What’s ‘WWE Evil’ … And Where Can You Watch It?

What's 'WWE Evil' ... And Where Can You Watch It?

What’s ‘WWE Evil’ … and Where Can You Watch It? – From The Dark Side of the Ring to Wrestling with Shadows, some of the most popular wrestling documentaries have revealed in the dark underbelly of the business. So it’s no wonder the WWE decided to cash in on the idea, but this time, talking about “evil” from the brand’s point of view. 

Any wrestling fan knows that terrible heels, dark story angles, and ugly confrontation makes for some of the most iconic moments in the sport. So why not focus on the bad guys? Let’s relive Hollywood Hulk Hogan turning his back on his hulkamaniacs. Let’s revisit the sordid story of Kane burning alive and the Undertaker being chokeslammed straight to Hell. 

That’s why we’re psyched about the new WWE and Peacock series, WWE Evil, hosted by John Cena, who despite saying “You can’t see me!” is definitely visible, at least part of the time! 

Just How Evil is It Going to Get?

Not only is WWE Evil going to remind you of all the origins and angles you forgot, but you’re also going to hear from the creative side of the WWE, as they unveil some of the behind-the-scenes drama of these WWE villains. 

WWE Evil follows nine wrestling legends in eight episodes, from the “getting over” beginning process, to twisted storylines that changed the character, and how the wrestling world reacted. 

It’s not only a lot of fun for nostalgic WWE fans who want to remember the past, but is also a great jumping-on point for new fans who want to understand current storylines. 

Ready for More? Here’s How to Get WWE Tickets

If it’s been years since you’re seen WWE in person, you’ve missed a lifetime of memories. You might not even recognize the stadium anymore, since so many changes have happened to the event, not to mention cutting-edge new technology. 

Why not buy a pair of WWE tickets and see what’s going on in the never-ending story of the WWE championship?

In case you’re wondering which episodes of WWE Evil you want to peek at first, here’s a list of all the major players: 

  • “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan 
  • “The Miz”, Mike Mizanin 
  • “The Legit Boss”, Sasha Banks
  • “The Brothers of Destruction”, Kane and the Undertaker
  • “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton
  • “The Billionaire Princess”, Stephane McMahon
  • “The Nature Boy”, Ric Flair
  • “The Tribal Chief”, Roman Reigns

The worst heels of all time made the list, and we can only presume more heels are to come in Season 2, if the show is a runaway success. And why wouldn’t it be? The heels are always the most interesting to watch. 

Like Jesse the Body Ventura said, “Wrestling is ballet with violence.” You had us at ballet, but we stayed for the violence!

If we had our way, we’d root for a special on Triple H, Bobby Heenan, or dare we say even the original hell-raiser Andy Kaufman?  

Who’s Going to Dig It, Brutha?

Of course, the biggest problem with other WWE-produced documentaries is that they never had the juicy bits that all those critical documentaries had, or the bad-for-business rants that the average podcast on YouTube had. 

WWE DVDs and other specials were “kayfabe”, or so much “in-character” that they never gave us anything new beyond the live color commentary and the wrestler’s scripted interviews. 

That’s why WWE Evil is a refreshing new start. This documentary series goes beyond character trademarks, and actually explores more of the business of WWE – and why these guys and girls got “over” with the fans being a major heel. 

Some wrestling fans say that Peacock probably had some say in redesigning some of these documentaries to be smarter, and more in-tune with what wrestling fans are actually thinking. 

They know it’s scripted. But they also know what works and what doesn’t, having watched thousands of matches over the years. That’s the beautiful evil of this new series. They really “go there” and tell us stuff we haven’t heard before, not just from the wrestlers, but from journalists, the creative team, and other legit personalities that are “in the know.”

A Documentary Series for the Smartest WWE Fans

The end result is a fascinating experiment into the business of wrestling and not just more brand promotion. At times, WWE Evil feels more like a YouTube reaction video, since we get to pique the minds of the entertainers who were there, and saw first-hand how some of these bad guys made history in unexpected ways. 

It’s not quite Deadly Women, because let’s face it, most wrestlers don’t die – even when they’re scripted to “burn in Hell” or pretend-blow up in a limousine.

But it’s thrilling to see the WWE you remember in a whole new light. We get old archives spliced together with new interviews and more introspective commentary from the thought leaders that created a monster. 

Check out Episode #1: Hollywood Hulk Hogan of WWE Evil premiering on March 24, 2022, on Peacock TV.

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