AEW Dynamite Results (6/01) Inglewood, CA

AEW Dynamite Results (6/01) Inglewood, CA

AEW Dynamite Results (6/01) Inglewood, CA – We are live from The Kia Forum in Inglewood, California, as new AEW World Champion CM Punk makes his way to the ring to start the show. Punk celebrates with some fans on the ramp and then he’s joined by FTR.

CM Punk and FTR vs. Max Caster and Gunn Club

The Acclaimed’s theme hits and the crowd lets out another roar. Max Caster leads The Acclaimed and The Gunn Club to the ring with diss rhymes that includes shots at Amber Heard following the verdict in the defamation trial with Johnny Depp. He closes it by referring to The Gunn Club as “assboys.”

ll six men are in the ring and now the bell sounds to get this one off-and-running. Dax Harwood will kick things off with Austin Gunn to get this week’s AEW Trios opener underway.

We see Harwood dominate from the early goings as the fans break out in a loud “Assboys” chant aimed at Austin and the rest of The Gunn Club. We see Harwood make the tag to Cash, while Austin Gunn takes over on offense. He tags in Colten, who picks up where his brother left off.

Wheeler starts to take over, but is backed into a corner where Caster tags in. Max Caster and Colten Gunn look for a double-team move on Wheeler, but they don’t connect with it. Wheeler takes over from there, focusing on the arm of his opposition before pointing to CM Punk and getting an enormous roar from the crowd.

Punk then tags in and heads to the top-rope for a double axe-handler smash on the isolated arm of Gunn. Wheeler exits and heads to the ring apron while Punk takes over to a loud chant of “CM Punk! CM Punk!” from the fans in the arena.

Gunn takes over momentarily, but not for long, as Punk reverses things back into his favor and then tags in Harwood. Harwood gets in some offense but then finds himself on the defensive after Colten connects with a move and tags in his brother, Austin.

Austin goes to work on Harwood, who begins firing back with wild punches. Harwood then fires a couple knuckle sandwiches at Colten Gunn and Max Caster on the ring apron for good measure.

Harwood turns around to a big shot from Colten, who now takes back over on offense. The fans get on his case, booing him and letting another “Assboy!” chant spread throughout the building.

He tags in Max Caster and the two hit a double-team spot on Harwood. Billy Gunn gets in a massive right hand cheap-shot from the floor while the referee was busy keeping Wheeler and Punk from entering the ring.

Harwood finally makes it to his corner, but is stopped from making the tag. The fans boo and we watch as Gunn continues working over Harwood. Excalibur then talks us into a mid-match commercial break as the action continues in the ring with the heel trio in the offensive driver’s seats.

We return from the break to see Punk and FTR fighting from underneath. They eventually shift the momentum into their favor and begin taking over on offense as this one seems to be nearing its’ conclusion.

Punk connects with a GTS, which is immediately followed by FTR hitting their Big-Rig finisher. The cover follows and we see CM Punk and FTR begin their victory celebration after a solid opening contest on this week’s show.

Winners: CM Punk & FTR

Once the match wraps up, we see Punk, Harwood and Wheeler all hoisting their golden hardware high above-head for the world to see.

CM Punk then grabs a microphone, which he will likely transform into a pipe bomb. He begins speaking, and says he’s never done drugs before, but he imagines this is what it feels like.

Punk admits he has a ton of work to do, but tells his fans to expect him to get it done. He says you can call him a lot of things, but one of them has to be AEW World Champion.

FTR then takes their turn on the stick, with Dax Harwood making a few remarks of his own. He tells Punk that he has done those things that Punk has not. He says it does feel like this.

Harwood then chuckles and starts to address other companies before telling Fit Finlay to come out here and get his ass kicked for a change.

Punk gets back on the mic and says he happens to be standing in the ring with two of the best when addressing New Japan Pro Wrestling. He says “Forbidden Door, I know you’re back there. Show me who I got!”

With that said, the theme song for Tanahashi begins playing and out comes a man J.R. on commentary calls one of the greatest of all-time. He says he’s as good as he’s ever been around.

“The Ace of NJPW” Hiroshi Tanahashi emerges to a big pop from the fans in Inglewood. Tanahashi comes out smiling and putting up the “number one” hand gesture as he takes a look at the crowd from side-to-side.

In the ring, Punk hoists the AEW Championship over his head with both hands while grilling Hiroshi Tanahashi at the top of the entrance stage. Excalibur plugs AEW & NJPW: The Forbidden Door on June 26. We’ve got one of the featured matches now with CM Punk vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi now scheduled.

MJF Re-Invents The Pipe Bomb Promo

MJF appears and says he’s in a lot of pain right now after Sunday, but all the people want is to hear him talk. He says it would be a real shame if something bad happened tonight as there are a lot of important people in the audience. MJF says Tony Khan has been wanting to sit down with him for a while, but it’s too little too late.

He says everyone was handed a ticket at the start, but he had to write his own. He created moment after moment for this company, but he still gets no respect, and MJF claims nobody is on his level, as there’s nothing he cannot do. MJF is expected to hit grand slams and he does that sh*t on a weekly basis, he has to be perfect as he’s held under a microscope as he’s the only guy capable of carrying the company.

He says it is interesting that he hears clapping, where were they this weekend when they called him unprofessional. MJF tells the guys in the back they can have his spot, because he doesn’t want to be here anymore. He tells the fans they’re uneducated marks who sit and tweet their opinions.

MJF tells the fans they don’t know sh*t, and their opinions suck and change at the drop of a dime. He says people claim they always knew he was a good wrestler, but that wasn’t what they originally said. Is it because he doesn’t pretend to watch New Japan or chase star ratings? He’s the best because he makes you feel, and unlike the rest, he doesn’t need to do bullsh*t to get fans there.

He says it isn’t just the fans who take him for granted, it’s the big man in the back as well. He asks who the second biggest minute-for-minute raw in the company is, it is him, and they should ask stat boy Tony. But don’t ask him to pay the man who has been busting his ass for him, he should horde all that money to give it to all the ex-WWE guys who can’t lace his boots.

The fans give him a loud, thunderous standing ovation. MJF asks Khan, “Hey boss, would you treat me better if I became an ex-WWE guy?” He tells Khan he belongs behind the guard rail with all of the fans.

MJF says he doesn’t want to wait until 2024. He says he wants to make it clear. He wants Tony Khan to fire me and calls him a fu*cking mark. He then says a lengthy sentence while cussing and his microphone gets cut off and we cut to black and head to an abrupt commercial break.

“The Redeemer” Miro Is Back — Flawless

We return from the break to a quick recap of Hiroshi Tanahashi coming through “The Forbidden Door” to be revealed as CM Punk’s opponent for AEW & NJPW: The Forbidden Door pay-per-view on June 26.

From there, we shoot to Johnny Elite in the ring. He mentioned being ready for all-comers. This leads to a shot of a message from Miro.

He talks about his neck being fixed, but mentions his heart is broken. He rips a necklace off his neck and says, “My God, I no longer wish to come home. I now want to come and take yours. ‘The Redeemer’ is back. Flawless.”

Miro vs. Johnny Elite

Out comes Miro, who Tony Schiavone calls an “intimidating figure,” while Jim Ross replies, “Yeah, and he married well!” Whatever.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this one-on-one bout pitting Johnny Elite against Miro. The fans break out in an “AEW! AEW!” chant as these two circle and begin to get after it.

Miro clotheslines Johnny Elite down with authority to begin a prolonged, one-sided beatdown that leads into a mid-match commercial break.

We return from the break and see that “The Redeemer” is still Donkey Kong’ing Johnny Elite all over the squared circle. He goes for a big running pump-kick, however Johnny Elite sees it coming and counters it.

Elite starts firing up for a comeback, blasting Miro with repeated punches before mixing in some elbow strikes and kicks with “The Redeemer” backed into a corner.

Johnny Elite hits the ropes and hits a leaping kick that flattens Miro. He follows that up with a spiral cross-body splash for a near fall. Miro kicks out after the count of one.

He gets Miro down again and heads to the top-rope. He lands into a big shot from Miro. Miro connects with his pump-kick this time and then leads the crowd in an “over!” chant. He sinches in his submission finisher and Johnny Elite taps out.

Winner: Miro

J.A.S. Addresses Anarchy In The Arena

We see a bad-ass video package that shows the even more bad-ass Anarchy in the Arena match highlights from this past Sunday night’s AEW Double Or Nothing 2022 pay-per-view.

Jim Ross refers to the AEW DoN 2022 PPV from over the weekend as one of the best pro wrestling shows he’s had the honor to call in many, many years. We then see Jericho and the J.A.S. in the ring with microphones. Jericho speaks first, saying, “That’s enough — shut it off.” His music stops playing and the fans boo.

The Team 2.0 guys get on the mic next and tell the fans to appreciate them and calling themselves The Princes of Pain.

Chris Jericho speaks up next. He says he knows everyone wanted to sing tonight, but they’re not going to. He then talks about how they are staring at J.A.S., the winners of the Anarchy in the Arena match.

He brings up some notes from the match and then the fans interupt him with cheers and loud chants when mentioning the name, “Eddie Kingston.” The fans go berzerk for him as Jericho references “The Mad King” trying to set him on fire.

When mentioning Bryan Danielson, the fans interupt him with loud “Yes!” chants. Jericho then taunts the fans by reminding him that he and Jake Hager tapped him out on Sunday. He then says “and he’s not here tonight!”

The fans go ape-sh*t crazy as Eddie Kingston comes out on a microphone. He tells everyone to hold on. He tells J.A.S. he’ll fight all of them right now. William Regal also makes his way out. He says Bryan won’t talk to him. He says he hasn’t seen Moxley. He says he doesn’t care and he wants to fight him right now. He then hands Regal the mic and asks him to tell J.A.S. how he wants to fight them. Regal shouts, “Blood & Guts!” The crowd goes nuts.

“The Mad King” goes mad and then charges J.A.S. by himself. They immediately beat him down due to the numbers advantage. Jericho directs traffic and taunts Kingston as the rest of the J.A.S. beat down Kingston at ringside. Out of nowhere, Ortiz blasts Jericho from behind with a foreign object.

Jericho is out cold. Ortiz pulls out a pair of scissors. He grabs a handful of Jericho’s hair. He slices it off. He and Kingston boast from the entrance ramp.

Jericho grabs a mic and freaks out about Ortiz cutting his hair. He says they want Blood & Guts. He says he accepts but then he wants Jericho vs. Ortiz — hair vs. hair.

He says he’s gonna beat him, shave him and burn him — because he’s a wizard. We then head to another commercial break.

The Young Bucks, Kyle O’Reilly, Bobby Fish & Hikuleo vs. Jurassic Express, Christian Cage, Matt Hardy & Darby Allin

Jungle Boy takes down Bobby Fish early and brings in Christian Cage as the two of them work together with some double hip tosses. Matt Hardy then gets brought in as he drops down an elbow from the second rope, but Fish reverses the Twist Of Fate with a sharp kick. This allows Matt Jackson to come in, but he gets attacked in the corner by Cage, who nails a swinging DDT.

Cage then hits the classic move of standing on Matt’s back and pulling the top rope, following it with a slap. Jungle Boy takes Fish down as he tries to get involved and Christian dives onto Jackson, which is broken up and all 10 wrestlers come in and brawl. Darby then dives to the outside as Jurassic Express then dives out as well.

Matt Jackson hits a superkick to Cage, and Nick dives out of the top rope to take down everyone on the outside. Christian almost catches Matt with an inside cradle though as he spends too long bragging. Hiku Leo then steps in and begins dominating with his strength and height advantage, sending Christian into the second turnbuckle.

The Young Bucks miss with superkicks to him after that, and he gets both men and drops them down as Luchasaurus comes in and starts clearing house to everyone in sight. He plans Nick Jackson and then Jungle Boy comes in with a destroyer to Matt. The big man connects with a standing shooting star press, but Leo breaks it up and then tags in.

The two big men then both look for a Chokeslam, but then they end up being taken down with double clotheslines. Allin gets involved and he starts charging back and forth at reDRagon in each corner. Leo then gets sent to the outside and Allin tries to follow with a Coffin Drop but he catches him as reDRagon then hit a double team.

Inside the ring, Matt begins his delete turnbuckle attack to four members of the Undisputed Elite.  He tries to do it to Leo but he puts on the brakes only to miss with a splash in the corner and he gets dropped with the Twist Of Fate. Cage then Spears him off the apron, but O’Reilly sends him flying and the Bucks hit double superkicks to Matt and Luchasaurus.

Jungle Boy then gets caught with his own as Matt is dropped again with the High-Low after he tries to get involved, and the Bucks hit the Meltzer Driver for the win.

Winners: Undisputed Elie & Hiku Leo

Shane “Swerve” Strickland, Keith Lee & Some Special Guests

We shoot backstage to Lexy Nair who is standing by with Keith Lee and Shane “Swerve” Strickland. Gi, MCU, Big Picture, Jeff Hamilton and others are introduced by Shane “Swerve” Strickland.

Hamilton presents him with a “one-of-one” jacket, which he puts on. He talks about this arena hosting legends from Jerry West to Shaquille O’Neal and others.

Keith Lee then talks about how when it’s all said and done, he hopes everyone will “Swerve in all our Glory.” That ends this quick backstage promo segment.

Athena Confronted By Jade Cargill, Stokely Hathaway & “The Baddies”

Now we shoot to Tony Schiavone, who is standing by with a special guest now at the top of the ring entrance.

On that note, out comes “The Fallen Goddess” Athena. She makes her way down to Schiavone and then the music fades down.

Athena talks about her debut at AEW Double Or Nothing. She says people can say this or that and then brings up how streaks are meant to be broken.

This is of course in reference to the undefeated streak held in AEW by the TBS Women’s Champion Jade Cargill. This brings out the one and only “That B*tch” herself.

Jade Cargill makes her way over to Athena along with her friends in “The Baddies” section. She tells Stokely Hathaway to say something.

Stokeley talks about Cargill being the true goddess and says she is a queen. He brags some more on her behalf and then we watch as Kiera Hogan from “The Baddies” gets in Athena’s face.

Security has to run out to break things up and while they do so, we head to another commercial break.

Wardlow vs. J.D. Drake

We return from the break to see a long camera shot that follows Wardlow from his locker room backstage all the way through to the entrance area.

The commentators note that for the first time he is making his way to the ring without any handcuffs on.

Wardlow settles into the entrance way and heads down to the ring as the fans explode and begin chanting his name.

Already in the ring is his scheduled opponent for this evening, J.D. Drake. The equally big man looks ready for action as the bell sounds to get this one off-and-running.

Drake tries firing away at Wardlow, but ends up getting turned inside-out like a rag-doll by the promising prospect.

Wardlow then takes a few shots from Drake and easily brushes them off before once again unloading on Drake.

He then snatches him up and proceeds to let out a Powerbomb Symphony. He puts his boot on a laid out Drake and then gets the easy three-count for the victory.

Winner: Wardlow

Wardlow Served With Class-Action Lawsuit

Tony Schiavone heads to the ring to get a word from the winner. As Wardlow is celebrating, he notices Schiavone and heads over to chat with him.

Schiavone says he wants to start by once again pointing out that Wardlow is “#AllElite.”

Before anyone can say anything else, the two are interrupted by “Smart” Mark Sterling, who makes his way out and heads to the ring to serve Wardlow with papers for a Class Action Lawsuit.

Wardlow then grabs the man who served the papers and hits him with a Powerbomb Symphony as the fans explode.

Dante Martin Confronts Scorpio Sky Over TNT Title Shot

We shoot backstage to see Scorpio Sky standing by with The Men of the Year team. He talks about Genie his title and then says no one is going to see it but him.

In walks Dante Martin, who brings up that although Sammy Guevara and Frankie Kazarian can no longer challenge for the TNT Title, he can, and the two agreed to a match at DoN.

Martin sounds confident and says at Rampage he’s going to take his title from him.

Dr. Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter vs. Toni Storm & Ruby Soho

All four ladies are in the ring and the music is in the rear-view mirror. The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this one.

We see some back-and-forth action, with Toni Storm faring well early on. Unfortunately for her, however, the offensive run didn’t last long as Baker and Hayter end up taking over shortly thereafter.

A big neck-breaker out to the floor connects and helps widen the offensive gap between Baker and Hayter and their opponents, as Storm is laid out on the floor at ringside and Ruby Soho is desperately seeking a tag on the ring apron. That is the lay of the land as we head to a mid-match commercial break.

When we return from the break, we see Baker looking for a pin attempt on Soho. Soho reverses it but Baker kicks out. Hayter gets involved and Soho fights through and gets a Saito Suplex on Baker. She begins looking to make the tag to Storm in the corner. She eventually gets it, while Baker tags in Hayter on her end.

Storm takes the hot tag and begins cleaning house, taking out Baker and sending her to the floor before knocking Hayter into the corner. She hits a flying hip-attack and then Hayter to the floor.

Hayter and Storm duke it out in the ring as the building starts to rally for Storm. She hits a big move on Hayter and then tags in Soho. Soho walks right into a thrust kick from Baker, who turns into a suplex from Storm. Storm then walks into a big switch kick from Hayter.

Soho starts to fire up on offense, taking it to both Hayter and Baker while looking to finish off the latter on a few ocassions. Baker avoids it each time, the last of which she counters into a Lockjaw attempt. Soho escapes by rolling Baker over into a pin attempt for a two count.

Baker pops up and connects with a swinging neck-breaker on Soho. With a distraction from Hayter and Storm, we see Soho try to capitalize with a roll-up, only for Baker to kick out. Seconds later, however, they do score the pin. “Ruby Soho” plays again as Ruby Soho and Toni Storm celebrate their tag-team victory.

Winners: Toni Storm & Ruby Soho

Jamie Hayter Attacks!

Once the match wraps up, we see Storm and Soho celebrating in the ring as the aforementioned Rancid hit blasts throughout the house speakers.

From behind, we see Jamie Hayter blast them each with a title belt shot. She lays them out with the help of Baker and the two exit the ring to a ton of heat. On that note, we head to another commercial break.

Daniel Garcia vs. Jon Moxley

We return from the break to the start of the ring entrance of Daniel Garcia of the Jericho Appreciation Society. The J.A.S. member makes his way to the ring as we hear Chris Jericho join the gang on special guest commentary talking about his hair being cut earlier in the evening.

We see Vince Vaughn the actor watching on from the front row. MacKauley Culkin is also shown. The bell sounds to get this one off-and-running as Jericho and Regal verbally go at it some more.

The two men lock up and Daniel Garvia takes the Blackpool Combat Member into the corner and grinds out his face, but Jon Moxley responds with a big shoulder tackle which he follows with some big chops. They then go back and forth with strikes and then Garcia just pushes Jon in the face until he gets slapped.

Moxley then takes down his opponent and kicks him repeatedly in the back, but he responds with a couple of headbutts until Garcia just charges him out of the ring as Jon’s injury from Sunday is exposed as he starts bleeding. Garcia charges Moxley into the stairs and then dropkicks them into his knee for added damage.

Back inside the ring, Garcia continues the attack of the leg, twisting it onto the ropes as he follows it with a Figure Four. He gets to the ropes but Garcia takes a while to let go of the hold, only for him to eat an elbow strike. But Mox attempts to climb to the top rope, which Garcia cuts away and then bites his head and the bloody.

Garcia then slams Moxley from the top rope to the mat and he tries for a Sharpshooter but Moxley gauges the eye. The fight then continues outside the ring and Moxley ends up launching Garcia into the air, spinning him and slamming him onto the stairs. Back in the ring Moxley takes his opponent to the top turnbuckle, and he connects with a suplex and then he batters down with some elbows to the face, but Garcia reverses and hits some of his own.

Moxley then turns things around again and then locks in the cross arm breaker, which Garcia reverses out of into a submission of his own, yet Moxley gets to the ropes. Jon connects with a German suplex, but he then eats one of Garcia’s, who follows it with a piledriver, which gets a near fall!

Garcia then locks in the Sharpshooter tight, but he responds with a choke that Garcia counters with a pinfall attempt. The two then go back and forth with huge strikes until they both spill out of the ring and then brawl over the timekeeper’s table. Jericho then heads down to the ring to try and distract Jon, but Eddie Kingston comes down to level things as Moxley nails a Paradigm Shift and then the Bulldog Choke for the win.

Winner: Jon Moxley

After The Match: All Hell Breaks Loose

After the match we see Chris Jericho enter the picture, as does Eddie Kingston, as the two brawl at ringside. Mox gets on the mic and tells Garcia that he’s in at AEW Blood & Guts.

The show goes off the air with “Wild Thing” playing and the commentators thanking TBS for allowing them to go over a bit and sticking with the live action.

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