Booker T Criticizes CM Punk’s “Blanket Statement” To Eric Bischoff

Booker T Criticizes CM Punk’s “Blanket Statement” To Eric Bischoff

During the latest Hall Of Fame podcast episode, Booker T reflected on CM Punk’s recent comments to Eric Bischoff. The AEW star told people to stop listening to “bad take carny dipsh*ts” who have a podcast for their own ego. Booker claimed that Punk shouldn’t have made such a blanket statement.

“For CM Punk to come back on him the way he did, and not just come back on him, that was a blanket statement. That wasn’t just at Eric Bischoff, that was a blanket statement,” he said. “Me personally, I’m about calling people out to their face. If somebody got something to say to me, say it to my face, or, say it directly to me, direct that quote to me. Then we will talk about it when we see each other.

“Or, I am always down for a celebrity fight or anything like that, I am serious. If somebody got something to say, say it. Don’t try to say it underlined, almost like people on Twitter where you can’t see their face, and they’re just talking, say it, and say it directly to those people that you’re talking about.”

Booker T pointed out that down the line CM Punk could be the person with the podcast, as he’s already an older talent. The Hall Of Famer also stated that if he is someone Punk is speaking about, he should let him know.

“You know, I feel like it was a blanket statement, it went out there everybody over a certain age. And let’s just say this, CM Punk is 43 years old,” Booker highlighted. “I don’t think he can be talking about, ‘well, when I get old,’ he’s already there. I think I was just getting my first girlfriend, or maybe just getting my first kiss when CM Punk was born.

“So he’s not that far behind me. As well as, in a few years, he might have a podcast, and he may be one of those guys. So, like I say, don’t make a blanket statement, and don’t reference who you’re talking about. If I am one of those people, just let me know.”

When CM Punk returned to AEW, Booker T was critical of his first promo. But the Hall Of Famer said that he was just being constructive, that wasn’t a jab.

“I just thought the promo, it could have been better,” he said. “That wasn’t a jab or anything like that. That was me, there again, thinking about my young wrestlers, thinking about coming back, and being in that moment, and really putting the spotlight on it, and making the most out of it. I just, did I think coming back and talking about WWE is the first thing should have been done? Or talking about coming from the old place, whatever it was. I just thought that it could have been so much more of a fan fest. A fricking mob going crazy.”

For Booker T, the big problem with CM Punk’s tweet was the disrespect that he showed. He claimed that fans will never hear him do that via his podcast.

“The disrespect for me, is what grabs me more than anything, the disrespect,” he said. “You’re not going to catch me disrespecting anyone, that’s just not my thing.”

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