AEW Rampage Results (3/25)

AEW Rampage Results (3/25)

AEW Rampage Results (3/25)

Dustin Rhodes vs. Lance Archer (with Dan Lambert)

Archer drags some random guy out from the back with him to beat up, but Rhodes runs out to put an end to that. Jericho says it’s a student from the Rhodes Wrestling Academy.

Rhodes goes after Lambert and tries for a piledriver but Archer stops him.

Archer rolls Rhodes into the ring and the bell rings to start the match. Archer batters Rhodes and rips off a turnbuckle pad.

Archer hangs Rhodes over the second rope and beats up on him some more. Rhodes finally gets back to his feet and clotheslines Archer over the top rope.

Rhodes tries a dive from the ring apron but Archer moves and Rhodes crashes down onto the ringside floor.

Archer gets Rhodes back in the ring. The two trade strikes. Archer gets the better of it and puts down Rhodes. Rhodes is bleeding from one of his ears.

Archer lands a splash for a 2-count as we go to the picture-in-picture break.

Back from the break, Rhodes is rallying with some strikes but runs into a big boot from Archer.

Jericho points out that Archer’s boot has become unlaced.

Archer bites on Rhodes’ fingers. Rhodes fires up with some punches. A series of clotheslines can’t take down Archer.

Archer blocks Rhodes’ signature powerslam and turns it into a belly-to-belly suplex.

Rhodes dodges a charge into the corner by Archer and lands some more punches. Rhodes tries to bring Archer out with a bulldog but Archer pushes him off. Rhodes climbs to the second rope and hits a bulldog from there. Rhodes hits Cross Rhodes for a 2-count.r

Archer back drops Rhodes to escape a suplex attempt. Archer follows up with a full nelson slam. Rhodes kicks out at 1!

Archer grabs Rhodes for a chokeslam and drives him down for a 2-count.

Archer puts Rhodes on the top rope and brings him out for the Black Out but Rhodes slides out the back. Rhodes crumbles to the mat and appears to be knocked out. Archer goes to bring up Rhodes but Rhodes pulls Archer into the exposed turnbuckle and rolls up Archer for the pin!

Dustin Rhodes defeats Lance Archer via pinfall

Archer beats up on Rhodes after the bell and slams Rhodes into the ring steps. Rhodes is busted open. Archer hits a running knee to Rhodes while he’s slumped against the ringside barricade.

Some of Rhodes’ students run down to try to save their teacher but Archer beats up all of them. Archer grabs Rhodes and takes him to the timekeeper’s table and chokeslams Rhodes through it.

Backstage, Lexy Nair is speaking with Jay Lethal. He can’t look past his two losses so far in AEW, against Ricky Starks and Adam Cole. He says they both had to cheat to win. Lethal says there’s got to be a better way. He says he has some thinking to do.

Back from the break, Fuego Del Sol is in the ring. He’s talking about how the people believed in him last week when he was a 6-man tag against the House of Black. Fuego says he’s ready to fight.

The lights go out and the House of Black appears in the ring. They beat up on Fuego and leave him laying.

House of Black’s departure back up the entrance ramp is blocked by Dark Order’s Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, John Silver, and Alex Reynolds.

Backstage, Lexy Nair is with TNT Champion Scorpio Sky, Ethan Page, and Dan Lambert. Lambert says the TNT Championship is no longer subject to an open challenge. Wrestlers will have to earn their title shots.

reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly) vs. Alan “5” Angels & 10

O’Reilly and Angels start off. O’Reilly hits a few strikes and quickly tags in Fish.

Angels escapes a double team and tags in 10. He mows down O’Reilly with clotheslines. Fish tries to run in but gets put down with a shoulder block as go to the picture-in-picture break.

Back from the break, 10 is trying to fight to make a tag to Angels. He’s able to do it and Angels dives onto both Fish & O’Reilly. Angels hits a leg lariat on O’Reilly. He takes down Fish too.

A northern lights suplex by Angels is reversed into a guillotine by O’Reilly. 10 breaks it up. reDRagon twist 10’s mask and knock him out of the ring. They hit Chasing The Dragon on Angels to get the pin.

reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly) defeated Alan “5” Angels & 10 via pinfall

Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus run down to break up the post-match beatdown on Angels. In the confusion, Adam Cole sneaks down and steals the AEW Tag Team Championship belts.

Prerecorded comments from Nyla Rose. She’s coming after AEW Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa. Rosa says there’s always someone trying to rain on your parade.

Nyla Rose (with Vicki Guerrero) vs. Madi Wrenkowski

Chris Jericho names Rose his AEW Rampage Sports Entertainer of the Week.

Rose goes right after Wrenkowski, takes her down, and lands a senton.

Rose quickly follows up with the Beast Bomb for the pin.

Nyla Rose defeated Madi Wrenkowski via pinfall

Back from the break, QT Marshall and Aaron Solo are in the ring to present the first-ever QT Marshall Certificate of Accomplishment to Hook.

Hook gets his full entrance. Taz on commentary says they’re not sure exactly what this is all about.

Crowd chants for Hook. Marshall says he’s not jealous or selfish about Hook’s success. Marshall congratulates Hook. Solo shoots off a confetti gun.

Hook smashes Solo’s head into the framed certificate and walks away.

Hook departs up the entrance ramp. He runs into Danhausen at the top of the ramp. Danhausen tries to curse Hook but apparently, it didn’t work because Danhausen looked confused as Hook walked away.

Mark Henry chats with Ricky Starks and Swerve Strickland. Starks has no problem with new people coming into AEW. Starks says Strickland got evicted from his last house. Strickland says he learned from his “last house” he has to take what he wants.

Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite

  • Darby Allin vs. Andrade El Idolo
  • FTR vs. Gunn Club
  • First qualifying match for the Owen Hart Women’s Tournament: The Bunny vs. TBA (This will be a new signing that will be revealed on the show)

Next Friday’s AEW Rampage

  • House of Black vs Fuego Del Sol, Evil Uno & Stu Grayson

FTW Championship Match: Ricky Starks (c) (with Powerhouse Hobbs) vs. Swerve Strickland

Taz has welcomed members of Starks’ entourage to the commentary area.

Starks grounds Strickland to start. Taz says they only do groundwork at the FTW Dojo.

Starks takes down Strickland with an arm drag and poses for the crowd.

Strickland outmaneuvers Starks and connects with a dropkick. Strickland backs Starks into the corner and hits a leaping stomp.

Strickland and Starks trade strikes. Starks dodges a charge and Strickland crashes into the second turnbuckle as we go to the picture-in-picture break.

Back from the break, Starks plants Strickland with a DDT for a 2-count.

Strickland battles back and pushes Starks into the corner. Starks runs into a knee strike from Strickland. A diving European uppercut connects on the back of Starks’ neck.

Strickland hits his leaping Flatliner for a 2-count. Strickland goes to the top rope. Starks charges in and Strickland jumps off to escape.

Starks and Strickland battle for control in the middle of the ring. A charge by Starks misses and Starks tumbles outside the ring. Strickland hits a running shooting star press off the ring apron.

Strickland rolls Starks back into the ring. Strickland goes to the top rope and connects with a double stomp for a near fall.

Strickland grabs a half nelson but Starks rolls through for a 2-count. Strickland tries for another rollup and Starks kicks out. Strickland is sent to the floor where Powerhouse Hobbs runs over Strickland.

Hobbs sends Strickland back into the ring and Starks hits the Roshambo for the pin.

Ricky Starks defeated Swerve Strickland via pinfall to retain the FTW Championship

Taz and Starks’ entourage head down the ramp to join the celebration. But the banner the entourage is holding conceals the arrival of Keith Lee.

Lee lays waste to the entourage and stares down Starks and Hobbs. Lee and Strickland take the fight to Starks and Hobbs. Referees run down to try to break up the melee in the ring.

The fight is still going as Excalibur signs off and the show ends.

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