

Nick Jackson and Dragon Lee started off the action. Dragon Lee hit a shoulder tackle but Nick responded with an Armdrag. Matt Jackson tagged in and sent Dragon to the corner. Young Bucks connected with a Bulldog and Nick delivered a Hurricanrana to Andrade El Idolo.

Kenny Omega tagged in as Don Callis argued with Jim Ross on commentary. Omega hit Dragon with a couple of chops to the chest and some punches to the face in the corner of the ring. Omega hit a slam and tagged out after hitting a Fameasser on Dragon Lee. When Dynamite returned from a break, Andrade hit Matt Jackson with a running knee to the face for a near fall. Andrade, Rush, and Dragon Lee unloaded three Dropkicks as AEW went to the final commercial break of the night.

When Dynamite returned, Matt Lee booted Dragon Lee away and got to the corner to tag in Kenny Omega. The former AEW Champion connected with an Enziguri on Rush and then a snap German Suplex on Andrade. Kenny hit Rush and Dragon Lee with a snap German Suplex as well before tagging in Matt.

Young Bucks hit sent Rush and Andrade to opposite corners of the ring. They hit them with Superkicks and isolated Dragon Lee in the corner. Matt hit Dragon Lee with a Buckle Bomb and fired up the crowd. Young Bucks and Omega hit Dragon with three Superkicks but Rush broke up the cover. Nick and Matt hit Rush and Andrade with a couple of Crossbodies on the outside. Jose the Assistant tripped Omega up and then he was placed on top of the barricade. Dragon Lee took out Kenny with a ridiculous Suicide Dive and they rolled him back into the ring.

Dragon hit Nick with a Hurricanrana as Andrade connected with a standing Moonsault on Kenny for a near fall. Andrade followed it up with a DDT but Matt broke up the cover. Kenny hit Dragon Lee with the V-Trigger and followed it up with the One-Winged Angel for the pinfall victory.

Winners: The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega

After the match, Andrade planted Dragon Lee with a DDT as we go to credits.

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