NXT Stand & Deliver Results (4/2) Dallas, TX

NXT Stand & Deliver Results

NXT Stand & Deliver Results – The NXT Stand & Deliver Kickoff pre-show opens up from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas as McKenzie Mitchell welcomes us. She’s joined by Sam Roberts and WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix. We see fans finding their seats in the background as they hype tonight’s show. We see Bron Breakker arriving to the venue earlier today. We also see video of Tommaso Ciampa arriving. They talk about this potentially being Ciampa’s final NXT match.

We get a video package and discussion for tonight’s NXT Women’s Title Fatal 4 Way. McKenzie sends us to Kayla Braxton and Peter Rosenberg, who are outside of AT&T Stadium. They discuss the Fatal 4 Way and Rosenberg predicts Cora Jade will win. We go back to the panel and then take another break. We come back to pre-recorded footage of Trick Williams and NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes looking out over the city of Dallas yesterday, talking about his reign and how he doesn’t miss. We see backstage footage from moments ago, of Hayes and Williams going over match rules with a referee. We see footage of Gunther and LA Knight arriving to the venue. The panel discusses the match and we see a “Tale of the Tape” for Gunther vs. Knight. Sam doesn’t think Knight can get the win. They discuss the NXT Tag Team Titles next and Malcolm Bivens joins the panel for a back & forth with Sam. Beth believes MSK will win the titles, and Sam picks The Creed Brothers.

Edris Enofe interrupts from the big screen, calling out Bivens but Malik Blade walks up and interrupts with a gift basket for NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose. Enofe encourages him to just enter Toxic Attraction’s locker room and give the basket, and he does. We hear a commotion behind the door and Enofe removes the Toxic Attraction door sign to reveal that Blade really entered Imperium’s locker room. Enofe runs away, laughing about how this was an April Fool’s joke. A stressed Blade comes back out and points to how this is April 2. We go to a promo from Grayson Waller, who is out in the city with Sanga, talking about how he will win the Ladder Match today. We go to another break.

We see pre-recorded footage of Legado del Fantasma backstage. Santos Escobar talks about how he will win the Ladder Match and the world will witness him becoming the greatest luchadore of all-time. He’s doing it for history, for legacy, and for family – Legado del Fantasma. Former NFL player and American Ninja Warrior commentator Akbar Gbaja-Biamila joins the panel now. They send us to a video package on the “hottest couple” competition with Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis vs. Persia Pirotta and Duke Hudson. We see both couples out and about in Texas shopping for Western-style clothes. Persia and Indi argue over who will be the sexiest cowboy in Dallas. We see both couples backstage now. McKenzie tells fans to use hashtags to vote for the hottest couple. The panel briefly discusses the Ladder Match and Akbar believes Hayes will retain. We get a video for tonight’s NXT Title match next. Robert Roode and NXT Champion Dolph Ziggler are shown arriving earlier. The panel goes on and sends us to the ring for tonight’s Kickoff match.

NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles Match: Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez vs. Toxic Attraction

We go to the ring and Vic Joseph welcomes us. He’s joined at ringside by Wade Barrett and they are ready to go, along with the crowd that is still finding their seats. Out first comes Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai for their reunion match. Out next comes NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Toxic Attraction – Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne.

Jacy attacks Raquel from behind as the bell rings and Gigi goes after Dakota and kicks her to the floor. Raquel knocks Jacy off the apron. Raquel with a knee to Gigi and a fallaway power bomb hot shot and clothesline. Dakota tags in and Raquel hip tosses Dakota into a double stomp for a near fall. Dakota with an inside cradle. Dakota with a crucifix for a near fall. Gigi with a rollup for a near fall. Gigi with a double leg take down and a bridge for a near fall.

Raquel tags in and knocks Jacy off the apron. Raquel gets Gigi up in a torture rack. Dakota tags in and hits a running boot. Raquel with an airplane spin into a power bomb and Dakota gets a near fall. Dakota with an O’Connor Roll and Jacy breaks up the cover with a neck breaker. Jacy with kicks and Gigi tags in and connects with a clothesline. Jacy with a back senton and Gigi with a kick to the back. Dakota with punches and Gigi with forearms and Kawada kicks. Gigi with a heel hook but Dakota kicks Gigi away. Jacy tags in and she grabs the leg. Dakota rolls through to escape and Jacy with a forearm to Raquel. Raquel is tagged in but the referee did not see it. Dakota with a jaw breaker and Raquel tags in. Raquel goes for the Chingona bomb but Jacy blocks it. Raquel with a twisting elbow drop off the turnbuckles for a near fall.

Raquel puts Jayne on the turnbuckles and then Dakota with a spider German superplex for a near fall. Dolin breaks up the cover and Raquel with a knee. Gigi escapes a power bomb and applies a knee bar. Jayne kicks Raquel. Dakota misses a kick and Kai blocks a kick. Both women with kicks at the same time and both go down.

Jayne and Kai exchange forearms and Gigi tags in and Jayne with a German suplex and Gigi with a German suplex for a near fall. Gigi sends Dakota to the mat. Jacy tags back in and they connect with Toxic Shock for a near fall. Wendy Choo comes out and hits Gigi with her pillow and tosses her drink in Gigi’s face. Gonzalez with a boot to Gigi on the floor. Kai with a Scorpion Kick and a running boot into the corner. Gonzalez tags in and hits the Chingona Bomb for the three count.

Winners and NEW NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions: Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai

We go to Cameron Grimes yesterday. He says they say the journey is worth the destination. Five men want to be champion. Four men want clout and a legacy. I told my dad I wanted to be a champion and this is my last chance to stand and deliver. I will take the title to the moon.

Kayla and Peter are back and Kayla says it was good to see Raquel and Dakota reunite to get the titles. Peter mentions Bron Breakker and Dolph Ziggler.

We return to Akbar, McKenzie, and Sam and they talk about the new tag champs. McKenzie asks what match will steal the show tonight. Akbar mentions the Breakker/Ziggler match. Sam mentions Ciampa/D’Angelo and how it might be Ciampa’s last match. McKenzie mentions the North American title match. Sam says he cannot wait to see the ladder match. All five can make a claim for the title, but only one can win.

The music hits for the Ladder Match as we see Legado del Fantasma coming out – Santos Escobar with Elektra Lopez, Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde. We then see Grayson Waller coming out with Sanga and that’s it for the Kickoff.

NXT Stand & Deliver Results

It’s time to switch over to the WWE Network on Peacock TV for the start of the main show. The NXT North American Championship Ladder Match kicks off a loaded Stand & Deliver show.

The elaborate cold open video package airs and then we see the Applebees presents Stand & Deliver opening credit as we shoot back inside the American Airlines Center. Vic Joseph welcomes us to the main show here on the WWE Network on Peacock TV, as we get ready to head back to the ring for our NXT North American Championship Ladder Match. We see Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett standing ringside as a couple of the competitors are already in the ring following their entrances at the end of the Kickoff Show pre-show.

NXT North American Championship Ladder Match
Santos Escobar vs. Grayson Waller vs. Solo Sikoa vs. Cameron Grimes vs. Carmelo Hayes (c)

We head back to the entrance area as the theme for Cameron Grimes airs to bring out the fourth competitor in this five-person ladder match for the NXT North American title. Once Grimes settles into the ring, out comes the fifth and final competitor — reigning and defending NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes.

Carmelo says it is the most important title and none of you deserve it. Hayes kicks Waller and Escobar with an Irish whip but Trick pulls Hayes to the floor. Waller goes after Grimes while Escobar fights with Sikoa. Waller joins forces with Escboar and Hayes pulls Sikoa to the floor and sends him into the guardrails. Waller is sent to the floor. Grimes with forearms and a Yakuza kick. Hayes pushes Grimes off the turnbuckles to the floor.

Hayes tells Trick to get a ladder but Wilde and Mendoza stop him. Sikoa enters the ring and Hayes pushes him. Sikoa with punches and he goes for a thrust kick but Hayes holds on to the ropes and Hayes with a kick. Escobar clotheslines Sikoa over the top rope to the floor. Hayes misses a kick and Escobar with a drop kick.

Grimes pulls Escobar to the floor and he punches Hayes. Sikoa with a punch to Hayes and Hayes pinballs between them as they kick Hayes. Waller and Escobar take care of Grimes and Sikoa. Sanga gets a ladder for Waller and Escobar is given a ladder by Wilde and Mendoza. Waller and Escobar with punches and Escobar with a drop kick into the ladder that Sanga held. Waller drop kicks the other ladder into Wilde and Mendoza.

Sanga brings another ladder to the ringside area. Sikoa punches Sanga and Sanga punches back and he sends Sikoa into the ring. Grimes with a back heel kick to Sanga and Sikoa with a suicide dive into Sanga. Escobar with a suicide dive to Waller. Grimes with a flip dive over Hayes onto Escobar. Hayes looks around and he hits an Asai moonsult onto Grimes. Waller is in the ring and he teases a dive to the floor but picks up the ladder and sets it up. Sikoa pulls him off the ladder and sends Waller into the ladder. Sikoa hits Waller with the ladder and traps Waller in the corner. Sikoa sends Hayes into the ladder trapping Waller. Sikoa punches Hayes. Escobar goes after Sikoa but he moves and Escobar hits Hayes with the ladder. Sikoa has Escobar against a ladder and Sikoa with a running hip strike to Escobar and it also affects Hayes and Waller.

Grimes pulls Sikoa off the ladder and Sikoa with a punch. Sikoa misses a thrust kick and gets his leg caught in the ladder. Grimes with a kick and he starts to climb the ladder but Hayes with an enzuigiri to stop him. Hayes grabs the ladder and tosses it to Grimes and Hayes with a kick. Grimes hits Hayes with the ladder. Escobar drop kicks the ladder that Grimes is holding and Grimes goes down. Escobar runs the ladder into Grimes’ groin and then he drop kicks the ladder.

Escobar hits Waller with the ladder and then he sets it up. Waller with a rolling cutter on Escobar to get him off the ladder. Waller climbs the ladder and Hayes pulls him off. Wallder gets Hayes on his shoulders and Hayes gets to the ladder. Waller with a punch and Hayes with a springboard clothesline to get Waller off the ladder. Hayes climbs the ladder. Sikoa pulls Hayes to the mat and Hayes with a punch. Hayes goes for a springboard move but Sikoa with a super kick. Sikoa climbs the ladder. Escobar cllimbs the other side and Escobar punches Sikoa. Escobar has his fingers on the belt but Sikoa stops hiim. Santos with a sunset flip power bomb off the ladder and it sends Sikoa into the ladder propped in the corner.

Escobar with a running double knee strike to Grimes. Grimes with a kick and Escobar with a knee. Grimes with a Spanish Fly cross body and both men are down in the ring. Sanga and Williams fight in the ring and Sanga punches Williams and then he destroys the ladder. Wilde and Mendoza with a springboard double drop kick to the back while Lopez distracts Sanga in the ring. Wilde and Mendoza hit Sanga with a part of the ladder. Lopez with a cross body off the turnbuckles onto Waller on the floor. Mendoza and Wilde attack Sanga but Sanga with knees to Mendoza and a hip toss. Mendoza hits Sanga in the back with a ladder and Wilde super kicks a ladder into Sanga’s chest.

Sikoa with clotheslines to Wilde and Mendoza and then he gets both men onto his shoulders and Sikoa sends them to the mat. Sikoa and Escobar climb the ladder and Williams pushes them over. Williams starts to climb the ladder and he shows that he is not happy to be on top of the ladder. Grimes pushes the ladder off and Williams lands on Escobar, Wilde, and Sanga. Grimes tries to climb the ladder but Hayes stops him. Hayes climbs the ladder and Waller stops him. Waller touches the belt but Hayes punches him. They exchange punches on top of the ladder. Grimes sets up a smaller ladder next to them. Sikoa climbs that ladder while Escobar sets up another ladder. All five men grab for the belt. Sikoa and Grimes are knocked off their ladder and into the ropes. Waller pulls Hayes shoulder into the ladder and Hayes falls. Waller sends Escobar to the mat. Waller has his hand on the belt but Escobar stops him.

Waller with punches to Escobar and Escobar with punches. Escobar with a rana off the ladder. Sikoa with a frog splash on Escobar. Sikoa climbs a ladder and Grimes stops him. Sikoa with a super kick to Grimes. Grimes sends Sikoa shoulder first into the ring post. Grimes with Cave In to Sikoa on a ladder hanging on the apron. Hayes kicks Grimes on the apron. Grimes with a kick and then both men with boots and they are both on ladders hanging off the apron. Waller goes up top on a ladder on the floor and tries for an elbow drop onto Hayes and Grimes but they get off the ladders and Waller is in a lot of pain.

Hayes climbs the ladder but Escobar pulls him off and Escobar with a Phantom Driver to Hayes. Grimes with Cave In off the ropes. Grimes grabs the belt.

Winner and NEW NXT North American Champion: Cameron Grimes

After the match, fans pop big for Grimes as he stands up on the ladder with the title. The music hits and we go to replays. Grimes raises the title for the fans as they cheer him on.

– We see footage from earlier today of Bron Breakker arriving to the venue. We also see the footage of The Dirty Dawgs arriving.

— We see the video segments from Tony D’Angelo and Tommaso Ciampa that aired on NXT this week.

Tony D’Angelo vs. Tommaso Ciampa

We see Tony D’Angelo pulls up in a car along with AJ Galante. They arrive inside the building and then exit the vehicle before making their walk directly to the ring for our second match here on the main show.

As the two settle inside the ring, the music fades down. Now one of the pillars of NXT begins to make his elaborate ring entrance.

We see a bunch of bodies emerging from the entrance way as shadowy figures while quick-cuts of past footage of Tommaso Ciampa in NXT is shown. Finally we hear “my time is now!” and the “Fight to Survive” theme hits as Ciampa makes his way out for this one-on-one showdown.

They lock up and they go around the ring. D’Angelo kicks Ciampa on the break and then punches Ciampa. Ciampa with a face buster and leg lariat. Ciampa with a spinebuster and he bows to the crowd and follows D’Angelo to the floor. Tony kicks Ciampa when he gets back into the ring. D’Angelo with a punch and shoulder in the corner. Tony with a kick and then he kicks metaphorical dirt on Ciampa.

Ciampa with chops and punches in the corner followed by kicks. Ciampa with a running knee into the corner. Ciampa with two more running knees and then he pulls Tony to the floor and sends him into the ring steps. Ciampa with a running knee to the side of the head and then Ciampa gets on the apron and applauds himself and pats himself on the back. Ciampa pulls up the ringside mats. D’Angelo with a double leg take down when Ciampa gets back in the ring. Tony with punches and kicks.

Tony with punches and a butterfly suplex for a near fall. Tony chokes Ciampa in the ropes. Tony with a punch and back elbow. Tony with a reverse chin lock. Ciampa with punches and chops . Tony with an Irish whip but Ciampa slides into the corner and connects with a series of clotheslines. Ciampa with Infinity Clotheslines to Tony in the corner. Ciampa with a flying clothesline to Tony.

Ciampa pulls down the knee pad and misses a running knee. Tony with a kick and Falcon Arrow for a near fall. Ciampa sets for Fairy Tale Ending but Tony blocks it. Ciampa gets Tony up and goes for an Air Raid Crash. Tony with a rollup for a near fall. Ciampa with a rollup for a near fall. Tony punches Ciampa. Ciampa slaps and chops Tony. Ciampa puts Tony on the turnbuckles and he chops Tony. Ciampa sets for a Super Air Raid Crash but Tony with elbows to block it. Tony pushes Ciampa to the mat and Ciampa with a knee as Tony comes off the turnbuckles. They get back to their feet before the ten count and they exchange punches.

Ciampa with a rolling elbow and he runs into a back elbow from Tony. Tony goes into the ring steps and pulls out a crowbar. Tony misses and Ciampa with a boot to the head. The referee takes care of the crowbar and Tony kicks Ciampa low and hits a twisting fisherman’s suplex for a near fall. Tony has some words with AJ. Tony gets the crowbar again and Ciampa with Willow’s Bell and he sets for Fairy Tale Ending and hits it but Tony kicks out.

Ciampa with a GargaNo Escape but Tony gets to the ropes to force a break. Ciampa tries for a German suplex on the floor but Tony blocks it. Tony tries for a German suplex of his own but Ciampa escapes. Tony with a DDT on the floor. Tony pushes Ciampa into the ring. Tony with a boot to the head for the three count.

Winner: Tony D’Angelo

After the match, Tony D stands tall as the music hits. AJ taunts the crowd and joins Tony in the ring to celebrate. The announcers declare Tony D as the new Don of NXT. We go to replays. Tony and AJ head to the back as Ciampa sits up in the ring on his knees. Fans applaud and chant “thank you Ciampa!” now. Ciampa gets to his feet as the cheers continue. Ciampa briefly looks around the crowd. As he nears the entrance curtain at the top of the aisle, we hear the familiar sounds of Triple H’s theme song. The Godfather of NXT makes his way out in a suit to a big pop. He embraces Ciampa and gives him an emotional send-off as they turn and pose in front of the crowd one final time.

NXT Tag-Team Championships
The Creed Brothers vs. MSK vs. Imperium (c)

The Creed Brothers make their way out for our next match of the evening, which will be a three-way tag-team bout with the NXT Tag-Team Championships on-the-line.

We see the Creed Bros settle inside the squared circle and their music fades down.

Now the theme for MSK hits and out they come to a decent fan reaction. They bring a ton of energy to the ring and pose as their music fades out.

Finally, the familiar sounds of the entrance tune for the reigning and defending tag champs Imperium plays. They make their way out last for this three-way title showdown.

Brutus, Lee, and Barthel start things off and Barthel slaps Lee and Barthel with a waist lock but Brutus with a take down. Lee with a drop kick off Barthel’s back. Barhtel slaps Lee and Lee with a kick to the back of the head and s snap mare. Lee with a drop kick and Carter tags in and Lee with a kick and Carter with a bronco buster. Carter with an uppercut and kicks to Brutus. Barthel chops Brutus and gives Lee a forearm.

Aichner tags in and he punches Brutus from behind. Brutus with a forearm and he knocks Carter off the apron. Aichner with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Aichner gets Carter up but Carter gets to his corner and tags in Lee. Lee flips over Aichner but Aichner with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Julius tags in and he knocks Carter and Barthel off the apron. Julius with a shoulder to Lee and Brutus tags in. Brutus with a POUNCE to Lee. Barthel tags in and they go for the drop kick combination on Lee but Brutus with a German suplex to Aichner and Julius with a German suplex to Barthel. Brutus with forearms to Carter. Brutus with a gutwrench to Barthel and a knee to Carter. Julius tags in and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Carter with a jumping knee and Lee tags in. Lee and Carter with punches and kicks to Julius. Lee catapults Barthel into a super kick and then Carter with a double stomp for a near fall.

Barthel kicks Lee in the corner and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Barthel with a corkscrew back elbow off the turnbuckles. Aichner with a shoudler tckle to Lee and he knocks Julius off the apron. Aichner catches Carter on a cross body and slams him into the ropes. Aichner with a clothesline to Lee for a near fall. Aichner catches Julius and does a squat before hitting a Finlay Slam. Carter sends Aichner to the floor and then Carter sends Barthel off the apron into Aichner. Lee with a Flying Space Tiger Drop onto Aichner and Barhtel. Carte rwith a splash to Aichner and Lee with a back senton off the turnbuckles for a near fall.

Julius goes up top and Carter crotches him. Lee and Carter go for a double superplex but Julius stops Lee. Aichner takes Lee’s spot and then Lee and Barthel with punches and Carter and Aichner give Julius a double superplex onto Lee and Barthel. Brutus tags in and he goes up top and hits a cannonball onto Lee, Carter, and Barthel. Brutus sends Carter into the ring and Julius tags in. Julius picks up Carter and Brutus with a spinebuster but Aichner breaks up the cover. Barthel sends Julius into the ring steps. Barthel and Aichner hit the Imperium Bomb off the apron to the floor. They set for the Imperium Bomb on Carter but Carter with a Code Red. Lee kicks Barthel on the turnbuckles and then hits a rana into a sit out power bomb from Carter for the three count.

Winners and NEW NXT Tag Team Champions: MSK

After the match, MSK stands tall as the music hits and we go to replays. The Diamond Mine looks on from ringside, disappointed, as MSK celebrates up the ramp.

— Time for Nikkita Lyons‘ video package.


McKenzie Mitchell is in the back with Cameron Grimes and she asks what this win means for him. Grimes says he has been working his ass off for three years. This is where he wanted to be. His father said he would be a WWE superstar. Now he is more than a WWE Superstar. He is a WWE Champion.

— We see Harland and Joe Gacy in Dealey Plaza. Gacy mentions how the world came together as one due to the tragedy that happened here. Why does tragedy bring people together instead of triumph. Gacy says that is his responsibility. He will unite people. He says he hopes that you choose peace so we do not have to deal with loss or tragedy again. It depends on all of you, doesn’t it?

NXT Women’s Championship
Io Shirai vs. Kay Lee Ray vs. Cora Jade vs. Mandy Rose (c)

After the pre-match video package telling the story leading up to our next bout wraps up, we head back inside the American Airlines Center for the ring entrances of the four competitors in this NXT Women’s Championship contest.

All three challengers move in on the champion and Mandy sends them away for a moment until they get her down and Mandy goes to the floor. Ray with a snap mare to Jade and a kick. Io with a drop kick to Jade. Mandy pulls Jade to the floor and slaps her. Jade grabs Mandy and Io and Ray with suicide dives onto Mandy and Jade. Ray kicks Jade and Jade with a forearm. Mandy sends Io into the apron. Jade sends Ray into the apron.

Io sends Mandy to the floor and then kicks her. Ray sends Jade into the apron. Io and Ray enter the ring. They shake hands and Ray goes for a KLR bomb but she turns it into a back slide for a near fall. Io with a sunset flip for a near fall. Ray goes for a suplex but Io blocks it. Io goes for a Tiger Driver but Ray with a back body drop and Io lands on her feet. Io with a drop toe hold and she sets for the Tiger Feint Kick but Ray moves. Mandy pulls Io to the floor and then she punches Ray. Mandy kicks Ray and Jade with a Thesz Press and punches. Mandy with a forearm and a waist lock take down.

Mandy with a spinebuster to Jade but Ray breaks up the cover. Ray is sent to the floor and collides with Io. Mandy kicks Jade in the corner. Mandy with more kicks to Jade. Jade with punches and Mandy with a forearm. Mandy with a delayed vertical suplex on Jade. Mandy gets a near fall. Mandy with a knee to knock Ray off the apron and then she punches Io off the apron to the floor. Mandy goes over the top rope to the floor when Jade drops down. Cora with a cannonball of the apron. Ray with a cannonball of her own to Jade. Io goes up top and hits a moonsault onto Ray. Io and Ray return to the ring and Io with a waist lock. Io with a back elbow against the ropes. Ray with a waist lock and Io with a victory roll into a double stomp. Io with a Tiger Feint Kick to Ray. Io with a missile drop kick and she gets a near fall. Mandy sends Io to the floor. Mandy gets a near fall on Ray. Ray with a Koji Clutch but Jade tries to break it up and Io with a rollup for a near fall. Io with a Cloverleaf on Jade while Ray holds on to the Koji Clutch on Mandy. Jade kicks Io out of the hold and Io lands on Ray and Rose.

Ray with a gourdbuster to Io and Mandy with a clothesline to Ray. Jade with a head scissors take down and a drop kick to the knees and a kick to the head. Jade limps a little and hits a springboard double stomp to Mandy’s back. Jade with a forearm to Mandy. Mandy sends Jade to the apron and Jade with a forearm. Jade with a Destroyer onto the apron. Io with a Tiger Feint Kick to Jade’s back in the ropes. Io with a missile drop kick to Mandy and a running double knee strike to Mandy in the corner.

Io with a waist lock and a German suplex for a near fall. Mandy kicks Io from the apron and Mandy goes up top. Io with a palm strike and Io goes up top. Io with a Spanish Fly. Cora with a back senton off the turnbuckles to break up the cover. Jade with a running knee to Mandy in the ropes. Jade with Sliced Bread #2 and a DDT for a near fall. Ray with KLR Bomb on Jade. Ray goes up top and Io pushes Ray off the turnbuckles to the floor. Io with a moonsault to Jade. Mandy with a running boot and she pins Io.

Winner: Mandy Rose

— We are in the back and McKenzie Mitchell is with Duke Hudson, Persia Pirotta, Dexter Lumis, and Indi Hartwell. Persia kisses Duke before the vote is revealed and Indi and Dexter win 89% to 11%. They argue and have to be separated by officials.

Gunther vs. LA Knight

We go back to the ring and out comes Gunther, the leader of Imperium. Out next comes LA Knight for a pop.

The bell rings and they face off, then lock up. Gunther takes it to the corner but Knight turns it around, still staying locked up. They tangle in the corner and Gunther backs off but slaps Knight and yells at him. Knight turns it around in the corner and stomps away, putting Gunther down. Gunther goes to the floor for a breather but Knight nails a clothesline from the apron. They continue brawling at ringside as the referee counts.

Gunther with a big powerbomb on the edge of the apron. Gunther returns to the ring to pose but here comes Knight. Gunther fights Knight into the corner but LA fights back out. Gunther keeps working Knight around the ring, then scoop slams him. Gunther with a quick pin attempt before grounding Knight and man-handling him on the mat some. Gunther takes it back to the corner for more big strikes. Knight kicks out of the corner and unloads with puncher but Gunther chops him. Gunther with a big forearm to the back.

More back and forth now. Gunther with a Boston Crab in the middle of the ring. Knight won’t quit as Gunther grounds him with another submission. They get back up and Gunther launches LA into the turnbuckles. Knight counters with a big back-drop. Fans start to rally for Knight now. Knight charges but Gunther levels him with a huge chop. Fans chant for Gunther now but Knight blocks a suplex, then hits one of his own.

Knight and Gunther are slow to get up. Knight is up first and he charges but gets sent to the apron. Knight fights from the apron and launches himself over the top rope with a shoulder. Knight stomps away in the corner now while fans chant “yeah!” with him. Knight plays to the crowd and keeps stomping as the referee warns him. Knight charges with a running knee to the face in the corner. Knight looks to grab Gunther from behind but Gunther blocks it with a headlock. They trade strikes and Knight nails a powerslam in the middle of the ring. Knight stands tall and keeps control, taking Gunther to the top turnbuckle. Knight climbs up but Gunther decks him, sending him to the mat. Knight runs right back up and hits a big superplex for a close 2 count.

Gunther blocks the BFT but Knight keeps fighting. They trade big strikes and Gunther chops Knight, then nails a forearm to the back. Gunther with a Sleeper now, wearing Knight down while the referee checks on him. Knight starts to fade. Knight powers up with Gunther on his shoulders, then slams him face-first into the mat. Gunther kicks out at 2. More back and forth now. Knight goes to the top but Gunther attacks from behind with big chops. Gunther levels Knight and sends him tot he mat. Gunther climbs to the top and hits a big diving headbutt.

Gunther stands tall after the headbutt and yells out. He then follows up with a powerbomb in the middle of the ring for the pin to win.

Winner: Gunther

After the match, The Ring General stands tall and pushes off the referee’s attempt to raise his arm. The music hits as Gunther poses in the middle of the ring and we go to replays. Gunther stands at attention in the middle of the ring and looks out at the crowd to end the segment.

NXT Title Match
Bron Breakker vs. Dolph Ziggler (c)

Bron Breakker appears backstage and he stops to pick up a chainsaw, which is painted to match his gear. He cranks the chainsaw up and walks off. The music hits and out comes Breakker with the chainsaw. There are three large NXT letters on the entrance-way. Breakker cuts through the letters with the chainsaw and then heads to the ring as fans bark with him. Breakker bounces around the ring and waits for his opponent. The music hits and out next comes NXT Champion Dolph Ziggler with Robert Roode. The Dirty Dawgs hit the apron and pose as Breakker looks on. Breakker and Ziggler talk some trash as the bell hits and we get formal ring introductions.

Ziggler with a quick cheap shot and Breakker is heated now. The bell rings and they go at it. Breakker rushes Ziggler and sends him to the floor. They bring it back in but Ziggler attacks Breakker on his way back in the ring. Ziggler goes for a big takedown but he lands bad on the top of his head, still managing to turn it into a roll. Ziggler works Breakker over and goes to leap over him but Breakker snatches him out of the air for a big powerslam.

Breakker keeps Ziggler down and talks some trash. Breakker drags Ziggler away from the ropes for a 2 count. Breakker with a big belly-to-belly overhead throw, and another. Breakker with a third big overhead throw now. Breakker says the match is over. He drops his straps and waits for Ziggler to get back up but Roode grabs his legs from the floor. The referee sees this and ejects Roode, sending him to the back for a pop.

Breakker backs Roode up the ramp, and Roode turns to leave. Breakker comes back to the ring and resumes control, launching Ziggler with another big suplex. Breakker takes Ziggler back to the top for the Frankensteiner but he wastes some time, allowing Ziggler to slide out and crotch Breakker on the top turnbuckle. Ziggler with a big neckbreaker while Breakker is stuck on the top turnbuckle. Breakker kicks out at 2. Ziggler grounds Bron with a headlock now as fans rally for him.

Ziggler keeps fighting and hits another neckbreaker for a 2 count. Ziggler with a big elbow drop for 2. The referee checks on Breakker and Ziggler laughs. Bron fights up and out but Ziggler rocks him. Breakker fights back but Ziggler unloads in the corner. Breakker goes to the second turnbuckle but Ziggler knocks him to the mat and he lands on the back of his head. Ziggler uses the ropes as the referee counts and warns him. Ziggler with a Sleeper on the mat now while yelling at the referee to check on Bron. Ziggler keeps Bron grounded for a few more minutes while working him over and tightening the hold.

Bron fights up to his feet and powers out. Bron fights but Ziggler keeps control. Ziggler wastes some time, allowing Breakker to hit shoulders, clotheslines and another big throw. Breakker catches Ziggler with a big slam for a 2 count. They end up on the top and Breakker hits the Frankensteiner for a big pop. Ziggler still kicks out at 2. Bron shows a bit of frustration but he stalks Ziggler and waits for him to get up now. Bron charges but Ziggler elbows him. They run the ropes and Ziggler jumps but Bron comes right back with a big Spear. Ziggler kicks out and Bron can’t believe it.

Bron grabs Ziggler by his throat and stares him down but Ziggler sends Breakker to the floor. Ziggler brings it back in for another close 2 count. Ziggler waits for Bron to recover. Bron blocks a superkick and levels Ziggler. Bron yells out and fans bark for him. Bron presses Ziggler high in the air and turns that into a powerslam in the middle of the ring. Roode pulls Ziggler out of the ring to break the pin up just in time.

The referee yells at Ziggler as Bron looks on. Bron runs the ropes and leaps over the top, taking Ziggler and Roode down on the floor. Fans bark for Bron as he stands tall. Bron brings Ziggler back in but stops and sends Roode into the steel ring steps. Bron comes back in at the 9 count but Ziggler immediately hits a Fame-asser, then the Zig-Zag for a close 2 count. Bron kicks out and Ziggler can’t believe it. Fans go wild as we get a replay.

Ziggler takes his time going back to the top but he nails a big flying elbow drop across the ring. Bron still kicks out and Ziggler shows some frustration now. Some fans do dueling chants as Ziggler gets up first. Ziggler cranks up for the big superkick but he puts the brakes on as he turns around and sees Breakker just standing there. Breakker levels Ziggler with a clothesline, then a big Spear.

Breakker presses Ziggler above his head but Ziggler rakes him in the eyes. Ziggler uses the eye rake to slide down back to the mat, then shove Breakker into an exposed turnbuckle, which Barrett says he saw Ziggler undo earlier in the match. Ziggler immediately follows up with a superkick for the pin to win and retain.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

After the match, Roode rushes the ring and stands tall with Ziggler as the music hits. We go to replays. The Dirty Dawgs continue celebrating on the ramp as Breakker slowly recovers in the ring. NXT Stand & Deliver goes off the air with Ziggler raising the NXT Title in the air.

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