ROH Supercard Of Honor XV Results

Tully Blanchard To Reveal New Client At ROH Supercard Of Honor

Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman are on the call, so let’s get started!

Swerve vs. Alex Zayne

Fast and furious start and the crowd is hot! Swerve gets the better of the early grappling exchanges and looks to go up top. Zayne with a dragonrana attempt but Swerve catches him and delivers a TKO off the top over the top rope! Pump kick to Zayne on the outside. Back on the inside and Zayne fights out of a chin lock with a heavy paintbrush across the face. Flipping double leg dropkick to the back of the head by Zayne gets two. Zayne sets Strickland up on the top and hits the dragonrana off the top! Two count. Swerve focuses on the left knee of Zayne with a bottom rope assisted dropkick. Both men on the apron as Zayne hits an enziguiri followed by a step up poison rana off the apron to the outside! WOW. Zayne goes up top and waits for Swerve to come back in… shooting star double knee drop to the back! One, two, no! Swerve fights back with a rolling thunder flatliner! No cover, Swerve goes up top, double foot stomp to the face! Two count! Swerve with a double foot stomp to Zayne’s knee, half nelson, elevated.. driver! JML Driver! One, two, three! What a match here! Swerve has officially arrived and Zayne looked damn good in defeat.

Winner: Swerve

Ninja Mack vs. Tully Blanchard’s Mystery Acquisition

The newest member of Tully Blanchard Enterprises is… “The Machine” Brian Cage! What an interesting move this is. Mack looks for a Sasuke Special but Cage catches him and hits a powerbomb on the apron! This probably won’t be long. Clothesline in the corner by Cage. Another one. Another one. Short arm clothesline. Release German suplex that was about 3/4 of the way across the ring. Crowd chants “One More Time!” Yikes. Ninja Mack fights back with some kicks and knees but his attempts are futile. Cage catches a human being and then curls him… Drill Claw. That’s all she wrote.

Winner: Brian Cage

Tully Blanchard Enterprises poses in the ring and this is quite an impressive looking faction.

Jay Lethal vs. Lee Moriarty with Matt Sydal

Handshake to start.  They exchange wristlocks as the crowd is 50/50.  Some chain wrestling follows with Moriarty getting the advantage, frustrating Lethal.  Lethal Injection countered with a schoolboy for two.  Shoving ensues and now they slug it out and Lethal gets a hiptoss and low dropkick.  Moriarty takes over with a big boot and a kick to the back for two.  Lethal gets a tilt-a-while backbreaker and dragonscrew, going to work on the left leg of Moriarty.  Springboard dropkick sends Moriarty to the outside.  Lethal gets the double tope suicida, but not the third, as Moriarty turns the tables and gets his own, knocking both men down.  Back in, it’s a slugfest once more, won by Lethal.  Suplex countered with a lariat by Moriarty for two.  To the corner, Moriarty knocks Lethal off the top, but Lethal gets a Lethal Combination for two.  Superkick and a cutter by Lethal, as he climbs to the top.  Elbow is countered into a rollup for two.  Lethal Injection countered to a backslide for two.  Figure four attempt countered into a cradle by Moriarty for two.  Lethal gets a low blow (!) out of desperation and a Lethal Injection for the win.  Started methodical but picked up towards the end.

Winner:  Jay Lethal

Post match Lethal kicks the crutch out from Sydal and beats on him.  Longtime friend Sonjay Dutt comes in to calm Lethal down.

Interim ROH Women’s Title – Willow vs Mercedes Martinez

Willow gets an early advantage with a headscissor, but Mercedes spices things up quick with a slap and a chop.  Willow with a slam and senton for two.  Double underhook suplex by Martinez, followed by a submission lock but Willow makes the ropes.  Martinez with a Codebreaker for two.  Mercedes pummels her with some punches and another chop but can’t get a fisherman’s buster.  Willow gets a side kick and both women are down.  Crowd gets behind Willow now as she gets a clothesline, knocking both out again.  Martinez with clotheslines and a Saito suplex, followed by an Air Raid Crash for two.  Willow fights back with an Olympic Slam for two.  She gets the Pounce and fires up, getting a corner cannonball splash for two.  Mercedes with the OG Drop for two.  Martinez with several blows to the back of WIllow’s head in the corner, and they climb to the top.  Mercedes attempts a top rope German suplex but falls back, hanging upside-down from the buckle.  Willow charges with a hip attack in the corner.  To the top and Willow gets a moonsault for two, which looked like it hurt Martinez.  Willow can’t get a gutwrench suplex, and Martinez gets a version of a Dragon Sleeper for the tap out win.

Winner:  Mercedes Martinez

ROH World Tag Team Title: The Briscoe Brothers (c) vs. FTR

Well… I can’t wait for this. DEM BOYS. TOP GUYS. LET’S DO THIS. The crowd is bananas for this. The bell has rung. “Holy Shit” chants ring out through the arena and these guys haven’t even locked up yet. No Code of Honor from FTR. Mark and Cash to start. Wrist lock exchanges early and a deep arm drag by Wheeler. Redneck Kung Fu by Mark as he makes the tag to Jay. “Tag Team Wrestling” chants break out. Dax comes in and we’ve got a stare down that ignites the crowd. Headlock takeover by Dax and he spits in Jay’s face. Crowd knows that was a mistake. Dax with some chops but Jay responds with a hurricanrana and a big boot! Jay dumps Dax to the outside with a clothesline over the top. Dax takes a powder and he can’t get back in the ring. Dax gets pissed on the outside and tosses a chair to the inside, which Paul Turner catches like a BOSS. Quick tags by Dem Boys and a snap suplex by Mark. Wheeler gets to Harwood and he delivers a snap suplex of his own to Mark. Harwood lays in some chops. Mark lays in some chops. Crowd is eating it up. Blind tag by Jay as he delivers a running boot to Wheeler and he’s stomping a mudhole in the corner. Quick tag back to Mark and they’re double teaming Wheeler in the corner. Running boot by Jay in the corner and Mark dives through the ropes to Harwood. Jay with a somersault senton to the outside taking out both members of FTR! Mark is on the apron.. Cactus Elbow! This is starting to break down on the outside. FTR with a double slingshot to Jay underneath the timekeeper’s table that busted him open. Harwood now on the advantage as Jay is pouring blood in the ring. Wheeler with an elbow from the outside to a prone Jay and it’s all FTR here. Jay fights Harwood off and goes up top, but gets crotched and Harwood with a beautiful superplex! Wheeler comes in and cuts the ring off, delivering a dropkick to Jay’s face. Jay rolls underneath Harwood and in comes the Susses County Chicken! Mark with some more redneck Kung Fu and a capo kick to Wheeler, following by a flying single leg drop kick in the corner! Hand and arm suplex to Harwood followed by an Iconoclasm! One, two, no! Mark’s looking for a Death Valley Driver but Wheeler gets the blind tag! Jay sees it and dumps Harwood! Redneck Boogie to Wheeler! One, two, NO! This is awesome, crowd, you are right. Wheeler elevates Jay into a springboard powerbomb by Harwood! Big splash from Wheeler off the top! Two count! FTR looking for the Big Rig but Mark is there to break it up… Big Rig by Mark and Jay to Harwood! Two count! On the outside, Wheeler lands a tornado DDT to Mark and Jay delivers a Death Valley Driver to Wheeler immediately after! This action is insane. Harwood gets SUPLEXED OUT OF THE RING TO THE OUTSIDE BY JAY BRISCOE. BOTH MEN LAND FLAT, CLEAN ON THE OUTSIDE. HOLY SHIT. Doctor is here to check on both Dax and Jay. All four men are getting to their feet here, slowly but surely. Turner now decides to start the count once the doctor says everyone can continue. Jay in first, then Mark, then FTR follows. All four men are struggling to get to their feet. “Fight Forever!” We’re slugging it out in the center. Mark dumps Wheeler to the outside and Mark goes up top, looking at Harwood, but he changes his mind and lands a corkscrew moonsault to Wheeler on the outside! Harwood and Jay, man to man, in the center, throwing elbows. Rude Awakening by Jay… Froggy Bow by Mark who came out of nowhere! Jay gets the cover, one, two, NO! Briscoe’s have Harwood up for the Doomsday Device but Wheeler throws Mark off the top rope. Wheeler quickly tosses Jay to the outside, Mark turns around… Big Rig! One, two, three! Every single thing I wanted from this match and more… except a Briscoe Brothers victory.

Winners and NEW Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions:  FTR

FTR walk over to the Briscoe’s and lay the belts down in front of them and bow down. All four men hug and embrace. “ROH” chants ring out throughout the arena. What a moment. Legit goosebumps here. Mark and Jay are left in the ring to a “Thank You Briscoe!” chant. The Young Bucks are here! BTE Trigger to Jay! Meltzer Driver… but no, FTR make the save! Dax Harwood grabs the mic and says FTR just wrestled the greatest tag team of all time, the Briscoe Brothers, but they’ve got one more in them. Matt Jackson said it’s so good to see everyone, remember them? They built ROH, and if you want to see the Young Bucks wrestle, tune in to TBS on Wednesday.

Ring of Honor Television Title: Rhett Titus (c) vs. Minoru Suzuki

The Romantic One vs. The Murder Grandpa? I love wrestling so much. Suzuki declines the Code of Honor and Titus slaps him in the face! The men grapple to start and Titus winds up in a single leg crab but Suzuki escapes. Suzuki rolls to the outside and catches Titus in the draped armbar over the ropes. Titus goes face first into the steel on the outside and gets tossed into the ring. Suzuki with a chin lock and the pace has slowed. Titus fights up and gets double underhooks, and rebounds off the ropes with a picture perfect belly to belly. Front kick to the face by Titus followed by a Yazuka kick in the corner.  Suzuki looks for the Gotch piledriver but Titus reverses and hits a big dropkick for two.  Clothesline ducked by Suzuki and hit gets the Gotch piledriver for the win and the title!

Winner:  Minoru Suzuki

ROH Pure Title – Josh Woods (c) vs. Wheeler Yuta

Yuta charges for a fast start and they exchange schoolboy pin attempts.  Woods grabs a butterfly lock and Yuta has to use his first rope break.  Body lock by Woods as it goes to the mat and Yuta reverses.  Woods escapes and they go back to stand up.  Snap mare by Woods but Yuta grabs a headlock.  Yuta transitions to a headscissors but Woods uses his strength to break out at the 5 minute mark.  Woods grabs a short arm scissor forcing Yuta to use his second rope break.  Yuta with a slap and a dropkick and a leglock causing Woods to use his first rope break.  Yuta charges the corner but Woods kicks his arm to take control, working on the left arm.  A slugfest ensues knocking both men down, and Woods covers for two.  Yuta with a DDT and they slug it out again with Yuta getting a running enzuigiri and a top rope clothesline sending Woods to the outside.  Tope suicida by Yuta and he dives off the top right into a knee strike from Woods for two.  Woods with a German suplex and a knee strike but Yuta bounces off the ropes and gets his own German.  Woods gets a spiral suplex into the buckles but Yuta reaches the rope for his final rope break.  Tombstone attempt by Woods is rolled through by Yuta for the pin and the title.  Technically sound but the crowd wasn’t super into it until the surprise finish.

Winner:  Wheeler Yuta

Undisputed ROH World Championship: Jonathan Gresham vs. Bandido

Chavo Guerrero is with Bandido here.  They fight over a lockup and come to a quick stalemate.  Greco Roman knuckle lock follows with neither getting an advantage.  Mexican takeover and dropkick by Gresham.  Pump knee strike by Bandido followed by a hurricanrana and dropkick.  Gresham dropkicks Bandido to the outside and Bandido re-enters the ring after an 8 count.  Side headlock by Gresham and rolls through into a crossface.  They stand up now where Bandido gets the advantage and locks in a surfboard.  Gresham uses his momentum to power through and get a two count and gets an anklelock.  He goes for the Octopus lock and gets it briefly before a rope break.  Gresham with a hammerlock but Bandido breaks loose, hits a boot and a top rope corkscrew crossbody.  Bandido holds Gresham in a vertical suplex for literally a whole minute before finally finishing the move.  Two count follows.  Bandido charges but catches a back elbow and they exchange chops.  Big clothesline from Gresham flips Bandido over and he gets a bridging German suplex for two.  Straightjacket suplex with a bridge gets two.  Enzuigiri and snap German gets two for Gresham.  Octopus lock from Gresham in the middle of the ring, and adds some strikes to the head but they fall into the ropes to break.  Bandido to the outside and Gresham tries a plancha, but Chavo pushes Bandido out of the way.  Back inside with Bandido confused and they slug it out.  Suplex by Bandido and a shining wizard for two.  Gresham sunset flip gets two, and a rollup gets a close two.  Superkick by Bandido and Chavo clocks Gresham with the title belt while the ref was knocked down.  Bandido now actually tells the referee to toss Chavo from ringside.  To the top but Bandido is knocked down.  Gresham with a body press that Bandido rolls through for two.  La majestral for two.  Bandido with a pop up cutter for two.  21 Plex but Gresham flips through and gets a tight rollup for two.  Superkick by Bandido and a Fosbury Flop.  21 Plex hits this time for only two!  Superkicks by Bandido has Gresham nearly out but Gresham gets a springboard moonsault and a pinning backslide for the win!

Winner:  Jonathan Gresham

Gresham starts a post-match promo but Jay Lethal is here to interrupt.  He challenges Gresham for the World Title.  They begin to scuffle and Sonjay Dutt arrives again…and clocks Gresham.  Lee Moriarty runs in to help but also gets beat down.  Lethal raises the titles but SAMOA JOE arrives!  Joe stares down Lethal and puts Sonjay in the Coquina Clutch.  Joe raises Gresham’s hand to end the show.  Samoa Joe will be on Dynamite next week.

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