WWE WrestleMania 38 Night One Results

WWE WrestleMania 38 Night One Results - Dallas, TX

WWE WrestleMania 38 Night One Results – The WWE WrestleMania 38 Night One Kickoff pre-show opens up live from outside of AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Kayla Braxton welcomes us to WrestleMania Saturday. She’s joined by Kevin Patrick, Peter Rosenberg, and WWE Hall of Famers JBL and Booker T. A large group of fans behind them are fired up and ready to go. They pop for Texan Booker T and chant for Texan JBL.

— We take a look at the Raw Women’s Championship Match with a video package.

John says that no matter what happened before, this is Wrestlemania. They are in the prime of their lives and they at their best. Kayla reminds us of the 26 second match at SummerSlam. Booker says that Becky thinks she is the best. She has the cloak of invincibility. She thinks she can win any night, by any means necessary. He says Bianca will have to switch gears and get a little dirty. Peter says that the only thing to be critical about is whether Bianca can get serious when needed. Peter says Bianca cutting Becky’s hair might have been that moment. Kevin says Bianca may have gone too far going after Becky’s voice and her hair.

Kayla asks who needs this victory more. Bianca is trying to repeat last year’s Mania performance. Peter says that Bianca wins this more and she has to show that her title reign was not a fluke. Booker says it is easy to get there, but difficult to stay there. Bianca has a chance to right all wrongs to show that she is the best athlete. John says it will be a night to remember forever or a night of regret. Kevin mentions how Becky has been on a roll. Kayla says it has been a long time since Becky lost a match. Becky wants it more. John asks Kevin who the Irishman is going to pick and he goes with Becky and John says he is not shocked. Peter picks Bianca and says that Bianca might be the best athlete in WWE. John says Bianca wants it and needs it more. Tonight is Bianca’s time. Booker picks Bianca too.

— Time for Steve Austin video package.

Kayla says she is curious who will get the first stunner tonight. Peter says he saw Steve Austin earlier and he says that Austin is jacked. Booker says this is a moment for Steve to make the walk back through the glass to the ring. He says he cannot wait to see what happened. Everyone wanted to be Steve Austin. John says there are certain people from Texas you don’t mess with and he mentions Nolan Ryan, Earl Campbell and Steve Austin.

— We go to Matt Camp in the parking lot with a lot of people.

— We take a look at the Wrestlemania stage reveal.

— We take a look at the Smackdown Tag Title Match with a video package.

Kayla mentions the Usos’ appearance on the Bump and how they do not feel that this is the most important weekend for the family. John says that brother tag teams can get on a roll. Booker says the Usos have been doing it how they were supposed to since they started. Booker says the Usos are going to wreck shop. Kayla asks John about Boogs and Nakamura. John says that a matchup is not good for someone and the Usos are too good for them tonight. Peter says the biggest risk for the Usos if they are too confident. Kevin mentions they have been champions for 257 days, but looking at Boogs’ strength it is impressive. Booker says the Usos are going to eclipse what Harlem Heat ever did. Kayla asks if there is any advice he has for them. He tells them they can’t play or jive, it has to be business. John says Boogs and Nakamura can be singles champions but they are not as good as the Usos. He says the Usos are one of the greatest of all time. Peter says that we have to see that Boogs is more than a guitar player.

— Maria Menounous is in the back with Seth Rollins. Seth says it is all about the fashion, style, and Wrestlemania. Maria asks Seth about his match tonight and if he knows who his opponent will be. Seth says he wants to know who Vince chooses. Is it a legend from the past? Is it a Hall of Famer? Is it someone from NXT like Bron Breakker or Carmelo Hayes? What if it is Vince McMahon himself? Seth says he has learned that no matter who his opponent is, it is not about them, it is about him.

— Kayla asks how it feels to not know who your opponent is and how dangerous it could be. John says he does not think Seth cares. John says Seth will create a Wrestlemania moment tonight. Booker says Seth is pretty upbeat but Seth is cunning and calculating. If you put yourself in position, Seth will try to end your career. His opponent will have to have his head on a swivel. Kevin talks about how Seth was acting when he thought he was not going to be on Wrestlemania. Peter says this is a moment where the fans are glued to their television or to their seats for when the music plays.

— We go to footage of the unveiling of the Undertaker statue.

— We take a look at the Hall of Fame ceremony.

— Josh Richards joins the panel. He mentions that he had an instagram page for finishers. Kayla asks if Owens is going to get a stunner and Josh says he is hoping Owens gets three.

— We take a look at the Austin/Owens angle and we go to a video package.

Peter says that he is so excited for that moment and he will scream like a little kid when the glass breaks. Booker says this will be a moment that everyone will remember. Kevin says that everyone in the back is talking about Steve Austin as what they are looking for.

— Jackie Redmond is inside with a bunch of fans.

— We take a look at Kevin Owens at Wrestlemania Axxess.

— They run through the card for Night Two.

— We go back to the parking lot with Matt Camp.

— Jerry Lawler has replaced John Layfield on the panel. We take a look at the Mysterios versus Logan Paul and Miz match with a video package.

— Jake Paul has joined the panel.

Jake has some words for the crowd and he says that Rey is old. Jake says his brother has been preparing for this his entire life. This is what they were built for. He has been locked in training for this moment. His brother and Miz will get the win and everyone will bow down to them. Kayla asks if he is surprised at Logan and Miz being able to get along. Peter asks if he is nervous watching his brother. Jake says Logan fought Floyd Mayweather so he is not afraid of Rey.

Booker says that Rey is one of the most accomplished wrestlers. Booker asks if the Miz is getting Logan Paul in trouble over what Miz said about Cleveland. Jake says Logan does not control what Miz says. They are going into battle together. They both love Cleveland. Booker says he wants to make sure that Logan is not a follower. Jerry says Miz can handle both Mysterios by himself. Booker asks Jerry if he thinks Miz and Logan will win. Jerry says it won’t be a problem.

— It is time to take a look at the New Day feud with Sheamus, Ridge Holland, and Butch with a video package.

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are in the back with Maria. Xavier says he was not going to let Kofi go at it alone against the Eastenders rejects. Kofi says they have to show everyone that they will put their feet betwixt the cheeks of their opponents. Maria asks about the numbers advantage they are going against. Kofi says this isn’t the first time they had their backs against the wall.

Kevin mentions how Xavier and Kofi are emotional without Big E here. Booker says they are trying to get their feet back. Booker says Butch is the X Factor in their match because he is dangerous. Kayla mentions how the New Day are one of the best tag teams in history but their opponents are big and strong. Peter says that Sheamus and Ridge are dangerous and adding Butch makes them more dangerous. Jerry says he is looking at Sheamus to lead his team and Sheamus is on a different level now. Kayla says being a hot head can lead to problems.

Kayla wishes the best for Big E and his recovery.

Jerry mentions what Big E told him about wrestling until he was 35 and then he gets injured a year after that. Booker thinks that Big E will make a full recovery. Kevin mentions that Big E lost last year at Wrestlemania and he went on to win the WWE Championship.

.. We take a look at Drew Mcintyre and Happy Corbin with a video package.

Booker brings up the comments about Drew’s mother and then Peter brings up what happened at the Oscars. He says that Drew is motivated. Kayla says she jokes a lot when she gets nervous. Kevin says that Corbin is undefeated but Drew hasn’t gotten his hands on him. Kevin says Drew told him he gets to get his hands on Corbin. Jerry says that Corbin has made it personal. Booker says we have seen it before what happens when someone makes it personal. You get your ass kicked.

— We see footage of Madcap Moss winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal on Smackdown.

Kayla wonders if Moss is better off without Corbin. Moss shows up and says that Kayla should as him directly. Kayla comments on Moss’ attire and he says that they are all dressed sharp tonight. Kayla asks him how will Corbin do. Moss says Corbin will stay undefeated tonight. Corbin won the Andre the Giant Battle Royal and retired Kurt Angle.

— Titus O’Neil introduces the organizations that WWE helped out this week.

— We take a look at Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair with a video package.

— Akbar Gbaja-Biamila joins the panel and he says he has had a lot of fun today. Akbar mentions seeing Ronda at Wrestlemania 35 and this will be an epic matchup. You have Charlotte and her DNA going against Ronda. Peter says that Charlotte feels like she has a lot to prove. Akbar says tonight is the night for Charlotte to prove herself. Kevin mentions that Ronda has had one singles match since winning the Royal Rumble. Akbar says the hunger can prevail over experience.

Peter asks Akbar about Steve Austin. He says Austin will come back in shape for tonight. Peter asks how will it be if Austin gets in a fight with Owens. Will ring rust be a factor. Jerry says he hopes we see a fight. Knowing Steve, he guarantees that there will be a fight tonight. Akbar says Austin will knock the heck out of Owens.

Kayla asks Akbar about Roman and Brock. Akbar says Roman will pull it out. Booker says that match will be the Shucky Ducky Quack Quack Moment of the Night. Peter says it is a big moment for Brock’s legacy as much as Roman’s. Kayla mentions how laid back Brock has been.

Jerry wonders who Vince McMahon will put in the ring against Seth Rollins.

Kayla asks about the Becky/Bianca match. Jerry says wait until you see Becky tonight. He says he did not recognize her. Akbar says he is going with Becky Lynch. Peter mentions the year that Bianca has had. Booker says Bianca has the opportunity to right the wrongs.

Akbar is asked about the Mysterios versus Logan Paul and Miz. He says it will be a big time match and very interesting. That’s all for the pre-show.

WWE WrestleMania 38 Night One Results

Night One of WWE WrestleMania 38 opens up live from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas with country music star Brantley Gilbert on the big stage with his band. They perform “America The Beautiful” and then the fireworks explode inside the stadium. 

The cold open video package narrated by Mark Wahlberg airs now as we gear up for the start of night one of “The Most Stupendous Two-Night WrestleMania in History.”

With that said, the cold open video package wraps up and we head back inside AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

After that, we see fireworks and pyro exploding all over the building. We then head down to the commentary section where Michael Cole welcomes us to the 38th annual WrestleMania.

The Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders are introduced and they come out and dance to the ACDC song “Thunderstruck.”

Afterwards, we head over to the announce desk again where we see Michael Cole joined by Pat McAfee, who introduces himself before we send things to the entrance area to get ready for our first match of the main show here tonight at WrestleMania 38: Night One.

SmackDown Tag-Team Championships
Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick Boogs vs. The Usos (c)

We go right to the stage and Rick Boogs is out with his guitar. He does the grand introduction and begins performing as partner Shinsuke Nakamura makes his way out. McAfee jumps on top of the announce table and goes wild as Boogs and Nakamura shred down the long ramp.

LED boards are lit up on the ringside barrier and the ring apron for The Harder Farmer, a brand of Mike’s Harder Lemonade, and the logo matches the ring gear of Boogs and Nakamura. They stop and pose with a man dressed as The Harder Farmer, and Cole says something about how Nakamura and Boogs had a special drink mixed up for them. They hit the ring and Nakamura poses as more pyro goes off. Fans pop big for Boogs and Nakamura.

The music hits and out next come SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos – Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso. We see recent events that led to this match as The Usos hit the ring and pose with the titles in the air. We get formal ring introductions from Samantha Irvin, who is also making her WrestleMania debut.

Nakamura and Jimmy start things off and Nakamura with kicks. Nakamura puts Jimmy on the turnbuckles and connects with a running knee to the midsection for a near fall. Jey tags in and Jimmy with a back breaker and Jey with a knee drop. Jey with a belly-to-back suplex. Nakamura with forearms and a choke but Jey with a snap mare and punch. Jimmy tags in and they make a wish. Jey punches Nakamura in the ropes when Jimmy talks to the referee. Jimmy kicks Nakamura.

Nakamura with punches and a knee. Jimmy with an enzuigiri for a near fall. Jimmy with a reverse chin lock. Nakamura with a kick and both men are down. Boogs and Jey tag in and Boogs with double sledges to Jimmy and Jey. Jey avoids a slam and kicks Boogs and follows with a punch. Boogs catches Jey and applies a bear hug and he powers Jey up for a delayed vertical suplex. Boogs gets a near fall. Boogs gets Jey on his shoulders and he gets Jimmy on them as well but Boogs’ knee “gives out“. Nakamura tags in and he hits a pescado onto Jimmy and Jey. Nakamura with forearms and kicks to Jey. Nakamura with an Irish whip and Nakamura blocks a kick from Jey and then hits a sliding German suplex. Nakamura sets for Kinshasa and Jey with a super kick. Jimmy tags in and he goes up top and hits a frog splash for a near fall.

Jimmy with a waist lock and Nakamura with an elbow. Jey tags in and holds Nakamura by the hair. Jimmy with a super kick and they hit the 1D for the three count.

Winners: The Usos

After the match, Boogs is checked on by the medical staff.

— We have a video package for Johnny Knoxville and Sami Zayn.

— Time for another video package, this time highilighting the events leading to Happy Corbin vs. Drew McIntyre.

Happy Corbin vs. Drew McIntyre

Back from the break and out first comes Happy Baron Corbin with Madcap Moss. Drew McIntyre is out next with his sword, Angela. Drew hits the corner to pose as the fire shoots up from the ring posts.

Drew punches Corbin but Corbin with a punch to the throat and to the head. Corbin with more punches. Corbin with an Irish whip and Drew with a clothesline out of the corner. Drew sends Corbin into the turnbuckles followed by a chop. Corbin with a kick to the thigh and then Drew knocks Corbin over the top rope to the floor. Drew sends Corbin into the apron and then runs him into the ringside barrier. Drew rolls Corbin back into the ring and Corbin with a knee as Drew returns to the ring. Corbin sends Drew into the ring post on the apron.

Corbin sends Drew back into the ring and then he kicks Drew in the knee and punches Drew. Drew with punches but Corbin with a hard Irish whip. Corbin with a suplex to Drew. Corbin with a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall. Corbin with a knee to the midsection. Corbin with a punch to Drew. Corbin with another punch. Moss gets on the apron and Corbin wants to go off the ropes where Moss was standing. Drew with a spinebuster. Corbin with an Irish whip and he slides around the ring post but Drew with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Drew with a neck breaker. Drew with a kick and he sets for Future Shock but Corbin escapes. Corbin with Deep Six for a near fall.

Corbin grabs Drew by the throat and Drew escapes. Corbin sends Drew to the apron and Drew with a punch. Drew with a clothesline off the turnbuckles. Drew sets for the Claymore and Corbin rolls to the floor to safety. Drew with a flip dive onto Corbin and Moss. Drew rolls Corbin back in and then Moss tries to get involved and Drew hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Drew goes up top. Corbin moves out of the way and Drew escapes End of Days. Corbin ducks a Claymore and Corbin hits End of Days for a near fall. Corbin picks up Drew and Drew with a kick and Future Shock. Drew with a Claymore for the three count.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

After the match, McIntyre stands tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Moss is on the apron now. Drew points the sword at him and approaches. Drew slices at Moss but he escapes to the floor and Drew cuts through the top two ropes as some sort of explosion goes off. Drew stands tall as we get another replay and the music starts back up. McIntyre goes to ringside and stands with his wife. He then goes over and slaps hands with the announcers before celebrating more at ringside.

Logan Paul and The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio

We go back to the ring and Jimmy Smith welcomes us to the next match. He’s joined by Corey Graves and Byron Saxton. Out first come The Mysterios – Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio. Out next comes The Miz and social media star turned boxer and podcast host Logan Paul. Logan is apparently wearing an expensive rare Pokemon card around his neck. He and The Miz are wearing matching black & yellow gear. Logan’s brother Jake Paul is sitting behind the announcers.

Rey wants to start with Logan and Logan goes to the apron. Rey starts with Miz. Logan reaches for Rey and that distraction allows Miz to kick and punch Rey. Logan tags in and he punches Rey. Rey with a side head lock and Logan does a split but Rey kicks Logan in the head. Miz tags in and Rey sends Miz into the turnbuckles with a rana. Dominik tags in and Rey sends Dominik onto Miz for a near fall. Miz with an Irish whip and Dominik goes to the apron and kicks Miz and hits a quebrada. Dominik with a wrist lock and a head scissors and arm drag combination. Dominik with a springboard twisting plancha onto Miz. Miz rolls to the floor and Rey kicks Miz. Logan hits Dominik from behind when the referee was watching what Miz and Rey were doing.

Miz with a back elbow in the corner and Logan tags in. Logan with a power slam for a near fall. Miz tags in and they alternate kicks to Dominik and they hit a tandem kick for a near fall. Miz goes for Reality Check but Dominik counters the neck breaker into a back slide for a near fall. Paul tags in and Dominik is sent into a boot. Paul with a Blockbuster for a near fall. Paul sends Dominik into the corner and Miz tags in and they kick Dominik. Miz chokes Dominik in the corner. Miz talks to the referee and Logan chokes Dominik. Dominik with forearms to Paul and Miz. Dominik with a tornado DDT to Miz. Dominik kicks Miz and tags in Rey. Rey with a head scissors take down and he hits a seated splash off the turnbuckles. Miz with a sunset flip but Rey rolls through and kicks Miz for a near fall.

Rey goes up top and hits a moonsault for a near fall. Rey with an inside cradle for a near fall. Miz is sent into the ropes and Rey sets for the 619 but Rey with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Rey with a supelx and he holds on for another. Rey goes for the third one but Miz escapes and sends Rey shoulder first into the ring post. Paul tags in and he knocks Dominik off the apron and then he kicks Rey. Paul with a suplex and he holds on and rolls through for a second one. Paul is able to do what Rey couldn’t do and hits the Three Amigos. Paul goes up top for a frog splash and hits it for a near fall.

Dominik sends Logan to the floor and hits a suicide dive on Miz. Dominik chases Logan into the ring and Rey with a rana that sends Logan into the ropes. Dominik and Rey with a double 619. Dominik goes up top for a frog splash and Rey hits one but Miz tags in and slams Dominik onto Rey and hits a Skull Crushing Finale on Rey for the three count.

Winners: Logan Paul and Miz

After the match, the music hits as Paul rushes in to embrace Miz. They begin celebrating, raising their arms in the air and bowing for the crowd. Miz grabs Paul out of nowhere and drops him with a Skull Crushing Finale. The crowd goes wild and Miz is fired up now. Miz exits the ring and celebrates with a fan at ringside. Paul recovers and can’t believe it. He stares Miz down and recovers, getting back to his feet. Miz blows Paul a kiss as we go back to a replay of the turn. Paul makes his exit as a referee checks on him.

— Stephanie McMahon comes out onto the stage. Stephanie thanks everyone. She says she is blown away by the majesty of Wrestlemania. People coming from different countries, different states, and different backgrounds to celebrate this moment. Stephanie brings out Gable Steveson. Steveson makes his way out and waves to the fans. He gets a decent reception and while waving, we hear the commentary team put him over on the broadcast. That was literally it. Must be killing some time. We head to another commercial break as we gear up for our next match here on “The Grandest Stage of Them All.”

RAW Women’s Title Match
Bianca Belair vs. Becky Lynch (c)

We go back to the ring and a video starts playing on the big screens, similar to the one Tommaso Ciampa had at Stand & Deliver today. A white SUV drives out onto the stage and the driver gets out, then lets RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch out. Lynch stops and poses to pyro and smoke filling up the stage. Lynch marches to the ring with her new look as fans cheer her on. Lynch waits in the ring now as a full marching band comes out to do Bianca Belair’s entrance. The announcers say this is the Texas Southern University marching band. Belair appears and her gear is inspired by the leader of a marching band. Belair swings her hair and starts skipping to the ring as Lynch looks on. They face off in the ring and we get formal ring introductions from Mike Rome.

Bianca offers her hand and Becky wonders if she is going to be played like at SumemrSlam. Becky with a punch and Bianca goes for a KOD but Becky escapes. Becky with a Manhandle Slam but she can only get a near fall. Becky goes for DisArmHer but Bianca gets to the ropes. Becky gets a near fall. Becky with kicks and she gets a near fall. Becky gets another near fall. Becky with more near falls. Bianca with an inside cradle for a near fall. Becky with a cover and her feet on the ropes and the referee stops the count. Bianca with a suplex and rolls through for a second one but Becky counters with a DDT for a near fall.

Becky misses a moonsault when Bianca moves. Bianca with DisArmHer but Becky gets to the ropes. Becky with a La Magistral for a near fall. Bianca with a near fall. Bianca with a kick and she goes for a slam but Becky goes to Bianca’s shoulders. Bianca and Becky alternate near falls. Becky with a kick to the midsection. Becky goes to the floor and she pulls Bianca to the floor by the hair. Bianca goes for a slam on the floor but Becky gets to her feet and she sends Bianca into the ring steps. Becky gets back into the ring. Becky with an exploder.

Becky with another exploder. Becky goes for a third one and hits it. Becky gets a near fall. Becky send Bianca throat first into the ropes and Bianca has trouble breathing. Becky with an Irish whip and Bianca goes to the apron. Bianca with a forearm and she goes for a springboard move but Becky with a kick and Bianca hangs on the rope. Becky with a leg drop to the back for a near fall. Becky with a reverse chin lock. Bianca with a snap mare and Bianca goes to the turnbuckles but Becky pulls Bianca off the turnbuckles. Becky with a butterfly suplex and a cross arm breaker.

Bianca gets a near fall and then Becky reapplies the arm bar and then applies a triangle. Bianca picks up Becky and they both go over the top rope and they go to the floor. Becky pulls Bianca back to the floor and Becky sends Bianca off the ropes and Bianca with a suplex on the floor. They return to the ring and Becky with a forearm. Bianca with forearms and she backs Becky into the corner and connects with shoulders and kicks. The referee pulls Bianca out of the corner and Becky with a kick. Bianca blocks a back heel kick and Bianca with a tilt-a-whirl gutbuster for a near fall. Biaanca with a handpsring but Becky moves. Becky with a rollup to counter a power bomb for a near fall. Bianca with a Glam Slam. Bianca with a handspring moonsault for a near fall.

Bianca pulls Becky to the corner and Bianca goes up top. Becky stops Bianca with a punch. Becky with a forearm and she goes to the turnbuckles too. Becky punches Bianca on the turnbuckles. Becky goes for a superplex but Bianca with punches. Bianca gets Beck on her shoulders and drops Becky on the top turnbuckles. Bianca goes up top and hits the 450 splash for a near fall. Bianca waits for Becky to get up on the apron. Bianca with a shoulder and Becky drops Bianca on the top rope. Becky with kicks to Bianca. Becky goes up top and hits a Molly Go Round for a near fall. Bianca avoids a Manhandle Slam. Bianca with a forearm and Becky with a forearm of her own. Bianca with a spinebuster and handspring moonsault but Becky gets her knees up. Becky goes for DisArmHer and Bianca with a rollup for a near fall.

Bianca goes for a Glam Slam but Becky rolls through and then Bianca rolls through but Becky sends Bianca into the turnbuckles. Becky goes for a springboard side kick but Bianca gets Becky on her shoulders. Becky holds on to the ropes and Bianca sends Becky to the floor. Bianca send Becky back into the ring but Becky rolls to the floor. Bianca grabs Becky and Becky pulls Bianca by the hair and pulls her into the ring post. Becky with a Manhandle Slam onto the ring steps. Becky gets back into the ring and the referee starts his count. Bianca gets a second, third and fourth wind to get back in at nine. Becky gets a near fall. Becky with forearms to the back.

Becky picks up Bianca but Bianca flips out of the corner. Bianca with KOD for the three count.

Winner and NEW RAW Women’s Champion: Bianca Belair

After the match, Belair goes wild as the music hits and she begins to celebrate. Becky stumbles out of the ring and goes down. Belair takes the title and celebrates, raising the title in the air. We go to replays. Belair continues her big celebration with the crowd. She poses in the corner as we see her mother and father at ringside.

Seth Rollins vs. Cody Rhodes

After a couple of video packages, it is time to see who Seth Rollins opponent is. Seth makes his way to the ring and wait in the middle of the ring as fans chants for Cody.

The pyros explode, the lights went down and… The American Nightmare, Cody Rhodes emerges from under the stage as Rollins looks in shock.

Rollins starts laughing. Cody poses in the shadows and then heads down the ramp as the pyro goes off. Rhodes is fired up. He’s announced as “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes. Saxton and Graves say this is unreal, and they have chills. Saxton mentions Rhodes being away for 6 years and now he’s back, but no reference to AEW. Cody hands his belt to a young fan at ringside. He stops at the ring steps and apparently gives a nod to his father before entering the ring. Graves says Cody’s father, WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes, is looking down with a smile.

Cody shakes the referee’s hand before Seth and Cody lock up. They go to a stalemate. They lock up and Cody with a side head lock. Cody with an arm drag and he does a Stardust cartwheel. Seth with a side head lock. Cody with a forearm to the ribs and Seth with a shoulder tackle. Both men block hip toss attempts. Seth with a side head lock and Cody with a drop down uppercut. Rollins with a punch and Cody punches back.

Cody blocks a Pedigree and Rollins blocks Cross Rhodes. They go for suplexes but each block it until they both go over the top rope to the floor. Seth backs Cody into the apron but Cody pulls Seth’s shoulder into the ring post. Cody punches Seth in the midsection. Cody with a wrist lock and take down. Cody turns it into an arm bar. Cody with a figure four arm scissors. Seth with a rollup for a near fall. Cody with a top wrist lock and Rollins with a forearm. Cody goes for an O’Connor Roll and then he grabs Rollins and kicks him in the midsection.

Cody pulls Rollins off the ropes and Rollins lands on his feet and hits an enzuigiri. Cody with an arm wringer. Cody goes up top and goes for a cross body but Seth with a drop kick to Cody. Seth with knees to the midsection and then he hits a gutbuster out of a fireman’s carry position for a near fall. Seth with forearms as he welcomes Cody ‘back to the big leagues’. Seth with an Irish whip and a bear hug. Cody with an uppercut to the arm but Rollins with a back elbow and chop. Cody with a running forearm and he floats over Rollins and hits a power slam. Cody with a clothesline that sends Rollins over the top rope to the floor. Cody with a suicide dive that sends Rollins over the announce table.

Cody with a twisting cross body for a near fall. Seth goes to the floor and Cody follows. Rollins blocks Beautiful Disaster and catches Cody and then he power bombs Cody into the ringside barrier. They return to the ring. Rollins with a springboard knee to the temple and super kick. Rollins with a Falcon Arrow for a near fall. Rollins sets for the Stomp but Cody moves and rolls up Rollins. Rollins misses a Stomp and Cody goes for Cross Rhodes. Seth with a near fall. Cody with Cross Rhodes for a near fall. Cody goes to the turnbuckles and Rollins drops Cody on the turnbuckles. Rollins goes to the turnbuckles and sets for a belly-to-back superplex. Rhodes with elbows to send Rollins to the mat. Rollins sets for a reverse superplex and hits it and then hits a reverse side slam for a near fall. Seth sets for a Phoenix Splash and rolls through when Cody moves. Rollins with a kick and he tries for a Pedigree. Cody with a kick and he sets for a Pedigree. Rollins with a jackknife cover. Cody with a Tiger Bomb.

Cody with a Cody Cutter for a near fall. Rollins with a kick and Pedigree for a near fall. Cody with a punch and Seth punches back. They continue the exchange. Cody with forearms and kicks. Rollins with a kick. Rollins with Kawada kicks and a rolling elbow. Rolliins sets for the KO and connects. Cody with Cross Rhodes and then he holds on and hits one more. Cody with jabs and a Bionic Elbow. Cody with Cross Rhodes for the three count.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

After the match, the music hits as Rhodes stands tall and has his arm raised. The crowd pops big as Rhodes takes it all in. Rhodes poses in the middle of the ring with his arms open as we go to replays.

— We take a look at the Hall of Fame ceremony.

— It is time for the Hall of Fame Class of 2022 to appear on the stage, with The Undertaker getting a lot of time.

— Michael Cole mentions Boogs’ injury during the Smackdown Tag Title Match. Cole says that he has a torn quad and patella tendon. He will have to undergo surgery.

— We are told that attendance for tonight’s show is 77,899.

SmackDown Women’s Title Match
Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair (c)

We go back to the ring and out first comes Ronda Rousey. Rousey is all smiles as she marches down the ramp with nothing special but new custom attire. Rousey waits in the ring as SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair makes her way out next. Flair stops on the ramp and spins around to show of her robe as the fireworks explode above. Flair stops on the apron and has the referee open the ropes for her. Flair poses in the middle of the ring as more pyro goes off, then fireworks explode above the stadium. We get formal ring introductions from Irvin.

They lock up and Charlotte goes for a punch on the break but Ronda blocks it. Ronda with punches and Charlotte gets to the ropes. Charlotte with a punch and chop followed by a waist lock take down. Ronda with a rollup into an ankle lock but Charlotte escapes. Ronda with a judo throw but Charlotte goes for a figure four and Ronda with an inside cradle for a near fall. Charlotte with a front face lock and Ronda with an Irish whip and Charlotte does the Flair Flip to the apron. Charlotte punches Ronda and connects with a kick. Ronda with a springboard knee to Charlotte. Ronda with a head scissors in the ropes. Charlotte with a kick and a back breaker and elbow drop.

Ronda with an ankle lock while Charlotte is in the ropes and Charlotte sends Ronda to the floor. Charlotte sends Ronda into the ring post and gets a near fall when they return to the ring. Charlotte with a cravate. Charlotte with a snap mare and forearm to the head for a near fall. Charlotte wit a dragon sleeper. Ronda with a judo throw and a knee to the head for a near fall. Charlotte sends Ronda into the turnbuckles. Charlotte goes for a knee drop but misses. Ronda with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Ronda with a waist lock and Charlotte with elbows. Ronda blocks and elbow and connects with a kick and judo throws.

Charlotte with a spear for a near fall. Ronda with a head lock but Charlotte with a belly-to-back suplex. Charlotte walks over Ronda and goes to the turnbuckles for a moonsault. Ronda moves and Charlotte lands on her feet and hits a second moonsault for a near fall. Charlotte with chops. Ronda blocks a fallaway slam with one of her own and a near fall. Ronda is put in the tree of woe and Charlotte with kicks. Charlotte goes to the turnbuckles and Ronda tries to pull up but Charlotte punches her. Charlotte with a Boston Crab in the turnbuckles and Ronda pulls herself up. Charlotte knocks Ronda to the mat. Ronda with elbows on the turnbcukels and a super judo throw for a near fall. Ronda rolls through and gets Charlotte up for Piper’s Pit. Ronda sets for the arm bar but Charlotte escapes. Ronda with a knee but Charlotte with a boot to Ronda.

Ronda escapes a figure four attempt. Ronda with a power slam for a near fall. Ronda with an ankle lock. Charlotte reverses into an ankle lock. Ronda sends Charlotte into the turnbuckles to escape the hold. Charlotte gets a near fall after a slam to escape an arm bar submission. Charlotte goes for the figure four and Ronda with an ankle lock. Ronda adds more pressure to keep Charlotte from getting to the ropes. Ronda adds a grapevine of the leg but Charlotte kicks Ronda to get out of the hold. Charlotte with a figure four and she bridges into the figure eight. Ronda grabs Charlotte’s leg to reverse the figure four. They fight to the ropes and Ronda gets to the apron while Charlotte gets to the ropes. Ronda rolls to the floor.

Charlotte goes towards the turnbuckles and Ronda stops Charlotte. Ronda with an arm drag to send Charlotte to the floor. Ronda returns to the floor but Charlotte catches Ronda and hits a fallaway slam into the ringside barrier. Both return to the ring before the ten count. Charlotte pushes Ronda and pie faces her. Ronda blocks a kick and Ronda with Piper’s Pit into the ropes and she gets the three count but the referee did not see Charlotte’s foot on the rope so he continues the match.

Charlotte with Natural Selection for a near fall. Charlotte goes for the figure four and Ronda kicks Charlotte into the referee and the referee is down. Ronda with an arm bar submission but the referee is down so Ronda releases the hold. Charlotte with a boot to Ronda for the three count.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

After the bell, takes her title and quickly goes to the ramp as the music hits. Rousey sits up from the pin and she can’t believe what just happened. We go to replays. Flair raises the title on the ramp while backing up as Rousey seethes in the ring and yells out at her.

— Time for the announcer to go through the card of WrestleMania Night Two and for more “stupendous” video packages.

KO Show:

Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring, and it’s finaly time to see what happens when Steve Austin music will hits in the arena.

As the fans chant for Austin, Owens welcome us to the WrestleMania edition of the KO Show.

As you just saw, I said a lot of rotten things about Texas and Steve Austin. One of those things is that if North America was a human body, Texas would be the ass. Kevin says you have to give him credit for that. He says that might have been too far. Maybe I should apologize. After thinking about it, I would like to apologize to every Texan out there. Kevin says he is sorry for telling the absolute, God’s honest truth about your state. Kevin says it is worse than he remembers. Kevin says he feels like you are eagerly anticipating him bringing out his guest. He will bring him out when he is ready and he is not done telling you how much he despises this guy.

We have the worst role model in WWE history. Kevin says he used to look up to him. Kevin says he will look at Austin in the eyes and tell him how much he sucks. Do you know what he will do about it? He is not going to do a damn thing about it. He will sit in that chair and take it because he knows if Austin does not show him the respect he demands, Kevin will give him a stunner and pour beer on his bald head.

Owens keeps talking but the glass breaks and AT&T Stadium explodes as WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin makes his way out. Austin takes the pop in and paces around the stage. Owens sits in his chair in the ring and looks on, smirking. Austin suddenly walks back to the backstage area and he’s gone. The music continues to play. Austin comes back out riding his ATV down the ramp. Austin circles the ring several times and then parks the ATV. Austin hops off and enters the ring, posing in the corner as fans cheer him on.

Owens tells them to turn off Austin’s music since it is his show. 

Kevin tells Austin to take a seat. Kevin tells Austin to calm down and take a seat. Austin does not want to sit down. Kevin says he is not here for a fight. He wants a chat. Kevin welcomes Austin to the KO Show and he appreciates Steve showing up.

Austin asks Owens if he wants to talk about everything he said about him. Austin says that Owens is a jackass. He calls Owens a stupid son of a bitch for insulting Texas.

Kevin says he doesn’t know what is so great about Texas. In the summer, it is hotter than hell. The land is flat and uninspriing, unlike Canada. The people, they wear these stupid hats, these dumbass boots, and these stupid belt buckles. You can tell anyone who is a Texan by how dumb they look. Take the hats off and the boots off and move somewhere else. Kevin says if he lived in Texas, he would move to Mexico.

Austin says in five seconds, 75,000 people are going to be calling you an asshole. The crowd obliges.

Kevin says he is a distinguished French Canadian so he is going to move past the insults and be a better man. Kevin has a secret for Austin. He says he invited Austin to come on the KO show to talk but he lied.

Kevin says he didn’t need Austin to come out here to have everyone talking about the KO Show. Kevin says he doesn’t want to talk. Even though he has a bad back, Kevin says he is looking for a fight. Kevin says he is challenging Austin to a match. Kevin says he is sure that Austin’s knees and back are worse than when he stopped wrestling. Kevin says he is challenging Austin to a No Holds Barred match.

The crowd pops again and Austin just looks at Owens. Owens says Austin knows he can’t beat him. Owens goes on and tells Austin to get the hell out of his ring and get his ass back to his ranch.

Austin stares Owens down again, and leans up from the chair to look around AT&T Stadium. Austin says he had his first match right here in Dallas, and he could have his last match right here in Dallas. Austin asks if you want Stone Cold to compete in a match against this sack of shit, give him a Hell Yeah. Austin wants them to tell him louder and they do. Austin calls for a referee. Owens tosses the mic as a referee comes down. Owens gets up from his chair and tosses it out of the ring.

No Holds Barred Match: Steve Austin vs. Kevin Owens

The bell rings as WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin gets ready in the corner. Kevin Owens paces around the ring as the crowd pops. Austin approaches Owens in the middle of the ring and they face off. Austin talks some trash and they have words. Austin rocks Owens with a right hand and they start brawling. Austin beats Owens into the corner, then beats him down. Austin stomps a mud hole in Owens now as the fans count along with the first slow 7 stomps.

Austin then unloads with stomps for a pop. Austin calls Owens a stupid son of a bitch, helps him up, and launches him across the ring into the turnbuckles. Owens goes down. Austin is tossed a beer and he takes a big gulp, then goes back to stomping Owens in the corner.

Austin tosses Owens over the top rope to the floor. Austin follows, grabs another beer and sits it on the apron. Austin goes to whip Owens into the barrier but Owens counters and sends Austin into the barrier. Austin comes right back with a big clothesline at ringside. Austin sends Owens into the barrier and rakes his eyes. Fans chant “you still got it!” now as Austin works Owens over against the barrier. Owens sends Austin face-first into the ring post and Stone Cold goes down.

Owens hits Austin with the tripod from The KO Show set, then mounts him on the ground with right hands as fans boo. Owens leans a table against the barrier and goes to whip Austin into it, but Austin counters and launches Owens through the table. Austin tosses Owens over the barrier into the crowd. They brawl through the crowd now. Owens blocks suplex attempts on the concrete. Owens counters and drops Austin on the concrete with a suplex of his own. The referee immediately checks on Austin.

Owens stands tall and beats on his own chest, yelling out as fans boo him. Owens kicks Austin back to the ring area. They trade more punches now as Austin gets back in it. Owens drops him with a knee to the ribs. Owens dumps Austin over the barrier at the announce table. Owens climbs over but Austin grabs him and presses him from the top of the barrier onto the announce table. Austin grabs a few more beers and climbs on top of the announce table, standing over Owens. Austin drinks both beers as fans cheer him on.

Austin mounts Owens with right hands on top of the announce table as fans count along. Austin with double fists. He takes another beer and drinks it, then rolls Owens back into the ring. Austin follows but Owens rolls to the other side of the ring, dropping Austin over the top rope. Owens walks over to Austin’s ATV now. He’s trying to start it up so he can escape but Austin comes over and starts beating on him. Austin drives the ATV up the ramp with Owens on it. Austin stops on the stage and beats Owens across the large WrestleMania stage. Owens fights back but Austin blocks him and hits a suplex on the stage. Austin kicks Owens and punches him around some more, sending him face-first into the ATV rack.

Austin with a thumb to the eye and another suplex on the stage. Austin stands tall as fans cheer him on. Austin brings Owens back to the ramp and tosses him down it. Austin beats Owens back to the ringside area. Austin tosses Owens back into the ring and calls for two more beers. Austin brings the beers in the ring and drinks them. He then approaches Owens but Owens drops him with a Stunner out of nowhere for a close 2 count. Owens can’t believe it.

Owens brings a steel chair into the ring as Austin slowly gets back up. Owens swings the chair, Austin ducks and the chair bounces off the top rope, right back to Owens, hitting him in the face and dazing him. Austin follows right up with a Stone Cold Stunner for the pin to win.

Winner: Steve Austin

After the match, the glass breaks and the music hits as Stone Cold begins celebrating with more beers. Austin poses in the corner as the beer bash continues. He has a few more beers tossed to him so he can pose in the opposite corner. Austin rolls out of the ring and tosses a beer his brother, who is sitting behind the announcers. Austin returns to the ring and drops Owens with one more Stone Cold Stunner. Austin kicks Owens out of the ring and two Texas State Troopers are waiting for him. They escort a dazed Owens up the ramp.

Austin takes the mic and says it’s good to be back in Dallas, Texas, and that’s the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so! Austin continues the beer bash and shares a toast with the referee. Austin then invites Saxton into the ring for a beer. The music stops and Saxton is a bit worried based on what happened the last time he shared a beer with Stone Cold. They toast and Austin kicks him in the gut, then drops him with the Stunner. The music starts back up as Austin continues his beer bash while Saxton is laid out face-first on the mat. Austin’s brother briefly joins him in the ring for some beer. Graves and Smith plug Night Two of WrestleMania 38. WrestleMania Saturday goes off the air with Austin celebrating his final match.

Here is what’s in store for tonight:

Musical Performance: DJ Valentino Khan spins as fans enter AT&T Stadium

“America The Beautiful” Performance: Brantley Gilbert

SmackDown Women’s Title Match
Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair (c)

RAW Women’s Title Match
Bianca Belair vs. Becky Lynch (c)

SmackDown Tag Team Titles Match
Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs vs. The Usos (c)

Logan Paul and The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio

Drew McIntyre vs. Happy Baron Corbin

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods vs. Sheamus and Ridge Holland

Seth Rollins vs. Mystery Opponent

Kevin Owens hosts The KO Show with special guest WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin

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