WWE SmackDown Results (4/08) Milwaukee, WI

WWE SmackDown Results (4/08) Milwaukee, WI

We begin with the WrestleMania Sunday recap video package.

We are live from the Fiserv Forum on Milwaukee, WI, as Kayla Braxton is in the ring to introduce the baddest woman on the planet, Ronda Rousey.

Rousey makes is way to the ring. We see footage of Ronda making Charlotte Flair tap out but without referee.

Kayla says it looked like Charlotte tapped out. Ronda says she lost the match and she is not out here to make excuses.  The referee is not always going to count it the first time.  She says she beat Charlotte but not when it counted and it is on her. Kayla mentions that Roman Reigns will reveal his next step later tonight.  She asks Ronda what is next for her. Ronda says she wants a rematch, but she does not want Charlotte to be able to get disqualified or counted out.  She challenges Charlotte to an I Quit Match.

Charlotte appears on the TitanTron and she says that Ronda couldn’t beat her in checkers, let alone an I Quit Match.  Quitting is not in her DNA, but winning is.  She says she felt the pressure of the arm bar and she didn’t lose.  She did not tap out.  She walked out as champion.  She says that the Baddest Woman on the Planet title is a myth.  Charlotte says no to the challenge.  Charlotte tells Ronda to get in the back of the line . . . bitch.  Charlotte laughs like she is Seth Rollins.

Ronda says that this fight will happen.  You will not say I Quit, but you will scream it when I bend back your elbow.

— Xavier Woods vs. Butch is next. We see Butch, Sheamus and Holland backstage getting riled up. Sheamus tells Butch they are finally going to let him off the leash.  He wants Butch to treat Woods like a chew toy.

— We go back to the ring and out comes Butch with Sheamus and Ridge Holland as Samantha Irvin does the introductions. Butch rushes the ring and poses as we go back to commercial.

— We are back and Kofi Kingston says they look all happy in the ring coming off their first Wrestlemania win.  Woods says they have a few things to say.  Woods says he has never won a match at Wrestlemania.  Kofi says when he won in 2019, Woods also won and everyone won.  Kofi tells Ridge and Butch how things work around here.  Woods says that since Wrestlemania is a season finale and this is a season opener so all records are RESET.   Kofi says the score between them is zero-zero.

Woods says he took a red eye and he talked to Butch’s aunt and she says she cannot wait to see him beat Butch’s rabies infested self.

Butch vs. Xavier Woods

They lock up and Woods with a side head lock and Butch with a clothesline and he connects with forearms on the mat.  Woods with a head butt to the midsection and then sends Butch into the turnbuckles.  Woods with a chop and he tries to send Butch into the turnbuckles but Butch blocks it.  Woods sends Butch into the turnbuckles but Woods misses a splash.  Butch with a kick and a knee drop to the arm.  Butch with an arm bar and he twists at the wrist but Woods gets to the ropes.  Butch with a boot to the elbow.  Woods with a jaw breaker and a side Russian leg sweep.

Woods with a drop kick.  Butch goes to the floor and Woods misses a drop kick through the ropes.  Butch with a forearm and he drops Woods on the apron.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Butch with forearms in the ropes.  Butch with a hammer lock take down and he goes for a fish hook.  Butch with a boot to the shoulder and forearms.  Butch gets a near fall.  Butch with an arm bar.  Woods with punches and forearms.  Woods with chops and forearms.  Woods with a rolling elbow and a jumping leg lariat.  Woods goes for a suplex but Butch with a knee to escape.  Woods with an enzuigiri.  Butch sends Woods to the apron and Woods wit a forearm and enzuigiri.  Woods goes for a springboard move but Butch with a forearm and then he stomps on the hand and kicks Butch.  Butch gets a near fall.  Butch with boots to the head.

Butch misess a running boot and Woods with an inside cradle for the three count.

Winner:  Xavier Woods

After the match, Butch punches Sheamus and Holland and he has to be calmed down.  Sheamus tells Butch to get on the turnbuckles and behave.

We go to commercial.

— We are back with a look at Sami Zayn’s WrestleMania experience against Johnny Knoxville.


ami Zayn is in the back with Adam Pearce.  He asks Pearce how that could happen and Pearce says that was Sami’s idea.  Sami says he wanted an Anything Goes Match, not an everyone gets involved match.  He had to deal with Wee Man and the others.  He says he wants his respect back.  Sami says he wants a match against the next person to walk through the door.

The door opens and Drew McIntyre comes out.

Sami says the next guy.  Pearce says it was Sami’s idea.  He tells Sami the match is official. Sami says Drew is the toughest guy so he will get his reputation back when he beats Drew. Pearce is handed a note and Adam says he cannot meet with Ronda now.

In the Arena:

We go back to the ring and Irvin introduces Ludwig Kaiser, who is standing on the stage with a mic. This is the former Marcel Barthel. He introduces who is the epitome of efficiency and elegance. He goes on, speaks in German, and then bills this person as The Ring General. Barthel then introduces Gunther and out he comes. Gunther and Barthel are wearing bright red gear now. Cole hypes Gunther up and shows us a brief clip. Gunther and Barthel head to the ring as we go to commercial.

Gunther vs. Joe Alonso

They lock up and Gunther with a hip lock take down.  Gunther backs Alonso into the corner and he connects with a forearm.  Gunther with a forearm to Alonso on the turnbuckles and then he stretches Alonso in the corner.  Gunther with a boot.  Gunther with a chop.  Gunther with a forearm across the chest and he follows with a chop.  Gunther with a slam and forearm to the back.  Gunther with a power bomb for the three count.

Winner:  Gunther


Kayla Braxton is in the back with Raquel Rodriguez (fka Raquel Gonzalez).  Kayla welcomes her to Smackdown and asks if she has a message.  Raquel says that Smackdown has one of the most impressive locker rooms, but they have never seen anything like her.

Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo show up and they introduce themselves to Raquel.  Angel says the tradition is to welcome her to Smackdown with a kiss. Raquel tells them not a chance and they leave. Raquel asks if they are always this annoying.

— Happy Corbin makes his way to the ring with Madcap Moss.

We go to commercial.

In the Arena:

We are back and Corbin and Moss are in the ring.

Corbin says this was supposed to be the happiest Happy Talk ever.  They were supposed to be reveling in his victory over Drew McIntyre at Wrestlemania.  Now, with these low points, that is when you figure out what type of man you are.  Corbin says he was doing some self reflecting when he was on his yacht and he had a discussion with himself.  He looked at the man and the man he has become.  There is only one person to blame for this loss to Drew.  Corbin says that man is Madcap Moss.

Corbin says that he would not have lost if Moss got on the apron.  He tells Moss he does not care how he feels.  Corbin says Moss made the weekend all about him for winning the Andre the Giant Battle Royal.  You finally won something.  Corbin says that Moss is getting too big for his suspenders and he forgot his place.  His place is to tell Corbin a joke.  

Moss apologizes and he says he has a joke.  Corbin does not appreciate the joke and he tells Moss to tell another one.  Corbin says that joke sucked too.  Corbin says he brought Moss to Smackdown to make him laugh and your jokes have been terrible.  Corbin says he will give Moss another chance.  He tells Moss to tell him a funny joke, like his job depends on it.  

Moss talks about how Corbin treats people like trash and how he dresses like someone going to a funeral for Tommy Bahama.

Corbin attacks Moss from behind and kicks him. Moss punches Corbin and connects with a knee.  Moss sends Corbin into the drink table and then he punches Corbin and sends him over the chair.  Corbin goes to the floor and Corbin with a knee.  Corbin sends Moss into the ringside barrier.  Moss sends Corbin into the announce table many times.  Moss sends Corbin back into the ring and Moss with more punches and he clotheslines Corbin over the top rope to the floor.


Jinder Mahal yells at Adam Pearce for not giving him a title match against Ricochet.  Mahal demands a title match.  Pearce says he cannot put Jinder in a title match.

Ronda Rousey enters and she looks mad (or happy, I can’t tell). Ronda asks if she gets her I Quit Match. Pearce says it is not official but they should have an answer tomorrow.

— Drew McIntyre makes is way to the ring as we go to commercial.

Drew McIntyre vs. Sami Zayn

Zayn goes to the floor once the bell rings to start the match.  Zayn gets back on the apron and he gets in the ring long enough to break the count and he goes back to the floor.  Drew follows and he sends Zayn into the ringside barrier.  Drew hot shots Zayn on the ringside barrier.  They return to the ring and Drew runs into a boot.  Drew catches Zayn off the turnbuckles and hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.  Drew with a second overhead belly-to-belly suplex.  Zayn goes to the floor again and Drew sends Zayn into the announce table and then he drops Zayn face first onto the announce table.  Sami is sent back into the ring and goes back to the floor.

Zayn decides he would rather get counted out and Drew clotheslines Zayn on the stage.  Drew gets Zayn on his shoulders and brings Zayn back into the ring.  Drew sets for the Claymore and Zayn goes to the floor and into the crowd.  Zayn goes into the crowd and the referee gets to ten.

Winner by Count Out: Drew McIntyre

— We are back with a look at Pat McAfee – Vince McMahon – Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania.

— Cole mentions the adversity that a WWE Superstar had to go through and that person is Lacey Evans.

In a video, Lacey says she was born in a small town in Georgia.  Her father worked construction.  Things were tough because of mental health and addiction issues.  Her mom tried to do her best but the abuse got too bad.  Lacey says she was taken away from everything she knew.  Her mom picked her family up from school and took them away from her dad.  She says they lived in shelters and campgrounds.  Moving around made her learn that she could adapt and overcome or give up.  

Lacey says she was not going to give up.  She might not have had the same path as the others, but that is fine with her.  It made her a different person today.  It has made her a wife, mother, US Marine, and WWE Superstar.  That does not make her any better than any of the others, but they aren’t better than her.

We go to commercial.

— Liv Morgan is in the back with Megan and Megan asks why is she having this match when they have a title match on Monday.  Liv says she wants to beat Sasha and then they will win the titles on Monday.  Megan asks if Rhea is here and she says Rhea is not here.

Sasha Banks vs. Liv Morgan

They lock up and Liv with a rollup for a near fall.  Sasha with a chop and wrist lock and springboard wrist lock take down.  Liv sends Sasha face first into the turnbuckles and follows with a drop kick.  Liv goes for ObLIVion but Sasha moves.  Sasha with a lungblower and Liv goes to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Sasha hits the third of the Three Amigos and goes up top and hits a frog splash for a near fall.  

We see Shayna Baszler and Natalya stand near MONITOR in the back.  

Liv goes for a springboard arm drag but Sasha pushes Liv away.  Sasha sends Liv to the mat and gets a near fall.  They go back and forth and alternate covers.  Sasha with a jackknife cover for a near fall.  Sasha pulls Liv over and Sasha with a knee to the head and Liv with a facebuster.

Sasha goes for a lungblower but Liv with an elbow and kicks. Liv misses a splash into the corner and Sasha with knees in the corner.  Liv with a running knee into the coner.  Liv goes to the turnbuckles but Sasha with a knee.  Sasha sets for a superplex and hits it.  Liv with an inside cradle for the three count.

Winner:  Liv Morgan

— We take a look back at the Smackdown Tag Title Match when Rick Boogs suffered a quad injury.  Boogs had his surgery and he is going to start his recovery.

— Roman Reigns’ music plays and he makes his way to the ring with Paul Heyman and The Usos. We see what happened at WrestleMania Sunday with Brock Lesnar. We go to commercial.

In the Arena:

We are back and Jinder Mahal will face Ricochet for the Intercontinental Championship and Drew McIntyre will face Sami Zayn again.

Roman is handed the mic and he wants to be acknowledged.  Roman says he wants to let everyone in on something private that he discussed with his wise man.  Roman says it pains him to say it but Smackdown and the Universal Chamiponship wasn’t enough.  I went to Wrestlemania and I smashed Cowboy Brock and took the WWE Championship.  When we are talking about the next step, I don’t think I can do much more.  I done did it all.  There is plenty left for the Bloodline to achieve.  There were so many videos and pictures of the Bloodline taken this week and he saw his two titles, but he also saw that his cousins had two titles.  Roman says he is one man with two titles while they are two men with two titles.

Roman tells Jey he was going to elevate him to heights he never saw before.  There is only one way to do it.  It is time we unify the tag titles as well.  Roman tells the to go to Raw and bring him the Raw tag team championsips.  When you get them for yourselves, you get them for the Bloodline.  They are going to have all the gold.

Shinsuke Nakamura’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Nakamura starts to speak but Roman puts the mic down and he says Nakamura doesn’t have to say anything.  Roman says he understands how Shin feels.  You lost your partner and he gets that.  Roman says they lost Jimmy to a knee injury.  Roman says he is a loving and compassionate Tribal Chief.  He knows where Nakamura is coming from.  Roman says he wants to help Nakamura and he hugs Shinsuke.

Jimmy and Jey with a double super kick to Nakamura out of nowhere and Shinsuke is out!

The Usos stand over Nakamura and talk some trash, then turn to Reigns and tell him they have his back. The Usos go on about how they’re now headed to Detroit, the site of Monday’s RAW. The Bloodline stands tall with the gold in the air as we go to a replay of what happened to Nakamura. The SmackDown After WrestleMania goes off the air with The Bloodline standing tall in the ring, Reigns raising the WWE Title and the WWE Universal Title.

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