AEW Rampage Results (3/11)

AEW Rampage Results (3/11)

AEW Rampage Results (3/11) – The “This is Rampage, baby!” theme and regular cold open video package airs to get this week’s show off-and-running.

Darby Allin vs. Marq Quen

We then shoot inside the arena in Estero, FL. where the ring announcer handles the pre-match introductions for the opening contest.

Darby Allin and Marq Quen are already in the ring for this, the first bout of the evening, after making their special “AEW Exclusive Entrances” on the company’s YouTube channel just before tonight’s episode went on the air.

We see Darby jump off to a good offensive start over Quen of Private Party in the early goings. This doesn’t last long, however, as Quen ends up taking over the action shortly thereafter.

As Quen continues to work over Allin, we hear Taz and Ricky Starks talk on commentary about how Allin is as durable as they come, noting he is exceptional when it comes to handling punishment. We head to a mid-match commercial break as the action continues.

We return from the break to see Allin on the top-rope with Quen. He immediately executes a big superplex off the top. He moves into a submission attempt, however the action quickly resumes back on the feet.

A back-flipping knee-drop from Quen slows down Allin’s momentum. Quen controls things for a bit from there once again, as he continues to show off his impressive offensive arsenal.

He hits a crazy flip-over spot, however he spends too much time recovering / admiring his work, which allows Allin to hit a big move that buys himself some time. Both guys are slow to get up, but it is Darby who is up first.

We see Darby heading to the top-rope, only for Isiah Kassidy to distract him upon getting up there. Sting runs over and sends Kassidy into the steel barricade to get him out of the picture.

Darby ends up knocking to the floor anyways, as the distraction from Kassidy bought Quen enough time to recover and shove Allin to the floor outside of the ring. Quen then heads to the top and hits an insane 450-splash to Allin on the floor.

Back in the ring, the announcers talk like they have been all-match-long about Allin’s injured ribs / mid-section. Quen heads to the top but leaps off with a high spot, only to miss and wind up directly into a Fujiwara armbar from Allin. Allin cranks back on the hold and Quen taps out.

Winner: Darby Allin

After The Match: The Hardy Boyz Are Back!

When the match wraps up, we see the A.F.O. make its’ way out, sans-Matt Hardy obviously after the happenings on Dynamite earlier this week.

As Andrade and his Family Office head to the ring to presumably attack Sting and Darby Allin, we hear the familiar sounds of The Hardy Boyz’ theme song.

Out comes Jeff and Matt Hardy, the latter of which is dressed up in his old Hardy Boyz gear, as is Jeff. The duo runs off the A.F.O. to end the segment.

The Men Of The Year & Dan Lambert With A Message For Wardlow

We shoot to Dan Lambert and The Men of the Year backstage. Lambert talks first about a storyline from the wrestling business he watched when he was younger relating to what is going on today with Wardlow and The Men of the Year.

He goes on to assure Wardlow that the new TNT Champion, Scorpio Sky, will be getting the “W” when the two meet for the title next week.

“All Ego” Ethan Page tells Wardlow that he’ll be defending two titles next week — the TNT Championship and his undefeated streak.

The segment wraps up with Scorpio Sky assuring Wardlow that nothing will change after they share the ring, as he will leave with his TNT title in tact and will remain the face of TNT. He tells us to get used to it, snaps his fingers, and we head to another commercial break.

A Message From The House Of Black

We return from the break to a quick vignette featuring The House of Black. Malakai Black talks, then Brody King and finally, Buddy Matthews.

They appear to be addressing “The Bastard” PAC with threats of blacking his eye again with mist and taking over.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Jamie Hayter

An early exchange leads to some chops in the corner from Martinez. Martinez takes down Hayter with a clothesline. Hayter goes after the eyes of Martinez to retake control as we go into the picture-in-picture break.

Back from the break, Martinez is in control with a series of butterfly suplexes for a near fall.
Hayter delivers a backbreaker for her own near fall. Hayter and Martinez exchange a few strikes. That ends with Martinez running into a forearm strike by Hayter.

Hayter charges into a boot. Martinez follows up with an overhead throw that sends Hayter into the corner. Martinez hoists Hayter up onto the top turnbuckle. Martinez delivers a German suplex from the top rope. Hayter lands high on her neck.

Dr. Britt Baker takes advantage when referee Rick Knox turns his back and knocks Martinez off the top rope. Hayter follows up with a lariat and that gets the pin.

Winner: Jamie Hayter

Baker, Hayter, and Rebel are preparing for a post-match beatdown, but Thunder Rosa runs out to save Martinez.

Hikaru Shida With A Message For Serena Deeb

Now we see a vignette featuring Hikaru Shida. She delivers a message to Serena Deeb, essentially letting her know she is going to be her worst nightmare now that she’s back. After this, we head to another commercial break.

Keith Lee vs. QT Marshall

As we settle back in from the break, we see Keith Lee make his way out and head down to the ring for our next match of the evening.

Already in the ring is Lee’s opponent, QT Marshall. Lee blasts him with a headbutt to start things off with a violent bang.

Lee goes on to dominate the offense for a bit, however Marshall ends up slowing him down and shifting the momentum to his favor.

Marshall heads to the top-rope and comes flying off with a picture-perfect missile dropkick. Lee is slow to recover but eventually does. He nearly takes Marshall out of his wrestling boots with a huge lariat off the ropes.

He hoists Marshall up after the lariat. He gets a little too close to the ring ropes, leading to Aaron Solo grabbing his boot from the ringside area. This lets Marshall escape.

He peppers Lee with some leg kicks and then signals for the Diamond Cutter. He leaps with intentions of hitting one, but Lee sees it coming and counters.

He sends Marshall into the ropes and blasts him with a shoulder tackle. He follows that up with his finisher for the 1-2-3. Nice win for Lee.

Winner: Keith Lee

After The Match: Keith Lee Takes Apart The Factory, But Not Team Taz

After the match, Aaron Solo tries to ambush Lee from behind, but Lee shoulder tackles him inside-out as well. Nick Comoroto tries his luck next and while he fares a bit better, Lee ultimately manhandles him as well, leaving him laying with a big power bomb.

Finally, he grabs Solo and launches him over the ropes, where he splashes onto Marshall and Comoroto taking them out. Team Taz members Ricky Starks, who leaves his spot at the commentary desk, and Powerhouse Hobbs hit the ring.

The two now and begin a two-on-one beatdown of Lee. Lee ends up taking Starks out but then walks into a big spinebuster from Hobbs.

Mark Henry Talks To Tonight’s Main Event Participants

We shoot backstage to the weekly pre-main event split-screen interview ahead of our main event of the evening.

Mark Henry introduces Shane “Sw3rve” Strickland and “The Premier Athlete” Tony Nese.

Nese starts off complaining about how Strickland got the big hyped up debut at Revolution, but he didn’t when he came to AEW.

He claims he deserved it and Strickland did not. He asks what Strickland is, some kind of rapper, and points out that this is a wrestling show. He vows to beat his ass.

Strickland responds by saying he will beat down Nese on Friday’s just like he did when they were on 205 Live.

He claims he’s not just a rapper, but a mogul. He finishes up on that note, which prompts “The World’s Strongest Man” to wrap up the segment with his catchphrase, “There’s been enough talk, it’s time for the main event!”

Tony Nese vs. Shane “Sw3rve” Strickland

Some groundwork to start as the two men exchange holds. Nese slows things down and gains a brief advantage before Strickland regains control with a head-scissor takedown and a running low dropkick to the head of Nese.

Nese tries to low bridge Strickland, but Strickland lands on his feet on the arena floor and then takes down Nese. Nese pulls Strickland under the ring apron skirt and gets the advantage as we go into the picture-in-picture break.

Back from the break, Nese is in control and has Strickland grounded. Strickland fights his way out of it. Both men get back to their feet and Strickland wins a strike exchange. Nese hangs Strickland’s neck over the top rope but he misses a springboard moonsault coming back into the ring.

A series of chops from Strickland leads to a diving European uppercut from the second rope. Strickland hits a deadlift brainbuster for a near fall. Strickland leaps to the top rope, but Nese catches him with an uppercut. Nese carries Strickland out of the corner and drops him down across his knees for a near fall.

Nese pushes Strickland down in the corner. Nese goes for a running knee, but Strickland catches him coming in. Nese catches Strickland and kicks him down and follows up with a 450 splash from the top rope. That gets a 2-count.

Nese starts jawing at Strickland and gets caught with a boot. Nese goes for a pump handle slam but Nese escapes. Strickland gets his own reversal and hits a double stomp onto Nese. Strickland follows up and gets a near fall.

Strickland kicks Nese in the head and leaps to the top rope. Strickland hits a double stomp from the top rope and that gets the pin.

Winner: Shane “Sw3rve” Strickland

Strickland celebrates his win as Excalibur plugs next week’s AEW programs and we head off the air. Thanks for joining us!

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  1. I’m always caught off guard by his good Darby is in the ring. He’s not just crazy stunts and acrobatics. That man can wrestle. I move how he works the headlock and arm almost every match.

    Jeff and Matt back in their old gear was pretty cool to see. Hardy’s vs Sting/Darby should be great

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