AEW Dynamite Results (7/06) Rochester – NY

AEW Dynamite Results (7/06) Rochester - NY

AEW Dynamite Results (7/06) Rochester, NY – We are live from the Blue Cross Arena at the War Memorial in Rochester, New York, as Wordlow makes his way to the ring for our first match of the night. Scorpio Sky is out next. Ethan Page, Dan Lambert, and others accompanied Sky the ring.

TNT Championship “Street Fight” Match
Wardlow vs. Scorpio Sky (c)

Wardlow battled with Scorpio in the corner to start off the action. Sky hit Wardlow with a series of kicks but he shrugged them off and decked the TNT Champion with a massive shoulder tackle.

Sky booted Wardlow in the midsection and bounced off the ropes but Wardlow sent the champ flying across the ring. Wardlow launched Scorpio across the ring once again and posed for the crowd. The TNT Champion rolled out of the ring buy himself some time.

The challenger exited the ring and Dan Lambert and his goons distracted Wardlow and Scorpio Sky capitalized. Scorpio launched Wardlow into the steel steps and then they all stomped on him for a bit. Sky hit some knee strikes before applying a Headlock in the middle of the ring.

The TNT Champion controlled the action for a bit and kept Wardlow on the mat as Ethan Page cheered him on from outside the ring. Wardlow leveled Sky with a lariat and started shouting at Ethan Page. Sky capitalized with a rake to the eyes and booted unloaded some strikes in the corner.


Wardlow launched Scorpio to the turnbuckle and charged. The champ dodged Wardlow and the big man crashed into the ring post. Sky set up for a Superplex but Wardlow shoved him down. Wardlow climbed to the top turnbuckle and hit a massive Swanton Bomb as the crowd popped. He set up for a Powerbomb but Lambert’s goons rushed the ring.

He beat them down one by one before sending them all out of the ring. Scorpio Sky bashed Wardlow over the head with the title and went for the cover but somehow the challenger kicked out at two. Sky went for the TKO but Wardlow escaped. Wardlow knocked Lambert off the apron and planted Scorpio with a Spinebuster. Wardlow pointed at the title before planting Sky with a Powerbomb. The crowd chanted for more and Wardlow delivered two more Powerbombs for the pinfall victory. 

Winner and NEW TNT Champion: Wardlow

Jon Moxley Addresses Tonight’s Title Defense Against Brody King

We shoot backstage to a special message from the Interim AEW Champion. Jon Moxley appears with his title and talks about tonight’s defense against Brody King.

Mox guarantees everyone that he knows what kind of monster he is dealing with in the House of Black member and winner of the first-ever AEW Royal Rampage battle royal, but he’s not so sure everyone remembers what kind of monster he is. He mentions how he just took a man he deeply respects and admires in Hiroshi Tanahashi and beat his face in at The Forbidden Door. He then mentions how a few days later he carved the faces up of some bad dudes inside a steel cage at Blood & Guts. He says he did that one for fun, comparing it to golfing on a Sunday. After he wraps up the promo, we head to a commercial break.

“Smart” Mark Sterling With Petition To Get Shane “Swerve” Strickland Fired From AEW

When we return from the break we see “Smart” Mark Sterling with Tony Nese backstage. The two approach Keith Lee and attempt to get him to sign a petition to get Shane “Swerve” Strickland removed from the AEW roster. Lee isn’t interested, which he makes clear, despite Sterling trying to remind him what Strickland did to him in the Casino Battle Royale.

Christian Cage & Luchasaurus Attack Matt Hardy

We head back inside the Blue Cross Arena and we hear the familiar sounds of the theme song of Christian Cage. He makes his way out and stop and then Luchasaurus’ theme hits. The masked man makes his way out to join him.

The two head to the ring and the music cuts off. Christian begins speaking, saying everyone wanted to know why he turned on Jungle Boy and made the comments that he did about his family.

He says he explained those a couple of weeks ago and now everyone is wondering why Luchasaurus decided to align with him.

As he continues to speak, the theme for The Hardy Brothers hits and out comes Matt Hardy. The fans chant “DELETE! DELETE!” as he heads out with a microphone. He calls Christian Cage “the Michael Jordan of being an assh*le” and then says everytime it seems Christian has sunk as low as possible, he sinks even lower.

Cage says Hardy is so crazy that he makes his brother, Jeff Hardy, look like the sober one of the family. He goes on to claim Hardy is desparate to be in the headlines 24/7 and says he’ll do anything to ensure that he stays in the news, even if it means turning a blind eye to his brothers issues, or using his wife and children.

Hardy finally hears enough and tries to go after Christian, only for Luchasaurus to step in and knock his lights out. Luchasaurus delivered a big boot to Matt’s face and Cage instructed him to put Hardy through a table. Luchasaurus delivered a Chokeslam to Matt through a table and Cage taunted Hardy to end the segment.

Tony Schiavone Backstage With Claudio Castagnoli & Jake Hager

We see a Blood & Guts video package and then return live, where Tony Schiavone is standing by backstage with Claudio Castagnoli and Jake Hager. He mentions that the two have signed a document guaranteeing no physical contact.

Hager says Claudio might have things twisted due to 16,000 or so fans chanting his name and cheering for him last week, but he says he’s not as tough or hard as he is. He says he’s never been a world champion in ROH, or WWE (which he says by name) and won’t ever be one in AEW. Hager says he’s an undefeated MMA fighter and is a proven entity.

Castagnoli responds and mentions that he beat one of the best technical wrestlers on the planet in Zack Sabre Jr. at The Forbidden Door and brings up his team beating Hager’s team at Blood & Guts. He then points out that it actually wasn’t Hager’s team, but instead the team of the guy whose bags Hager carries. He vows to go 3-0 after they meet in the ring next week.

The Butcher & The Blade vs. Shane “Swerve” Strickland & Keith Lee

Keith Lee ignored Strickland during their entrance. Strickland and Lee dominated the action early. Swerve completely botched a leapfrog attempt and barely jumped, which caused The Blade to run into him in a terrible sequence.

Strickland and Lee then beat The Blade down in the corner for a bit. The Blade hit a Jawbreaker but Strickland sent him out of the ring with a Back Body Drop. The Bunny hit Swerve with a cheap shot and Blade capitalized with a Backbreaker. The Butcher tagged in (with tassels on his boots now) and delivered a Leg Drop for a near fall.

Keith Lee tagged in and sent Butcher & Blade to opposite corners of the ring. The big man delivered a couple of Splashes before hurling Blade at Butcher. Lee charged but Blade pulled Strickland in the way. Lee sent Strickland flying across the ring. Butcher and Blade sent Lee to the outside and beat the hell out of Strickland. Butcher hit a massive lariat and had the match won but Keith Lee managed to break up the cover at two. Keith Lee and Swerve then hit a Powerbomb/Double Stomp combo for the pinfall victory.

Winners: Shane “Swerve” Strickland & Keith Lee

After The Match: Starks & Hobbs Confront Swerve & Lee, Young Bucks Interrupt

After the match, Powerhouse Hobbs and FTW Champion Ricky Starks interrupted. They argued that they were the better tag team. AEW Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks interrupted and said that they started this damn company so they can do whatever they want. Matt and Nick Jackson suggested a Triple Threat match next week. The crowd loudly chanted “FTR!” as they’ve been ranked #1 on the AEW ranking system for an eternity without getting a shot at the AEW Tag Team Championships. Young Bucks claimed that they are better than FTR and the match was made official to end the segment.

Eddie Kingston Interrupted By Chris Jericho, Tay Conti Slams Ruby Soho’s Arm In Car Door

We shoot to a vignette featuring The House of Black’s own Brody King addressing Jon Moxley and their showdown later tonight in the main event for the Interim AEW Championship.

Now we head back into the arena where the familiar sounds of Eddie Kingston’s theme hits. “The Mad King” makes his way down to the ring.

In the ring, Tony Schiavone is standing with a microphone. Kingston tells him to hold his arm up higher and be professional.

Kingston goes on to congratulate Wardlow on his TNT Championship victory in the opening Street Fight this evening. He also congratulates everyone, “even you, Claudio Castagnoli” that was on the winning team at Blood & Guts last week.

He goes on to talk about how he was made a liar by not tasting the blood of Chris Jericho. Before he can say much of anything else, we hear some comotion and then on the big screen, we see Chris Jericho with his ribs taped up in the parking lot.

Jericho tells Kingston he better watch it and then says if not this could happen to him. With that said, he gives Tay Conti the order to do it, and then we see her walk over and slam Ruby Soho’s arm in a car door.

Chris Jericho and the rest of the J.A.S. head off as we head to another commercial break.

QT Marshall Interupts The Dark Order And -1, Hangman Page Makes Him Pay

We return from the commercial break at the commentary desk where Taz and Excalibur address the savage attack we just saw Ruby Soho get at the hands of Tay Conti and J.A.S. They mention AEW medical staff are checking on her right now.

From there, we hear the familiar sounds of The Dark Order theme song. Out comes the group, along with Brodie Lee’s son, -1, and widow, Amanda Huber. The crowd roars as they head to the ring.

They talk about how tonight marks a new era for The Dark Order. They say there’s no one better to explain why other than -1. They hand the microphone to him.

Before he can say anything, we hear QT Marshall on the microphone as he emerges on the entrance ramp from the back. He questions how much longer this charity case is going to continue. He asks will it literally go on until -1 is 18 for real. He says he gets it that -1’s dad was from Rochester. He insults him and then -1 takes his shirt off and tries to go after him. The Dark Order stops him.

As Marshall continues to talk, he goes on to challenge the ten-year old to a fight. He says he can accept or he can go back and break all of his toys.

With that said, the familiar sounds of the theme song of “Hangman” Adam Page plays. The longtime friend of The Dark Order makes his way out and is walking with a purpose.

The fans chant “cowboy sh*t” as he proceeds to beat the p*ss out of QT Marshall for his unnecessary insulting remarks about his late friend. He finishes up the beatdown with a buckshot lariat.

Penta Oscuro vs. Rush

Straight away the two men go back and forth taking some shots at each other with punches and slaps and then they head outside the ring where the constant reversals continue until Penta Oscuro sends Rush across the floor. Back in the ring Rush hits a forearm strike to the masked man.

Rush then hits several lariats in the corner which gets him a near fall and he focuses on ripping the mask, but Penta fights out with several sling blades. He follows it up by diving over the top ropes to the outside where their valets end up brawling as Jose and Alex fight to the back.

Rush once again focuses on trying to rip off the mask of his opponent, which allows him to come in with several big kicks in the corner. Rush then hits a snap slam, but Penta responds by dropping Rush down to the mat as well, which gets a near fall. They continue to push each other with headbutts, and then a leaping knee strike from Rush which takes both men down.

Rush gets the best of the situation when they get up though, stomping away on Penta in the corner, and he then connects with a missile dropkick, but Penta manages to kick out. Rush follows up with a senton from the top rope, but Penta kicks out, only to eat a big elbow strike. Despite that, Penta then counters with a thrust kick and then hits the Fear Factor, but Andrade outs Rush’s foot on the ropes.

But as the official is arguing with Rey Fenix and Andrade, Rush is able to hit a low blow, and he then steals the mask of Penta as he gets the roll-up victory.

Winner: Rush

Jay Lethal & Co. With Message For Samoa Joe Ahead Of ROH Death Before Dishonor

We are informed that Samoa Joe vs. Jay Lethal for the ROH Television Championship has been confirmed for the upcoming ROH Death Before Dishonor pay-per-view.

Now we shoot to a backstage segment where we see Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt and Satnam Singh standing by. They deliver a message to Joe ahead of their showdown and then we head to a commercial break.

Match Made For AEW Rampage

We shoot backstage when we return and we see “Smart” Mark Sterling continuing his campaign to get Shane “Swerve” Strickland kicked out of AEW. He and Tony Nese approach Orange Cassidy and Roppongi Vice and try and get them to sign their petition.

Instead, Danhausen walks up, mimics everything Sterling says and ultimately, we get Tony Nese vs. Orange Cassidy announced for this week’s edition of AEW Rampage.

Ruffin It & Fuego Del Sol vs. The Acclaimed & The Gunn Club

The Gunn Club take Max Caster’s microphone straight away to stop them from doing the rap. Colten Gunn attacks Fuego Del Sol in the corner, but Anthony Bowens tags himself in and continues that while taking out all of Sol’s partners on the apron. He responds with a DDT, but Bear Bronson hits a double clothesline to Gunn Club and then a sit-down powerbomb to Austin Gunn, but Max Caster makes the save and he dumps out Ruff.

Bowens then comes in and goes back and forth with Bear, dropping him down to the ring as Caster tags in to hit the Mic Drop. But Austin made a blind tag and he then gets the pinfall himself.

Winners: The Gunn Club & The Acclaimed

After the match, the four men argue and Gunn Club attacks The Acclaimed until Billy Gunn pulls off his sons. He argues with them, and then he nails Caster with a clothesline! Bowens wants to be scissored, but instead, Gunn hits him with a Famouser as The Gunn Club reunite.

Thunder Rosa & Toni Storm vs. Nyla Rose & Marina Shafir

Marina Shafir and Nyla Rose attack their opponents straight away, but Toni Storm fights back with a low dropkick to Marina. Thunder Rosa then makes her way into the match and she takes some body shots with the babyfaces sending each other into Shafir as Rosa then runs up Storm’s back, using it as a platform to dropkick Shafir.

The frequent tags between the babyfaces keeps them fresh as they dominate Shafir, with Rosa nailing some huge chops. Marina shows some aggression and fights back against both of them, and when the official is not looking, Rosa uses an umbrella as a weapon. She comes in and hits a suplex early on.

Shafir comes back in as the heels continue to isolate Storm with he aggressive nature and holds, with Rose then hitting the ring to drop down on Toni. Storm manages to send Rosa into the turnbuckles, but she is quickly slammed onto the bottom rope, despite that Thunder tags into the match. She nails Shafir with a hip attack and then lots of chops to Rose, who she drops on the bottom rope.

Rosa then charges in with a dropkick that sends Nyla into the bottom rope, but the third time is too many and she reverses this time. That allows Shafir to come in, who gets a near fall. Storm fights back and hits a Hip Attack to Shafir as Rosa then picks her up, driving Shafir into the mat as Storm drops off the top turnbuckle to push her down as it happens.

Winners: Thunder Rosa & Toni Storm

Jade Cargill Wants Answers From Stokely Hathaway

Stokely Hathaway mentions paying $1100 to pay Leila Gray to face Jade Cargill on last week’s show. He calls her an interim Baddie.

He brings her in and explains this to Jade Cargill after she demanded to know what he was doing last week.

Daniel Garcia Challenges Wheeler Yuta To ROH Pure Championship Match

We hear the commentators run down some of the action scheduled for AEW Rampage on Friday, as well as some matches for next week’s AEW Fyter Fest special and the upcoming ROH Death Before Dishonor pay-per-view.

As we return live, we see Tony Schiavone standing by with Daniel Garcia backstage. Garcia talks about his recent interaction with Yuta and mentions putting his foot on his throat and raising his ROH Pure Championship high in the air.

He says there was nothing Yuta could do about it. He goes on to issue a challenge to Yuta for the ROH Pure Championship at ROH Death Before Dishonor. We head to another commercial break after this.

Interim AEW World Championship Match
Jon Moxley (c) vs. Brody King

Straight away a strike by Brody King sends the champion down but Jon Moxley gets up and starts throwing hands himself, but once again less attacks from King prove to be more effective. He then takes the fight to the floor as he launches Moxley into the barricade, as he follows up with some chops. But, as he charges into him, Moxley side steps which send Brody into the steps.

Despite that, King gets the next major moment, dropping Moxley onto the ring ramp. Back inside the ring, Moxley puts the focus on King’s legs, working different submissions, and when they get back to their feet it is down to throwing hands once again until the challenger just slams him to the mat.

King continues to dominate Mox, following up on the punishment he just delivered on the ramp moments ago. He has Mox down on the mat and appears to be looking for a choke. Regal points out that King does the choke well and says Mox needs to avoid it.

Mox does avoid it and he gets back to his feet. He starts taking it to the big man once again. They end up trading shots. Mox bounces off the ropes but runs directly into a spinning sidewalk slam from the House of Black member for a close near fall. After this, we head to another mid-match commercial break as our main event of the evening continues.

As we settle back in from the break, we see King dominating the action. He gets Mox up on the ropes with him and ends up locking in the choke Regal spoke of earlier. Mox’s lifeless body dangles. King lets him go and he crumbles down to the mat below. Mox is out of it. King hops down and looks to follow-up, but Mox ends up coming to life.

He takes it to King now and ends up connecting with his paradigm shift. Mox then blasts King with elbows to the shoulder blades before locking in his bulldog choke for the win. With the victory, Mox retains his Interim AEW Championship.

Winner and STILL Interim AEW Champion: Jon Moxley

The Blackpool Combat Club member celebrates his victory as this week’s show goes off the air.

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