How Does WWE Sports Betting Work?

How Does WWE Sports Betting Work?

World Wrestling Entertainment, simply known as the WWE, is a sports entertainment company producing popular professional wrestling matches on television. Its entertaining battles and thrilling tension between wrestlers make this show one of the popular television programs that many people look forward to. Moreover, if you want to increase the tension and make your WWE show experience more exciting, you can try betting on the game while watching.

In fact, WWE betting also has steadily increasing popularity. Many bettors are tuning in with its regular shows and placing their bets left and right. If you are one of the avid fans of wrestling and want to unlock a new chapter of being a WWE supporter, you can also try placing a bet on one of its matches. To help you, here is a list of types of bets that you can place to understand how WWE sports betting works.

Straight Bets

One of the most popular types of professional wrestling matches is the match bet or a straight bet. Due to its very straightforward nature, many bettors are placing their money on this type of WWE bet. If you have bet on sports before, the straight bet is similar to a win bet. 

You can take part in this type of bet by trying to predict the winner you think will win the match. You can place straight bets on most of the WWE’s events like the regular season match, championship, or a tournament. 

Near-Fall Bets

WWE professional matches crown their winners by pinning their opponents as they fall. So, to win, the wrestler must pin their opponent to the mat, and the referee will start counting to three. If they can hold the other person down until three, then they win.

Unlike the match title bet, the near-fall wagers will require the bettors to bet on the wrestler who almost won the match. So, to win a near-fall bet, you must place a wager on the wrestler you think has the chance to win, but the other wrestler fights back to avoid losing.

For instance, in a match between John Cena and The Rock, you place your bet on the former wrestler to achieve a “near fall.” As the match unfolds, John Cena starts pinning The Rock. The referee will then start counting for three seconds and if John Cena holds his opponent down, he wins the match.

However, during the very last second,  when the referee is about to shout the third count, The Rock fights back and breaks the pin. This means, John Cena lost, which also shows he “almost won” the match. Thus, you win your bet with John Cena’s near-fall.

Retain Title Bets

As its name suggests, the wrestler that you bet on must be able to defend their titles so that you can pay out. The retain title bets consider that the match might end without calling a winner due to forfeit, draw, count-out, disqualification, injuries, or count-out. Nonetheless, if your bet defends their title in the end, you win your wager. In simple terms, the defending champion must only avoid losing to keep their belt and title.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are usually played by bettors who want to place side bets in addition to their primary bets. This type of water does not directly affect the outcome of the match. Bettors usually bet for some sort of action that will take place inside the ring. 

One of the most popular prop bet types is the match’s finish. This prop bet refers to how the match is won. It can be by pin, disqualification, submission, or count-out. Some bettors make the near-fall bet as their prop bets.

Another type of prop bet is the longshot pick. The longshot pick is where the bettors bet on a wrestler they feel will lose the match. This prop bet type is the opposite of the match bet and usually pays out more significant returns compared to other prop bets.

Future Bets

Future wagers on sports gambling are the kind that you bet on the matches that will happen in the future. For the WWE, major championships like Wrestlemania and Royal Rumble are the usual live pay-per-view events where most bettors place their bets for future betting.

To further understand the future, you must first know that WWE has three brands, Raw, NXT 2.0, and SmackDown. These brands have their respective shows, and they usually do crossovers during Wrestlemania to make it more fun for bettors and fans. Also, it is considered the finale of the year’s season and a sign of a new one. Thus, it is also regarded as the largest pay-per-view event of the WWE. 

If you wager on WWE futures, sportsbooks usually open their betting line for this bet during the start of a new season or any time near the opening. In short, it is a season-long type of bet, and so the prize pool for futures can be relatively huge. Since many unprecedented things can happen along the season, the futures entail a considerable amount of risk.

Final Thoughts

After reading the article above, you now have an idea of how the WWE bets work. It will usually depend on how you strategically place your bets and your luck in trying to predict the best wrestlers. Nonetheless, figuring out the best type of wager for you can help you focus on a particular kind only and prepare a plan on how to place your money.

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