CM Punk Defeats MJF In A Dog Collar Match

CM Punk Defeats MJF In A Dog Collar Match

CM Punk Defeats MJF In A Dog Collar Match – The much anticipated Dog Collar match between CM Punk and MJF took place at AEW Revolution in Orlando, Florida.

Punk’s music played first but it was a swerve and MJF came out to the ring and that caused fans to boo him. Punk walked out to his old ROH theme and attire.

Punk was the first to use the chain by tying it around the ring post and leveraging it to drive MJF into the corner. JR called MJF a disingenuous d*ck. Punk punched MJF in head several times but MJF was able to escape the onslaught in the corner and he followed up with a power bomb and pin attempt.

Punk fought back with body strikes and a knee strike but MJF yanked the chain to pull Punk in mid-air. MJF used the chair to bust Punk’s head open and he was bleeding buckets. MJF grabbed the “f*cking mic” and told “old timer” Punk to tell the people that he doesn’t care and he should quit. Punk said “ear sh*t Max.”

Punk yanked MJF off the second rope and the camera showed Punk’s face covered in blood. Punk wrapped the chain around MJF’s neck before executing a running bulldog move. Punk then whipped MJF across the back with the chain. MJF turned things around and he put Punk in a sleeper hold. MJF had trouble with his right hand because Punk stomped it earlier with his foot and chain. MJF locked in an armbar but Punk countered into the Anaconda Vice but MJF rolled into a pin attempt. MJF went for the heatseeker but Punk slipped out of it.

Punk wrapped some of the chain around his knee so he could hit MJF with a Shining Wizard knee strike to the head but that move knocked MJF out of the ring. The knee strike caused MJF to get busted open. Punk punched MJF several times in the head and drove him into the steel steps. Punk went for another knee to the head but he crashed into the steps as MJF moved out of the way. This would cause Punk issues for the rest of the match.

MJF tried a tombstone on the ring apron but Punk countered and hit his own tombstone piledriver but that also hurt Punk’s knees. Punk went for an elbow drop off the top but MJF moved.  MJF poured thumbtacks in the ring. He hit Punk with a knee strike to the head. He went for a running bulldog but Punk bit his hand. MJF fought with forearms strikes and Punk almost fell in the tacks but Punk countered and went for a brainbuster but the bad knee gave out. MJF hit some more elbow strikes, Punk with a roundhouse kick. Punk went for the Pepsi Plunge but MJF slipped out. MJF then superplexed Punk into the tacks.

MJF called for Wardlow to come out to help him. MJF asked for the Dynamite Diamond ring but Wardlow didn’t have it. Punk hit the GTS and MJF fell into the tacks. Wardlow then realized that the ring was in the right pocket and he left it on the ring apron for Punk to grab. As Warlow left, the fans cheered, Punk put on the ring, MJF spit in Punk’s face and Punk nailed him in the face. Punk got the pin and the win.

CM Punk Defeats MJF In A Dog Collar Match

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