WWE WrestleMania 38 Night Two Results – Dallas, TX

LIVE WWE WrestleMania 38 Night Two Results

Live WWE WrestleMania 38 Night Two Results – Click here for our detailed recap from WrestleMania Saturday.

Here is a recap of backstage/significant segments during the Kickoff pre-show:

Undertaker Predicts Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar:

Undertaker gave his prediction for the match. He says Brock has a different aura to him. You know you are going to have a physical match with him. Roman exudes confidence. Roman was on the rise when he faced him. Roman is much calmer now, but he has tons of energy and charisma. Taker says they are physical and brutal. Roman is more calculating but he is explosive and very athletic. It is entertaining to see guys that size do what they can do. Taker says having the title that long means you are putting asses in the seats. It shows that what Roman is doing is working. He says he is proud of the work that Roman has put in and it shows his passion for the business. He says it is cool to see Brock having fun. When the bell rings, he is all business and he will suplex someone. Taker is asked for his pick and he says it is hard to call this match. Taker says he will go out on a limb and say that Roman wins.

Backstage with Paul Heyman:

We go to Megan Morant with Paul Heyman. She brings up that it is finally here, but Paul looks nervous. Paul asks if that is the best question she has for him? Paul says she is pretty intuitive. Paul says he is more than nervous. He is ill at ease. He says he does not feel well. He has to mourn the end of a friendship and a career that has spanned more than 20 years of Brock Lesnar. Paul says he has been here before. It is deja vu for him. He felt this wy at Wrestlemania 30 when he knew he was going to conquer the Undertaker’s streak and Brock deserves half of the credit. Paul says he knew that was the end of the Deadman and the end of a career. The way I felt about Undertaker at the hands of Brock Lesnar is how I feel about Brock Lesnar at the hands of Roman Reigns. One man will stand over the other with both titles and it will be the end of the career of Brock Lesnar.

Backstage with Zelina Vega and Carmella:

Maria Menounos is with Zelina Vega and Carmella. She asks how will they retain the titles. Zelina says she can win by pin or submission and Carmella says she can win by pin or submission. Maria asks about their opponents and they insult all six women. Zelina says no one takes down the rightful champions without sacrificing their lives.

Backstage With Austin Theory:

Maria is outside Vince’s office and Austin Theory shows up. She asks him about the match and Austin says he has no worries. He says Vince has confidence in him getting the job done against Fat McAfee. Austin says there is no comparison about who is going to win. He will apologize for stepping in the ring. When I win, I will take the most stupendous selfie in Wrestlemania. Austin takes a selfie with Maria.

Bobby Lashley Talks Omos:

Lashley is in the back and Maria shows up to ambush him. She mentions that he was the first to knock Omos off his feet and she asks if he can do it again. Lashley says Omos has dominated and he has beaten some of the best. He has decimated tag teams by himself. Lashley says that is why he is charged up now. He is ready to put the myth of Omos to rest. He may be unbeaten, but that doesn’t make him unbeatable.

WWE WrestleMania 38 Night Two Results

Jessie James Decker performs “America The Beautiful”.

From there, we shoot to the regular cold open video package for tonight’s special premium event, which is once again narrated by Mark Wahlberg. After it wraps up, we shoot back inside the stadium where Jimmy Smith welcomes us to the show.

After that, we hear the familiar sounds of the iconic entrance theme music of Triple H. “The Game” makes his way out to a huge pop from the packed house inside AT&T Stadium.

Triple H stops on the apron to do a Game Fountain. Once in the ring, Hunter says he wanted to come out to say thank you and to show his love in the best way he knows how. He welcomes everyone to Wrestlemania and we get pyro. Hunter leaves his boots in the ring as a sign of his in-ring retirement that he recently confirmed on ESPN First Take.

— The ring announcer jumps on the house mic and introduces two-time NCAA champion Gable Steveson, who is shown in a quick cameo appearance sitting in the front row.

Triple Threat for the RAW Tag Team Titles
The Street Profits vs. Alpha Academy vs. Randy Orton and Riddle (c)

Ford, Gable, and Riddle start things off and Gable with a shoooosh to Ford and Riddle. Ford with a chop and Riddle wit a kick. Ford with a rollup on Riddle for a near fall. Ford clotheslines Riddle and Gable with a German suplex. Riddle breaks up the cover. Everyone is sent to the floor until Otis is the last man standing. All six men get into the ring and they pair off. Otis and Riddle fight on the floor. Ford drop kicks Gable and Orton and Dawkins go to the floor. Ford charges at Gable and Gable ducks, but Ford hits a flip dive over the ring post. Gable goes up top and hits a moonsault onto everyone.

Gable with punches to Riddle but Riddle punches Gable. Otis tags in and Otis with a discus clothesline and Gable with a German suplex. Otis with a short arm clothesline to Riddle. Otis with another short arm clothesline. Otis with a splash to Riddle and he slaps Riddle. Otis gets Riddle up for a slam. Otis works on the neck. Otis with a knee and shot to the jaw. Otis sends Riddle into the turnbuckles. Gable tags in and hits a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. Gable with a step over toe hold on Riddle. Riddle kicks Gable to get out of the hold. Riddle has a kick blocked and Gable with a dragon screw. Ford with a drop kick to Gable and Gable with a monkey flip and Ford lands on his chest. Gable gets a near fall.

Gable goes for a belly-to-back suplex but Ford lands on his feet and Dawkins tags in and hits a flying back elbow on Gable and an exploder to Riddle. Dawkins with an exploder to Gable. Dawkins with Silencer on Riddle and Otis breaks up the cover with a splash. Otis with a shoulder in the corner to Riddle. Riddle with an elbow to Gable on the apron and Riddle floats over. Gable tags in and goes for the ankle. Riddle with a knee to get free. Riddle with Bro 2 Sleep and everyone is down. Orton and Ford tag in and Orton with two clotheslines, Ford misses a clothesline, and Orton with a power slam. Ford escapes the hanging DDT and pulls Orton to the floor. Orton sends Ford into the announce table and then hits backdrop drivers to Ford and Gable on the table. Riddle with a jumping knee to Dawkins and then Orton and Riddle with stereo hanging DDTs to the Street Profits.

Gable and Otis pull Orton and Riddle out of the ring when they set for RKOs. Otis sends Dawkins to the floor with a back elbow and Ortis gets Ford on his shoulders for a bulldog from Gable off the turnbuckles. Otis goes for a Vader Bomb but Riddle and Dawkins send Otis to the floor. Gable with a monkey flip and Ford lands on his feet and Dawkins tags in. Ford and Dawkins with a Doomsday Blockbuster for a near fall. Riddle kicks Otis from the pron and Dawkins punches Riddle. Dawkins with Sky High to Orton and Ford tags in. Dawkins with a flip dive onto Otis. Ford goes up top and Riddle with a springboard RKO to Ford. Ford rolls to the floor.

Gable comes off the turnbuckles and Orton gives him an RKO for the three count.

Winners: RK-Bro

After the match, the Street Profits come into the ring with red solo cups. Before they complete the celebration, they invite Gable Steveson into the ring to join the celebration, but Chad stops it. Steveson is not happy and Chad has something to say but Steveson takes the mic. Chad tells him he is just getting his start here. He gives him a free lesson. When you are in my presence, remember to do one thing . . . SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH. Steveson with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex to Chad. The crowd pops and that’s how the post-match scene wraps up.

Omos vs. Bobby Lashley

Lashley thinks about how to start things and he tries for a kick but Omos blocks it and he connects with a forearm. Omos misses a punch and Lashley with a kick and he tries for a suplex. Omos stops him and he punches Lashley and follows with a European uppercut. Omos with an iron claw but Lashley powers out of the hold. Omos with a kick and he connects with a clothesline. Lashley slaps Omos and Omos with a boot to the head. Omos sends Lashley into the corner and connects with a clothesline. Omos with an elbow into the corner. Omos misses a splash when Lashley moves. Omos misses another splash into the corner. Lashley with forearms to the back.

Lashley tries for the Hurt Lock but Omos with an elbow followed by a clothesline. Omos sends Lashley over the top rope to the floor. Omos goes over the rope to go after Lashley on the floor but Lashley leaps to the apron and he clotheslines Omos. Lashley goes for a cross body off the turnbuckles and Omos catches Lashley and presses him over his head and drops Lashley to the mat. Lashley wtth a back elbow but Omos with a bear hug. Omos runs Lashley into the turnbuckles and Lashley’s head hits the ring post. Omos with elbows in the corner and he returns to the bear hug. The referee checks on Lashley. Lashley sends Omos into the corner and connects with forearms. Lashley sends Omos into the turnbuckles and kicks Omos. Lashley sets for a suplex but Omos escapes but misses a clothesline. Lashley with a kick and suplex.

Lashley with a spear to the back. Lashley with another spear for the three count.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

After the match, Lashley stands tall as the music hits and the referee raises his arm. We go to replays.

– Back from a break and Michael Cole is on commentary now. He welcomes us and is joined by Pat McAfee. We get a video package for the next match.

Anything Goes Match
Johnny Knoxville vs. Sami Zayn

We go back to the ring and out comes Sami Zayn. Jackass star Johnny Knoxville is out next and he stops to greet some other Jackass crew members at ringside.

The bell rings and Sami immediately nails a Helluva Kick. Sami drags Knoxville to the floor and sends him into the barrier. Sami keeps control and has words with the Jackass crew. Sami turns around to Knoxville spraying a fire extinguisher at him. Knoxville brings a stop sign and a trash can full of weapons into the ring but Sami kicks him before he can use them. Sami rolls Knoxville into the ring and dumps the trash can out.

Sami grabs a sheet pan and smacks Knoxville over the back with it. Sami keeps control for a 2 count. Sami goes to ringside and pulls a table out but it’s covered in mouse traps and one catches him. Sami says Knoxville is in trouble for bringing this. Sami comes back in but Knoxville smashes him with two trash can lids. Knoxville continues to beat Sami with the lids, then he smashes a stop sign over his back.

Knoxville leans a table in the corner now. He tries to suplex Sami through it but it’s blocked. Sami launches Knoxville through the table with a big Exploder suplex. Sami drags Knoxville back over for a close 2 count.

Sami goes for another Helluva Kick but Knoxville stops him with a loud air horn. Sami looks to capitalize but “Party Boy” Chris Pontius enters the ring, dancing around and taunting Sami. Pontius snatches his suit off and he’s only wearing a thong now. He rubs himself all over Sami until Sami levels him and starts stomping as fans boo.

Sami grabs Pontius and tosses him out of the ring. Knoxville takes advantage and rolls Sami up from behind for a close 2 count. Sami drops Knoxville with another right hand. Wee-Man attacks Sami at ringside for a big pop. Wee-Man unloads with punches and chases Sami in the ring. The crowd goes wild for Wee-Man. He hits Sami in the knee, then scoop slams him for a huge pop. Knoxville with a tornado DDT from the corner for another close 2 count.

Sami goes on and collapses Wee-Man with a Helluva Kick for huge boos from the crowd. Sami beats Wee-Man up some more and then mounts Knoxville. Fans chant “asshole!” now. Sami is all smiles as he goes to the top but Knoxville makes pyro shoot up from the ring post. Sami is down in the corner now. Knoxville grabs a bowling ball and rolls it right between Sami’s legs. Cole calls that a ballsy move. There’s a leg and boot attached to a device and Knoxville makes that kick Sami below the belt for another low blow.

Knoxville grabs a taser now but Sami retreats to the floor, crawling around at ringside. Sami runs away but the huge smack hand from one of the Jackass movies levels him, knocking him down. Sami brings it back in and he stomps on Knoxville. Sami with a suplex in the middle of the ring. Sami goes back to the top but Knoxville uses a pair of tongs below the belt. Sami is stunned on top as Knoxville grabs him and launches him to the floor, through the mouse trap table.

The Jackass crew helps Knoxville bring a gigantic mouse trap into the ring now. They roll Sami back in and Knoxville is waiting. Sami stumbles around and gets hit with the taser by Knoxville. He falls on the mouse trap and is laid out. Knoxville has trouble unhooking the mouse trap and it partially hits him, but it hits Sami harder and traps him under the trap for the pin to win.

Winner: Johnny Knoxville

After the match, the Jackass music hits as Knoxville and his crew celebrate. Sami is still trapped in the huge mouse trap, throwing a fit. We go to replays. The Jackass guys head up the ramp, leaving Sami trapped in the mouse trap.

Fatal 4 Way for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles
Shayna Baszler and Natalya vs. Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley vs. Naomi and Sasha Banks vs. Carmella and Queen Zelina Vega (c)

We go back to the ring for the women’s Fatal 4 Way and out first are Naomi and Sasha Banks. Naomi comes out first but a neon green Ferrari (or a Lamborghini?) comes driving out to the stage next. Banks is driving the car. Naomi hops in and they drive it a few feet before getting out and walking down the ramp. Banks and Naomi pose on the stage as pyro goes off. Out next comes Liv Morgan, apparently dressed like Catwoman. Rhea Ripley is out next and pyro explodes as she does her big stomp. Ripley is dressed like Morgan. Shayna Baszler and Natalya are out together. Out next are WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Carmella and Queen Zelina Vega. Graves goes on about the dirty celebration he has planned for this.

Ripley and Vega start things off as Carmella gets her mask applied. Carmella tags in. Carmella tags Sasha in. Ripley wants a test of strength and Sasha obliges and Rhea gets Sasha down and gets a near fall. Ripley with more near falls. Sasha with a wrist lock and Ripley goes for RipTide but Sasha escapes. Sasha goes for a lungblower and Ripley knocks Sasha off her back. Shayna and Natalya pull Naomi off the apron wile Liv is pulled off the apron by Vega and Carmella. Sasha and Rhea with suicide dives onto the piles. Liv with a matrix and a rollup for a near fall. Sasha with a drop toe hold and a La Magistral for a near fall. Sasha blocks a kick but Liv does the same and hits a facebuster. Liv with a springboard facebuster.

Liv with ObLIVion and Natalya makes the tag and she kicks Liv in the back and hits a thrust kick. Shayna with a knee to Liv and she is about to cover Liv and Carmella, Zelina, and Rhea tease breaking up the cover but they don’t enter the ring. Shayna stomps on the ankle. Shayna works on the ankle and knee. Liv with an enzuigiri. Shayna with a knee to Liv but Carmella made the tag. Carmella knocks Rhea off the apron but Rhea tries to get in and the referee sends her to the apron. Carmella sends Liv into the corner and Vega tags in. Vega with Code Red for a near fall when Rhea picks up Vega and puts her on the turnbuckels. Carmella knocks Rhea to the floor. Natalya kicks Carmella. Naomi with Rear View to Natalya. Shayna kicks Naomi. Sasha with a lungblower to Shayna. Ripley blocks a rana but Carmella counters a power bomb with a rana. Vega with a dive to Rhea on the floor. Naomi and Sasha tag in and they hit a double Sole Food. Naomi tags in and they both go up top but Shayna, Carmella, and Vega break things up. We get a double tower of doom and everyone is down.

Liv goes for a cover on Naomi but Naomi counters and gets a near fall. Rhea tags in and Liv sends Naomi towards Rhea. Ripley with a foerarm and hits RipTide onto Liv’s knees and Sasha breaks up the cover. Shayna with a running knee to Naomi’s head for a near fall. Natalya and Shayna go for a Hart Attack but Carmella tags in and hits a super kick on Shayna. Naomi with an O’Connor Roll but Vega with a knee on the apron and Carmella gets a near fall. Carmella gets a near fall. Naomi with a springboard round kick and Sasha goes up top and hits a frog splash for a near fall.

Vega pulls Carmella out of the ring to stop a Banks Statement from being applied. Sasha with Meteora to Vega from the apron. Naomi tags in and she kicks Carmella and tags Sasha in. Naomi with a Bubba Bomb and Sasha with a Codebreaker for the three count.

Winners and NEW Women’s Tag Team Champions: Naomi and Sasha Banks

After the match, Banks and Naomi stand tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Banks and Naomi celebrate with the titles as fans cheer them on.

— Micah Parson and Ezekiel Jackson of the Dallas Cowboys are shown in the crowd.

— The events leading to our next match, Edge vs. AJ Styles are shown with a video package.

AJ Styles vs. Edge

We go back to the ring and out first comes AJ Styles to a pop. AJ was apparently busted open by his own pyro during his entrance. WWE Hall of Famer Edge is out next, stepping down from a platform as flames rise up. More flames and pyro shoot up as he marches to the ring.

Edge goes into the ropes when AJ goes after him when the bell rings. They lock up and go into the corner. AJ misses a punch on the break and Edge dances to the other side of the ring. AJ with a kick to the leg. They lock up and Edge with a side head lock. Edge with a shoulder tackle but AJ stays on his feet. AJ with a Phenomenal drop kick followed by arm drags. Edge avoids an arm drag and Edge misses an elbow drop. AJ kicks Edge in the leg and Edge gets to the ropes. They lock up and AJ with a side head lock. AJ avoids a clothesline and applies a side head lock. AJ with a back slide but Edge rolls through. Edge goes for a spear but AJ moves and Edge stops short of the turnbuckles.

AJ goes to the floor and Edge follows but AJ gets back in the ring and connects with a forearm. AJ with a sliding knee to the head on the apron. AJ kicks Edge against the ring steps. AJ sends Edge back in the ring and he sets for a springboard move and he goes for a springboard 450 but Edge gets his knees up. Edge kicks AJ in the corner. Edge with a knee to the midsection against the ropes. Edge with a hard Irish whip and he gets a near fall. AJ with a forearm and Edge with chops. Edge blocks a hip toss and applies an abdominal stretch.

AJ with a hip toss to escape. AJ blocks a kick and hits a dragon screw leg whip. Edge with a shoulder breaker and both men are down. Edge kicks AJ in the corner and the referee warns him. Edge with knees to AJ’s ribs. AJ punches Edge and both men are down again. AJ goes face first into the turnbuckles when Edge moves out of the way. AJ suplexes Edge into the turnbuckles. AJ with punches to Edge. Edge with divorce court to the injured arm. Edge with a surfboard on AJ. AJ with an elbow and he misses a Pele Kick. Edge goes for the crossface but AJ escapes. Edge blocks a Styles Clash and Edge with an STF. AJ gets to the ropes. AJ kicks Edge from the apron and AJ with a slingshot DDT.

AJ goes up top but Edge crotches AJ. Edge punches AJ and sets for a superplex. AJ goes for a sunset flip power bomb but Edge holds the turnbuckles. AJ with a torture rack into a power bomb for a near fall. AJ gets Edge on his shoulders but Edge counters with Edge-O-Cution for a near fall. AJ with a German suplex.

They fight to their knees and trade big strikes. They continue swinging and get to their feet. AJ with a series of headbutts, punches and then a big pele kick. Edge is still up but barely. AJ rolls Edge into the Calf Crusher. Edge counters for the armbar but AJ resists. Edge blocks and applies the LeBell Lock. AJ reaches for the bottom rope and pries Edge’s fingers. The hold is finally broken. More back and forth. Edge with a big Edgeucation for a close 2 count. They tangle in the corner some more and Edge uses the top rope for a springboard sit-out powerbomb. AJ still kicks out just in time.

They tangle up top and in the corner again. AJ finally manages to hit a superplex to the edge of the apron. They both hit hard and fall to the floor. They barely make it back in at the 9 count. AJ with the springboard 450 from the apron, landing on Edge’s back. AJ rolls Edge over for the pin but Edge barely kicks out in time. More back and forth now. AJ finally hits the Styles Clash on the third attempt. He covers for the pin but Edge barely kicks out. AJ and the fans in attendance can’t believe it.

AJ goes back to the apron for the Phenomenal Forearm but Damian Priest appears at ringside. AJ is briefly distracted but he still springboards in for the Styles Clash, but Edge knocks him out of the air with a big Spear. Edge covers for the pin to win.

Winner: Edge

After the match, the music hits as Edge recovers, looking over at Priest but confused. Priest enters the ring as we go to replays. Priest enters the ring and drops to one knee. Edge faces him, also on one knee. They both let out a sinister laugh, then stand tall together and raise their arms in the middle of the ring. We go to another replay and come back to Edge and Priest leaving together. In case you are asking what the hell is going on with Edge and Priest, read this.

— It is time for the announcement of tonight’s attendance. It is 78,453.

The New Day vs. Ridge Holland and Sheamus

We go back to the ring and out first comes Ridge Holland and Sheamus with Butch. The New Day’s Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are out next. Woods and Kofi are wearing ring gear inspired by Big E.

Butch is tearing stuff up at ringside. The camera goes back to the ring and the two teams start brawling. Sheamus gets dumped to the floor by Woods. Holland dumps Woods to the floor. Holland yells at the referee to ring the bell. He charges Kofi but Kofi ducks and hits Trouble In Paradise for the pin but Sheamus pulls him to safety on the floor.

Butch is trying to attack Kofi but Sheamus holds him back. Woods kicks Sheamus through the ropes. Butch keeps trying to interfere and Sheamus keeps trying to calm him down. Holland is getting double teamed in the ring now. Woods drops the straps like Big E for a pop. He levels Holland. Sheamus ends up dropping Kofi on the floor with a Brogue Kick. Holland attacks Woods but Woods superkicks him.

Butch distracts the referee from the apron, allowing Sheamus to level Woods with a Brogue out of nowhere. Holland scoops Woods for Northern Grit for the pin to get the quick win.

Winners: Sheamus and Ridge Holland

After the match, Butch rushes the ring and attacks Woods, yanking at his braids, until Sheamus and Holland hold him back. The music starts back up as the Fight Night group stands tall.

— They honored the WWE Hall Of Famers. Well, they honored The Undertaker as he walked out to his theme music alone with no sign of the others.

Pat McAfee vs. Austin Theory

Vince McMahon’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring. Vince takes the mic and introduce a future WWE Universal Champion, Austin Theory. Theory comes down the ramp makins selfies as Vince applaude. Vince take a selfie with Theory and leaves.

The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are out under Seven Nation Army music as Pat McAfee makes his way out of the stage and down to the ring accompanied by the girls.

As the match starts, we see Vince on his presidential chair watching.

The bell rings and McAfee quickly stuns Theory. McAfee unloads and drops Theory with big right hands as Vince looks on from ringside. Theory turns around and works McAfee over, dropping him in the corner. Theory looks at Vince and he’s all smiles in his chair at ringside. McAfee with a big spinning elbow from nowhere to drop Theory as Cole and Saxton cheer him on.

McAfee with a big hurricanrana for a 2 count and a big pop. McAfee wastes some time and Theory drops him, puts a knee to the back and yells out to more boos. Fans start singing McAfee’s “Seven Nation Army” entrance song again as Theory works him over, keeping control and wasting some time to show off. Theory with two suplexes as fans chant “you suck!” again. Theory jogs around the ring, taunting the crowd.

McAfee counters Theory with a suplex of his own for a pop. McAfee charges and knocks Theory off the apron, sending him into the announce table in front of an angry Vince. McAfee exits the ring and puts on a headset to brag on commentary about how he’s beating the hell out of a douchebag. McAfee tosses some water in Theory’s face as payback for Friday, then slams his face into the announce table a few times.

Vince seethes as McAfee brings it back in the ring. McAfee goes to the top and looks out at the crowd as they hum his entrance theme again. McAfee wastes some time but leaps for the Swanton Bomb and misses as Theory moves. Vince smiles now. Theory slams McAfee for a close 2 count. Theory shows some frustration to the referee now.

Theory stomps on McAfee. Theory tells Vince to watch what happens when he goes to the top now. Theory climbs up as fans boo him. McAfee jumps up and rocks Theory with a right hand, stunning Theory. McAfee climbs up for a superplex but Theory fights back. Theory shoves McAfee to the mat but he does a back-flip and lands on his feet. Theory is shocked. McAfee leaps back to the top with one jump, then he hits the superplex for a big pop. McAfee crawls over for the pin but Theory kicks out just in time.

McAfee stands tall and hulks up. He goes for the punt kick but Theory dodges it, then takes McAfee down by his knees. Theory with another shot. Theory looks out at Vince for more encouragement. Theory mounts McAfee with right hands. Theory talks trash in McAfee’s face but McAfee is defiant. Theory goes for The ATL but McAfee counters and rolls him up for the pin to win.

Winner: Pat McAfee

After the match, Cole goes crazy on commentary as McAfee stands tall. The music hits and fans pop big time for him. McAfee hits the corner to pose as fans cheer him on. Theory sits up against the barrier, bummed out. Vince walks over and has some words with Theory, pointing up at McAfee, who is still celebrating. McAfee looks down at Vince and Theory from the corner. The music stops and McAfee apparently called Vince out. Vince has some words with McAfee but we can’t really hear what they’re saying. Some fans boo as it looks like Vince is walking away. Vince stops and takes his coat off for a big pop. Vince undoes his tie and his shirt as McAfee invites him in the ring. Cole and Saxton are begging McAfee to apologize. Vince takes off his button-up to reveal a tank top and fans pop big time. Vince enters the ring and there’s a referee now.

Vince McMahon vs. Pat McAfee

The referee meets Vince McMahon and Pat McAfee in the middle of the ring. Vince is jacked. Vince backs up and taunts McAfee, but that just allows Austin Theory to drop McAfee from behind.

Theory exits the ring but Vince is still there. The bell rings and Vince clotheslines McAfee. Vince sends Theory into the turnbuckles now. Vince tells McAfee to bring it and McAfee charges but Vince clotheslines him. Fans chant “you still got it!” as Vince continues to take his time. He man-handles McAfee some, yells in his face and launches him face-first into the turnbuckles.

The crowd rallies for McAfee as he gets back to his feet. They stare each other down from the corners. McAfee goes to charge but Theory trips him from behind on the floor, then yanks him into the ring post below the belt. Vince continues to toy around with McAfee.

Theory hops on the apron and brings a Dallas Cowboys football to the Chairman. Vince takes the football and acts like he’s going to punt it into the crowd but he stops. He does this to the other side of the crowd and now they boo him. Vince finally punts the ball into McAfee’s chest for the pin to win.

Winner: Mr. McMahon

After the match, Vince stands tall as “No Chance” starts back up. Theory kicks McAfee out of the ring. Vince stands tall as the music stops and Cole checks on McAfee. Theory hits the corners to pose as Vince looks on, motioning for him to keep posing in the other corners. Theory opens his arms for a hug from Vince now. Vince opens his arms and they embrace in the middle of the ring. Vince raises Theory’s arm in victory as Theory’s music starts back up. Vince looked a little surprised by Theory’s music. They continue celebrating until the glass breaks and AT&T Stadium explodes. WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin marches to the ring as Austin and Theory look on, terrified. Austin enters and has a few words with Vince. It looks like Vince is trying to sell Theory to Austin. Theory attacks but Austin unloads on him with punches, then a Stone Cold Stunner, sending Theory out to the floor. Vince and Austin are in the middle of the ring now as fans go wild. Vince looks to start pleading with his former rival. Austin talks Vince into having a beer with him. Austin catches two beers and hands one to Vince. Vince is cautious as he takes a small sip but he seems to enjoy the beer. They then have a toast and start chugging as fans cheer them on. Austin kicks Vince for the Stone Cold Stunner but Vince stumbles a few steps back against the ropes. Austin grabs him and finishes the Stunner. Austin’s music starts back up as he continues a beer bash in the corner.

McAfee cheers Austin on from ringside. Vince is still flat on his back as Austin comes over and stomps a few times, kicking him out of the ring. Austin invites McAfee into the ring and the crowd pops again. Austin gives two beers to McAfee and they begin another beer bash as the glass breaks again. The beers keep coming as McAfee and Stone Cold continue. Austin suddenly drops McAfee with a Stone Cold Stunner out of nowhere. Austin tosses the football and catches a few more beers as the celebration continues. We see McAfee flat on his back, but still chugging beer. Austin exits the ring, comes back in for one more wave to the crowd, and then marches up the ramp. Austin turns and waves to the crowd one last time to end the segment.

— Time for our final video package, which focuses on Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar.

Winner Takes All Title Unification Match
WWE Champion Brock Lesnar vs. WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring accompanied by the whole Bloodline, included Paul Heyman. Reigns says “WrestleMania, acknowledge me”.

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar is out next. Lesnar takes his time bouncing and laughing before entering the ring. Once in the ring, Brock tries to intimidate Reigns but Roman is not impressed.

We get the formal introduction which, for the Roman side, is made by Paul Heyman. Brock answers by taking the mic and making his own introduction billing himself as the cowboy ass kicker that is going to kick Reigns’ ass tonight. Lesnar finishes his intro and fans pop. He drops the mic.

The bell rings and we are underway!

Lesnar laughs as he immediately removes his gloves. Lesnar unloads but Reigns turns it around. Lesnar turns it around in the corner with big shoulder thrusts. Lesnar lifts and rams Reigns into another corner now. Reigns fights off a German suplex attempt but Lesnar nails a belly-to-belly suplex, and another one. Lesnar is all smiles as he stalks Reigns and hits a third belly-to-belly suplex. Lesnar yells out and scares Heyman. Lesnar sends Reigns over the top rope to the floor.

Lesnar approaches Heyman at ringside. Heyman pleads and says he loves Lesnar, begging him to take him back, saying this was all Reigns’ idea. Heyman was just suckering Lesnar in as Reigns charges and puts Lesnar through the timekeeper’s barrier with a big Spear. Reigns returns to the ring as the referee counts and Lesnar slowly gets to his feet. Lesnar leaps back in at the 9 count.

Reigns waits in the corner and Lesnar turns around to a big Spear. Lesnar kicks out at 2 and Reigns looks a bit surprised. Reigns with a Superman Punch to level Lesnar again. Reigns yells out at the crowd to a mixed reaction. Reigns with a second Superman Punch as Lesnar gets back to his feet. Reigns continues trash talking, declaring he’s the greatest of all-time.

Lesnar gets up and he’s actually laughing. Lesnar side-steps a Superman Punch and tosses Reigns with a big German suplex, then a second German, then a third. Lesnar wastes no time and delivers a fourth German suplex. Lesnar bounces around as fans cheer him on and he nails the fifth straight German suplex.

Lesnar scoops Reigns for the F5 but Reigns escapes and nails another Superman Punch. Lesnar is down now. Reigns calls for the Spear and the crowd yells out with him. Reigns charges but Lesnar side-steps a Spear and hits the F5. Reigns still kicks out at 2 and now Lesnar can’t believe it. Lesnar stalks Reigns and grabs him in the middle of the ring. Lesnar goes for another F5 but Reigns rakes his eyes, then shoves him into the corner. Lesnar puts on the brakes so he won’t run into the referee. Reigns then spears Lesnar into the corner and he smashes the referee against the turnbuckles.

The referee is down now, which allows Reigns to drop Lesnar with a low blow. Heyman hands the title belt to Reigns and he decks Lesnar with it. Referee Chad Patton comes to and counts the pin but Lesnar kicks out. Reigns is shocked again. Reigns is fired up now as he yells about being #1. Lesnar is still down on the mat, trying to recover from the low blow. Lesnar gets up and is bent over in pain. Reigns runs the ropes, goes past Lesnar twice, and hits a big Spear from behind to the kidneys. Reigns runs again and goes for a Spear but Lesnar meets him in mid-move and drops him into the Kimura Lock as fans go wild.

Lesnar tightens the hold and his face turns purple from how hard he’s pulling on Reigns’ arm. Reigns finally gets his arm on the bottom rope to break the hold. Heyman yells encouragement at his Tribal Chief. We hear Reigns yelling “it’s out!” to Heyman, apparently saying his shoulder came out of place from the Kimura Lock. Lesnar scoops Reigns for a F5 but Reigns slides out and hits another Spear, this time for the pin to win the titles.

Winner and New Undisputed WWE Universal Champion: Roman Reigns

After the match, the music hits as Reigns stands tall. Heyman brings the gold in the ring as Reigns sells his arm injury. The announcers say Reigns just popped his shoulder back in. Reigns raises the WWE Title and the WWE Universal Title in the air. Reigns and Heyman then exit the ring as we go to replays of the WrestleMania Sunday main event. The replay shows how Heyman put Reigns’ hand on the bottom rope to break the Kimura. We come back from the replays and Reigns has both title belts raised on the ramp. Lesnar is trying to recover in the ring. The pyro explodes inside the stadium, then a large WrestleMania logo and star forms above the stadium with more fireworks going off. Heyman stands by as Reigns looks at the camera and points his finger to show he’s #1 as Night Two of WrestleMania 38 goes off the air.

Here is what’s in store for tonight:

Musical Performance: DJ Valentino Khan spins as fans enter AT&T Stadium

“America The Beautiful” Performance: Jessie James Decker

Winner Takes All Title Unification Match
WWE Champion Brock Lesnar vs. WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns

Triple Threat for the RAW Tag Team Titles
The Street Profits vs. Alpha Academy vs. Randy Orton and Riddle (c)

Fatal 4 Way for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles
Shayna Baszler and Natalya vs. Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley vs. Naomi and Sasha Banks vs. Carmella and Queen Zelina Vega (c)

Anything Goes Match
Johnny Knoxville vs. Sami Zayn

Pat McAfee vs. Austin Theory

WWE Hall of Famer Edge vs. AJ Styles

Omos vs. Bobby Lashley

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods vs. Ridge Holland and Sheamus

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