Impact Wrestling Results (3/24)

Impact Wrestling Results (3/24)

Impact Wrestling Results (3/24) – A furious Josh Alexander kicks off IMPACT. He calls out Moose after Moose invaded his home last week. Moose does come out. The two brawl to the back and fight up on an observation deck in the 2300. They get split up by Madman Fulton.

Back from break, D’Amore tries to calm Josh down. Alexander says his emotions are in check as long as Moose stays clear of his family.

Willie Mack vs. Laredo Kid vs. Mike Bailey

Back and forth goes the athleticism as we go to break. Back from it, Mack has LK grounded. He cuts Bailey down hard with a knife edge chop. Bailey nails some rapid fire kicks before hitting an enziguri. He goes and dive onto LK to the outside. LK comes back with springboard corkscrew on top of Mack and Bailey both. LK hits a superplex and then a frog splash: 1-2-kickout. Mack xomes in and nails Bailey with a Samoan drop. Standing moonsault. LK makes the save. Willie Mack hits a Razor’s Edge in tribute to Scott Hall, but it’s Mike Bailey who comes out with the victory and is in the X-Division Title match.

WINNER: Mike Bailey

Good Brothers are ready to fight VBD in Philly with Bullet Club at their side.

Steve Maclin vs. Heath

This fight takes place on the outside for the better part of the beginning, but Maclin cracks Heath with a backbreaker center ring and he stays in control. Heath gets on a flurry and nails a DDT for a two count. Maclin gets Heath down and puts his feet on the ropes. The ref doesn’t see it and count the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Steve Maclin

Post-match, Rhino comes in and Gores the boots off Maclin.

We have an “It’s All About Me” segment with Tenille Dashwood. She acts like Kaleb With A K is the host, but she ends up asking about where his allegiance stands with them. Kaleb flees but ends up getting sat down by Madison Rayne and Johnny Swinger. They ask him again about his allegiance. He says of course it’s The Influence. Madison presents a lie detector test.

We see JONAH. He calls out Ishii for Rebellion.

IMPACT Tag Team Championship
Lumberjack Match
Good Brothers vs. Violent By Design (Joe Doering and Eric Young)

These teams duke it out and the lumberjacks actually do their job. Doering hits a powerslam on Anderson and EY nails a patented elbow for a near fall. Doc and Karl catch EY with a Magic Killer, but Deaner hops on the apron. Doering knocks Gallows to the outside as he gets swarmed by lumberjacks. Doering dives onto everyone. In the ring, Mike Bennett slides in to nail Anderson with a low blow, Taven hits a Climax and EY gets the pinfall win.

WINNER and STILL IMPACT Tag Team Champions: VBD

Gia Miller is backstage with Savannah Evan and Tasha Steelz. She asks the champ if Evans will keep Steelz backstage like Mickie James is with Chelsea Green. Steelz makes fun of Gia before revealing that she’ll leave Savannah backstage.

Eddie Edwards vs. Rocky Romero

This fight is contentious as Rocky tries to take Eddie off his feet.  Hard chops exchanged and Rocky gets the upperhand before we head to breakski.

Back from it, Eddie is in control until Rocky nails an impressive DDT in the corner. The two collide hard and Eddie hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for a very near fall. Eddie ends up rolling Rocky up for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Eddie Edwards

Post-match, Eddie offers a handshake and Rocky goes for it, but Eddie attacks him. Out comes Jonathan Gresham and he saves Rocky. Rocky and Jon shake hands.

Johnny Swinger is backstage admiring his Swinger’s Dungeon. Zicky Dice comes out elated. He wants to go back in but Swinger tells Dice they’re tagging up next week.

IMPACT Knockouts Championship
Street Fight
Mickie James vs. Tasha Steelz (c)

As expected, this fight starts on the outside. Mickie nails Tasha with a neckbreaker on the stage before rolling Tasha back down to the entryway. We go to break but during it, Tasha cracks Mickie with a kendo stick while the trash can is over her.  Sure enough, Savannah Evans comes down to the ring. The two women crack one another with chairs and collapse. Savannah Evans gets slammed on a table, but that doesn’t break. Mickie is on the apron but Tasha knocks her off and on top of the table. The women ellict “this is awesome” chants before Tasha nails Mickie with a parking sign. Mickie returns the favor and takes Steelz down. Mickie Thesz presses Tasha from up top and then later nails a Mick-DT She covers, but Savannah pulls Mickie off. Mickie leaps onto Evans to the outside but Evans charges her to the ring post. Evans chokes Mickie with a chair as Steelz watches. Chelsea Green runs in with a chair. She sits down with her legs crossed on that chair and watches Evans attack Mickie. Tasha and Evans do a modified Hart Attack to Mickie. Tasha climbs up top and frog splashes: 1-2-3.

WINNER and STILL Knockouts World Champion: Tasha Steelz

Post-match, Chelsea talks trash to Mickie as James looks despondant. The two women slap each other and a brawl breaks out. Suddenly, Cardona nails Mickie with a Radio Silence. That’s how the show ends.

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