How WWE Is Different From The UFC

How WWE Is Different From The UFC

The WWE and the UFC both showcase professional combat sports. While the two organizations have many similarities, they also play to different tastes.

Can WWE Fans Be UFC Fans?

To an outsider, the WWE and UFC are just a jumble of kicking and punching. However, the two organizations couldn’t be more different to a dedicated combat sports fan. Of course, anyone can spot the differences by putting the UFC championship next to the WWE championship. 

The most obvious difference is that the WWE focuses on delivering an off-the-wall show, allowing wrestlers creative freedom to develop their characters, as WWE superstar Alexa Bliss has mentioned. Meanwhile, the UFC is an MMA promotion, and fights occur inside the Octagon. For those who might not know, the octagon is a caged ring that fighters use during bouts.

That said, WWE fans seem to enjoy the fun, comic book-style action involved in events. On the other hand, MMA fans prefer to focus on the sport itself. 

While the UFC and WWE are very different, several combat sports athletes have participated in both organizations. Professional wrestlers like Bart Gunn shed their careers in the WWE to participate in the UFC. Conversely, many MMA fighters like Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar left the UFC to pursue careers in the WWE. 

Below are a few more ways that the UFC and the WWE compare and contrast. 

How the UFC and WWE are Similar

Before getting into the differences, it’s essential to take note of the similarities between the WWE and the UFC. 

The two multibillion-dollar organizations work with brilliant athletes, huge sponsorships, and broadcast deals, so both industries are thriving with enthusiastic fanbases. The WWE and UFC value their viewership and work with their audiences to make the matches as entertaining as possible.

Additionally, the UFC and WWE have worked diligently to promote female athletes. Some argue that women’s wrestling is far more entertaining than men’s. With Renaissance ladies like Ronda Rousey, a double WWE and UFC champion, it’s safe to say the ladies of combat sports have a show all of their own. 

Whether fans prefer the men’s or women’s divisions, viewers agree that players who talk smack at each other play a considerable role in building the excitement around a match. Audiences become much more invested in a particular fight when they know there’s beef. Some players find more motivation to fight when they have a bit of tension with their competition. Of course, this practice is much more common in the WWE than in the UFC, although athletes like Conor McGregor, Chael Sonnen, and Joanna Jedrzejczyk have been known to run their mouths before fights. 

Luckily, talking smack seems to go hand in hand with both organizations’ promotional natures and makes for great press.

The Ways the UFC and WWE Are Different

While the UFC and WWE have some things in common, they also have stark differences. The way the WWE and UFC put on their shows is very different. 

On the one hand, the WWE is known for its over-the-top characters who make epic, concert-like entrances. The UFC would never allow players to use fireworks, motorcycles, old-timey limousines, or toy tanks at their entrance. The WWE, on the other hand, demands it. Meanwhile, UFC fighters are called into the Octagon by their official names. Their favourite song plays in the background, as they enter the stage. They don simple uniforms and behave like themselves.

The WWE hosts a variety of wacky characters. From the beloved Undertaker, whose legendary status has given rise to some hilarious memes, to the bizarre god-like Mordecai, WWE characters are what make the audience come back for more. 

How the match will play out is another telling difference between the two combat sports. The WWE always predetermines what will happen in the ring and who will win, and that’s how it crafts such a good show. The UFC, on the other hand, does not predetermine the outcomes of its matches. Although athletes might heighten the tension by insulting each other beforehand, the winner depends on who fought better that day. There is no predetermination or influence on who will win a match. 

Wrapping Up

The UFC and WWE are two very different organizations. The WWE is all about providing an over-the-top, action-packed show between crazy characters. On the other hand, the UFC does not follow a script, and what takes place in the Octagon happens between the two opponents at that moment. 

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