The Biggest Wrestling Sensations in 2022

The Biggest Wrestling Sensations in 2022

WWE events are appealing for all sorts of different reasons. Some love the dramatic and over-the-top storytelling, others really enjoy seeing professionals in action, and of course, there are those who love to place bets. It’s always fun to see what organizers have in store and who will end up winning in the big events. WWE fans from Canada who love to bet on matches usually do so at 10 dollar minimum deposit casino sites with sports betting options. This way they can also utilize different bonuses to play other casino games like slots. It’s also quite common to place bets ahead of the big events to get better multipliers on the odds. So, let’s see some of the upcoming sensations in 2022 when it comes to WWE. 

Hell in a Cell

Hell in a Cell wrapped up just a week ago. It took place in Chicago on the 5th of June and brought about a few surprises. One of the biggest sensations during the event was a match between two alliances,  The Judgment Day and AJ Styles, Liv Morgan, and Finn Balor. Since this is a brawl between 6 fighters it’s always intense and action-packed. In the end, Judgment Day came on top, but it seems fans were a bit disappointed. Not by the outcome of course, but there were a lot of predictions that this alliance will get new members, which didn’t turn out to be the case. 

This wasn’t the most anticipated battle though. The finals are what the audience wanted to see the most and it was a fight between  Rhodes and Rollins. These two had a score to settle and this was a perfect opportunity for a showdown. Unfortunately, Rhodes had an injury before the fight that was more serious than anyone anticipated, but even that element was added to the story. Throughout the fight, Rollins wanted to exploit that weakness, but Rhodes was able to outmaneuver him. In the end, Rhodes finished the match with a sledgehammer, making it a great fight where the underdog ends up on top.   


This event has always been one of the biggest sensations in wrestling, and there is a lot of hype for the one in 2023. WrestleMania 39 will take place in Los Angeles, so everyone has high hopes as some WWE legends are now stars in Hollywood. One fight everyone is really eager to see is Rock vs. Roman. In fact, the betting odds for that match have already been released, and people are wagering money as we speak. Fans have been waiting for years, and it seems that the stars have finally aligned for this match to happen. They even anticipated seeing it during this year’s WrestleMania, but Rock’s filming schedule just wouldn’t allow it. 

Royal Rumble

January is the favorite month for many WWE fans, and that’s because of the Royal Rumble. The winner of the 2022 Royal Rumble was Brock Lesnar, but the event is memorable due to the participation of celebrities. Johnny Knoxville and Bad Bunny participated this year, and Bad Bunny even eliminated 2 other fighters. 


Another big WWE event is SummerSlam, and fans are eagerly anticipating this tournament. It will commence on July 30th in Nashville. As you would expect, everything is still a well-guarded secret but the audience cannot help themselves but speculate about the upcoming fights. There is a rumor that Roman Reigns will go against Randy Orton in SummerSlam 2022. Both of them have formidable star power, so it’ would indeed be an amazing matchup. 

Why is WWE so Popular? 

Even though everyone knows these fights are scripted, the people in the ring are really professionals. The risk of them getting hurt still exists, and it takes a lot of skill to perform some of the maneuvers that the audience gets to see. So, everyone appreciates all the hard work that goes into creating these fights. Also, the outcomes are kept a secret so it isn’t creating any problems for those who love to bet on these matches. Finally, all of the fights have an interesting story behind them, and the audience loves drama. 


These were some of the biggest wrestling sensations in 2022. WWE has been around for decades and they continue to deliver exceptional entertainment. Of course, these events don’t always live up to the hype, mainly because fans love to overspeculate and build up everyone’s expectations, especially about special appearances. All things considered, it’s going to be another amazing year for WWE viewers.

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