AEW Dynamite St Patrick’s Day Slam (3/16) San Antonio, TX

Preview For St. Patrick’s Day Slam Edition of AEW Dynamite

AEW Dynamite St Patrick’s Day Slam – We are live from the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio, Texas, as Adam Cole and reDRagon make theri way to the ring for our first match of the night. AEW World Champion “Hangman” Adam Page and AEW World Tag Team Champions Jurassic Express are out next.

Adam Cole and reDRagon vs. “Hangman” Adam Page and Jurassic Express

Adam Cole and Jungle Boy kick things off for their respective teams as Excalibur mentions on commentary how there is no love-lost between these two, pointing out that Jungle Boy was smack-dab in the center of Cole’s cross-hairs when he first arrived in AEW.

After some early back-and-forth action, we see Jungle Boy make the tag to Luchasaurus. The big masked-man enters the ring and starts off well, however good team work from Cole and reDRagon leads to the leg of Luchasaurus being worked on. This slows down his mobility and allows the trio to isolate him in their corner, where they take turns going to work on him, utilizing quick tags among themselves to keep a fresh man on Luchasaurus at all times.

Finally, we see Luchasaurus use the ropes as leverage to hoist himself off the mat, and he kicks himself free. This buys him enough time to make it over to his corner, where he tags in “Hangman” Adam Page. The AEW World Champion takes the hot tag and hits the ring like a bat out of hell, taking out any-and-everything that moves, effectively clearing the ring by himself.

Page hits a big pop-up power bomb for a close near fall and then positions himself for his Buckshot Lariat finisher. Fish ends up heading for safer waters, exiting the ring and disabling Page from being able to use his finisher.

Back in the ring, Fish finds himself on the defensive as Jungle Boy tags in and picks up where Page left off. We see an awesome spot where Jungle Boy, Adam Page and Luchasaurus all hit moonsaults on Cole, Fish and O’Reilly out of the same corner of the ring.

We return from the break and see Luchasaurus making a big comeback, hitting standing moonsaults in the ring until O’Reilly grounds the big masked man and goes back to work on the leg that Cole and reDRagon softened up earlier in the bout.

Now we see some attempted help from Page and Jungle Boy, but Fish and Cole hit the ring to stop them from getting involved. Meanwhile, O’Reilly cranks back on the leg of Luchasaurus with a ground submission hold. The AEW World Champion tags back in and hits his Dead Eye trademark spot before taking out all three members of the opposition with big lariats.

Jungle Boy leaps off of the top-rope for a double Doomsday Device spot, taking out two members of the opposing team that were hoisted up onto the shoulders of Luchasaurus and Page. Moments later we see Fish and Cole take out Jungle Boy. Cole then drops his knee pad and “Lowers The Boom” for the pin fall victory. Great opener this week as usual.

Winners: Adam Cole & reDRagon

Ricky Starks & Powerhouse Hobbs Confront Keith Lee

We shoot backstage where Tony Schiavone is with Keith Lee and the Team Taz duo of Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs. Schiavone thanks the three for promising not to get physical in this segment.

Starks and Hobbs then taunt Lee as footage is shown of their interaction in the post-match brawl on last week’s Rampage. They plug their match coming up on this Friday’s Rampage and then we head back to the commentary section, who talk us into another commercial break.

Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley vs. Wheeler Yuta & Chuck Taylor

We return from the break and hear the familiar sounds of Bryan Danielson’s theme song. Out comes “The American Dragon,” accompanied by William Regal. Regal heads to the commentary section, where he will be on special guest commentary for our next match of the evening.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running, as Mox charges across the ring and goes right after Chuck Taylor with rapid offense. Danielson works over Wheeler Yuta at the same time. Mox and Danielson jump off to an early offensive lead and take it to Yuta.

Eventually, Yuta gets the upper-hand on Danielson, which buys him enough time to make the much-needed tag to Taylor. Taylor and Danielson battle it out, with Taylor getting the better of the exchange. He grounds Danielson and locks him in a single-leg Boston Crab. Chuck cranks back on the hold, however Danielson eventually escapes and tags in Moxley.

Moxley hits the ring and immediately blasts Chuck with a big right hand. He follows that up with his wild offensive style and quickly the brawl spills out to the floor. Moxley rams Taylor into the barricade and lumps him up a bit before bringing the action back into the ring.

The two begin trading chops, with Mox ultimately getting the better of said-exchange. He then tags in Danielson, who begins blasting Chuck with rapid-fire kicks. He adds in some ground offense before tagging Mox right back in.

Mox backs Taylor into a corner and chops the hell out of him before sitting him on the top-rope. He climbs up after him and connects with a big superplex and floats over for the pin attempt. Taylor kicks out at two but then finds himself in a hammer-lock from Mox as Excalibur talks us into a mid-match commercial break as the action continues.

We return from the break and see Yura in the ring now, and he is doing well but then telegraphs a spot, which Mox saw coming. This allows Mox to turn him inside-out with a big lariat that shifts the momentum back in the favor of his team.

Mox ends up finding himself on the defensive soon thereafter, as Chuck Taylor takes Mox out to the floor and brawls with him while Danielson and Yuta, the legal men in the match, duke it out in the ring.

In the ring, we see Danielson blasting Yuta with repeated kicks while on his knees, however Yuta ends up firing up and begins no-selling them. He stands up and blasts away at Danielson with punches. We see Moxley nearly get piledriven into the concrete on the floor by Chuck, however he ends up reversing and countering with his Paradigm Shift finisher on the floor.

This allows Mox to hit the ring and help in the assault of Yuta. Danielson grabs Yuta’s hands and does his “Rugged” Ronnie Garvin stomp all over every limb of his body spot. He tags Mox back in, who locks in his Bulldog Choke on Yuta. This gets the tap and gives he and Danielson the win in a solid tag-team outing. They improve to 2-0 now as a tag-team after tonight’s win.

Winners: Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley

After the match, we see Yuta upset. He heads back into the ring but ultimately decides to extend his hand to William Regal, who has left the commentary position to join Danielson and Mox in their post-match celebration. Regal opts not to shake Yuta’s hand, instead deciding to slap him across the mouth — hard.

Yuta takes it and just stares Regal down. Regal advises him to exit the ring before he gets himself into something he can’t handle. He exits the ring and heads to the back.

FTR Confronted By The Young Bucks

We shoot backstage where Tony Schiavone is standing by with FTR. Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler talk about ditching Tully Blanchard on last week’s show. They talk about respecting him but needing to make a change.

Up walks The Young Bucks. Nick and Matt Jackson interrupt FTR and tell them that with or without Tully Blanchard, they’ll have to accept the fact that at best, they’ll be the second-best tag-team in AEW. They tell FTR to have a happy St. Patty’s Day and walk off as we head to another commercial break.

Starks & Hobbs Approach The Acclaimed, “Sw3rve” Strickland Interrupts

We return from the break to see The Acclaimed backstage. Max Caster begins by rapping while Anthony Bowens is standing at his side. Up walks the Team Taz duo of Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs.

Starks tells them they need to do what he and Hobbs have been trying to do, which is let all the new talent coming into AEW know that they can’t just walk into the company and take their spots.

Up walks one of these talents, as Shane “Sw3rve” Strickland confronts them and gloats about getting a big win on AEW Rampage, which he claims is his show. He says this is Sw3rve’s house and closes by taking his sunglasses off and saying, “That’s real.” He laughs and leaves and the segment ends on that note.

Chris Jericho Appreciation Society Commencement

We head back inside the Freeman Coliseum where the familiar sounds of “Judas in my Mind” plays. Out comes the Chris Jericho Appreciation Society, led by “Le Champion” himself. He is joined by Team 2point0, Daniel Garcia and Jake Hager — the new group that is surrounded by “The Demo God.”

The fans sing along with the popular theme as the group settles in the ring for the advertised “Chris Jericho Appreciation Society Commencement” segment. Team 2point0 starts off by talking about how Jericho allows the fans to sing along with his theme. They claim they wouldn’t be as giving as Jericho, which makes Jericho a better man than they are.

Now they hand the mic over to Jericho. He talks about how Earth has been around for 4.5 billion years and asks how lucky the fans feel to be alive during the same time as the “Chris Jericho Era.” He goes on to talk about how he has seen what the fans write on social media. He says it hurts.

He talks about how he is not a pro wrestler, but instead — a sports entertainer. This finally gets him some of the heel heat this segment is designed to do.

Daniel Garcia takes the mic and appears to take issue with Jericho referring to himself as a sports entertainer. He says if he’s gonna call himself that … then he is, too. He says his name is Daniel Garcia and he is a sports entertainer. Jericho calls Garcia the epitome of sports entertainment.

Jericho goes on to talk about Team 2point0 being a stupid name made by bad creative and says that we’ll never hear it again. He goes on to give them nickname monikers to lead into their real names, which he points out is what you do when you’re with Jericho. He talks about donating money to them when a group of independent wrestlers were injured in a car crash years ago.

He then talks about putting them on Talk Is Jericho to help get them exposure before he knew who they were. He then brings up how he has the big man, his ride-or-die, as he calls him — Jake Hager. He talks about Hager saving his life in Dubai and names him “The Hand of the King.”

Hager says they are the J.A.S. (Jericho Appreciation Society) and they beat up pro wrestlers. Jericho says there you have it. He tells us to remember this date because this is the launch of the era of the sports entertainer. He says this is the Jericho Appreciation Society and that … that’s sports entertainment. His theme hits again to end the segment.

TNT Championship
Wardlow vs. Scorpio Sky (C)

After a quick vignette where Serena Deeb addresses Hikaru Shida and their ongoing rivalry, we head back inside the Freeman Coliseum where the theme for Wardlow plays.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this one. We see Wardlow jump off to an immediate dominant start on offense, however when he goes for his first power bomb attempt, things don’t go as planned.

The action spills out to the floor, where Sky takes over from there. Excalibur talks us into a mid-match commercial break as the action continues.

When we return from the break, we see Wardlow still on the defensive, however not for long. He ends up taking over, shifting the momentum into his favor and going to work on the TNT Champion with punishing offense.

Wardlow now has Sky set up for his symphony of power-bomb spot. He hits the first one. And a second. He hits a third and likely has this one wrapped up, as Paige Van Zant and Austin Vanderford and others from The Men of the Year group led by Dan Lambert look nervous at ringside.

Dan Lambert hops on the ring apron to provide a distraction. This allows Sky to recover. Meanwhile, “The Chairman of AEW” Shawn Spears makes his way out and heads to the ring with a steel chair.

Spears blasts Wardlow with a chair shot while the referee is tied up. Sky capitalizes on this and scores the pin fall victory over Wardlow, effectively retaining his TNT title in the process.

Winner and STILL TNT Champion: Scorpio Sky

After The Match: MJF Gets Revenge On Wardlow

Once the match wraps up, we see MJF at ringside as well. He enters the ring as Austin Vanderford and others begin a post-match beatdown of Wardlow.

Unfortunately for him, he enters right around the time that Wardlow is finally fighting off all of them one-by-one by himself. MJF looks like he’s seen a ghost until finally Spears and a chair and others help beat Wardlow back down.

Now MJF is passed the Dynamite Diamond ring. He slips it on his hand and as a lifeless Wardlow is held up, MJF drills him with the ring and leaves him laying. MJF gloats as we head to another commercial break.

Jade Cargill Wants To Know Who Is Going To Step Up

We return from the break to Alex Marvez standing by with Jade Cargill and “Smart” Mark Sterling backstage. Sterling begins by asking Marvez why he isn’t wearing any green for St. Patrick’s Day. He asks if Marvez is afraid of getting pinched. He says worse yet, who is going to get the Kiss of Doom from the aforementioned TBS Women’s Champion.

Jade Cargill is done with the fun and games, as she grabs the mic and asks who is next to step up and be challenger number 30 for “That b*tch.” That’s about it as the segment wraps up on that note.

The Hardy Brothers vs. Private Party

Now we’re back inside the Freeman Coliseum where we head down to the ring for our next match of the show. “Oh my god, is that Private Party?!?!” blares through the house speakers as Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy make their way down to the squared circle.

The duo settles inside the ring as the commentators talk about how they have sat under the learning tree of Matt Hardy for the past several months. Now the theme for The Hardyz hits. Out comes the team that Excalibur has been referring to as “The Hardy Brothers” all night long when promoting this match, presumably due to copyright issues relating to The Hardyz or The Hardy Boyz tag-team name.

Regardless, Matt and Jeff Hardy head to the ring to a wild ovation as we hear their regular tag-team theme from WWE, which essentially became Jeff’s individual entrance music. The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this one.

Early on we see The Hardy Brothers dominating the action, utilizing frequent tags to keep a fresh person in the ring at all times. We see Jeff Hardy light the crowd up when he enters the ring. He hits some of his trademark spots, which elicits a loud “Brother Nero! Brother Nero!” chant from the AEW fans in attendance.

Matt tags in and picks up where Jeff left off, taking it to Private Party. Quen tags in Kassidy, who ends up shifting the momentum and taking over on behalf of his team. They hit some double-team spots on Matt and Kassidy remains in control of things.

We see Matt try to fire up for a comeback, but some cheap-shot-style double-team action from Private Party again keeps them in control of things. On that note, we head to a mid-match commercial break.

When we return from the break, we see the Hardy Brothers fight back into the lead. They hit simaltaneous Twist of Fates on Quen and Kassidy and then Jeff follows-up with a top-rope swanton bomb for the pin fall victory.

Winners: The Hardy Brothers

After The Match: Andrade El Idolo Tries To Ambush, Darby Allin Makes Save

Once the match wraps up, we hear the familiar sounds of Andrade El Idolo’s theme and out comes the leader of the A.F.O. He is looking to ambush The Hardy Brothers with a sneak attack, but Darby Allin’s theme hits and he makes his way out to run him off.

Tony Schiavone Interviews Red Velvet

After the post-match scene ends, we shoot backstage where Tony Schiavone is standing by with Red Velvet. Velvet talks about her ongoing issues with “Legit” Leyla Hirsch and promotes their one-on-one showdown for AEW Rampage this Friday night.

— The commentators run down some announced matches for this Friday’s AEW Rampage show and then we hear the ominous music playing inside the Freeman Coliseum, which signifies the lowering of the steel cage over the ring.

We head to a pre-match commercial break as we will return to our scheduled main event of the evening.

AEW Women’s Championship (Steel Cage Match)
Thunder Rosa vs. Dr. Britt Baker (C)

We’re back from the break and it’s time to get down to the ring for our final bout of the show. The theme for Thunder Rosa plays and she makes her way out to challenge once again for the richest prize in the women’s division in AEW.

She settles inside the cage and her music dies down. Now the theme for the reigning and defending champion plays. Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. makes her way out and she enters the ring. The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this one.

As soon as the bell sounds, we see Baker looking nervous as she realizes she has nowhere to run or hide, and has no help. She runs over and starts climbing the cage, however Rosa easily stops her and begins unloading on her with a ferocious assault.

We see Baker turn the tide and get in a couple shots, however she goes for a suplex, which Rosa defends. From there, Rosa completely takes over on offense. She gets Baker up against the cage wall and rubs her face back-and-forth across the mesh fencing.

Baker is split open and bleeding now and Rosa is hammering away, trying to tear into her skin and get more blood to free-flow from the dome of the champ. She gets in some more offense and then once again bashes Baker face-first into the steel cage wall over-and-over again.

The action spills out to the floor, and as Schiavone, normally this is where Baker benefits from having Jamie Hayter and Rebel in her corner at ringside. Unfortunately for the champ, they are banned from ringside this evening and with the steel cage surrounding the ring, it wouldn’t make a difference anyways.

Just as Baker starts to shift the momentum in her favor, busting open the challenger and going to work on Rosa, we head to a mid-match commercial break. The action continues as Baker puts it on Rosa while we take the quick in-match ad-timeout.

We return from the break to see Baker still dominating the action, however immediately Rosa takes over. She hoists Baker up after a million steel chairs are tossed into the ring. While going for a big spot, we see Rosa accidentally knock Baker into the referee, busting the ref’s nose.

With the ref down, Rosa plants Baker with a huge spot and goes for the cover, only to discover that nobody is there to make the pin. The action continues and finally AEW women’s referee Aubrey Edwards makes her way down to the ring. The cage door is unlocked to allow her to enter the ring.

Now that a referee is finally in the ring again, we see the action continue with Baker recovering and shifting the offensive momentum back in her favor. She beats on Rosa and then sits her on the top-rope.

She lines up four unfolded chairs. Two on each side facing each other, and then some additional chairs stacked in the middle of them. She takes another one and bashes Rosa with it to keep her laid out on the top-rope. She lays even more on top of the aforementioned four unfolded chairs.

Baker unfolds another few and sits them on top. She climbs up after Rosa now and the two begin duking it out. Rosa ends up knocking Baker off the top backwards, where she crashes down into the stack of unfolded chairs.

Rosa goes for the cover but somehow Baker manages to avoid being put away. Baker throws a super kick out of nowhere and decks the challenger. She heads out of the ring and reaches underneath, pulling out a sack filled with thumbtacks.

The champion unties the sack and dumps all of the thumbtacks onto the ring mat. She then grabs Rosa and looks for a Fisherman’s neckbreaker. Rosa counters out, however, and looks for a move. Instead, Baker back-body drops Rosa onto all of the thumbtacks. Baker looks to secure her Lockjaw finisher.

She slides her glove on and locks it in, but Rosa starts biting at her fingers and hand. Baker floats over to the other side and looks to secure the Lockjaw on the opposite side. This time, Rosa grabs Baker’s hand and repeatedly smashes it into the thumbtacks.

This allows her to get free and she hoists Baker up for a big power bomb onto the thumbtacks. Baker rolls out of the ring. Rosa goes out after her but ends up walking right into a big steel chair shot to the dome.

We see the action resume inside the ring, where Rosa starts to take over again. She ends up getting Baker up for her Fire Thunder Driver finisher and she hits it. She goes for the immediate follow-up pin attempt and she gets the 1-2-3.

Winner and NEW AEW Women’s Champion: Thunder Rosa

We have a new AEW Women’s Champion, ladies and gentlemen. Her adopted hometown fans in San Antonio go absolutely bonkers as Rosa secures the victory and captures the title in the process.

We see some replays of the key action in the match and then return live in the ring to see an emotional, bloody Thunder Rosa celebrating with the AEW Women’s Championship held high above her head as the fans go nuts. The commentators thank us for tuning in and remind us to watch AEW Rampage this coming Friday night. That’s how this week’s show goes off the air. Thanks for joining us!

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