Impact Rebellion Results – April 23, 2022

Impact Rebellion Results - April 23, 2022

Below are full results for 2022 Impact Wrestling Rebellion from Poughkeepsie, New York.

Steve Maclin vs. Jay White vs. Chris Sabin

Jay White starts the match off by heelishly powdering. Maclin has his face painted like the Punisher logo and he goes on a flurry of attacking both White and Sabin. Big time backbreaker gets a two count on White for Maclin.

White soon finds his control after taking out his foes at ringside with some suplexes. Switchblade gets a near fall after some corner cannonballs. White gives his own backbreaker to Sabin for a two count.

Sabin soon nails a double cross body to take out Maclin and White. Hard chops from Sabin to both men, but Maclin levels White with a clothesline. Sabin gives a back body drop to Maclin and follows that up with one to White.  All men are down after White punctuates with a DDT to Maclin. Poughkeepsie claps to the mens’ efforts. White tries to get several pins  on Sabin who doesn’t relent.

Maclin goes for his corner spear but misses big time. Sabin goes for a cradle shock DDT, but White knees him. The two jock for position and Sabin nails the cradle shock, but Maclin rolls up Sabin for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Steve Maclin

Josh Alexander is with his wife and boy. She has full confidence in him and Scott D’Amore enters to show his support as well. He warns Josh that Moose is trying to manipulate his temper against him.

AAA Reina de Reinas Championship
Taya Valkyrie vs. Deonna Purrazzo (c)

It’s Taya Valkyrie who begins the bout off hot. She’s in complete control as she nails her Pandemonium move in the corner. Momentum turns when Deonna collides Taya into the ring post. Deonna gets the action back into the ring to lock a Koji clutch but it gets broken up with a pin attempt.

Fight goes to the otuside once more and Taya hits a Russian leg sweep against apron. Both women scream at one another in the ring and Taya is back in control. Taya goes for a Road to Valhalla, but Purrazzo hits a pump kick and standing knee. She locks in her Fujiwa armbar. Taya makes it to the ropes, but Deonna holds until five.

Taya gets back in the game and hits a big time sit-out powerbomb. Soon enough, Taya hits her Road To Vallhalla and gets the three count.

WINNER and NEW AAA Reina de Reinas Champion: Taya Valkyrie

Tasha Steelz talks up her ability against Rosemary.

X-Division Championship
Ace Austin vs. Mike Bailey vs. Trey Miguel (c)

Bailey and Miguel go after Austin before Speedball gets a pin attempt on Trey. Ace gets knocked out of the ring and trips up Bailey but Trey bullets himself into Ace. Very hard hitting. Miguel goes to Alabama Slam Ace from the apron, but Bailey sentons on top of them. “Speedball” chants.

Back in the ring, Miguel goes for a stomp on Bailey’s back, but Austin catches him for a powerbomb onto Speedball instead. Ace is in control until getting taken out once again.

Miguel hits a running stunner to the outside on Austin. Lots of action and pinfalls going down. Austin sizes up Trey, but Miguel rolls him up for a two count.  Bailey hits a spot-on moonsault to the outside on Ace and Trey follows that up with a running rana on Bailey to the outside. “Holy shit” chants.

Bailey gets more chants after hitting a leaping German from the corner and bracing himself off the midsection of Trey. Big mid-ring knee drop. Bailey hits his Ultimo Weapon knees to Ace. He covers: 1-2-Trey breaks it up. Bailey unloads some kicks but Tery nails his meteora. He basically gets the win, but Ace pulls the leg of the ref. Ace hits the fold on Trey: 1-2-3.

WINNER and NEW X-Division Champion: Ace Austin

We see Eddie Edwards and Honor No More. They note that Jonathan Gresham wasn’t there and Eddie says it’s typical Bullet Club fashion that Chris Bey inserts himself into the match. Well Eddie got the win and now Honor No More is ready to win those tag titles.

We see a teaser video for the initials “EVG.”

JONAH vs. Tomohiro Ishii

This baby starts off with strikes. Ishii charges to take JONAH off his feet, but it’s JONAH who runs down Ishii. JONAH takes him down with another tackle. He slows the pace down with some headbutts. Ishii really fights from underneath here. He finally strikes back but JONAH corners Tomohiro. It takes a while, but Ishii begins to duke it out and takes out the knees of JONAH. Ishii goes for a brainbuster but no dice. Jonah tosses him and nails a senton. 1-2-kickout. Ishii takes the momentum of JONAH to nail a German suplex.

JONAH levels Ishii with a lariat who pops right back up and nails JONAH with one of his own. Two count.

Ishii soon goes for a basement lariat, but JONAH catches him and the big man hits a shoulder tackle. Right back up for Ishii, but a savage headbutt downs the legend. A Top Dog powerbomb: 1-2-kick out. Another big lariat from JONAH, but another two count.

Ishii headbutts, biut JONAH spears. He goes for a Psunami, but Ishii moves. Basement lariat! 1-2-no!

Ishii hits a headbutt and hits a gigantic brainbuster. 1-2-3!

WINNER: Tomohiro Ishii

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship Match
8 Team Elimination Challenge
Major Players  vs. Jordynne Grace & W. Morrissey

Grace nails a vert suplex on Myers for a two count. Tag to Morrissey. Cardona tags himself in. Morrissey nails a sidewalk slam on Cardona and a tag to Grace.Grace picks Cardona up for a powerbomb and Morrissey boots him down for emphasis. Green distracts Morrissey and Cardona rolls up Grace: 1-2-3.

ELIMINATED: Jordynne Grace & W. Morrissey

Post-elimmination, Morrissey double-chokeslams Matt and Brian. Chelsea takes out Grace and tries to low blow Morrissey, but he had a cup on. Green slaps W. repeatedly, and Grace grabs her for a DDT. Morrissey powerbombs Green through a table.

Major Players  vs. The Good Brothers

The GBs don’t relent. They hit the Magic Killer on Cardona. 1-2-3.

ELIMINATED: Major Players

The Good Brothers vs. Johnny Swinger & Zicky Dice

Matters do not go well for Swinger and Dice. Zicky inadvertantly hits Swinger off the apron. Magic Killer to Dice: 1-2-3.

ELIMINATED: Johnny Swinger & Zicky Dice

The Good Brothers vs. Willie Mack & Rich Swann

The duo dive on top of the GBs. Mack and Swann control Karl and nail some corner splashes. It’s Gallows who turns the momentum with a big boot that turns Swann inside out. The GBs isolate Swann for some time. Hot tag to Willie. He catches Karl with a Samoan Drop. Standing moonsault. Two count. Anderson catches Mack with a spinebuster for a two count as well. GBs gof for a Magic Killer on Mack, but Swann makes the save. Mack hits an Andrew Bynum on Anderson. Two count.

Gallows manages to meddle and it allows Willie to get his leg caught in the corner. The GBs hit a Magic Killer and get the pin.

ELIMINATED: Willie Mack & Rich Swann

The Good Brothers vs. Honor No More

Instead of Taven and Bennett, out comes Vincent and Kenny King. In comes Taven and Bennett from behind. Karl hits a Stun Gun on, but Taven gets the pin with some help from Maria.

ELIMINATED: The Good Brothers

Honor No More vs. Rhino & Heath

Heath and Rhino take control but more meddling by HNM have them get Heath isolated. They get a near fall on him after a Taven dropkick. Tag eventually made to Rhino, but HNM continues the offense. Rhino however, Gores Taven out of nowhere. 1-2-3.


Heath & Rhino vs. Violent By Design (c)

Rhino nails some punches to Eric Young, but the offense goes more in the favor of VBD. Joe Doering has the Man Beast isolated. Rhino battles out of the corner. He soon gets the hot tag and Heath gets a close one on EY. Heath nails a Wake Up Call. He covers: 1-2-Eric’s foot is on the ropes. Probably put there by Deaner. EY manages to get a pin attempt on Heath. Heath and Eric Young go back and forth, but EY nails a piledriver: 1-2-3.

WINNER and STILL IMPACT World Tag Team Champions: Violent By Design

IMPACT Knockouts Championship
Rosemary vs. Tasha Steelz (c) (w/ Savannah Evans)

Havok gets ejected from ringside after being instigated from Steelz. This match goes back and forth. Steelz hits a signature bulldog for a near fall. Steelz grabs her title. The ref tries to get her to put it down, but Savannah comes in and levels Rosemary. Steelz hits a Blackout, but Rosemary kicks out. Evans gets back on the apron, but Rosemary gets her with the green mist. She spears Steelz. 1-2-kick out.

The women battle up top and Steelz leaps off with a cutter. She downs Rosemary and gets the 1-2-3.

WINNER and STILL Knockouts Champion: Tasha Steelz

IMPACT World Championship
Josh Alexander vs. Moose (c)

The two jaw jack and Josh fireman carries Moose to the mat. He keeps Moose grounded with knees to the back until both get up in some standing switches. Alexander sweeps the leg, gets the ankle lock, but Moose scrambles out of the ring to boos. Moose sends Josh sternum first into the turnbuckle. Chops in the corner to Josh and a slap is given to Moose. He does it again in the adjacent corner before hitting a flurry of chops. Moose nails a dropkick.

On the outside, Alexander sends Moose into the ring post, but Moose ragdolls Alexander several times into the barricade. Moose gets back in the ring and Alexander barely answers the count. Dueling chants. Alexander is getting fired up and stomps away at Moose. Commentary questions Josh’s demeano and temper getting the best of him. Fight is back on the outside. The fiery temper continues for Josh but he hits several German suplexes on Moose. As a matter of fact he nails TEN. He goes for the C4 Spike but Moose nails a Sky High. Kick out at two. Moose goes for his spear and Alexander hits German suplex 11. Moose leaps off the turnbuckle for a cross body, but Josh sidesteps and locks in an ankle lock. Moose struggles to the ropes and he gets there.

The two soon find themselves trading chest slaps. Josh gives Moose a hard forearm, but Moose drops Alexander with one of his own. Moose is just in control as he nails a uranage. alexander kicks out at one and begins trading strikes. Josh hits a nasty lariat and then the C4 Spike. Alexander covers: 1-2-Moose gets his foot on the ropes.

Moose nails a superplex. It doesn’t do the trick. Alexander cracks Moose with a Styles Clash after a spear attempt. Alexander gets an ankle lock. Moose makes it to the corner and rips off a turnbuckle. The ref goes to put it back and Moose kicks Josh in the nuts. Moose sends Alexander into the exposed turnbuckle. Moose spears him. 1-2-kick out! No one has ever kicked out of Moose’s spear Tom Hannifan notes. Dueling chants. Moose is favoring his ankle. Moose buckle bombs Josh in the exposed corner. He goes for a spear, but Alexandr takes out his leg. C4 Spike. 1-2-3.

WINNER and NEW IMPACT World Champion: Josh Alexander

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