WWE SmackDown Results (4/22) Albany, NY

WWE SmackDown Results (4/22) Albany, NY

WWE SmackDown Results (4/22) Albany, NY – We are live from the MVP Arena in Albany, NY, where Adam Pearce is in the ring with the official contract signing table, official contract signing carpet, official contract signing chairs and microphones. Pearce brings out Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair.

During Charlotte’s entrance, we see what happened last week between Charlotte and Drew Gulak. Pearce then brings out the challenger, Ronda Rousey.

Adam tells them that they need their signatures on the contract to make it official, but there is no contract on the table. Drew Gulak makes his way to the ring with the contract and Adam says that Drew is his new intern. Drew thanks Adam for the opportunity and Drew has prepared a POWER POINT PRESENTATION for the rules of an I Quit Match.

Charlotte tells Drew to shut up or she will make him quit his new job before he is hired.  Charlotte tells Ronda she won at Wrestlemania and the crowd chants that Charlotte taps out.  Charlotte explains the rules for the match and then she says she has been fantasizing how she would make Ronda say I Quit.  A boot to the face, a figure four, the figure eight.  Charlotte says that is too predictable.  How about an old fashioned beating.  Like at Wrestlemania, I always find a way to win.  At Backlash, I will make you say two of the most beautiful words in the English language, “I QUIT’.

Charlotte signs the contract.

Ronda tells Charlotte that I Quit means that there is no referee to spare you from any embarrassment.  Ronda says no ref will pull her off Charlotte or tell her when it is over.  You will say that you are better than me.  You will surrender your baby, the Smackdown championship, when I make you say “I QUIT”.  

Charlotte pushes over the table and grabs a kendo stick and hits Ronda with it.  Ronda takes the kendo stick and hits Charlotte. Drew takes the kendo stick from Ronda and has her sign the contract but Ronda gets Drew on her shoulders for Piper’s Pit.  Ronda puts Drew in a cross arm breaker and Ronda signs the contract.

– We see how Ridge Holland and Sheamus hyped Butch up last week, reminding him how The New Day is the enemy. We also see how Butch attacked Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston backstage.

— We go back to the ring for tonight’s opening bout and here comes The New Day – Xavier Woods with Kofi Kingston. They enter the ring and pose as fans cheer them on. We go to commercial.

Xavier Woods vs. Butch

Woods with a rollup for a near fall.  Woods with another near fall with a rollup.   Woods with chops to Butch.  Butch misses a clothesline and Woods with jabs and a clothesline.  Woods gets a near fall.  Butch with a forearm and he gets Woods to the mat and connects with forearms from a mount position.  Woods with a knee drop to the arm and he works on the fingers.  Butch with a boot to the elbow and he goes for a belly-to-back suplex but Woods lands on his feet.  Butch with an elbow to escape a wist lock.  Woods floats over and Butch with a fish hook and he sends Woods into the turnbuckles.  Butch works over Woods’ face.

Woods sends Butch over the top rope to the floor.  Woods with a drop kick through the ropes and Butch goes over the announce table.   Butch leaps over Sheamus and Holland off the ring steps and connects with a forearm to Woods.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Butch with a chicken wing and chin bar.  Butch works on the hand.and stomps on the ribs.  Butch with an arm bar.  Woods with forearms and chops.  Butch misses clotheslines and Woods with a rolling elbow and leg sweep.  Woods with a back senton.  Butch slaps Woods and hits a kick in the corner followed by an X Plex for a near fall. Butch sends Woods to the apron and kicks him in the head.  Woods with a slingshot into an inside cradle and the three count.

Winner:  Xavier Woods

After the match, Butch is not happy and he attacks the turnbuckle.  Butch goes to the floor and he goes into the crowd and attacks a member of security and sends him over the ringside barrier.  Butch walks through the crowd.


Aliyah is with Ricochet and she talks about his matches.  She brings up who Ricochet has beaten and she asks who is next. Riccohet says it is an honor to hold this title because some of the best have held this title.

Jinder Mahal and Shanky show up and Mahal says it was a fluke.  Mahal tells him he won’t have a problem defending his title. Ricochet says he will defend his title against anyone. Shanky tells him to defend it against him.

— Ludwig Kaiser is on the stage and he says what you are about to witness is dignified excution with precision.  A diabolical athlete who will stop at nothing to honor the integrity of this great sport. He introduces Gunther as we go to commercial.

Gunther vs. Teddy Goodz

Gunther with a wrist lock and he takes Goodz to the mat with a take down.  Gunther with a wrist lock.  Goodz misses a drop kick and Gunther with a boot to the head.  Gunther with a European uppercut and a chop on the turnbuckles.  Gunther chokes Goodz on the turnbuckles and suplexes him back into the ring.  Gunther with a chop.  Gunther with kicks and a chop.  Gunther with a slam and chop to the back.  Gunther with a sleeper into the power bomb for the three count.

Winner:  Gunther

— We take a look at the recent issues between the two tag team champions.


Riddle and Randy Orton are in the back and Riddle says he is going to hit Jey Uso with something sicker than he did to Jimmy.  He says he loves coming to Smackdown to hang out with his friends.

Drew McIntyre shows up and Riddle says he signed up him and Randy to be lumberjacks. Drew says that anyone who stsands up to the Bloodline’s BS is good with him. Randy says that Drew is good with him. Sami Zayn is shown hiding behind some tanks. 

Back to commecial.

— Xia Li says she was the protector but she sees no one worthy of her protection.  Now, I protect myself.

— We see Roman Reigns watching in his locker room with Paul Heyman.

Riddle vs. Jey Uso

Riddle with a waist lock and take down into a sleeper but Jey gets to the ropes to force a break.  Jey with a shoulder tackle.  Riddle goes for a sleeper and Jey wtih a snap mare to escape.  Jey with a punch.  Jey with more punches.  Riddle with a kick to the chest followed by a gutwrench suplex.  Riddle with a forearm and Jey with a back elbow.  Jey with a forearm and chops.  Riddle with a kick to Jey and he misses a kick.  Jey goes to the floor.  Riddle goes for a suicide dive but Jey with a punch.  Jey Irish whips Riddle into the ring steps.  Jey mocks Orton and hits a back drop driver onto the announce table.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Jey with a reverse chin lock. Jey with an enzuigiri and he points to the sky. Jey has a punch blocked and Riddle with a forearm. Jey with a forearm and they go back and forth. They continue the exchange with chops and forearms. Riddle with a boot and Pele Kick. Riddle with a forearm into the corner and a second one. Riddle with an exploder. Riddle misses a kick, misses a moonsault and misses a back senton. Jey with a wast lock and Riddle lands on his feet on a German suplex. Riddle with a jumping knee and he goes up top and hits the twisting senton for a near fall. Riddle gets Jey up and goes for Bro 2 Sleep but Jey gets to his feet and rolls up Riddle for a near fall.

Riddle with an IEDDT and then he looks around for the RKO but Jimmy gets on the apron and Orton gives Jimmy a back drop driver onto the announce table.  Riddle goes for an RKO but Jey blocks it.  Jey with a pop up neck breaker for a near fall.  Both men struggle to get to ttheir feet.  Riddle with a jumping knee and Jey with a super kick.  Jey goes up top for a frog splash as Roman watches in the back.  Riddle gets his knees up and gets the three count.

Winner:  Riddle

After the match, Roman is in his comfy chair rubbing his temples.

— We take a look back at the Women’s Tag Title Match from Monday Night.

— WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Naomi and Sasha Banks make their way to the ring and they have something to say… After a commercial.

In the Arena:

We are back and Kayla Braxton are in the ring and she mentions when they made the announcement they were going to win the tag titles.  Kayla asks if this reign is everything they expected it to be.

Naomis says they are just getting started.  She says she knew what they were capable of together and they backed it up.  That is why they are dominating the division.  Sasha says they are trailblazers and history makers.  Sasha says she has had Naomi’s back since day one and they have no competition. Naomi says they sent Carmella on her honeymoon and Rhea and Liv exploded.

Natalya and Shayna Baszler make their way to the ring.  

Natalya says Sasha forgot the team they didn’t beat to win the titles.  Sasha says she remembers them being at Mania but also watching them win the titles. Natalya says she is a three time record holder. Naomi asks if it is about being a bad dancer or her cats. Shayna says they are going to stretch and snap every bone in their bodies limp by limp and the fun will be over.  You are looking at the next Women’s Tag Team Champions.  

Shayna pushes Sasha down and Naomi holds her back. Naomi tells them to try to take them.


Riddick Moss is in the back and Corbin shows up. Corbin says he was happy to see Moss get his victory.  The mentoring paid off.  Corbin says it is time and you made your point.  They both said some harsh things and he will be the bigger man and forgive Moss. Moss says they did share some good laughs, but going back to being your sidekick has as much chance as Corbin growing a full head of hair. Corbin walks away and Moss laughs.

We go to commercial.


We are back with a look at Raquel Rodriguez.  She says she is the brick wall that nobody can get throgh.  She says she has never ducked or dodged a challenge.  Line them up and I will knock them down. Raquel makes her debut next week.

Madcap Moss vs.Angel Garza

They lock up and oss backs Garza into the corner.  Garza with a punch out of the break.  Moss with a forearm and a waist lock take down.  Moss with forearms and a kick.  Garza misses a short arm clothesline and Moss with a back elbow.  Moss goes after Humberto but the distraction backfires and Moss send Garza to the floor.  Humberto grabs Moss’ leg and Garza with a drop kick through the ropes.  Garza with a chop against the ropes.  Moss catches Garza on a cross body attempt and Moss with a fallaway slam.  Moss with punches and kicks in the corner.  Moss with an Irish whip and shoulder.  Moss knocks Humberto off the apron and then he hits a running shoulder tackle on Garza.

Moss with the Punchline for the three count.

Winner:  Madcap Moss

After the match, Corbin attacks Moss from behind and punches and kicks Moss.  Corbin with End of Days to Moss. Corbin carries the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Trophy to the back.

— Sami Zayn dances in the back and he thinks about knocking on Roman Reigns’ door.

We go to commercial.


We are back and Roman Reigns is talking to Jey Uso.  Jey says he was about to get him.  Jey says it won’t happen again. Paul Heyman tells Roman that they have  guest to see him.  He says it is Sami Zayn.

Sami asks Roman how he is doing.  He says he acknowledges Roman.  He says what Roman is doing is great.  There is no dispute that Roman is the head of the table.  Sami says he is a locker room leader and he hears and sees everything that is going on.  Sami says he heard Drew getting chummy with Randy and Riddle.  Now they are going to be lumberjacks in his match tonight.  Sami says he is not a snitch or a rat.  They said some disrespectful things about Roman and his family.  Sami says this brings him to a proposal.  His name and reputation has taken hit after hit.  People think he is afraid of Drew McIntyre.  He needs to beat Drew to get his reputation back.  If there was some way he could get some help, he would be more than happy to help in return.  I could be a very valuable ally.  I acknowledge you and I need you to recognize me. Sami says he has a think and he leaves the locker room.

Roman says we have people on his show running their mouth about him.  He tells Jimmy and Jey to take his name out of their mouths.

— We take a look at the next chapter in Lacey Evans’ life.

Lacey says they were in small houses with mold.  The more money her dad brought into the house meant more drugs.  Her mom was not there during years when she was needed.  She did not have her mom as a shoulder to cry on.  She was left crying on a pile of dirty clothes.  I learned how to put on my own make up.  I started in amateur wrestling in Florida when I was 15 years old and I was ranked nationally.  When you don’t have anyone to rely on, you realize how unstoppable you are.

Imagine having to walk two miles in the rain while juggling a job and wrestling to see your dad passed out and high with a burning cigarette in his mouth.  I learned how unbreakable I was.  What I have been through made me motivated and ready for everything.  I am no better than any of the superstars and they are no better than me.

— The lumberjacks make their way to the ring as we go to commercial.

— We are back and next week Ricochet defends the Intercontinental Championship against Shanky. We will also have a Beat the Clock I Quit Challenge between Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair.

Drew McIntyre vs. Sami Zayn in a Lumberjack Match

The bell rings nd Sami goes to the floor and he is sent back into the ring.  Sami rolls back to the floor and he goes to the face side of the ring and they stop Sami from going into the crowd.  Drew tosses Sami into the turnbuckles and punches him.  Drew with a chop.  Drew with another chop.  Sami sends Drew over the top rope to the floor when Sami drops down.  Holland and Sheamus attack Drew and then send Drew back into the ring.

We go to commercial.

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