AEW Rampage Results (4/29)

AEW Rampage Results (4/29)

AEW Rampage Results (4/29) – Excalibur, Chris Jericho, Taz, and Ricky Starks are on commentary.

Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Qualifying Match: Darby Allin (with Sting) vs. Swerve Strickland

Waistlock by Strickland to start. Allin escapes. Strickland backs him into a corner and tries a kick, but Allin avoids it.

Allin grabs Strickland in a knuckle lock and takes him to the mat. Strickland fights back to his feet, but Allin hits his springboard arm drag.

Another exchange leads to Allin taking down Strickland with a headlock.

Allin switches to a hammerlock but Strickland gets to his feet and maneuvers Allin out of the ring. Strickland tries to follow up but catches a stunner from Allin. Allin gets Strickland back into the ring for a 2-count. Strickland heads back outside but Allin follows him right out with a tope suicida that Strickland cuts off with a knee strike.

Strickland moves to the ring apron and stomps down on Allin, who’s still on the floor as we head to the picture-in-picture break.

Back from the break, Strickland is in control and choking Allin in the corner. Allin reverses into a kneebar. Strickland fights out of the hold with punches and follows up with a suplex for a 2-count.

Strickland climbs to the top rope. Allin avoids the double stomp and hits a Code Red for a 2-count.

Allin climbs to the top rope and goes for the Coffin Drop. Strickland gets his knees up. Strickland lines up Allin and hits his leaping kick to the back of Allin’s head. Allin gets a hand on the bottom rope to break the pin count.

Strickland goes to the ring apron and hits a suplex to Allin all the way over the top rope to the floor. Allin landed on the bottom of the entrance ramp.

Strickland rolls Allin back into the ring. Ricky Starks has left the commentary table but Sting blocks his path down the entrance ramp and Starks retreats.

Strickland moves in on Allin in the ring but Allin catches him in the Last Supper and gets the pin.

Darby Allin defeats Swerve Strickland via pinfall

Starks is happy about the outcome and feels he cost Strickland the match.

Backstage with Shawn Spears. He says Wardlow’s mystery opponent on Wednesday’s Dynamite is 7 feet tall and has “Pinnacle potential”.

Back at the commentary table, Excalibur asks Jericho about his fireball attack on Eddie Kingston on last Wednesday’s Dynamite. Jericho names himself the Sports Entertainer of the Week for his actions. Santana and Ortiz come out and Santana goes after Jericho. Security breaks it up.

Back from the break, Jericho says he’ll take on Santana on Wednesday’s Dynamite.

The Baddies (TBS Champion Jade Cargill, Kiera Hogan & Red Velvet) (with Mark Sterling) vs. Skye Blue, Trish Adora & Willow Nightingale

Cargill and Blue start out. Cargill backs away and tags in Velvet before they even touch.

Velvet takes a cheap shot at Nightingale and then takes down Blue. Velvet stomps down Blue and chokes her with her foot in her team’s corner.

Hogan tags in and hits a running dropkick to Blue in the corner. A leaping leg drop misses for Hogan.

Nightingale storms into the ring and pushes Velvet out of the ring. Hogan and Blue are still legal. Blue manages to tag in Adora. Hogan quickly hits Adora with her leaping leg drop and tags in Cargill.

Adora runs into a pump kick from Cargill. Cargill hoists up Adora and hits Jaded for the pin.

The Baddies (TBS Champion Jade Cargill, Kiera Hogan & Red Velvet) defeat Skye Blue, Trish Adora & Willow Nightingale

Backstage, Tony Schiavone is with Darby Allin and Swerve Strickland. Allin says that’s not how he wanted their match to end. Strickland says he knows Allin would never set up a thing like that and he wants Allin to win the Owen Hart tournament. Strickland says he’s calling up Keith Lee to settle things with Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs.

Keith Lee vs. Colten Gunn (with Austin Gunn)

A lockup to start with Lee overpowering Gunn into the corner.

Gunn sneaks behind Lee and pounds away on his back. He backs Lee into the corner but Lee is not fazed. He turns the tables and punches away at Gunn in the corner. Lee follows with a double overhand chop as we go to the picture-in-picture break.

Back from the break, Lee catches Gunn charging in and takes him down with a chokehold. Gunn tries to fire back but Lee lays him out with a forearm to the jaw.

Lee throws Gunn out of the corner and across the ring. Lee charges across the ring but misses Gunn. Gunn tries for the Famouser, but Lee escapes and tries for the Spirit Bomb. Gunn escapes that but Lee responds with the Big Bang Catastrophe for the pin.

Keith Lee defeats Colten Gunn

Backstage, Tony Schivone talks with Jeff & Matt Hardy. Jeff says he’s stepping into the “solo dimension” for the first time in AEW on Wednesday’s Dynamite when he faces Bobby Fish in an Owen Hart Foundation Tournament qualifying match.

We move on to backstage comments with The Young Bucks, Adam Cole & reDRagon. Cole says there’s no way Jeff Hardy is beating Bobby Fish and that’ll make three members of the Undisputed Elite in the Owen Hart Tournament. Fish calls him Jeff “Hardly” and says “That’s…Elite”.

Back to the arena, Danhausen is making his way to the ring with a microphone in hand. He says he’s here to decimate Hook. Danhausen says, “Send Hook”.

Hook makes his entrance for this face-to-face confrontation. Taz on commentary reminds us this is not a match.

Hook and Danhausen go face to face and Danhausen says maybe we should do this another time. Hook says, “We’re doing this right now.”

Mark Sterling strolls out and says to hold everything. Tony Nese attacks Hook and Danhausen from behind. Sterling joins him in the ring, but Hook quickly takes down Sterling. Hook goes after Nese and suplexes him. Nese tumbles out of the ring. Danhausen tries to curse Nese. Sterling and Nese retreat.

Excalibur says the fans are chanting “Hook-hausen”. Danhausen wants to shake hands. Hook grabs him by the collar but then lets him go and walks away.

Back from the break, Lexy Nair is backstage with Austin & Colten Gunn. They’re trying to make excuses for Colten’s loss. The Acclaimed enter and they want to join forces. The Gunn boys leave to talk to their dad.

Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite

  • Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Qualifying Match: Bobby Fish vs. Jeff Hardy
  • Wardlow vs. MJF’s mystery opponent
  • Undisputed Ring of Honor Women’s Championship: Deonna Purrazzo vs. Mercedes Martinez
  • Blackpool Combat Club vs. The Butcher, The Blade & Angelico
  • Chris Jericho vs. Santana

Next Friday’s Rampage

  • Dr. Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter vs. Ruby Soho & Toni Storm
  • Hook will be in action

Excalibur says Tony Khan will announce more matches on social media next week and also alerts fans that Rampage may air at an earlier start time next Friday.

Mark Henry chats with Samoa Joe and Trent Beretta. Joe talks about ROH’s history in Philadelphia and says Beretta will pass out before he walks out of the building with the ROH Television Title.

Ian Riccaboni joins the commentary team for tonight’s main event. Bobby Cruise is the ring announcer.

Ring of Honor World Television Championship: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Trent Beretta (with Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy)

Joe and Beretta observe the Code of Honor before the bell rings.

The two trade holds to start before Beretta gets control with a  side headlock. Joe pushes Beretta off and meets him with a shoulder block.

Joe chops at Beretta in the corner and whips him across the ring. Beretta rolls to the floor. Joe goes for a dive. Beretta avoids it and hits an Asai moonsault to the floor that takes down Joe.

Beretta tries to roll Joe into the ring, but Joe rolls right back to the floor. Beretta pursues with chops. He goes for a swinging DDT, but Joe pushes him off and hits a big boot as we go to the picture-in-picture break.

Back from the break, Joe is in control and looking for a powerbomb on Beretta. Beretta flips out of it and hits a dropkick. Joe retreats to the floor. Beretta follows with a dropkick and goes to the top rope. Beretta hits a cross body from the top rope to Joe on the floor.

Back in the ring, Beretta fires away with chops. Joe swings wildly and Beretta hits a back suplex. Beretta follows with a swinging DDT for a 2-count.

Beretta tries to lift Joe but Joe responds with a powerbomb. Joe locks on an STF. Beretta crawls to the rope to break the hold.

Joe slaps at Beretta. Beretta gets back to his feet and slaps Joe back. Joe levels Beretta and takes Beretta to the corner. Joe tries to set up for the Muscle Buster. Beretta escapes into a rollup for a 2-count.

Beretta charges into the corner but Joe catches him with a Uranage. Joe locks on the Kokina Clutch and that gets the pin.

Samoa Joe defeats Trent Beretta via submission

Joe offers his hand and Beretta observes the Code of Honor after the match.

Tony Schiavone steps into the ring to talk to Joe. Joe is almost immediately interrupted by Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, and Satnam Singh. They head down the ramp but the Best Friends block their advance. Orange Cassidy confronts Singh with his trademark kicks but Lethal cuts him off and the brawl is on. Joe and Lethal fight in the ring as officials run down to the ring to try to break it up, but Joe and Lethal break free and keep fighting as the show goes off the air.

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