Impact Wrestling Results (1/27)

Impact Wrestling Results (1/27)

Impact Wrestling Results (1/27) – Tom Hannifan welcomes fans to Impact Wrestling! After taking a look at the events from last week with the group deemed “Honor no more,” during the show intro. Hannifan introduces his broadcast colleague for the evening, Matthew Rewoldt. Chris Bey enters the ring and we’re set for our first action of the night.

Chris Bey vs Jake Something

Bey jumps out of the gates with a dropkick. A series of back and forth and it seems that the “Ultimate Finesser” has the upper hand before Something lands a huge right hand. The action spills to the outside of the ring where Bey lands a stellar aerial attack.

The two competitors bring the action back inside, where Something’s power begins to take control of Bey. Something Irish whips Bey into the ropes and Something pops Bey into the air and Bey counters with a neck breaker.

Bey is doing a good job of manipulating the breathing of Something with submissions, though the power of Something is proving to be formidable.

Bey recovers after a corner spear from Something and hits a reverse hurricarana, and something kicks out at 2.5. Something begins to hulk up after a series of kicks from Bey and lunges after Bey into the corner. Bey counters with a kick and goes up top and looks for a cross body and Something counters and hits the black hole slam for the win.

Winner: Jake Something

after the match, the Guerillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa) attack Jake Something after the match, before Speedball Mike Bailey attempts to make the save. His attempts were thwarted when Jay White comes out and lays out Bayley before G.O.D look into the camera and called out the Good Brothers.

Before the commercial, we get a glimpse of Honor No More making their way into the arena and taking seats ringside.

We return from the commercial and we have a standoff with Impact stars and the superstars ringside representing Ring of Honor. Rhino grabs a mic and orders security to let them through before Scott D’amore comes out to try to establish order.

D’amore says they don’t deserve to go up against Impact’s best because they don’t represent the pride of Ring of Honor. Maria Kanellis grabs a mic and says they don’t have to play by their rules and the two sides come to an agreement for the “No Surrender” PPV.

Tonight we will now have a main event with Chris Sabin and PCO. At No Surrender, it will be Team Impact versus Honor No More.

Backstage: The Influence are game-planning their match later on versus the IIspiration. Madison Rayne tells, Kaleb, who is replacing Tenille Dashwood in the match, that tonight is about scouting their opponents and not to screw things up.

We return from commercial break and Scott D’amore shows Honor No More to their locker room, which is more of a janitor closet. This creates conflict and D’amore proclaims he has a locker room he can place them in but there’s an entire roster that wants to hurt them. Honor no more rebels against the idea they don’t represent the legacy of Ring of Honor.

The Influence vs The IInspiration (Knockouts Tag Team Champions)

Cassie Lee and Madison Rayne start off and tie up. Lee avoids Rayne in the corner and attempts a backslide that Rayne is able to break out of. Lee gets the upper hand before Rayne tags in Kaleb with a K.

Kaleb tries to corral Lee and is unable before using power to his advantage. Lee tags in Jessie McKay, and she goes for a cover on Kaleb which he powers out of. Kaleb then gazes into the eyes of McKay which drew the ire of Madison Rayne. Cassie Lee jumps in the two perform tandem offense on Kaleb before hitting their signature pose. Rayne sneaks in a superkick and the Influence stands tall before a break.

We return from the commercial break and Tom Hannifan explains Tenille Dashwoods absence and the Influence is still under control. Rayne is toying with Cassie Lee, and controls her in the corner before tagging in Kaleb. Kaleb kept Lee from tagging in an eager McKay before Rayne tagged back to do some damage. Kaleb comes back in and mounts more control before attempting a dive from the second rope which Lee counters and Kaleb is hit below the belt.

Finally, Lee makes the tag to McKay, who quickly establishes control for the IInspiration. McKay takes out Rayne enough for her to tag out. Before Kaleb could grab a selfie of McKay she makes the tag to Lee who brings the offense to Kaleb. Lee then gets the pinfall for her team on Kaleb

Winner: The IInspiration

Backstage: Jake Something and Speedball are discussing getting attacked by the Bullet Club and are approached by Ace Austin and Madman Fulton who are less than enthused about helping out their peers. Before Ace could make any more excuses about his plans next week, Gail Kim appears and makes the eight-man tag match official. It will be Something, Speedball, Ace, and Madman versus the Bullet Club.

Backstage: The Good Brothers are chatting with Violent by Design about the threat of the Bullet Club being in Impact. They discuss a business arrangement between the two teams to eliminate the threat.

Mickie James addresses the Knockouts division

We cut to Gail Kim ringside where she’s surrounded by the Knockouts division. Kin introduces the reigning Knockouts champion, Mickie James, as she enters the ring to deliver her address. Mickie starts by giving praise to Gail Kim and hails her as the greatest Knockout of all time.

James would continue about the strength of the division and how they continue to make history every week. she compliments the champions of the division and the contests that are to come in the coming weeks. James turns to Deonna Purrazo to give compliments along with subtle diss. This prompts Purrazo to grab a mic and proclaim how this segment is a waste of time and how she knows she’s the best before she exits.

James then talks about the Royal Rumble and the chance to win and make history. Putting her title on the line against a WWE superstar in a champion versus champion match and seeing who the best in the world is.

Chelsea Green steps in the ring and corrects Mickie about her saying if, rather saying when Mickie wins the Rumble and proceeds to ask for the first opportunity at a title match once she does. Enter Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans, who runs down her accolades before calling her shot for the No Surrender match versus Mickie James. The four exchange blows before Green and James clear the ring.

Backstage: Steve Maclin talks about the match versus Jonathan Gresham and questions the Pure rules stipulation because they’re in Impact. Gresham enters and challenges Maclin to a match next week without pure rules.

We come back from commercial and we see Jordynne Grace’s Digital Media title defense at Terminus

Backstage: Jordynne Grace discusses Matt Cardona’s challenge for the title, and gives him some praise as an original in the digital media space. Grace says she’s a fighting champion and accepts the challenge.

The Learning Tree vs W. Morrissey 

Brian Myers joins the commentary team and talks about how fast the learning Tree grew before this match. Myers doesn’t even know the names of these competitors. Morrissey begins to take out each member one by one and his power is on full display. He dispatched each member from the ring before the final member of Learning Tree entered. Morrissey powerbombs him on the back of another member and pins both for the win.

Winner: W. Morrissey

Myers confronts Morrissey after the match and strikes him with regret. Morrissey goes after Myers and Impact Champion Moose appears and attacks Morrissey. Myers, Moose, and the Learning Tree all gang up on Morrissey before he powers out from the grasp. Moose recovers and clocks Morrissey with the gold and stands tall over a fallen Morrissey before exiting.

Backstage: We return from commercial to Raj Singh, talking about a blue-chip prospect that will be debuting next week name Bhupinder Gujjar. He gets interrupted by John Skylar, irked by the lack of attention he’s getting. Singh says he can step in the ring with his prospect next week.

Johnny Swinger vs. JONAH

Swinger tries to single-leg JONAH which he easily thwarts. Swinger then goes for an eye poke which temporarily affects JONAH. We get a camera cut to Dan Lambert ringside, then JONAH takes over with the power game. JONAH launches Swinger across the ring before going up top for a splash and the match is over.

After the match, JONAH tosses swinger out of the ring, and as JONAH leaves the ring the music of Decay hits they surround Swinger and have a staredown with JONAH.

Tom Hannifan gives us a look at what’s to come on Impact Wrestling next week before we break for a commercial.

We return from commercial break and it’s time for the main event.

Chris Sabin vs PCO

Sabin and PCO tie up and PCO gets the better of Sabin twice and has early control. PCO is focusing on the left arm and has done significant damage to Sabin. Sabin attempts a shoulder tackle to no avail before nailing a low dropkick to PCO. Sabin then quickens the pace and begins to wear down PCO before outside interference from Honor No More. Team Impact attempts to even the odds, but does so in plain sight of the referee and are ejected from ringside.

we’re back from break and Sabin’s backup is gone though he has control in the corner versus PCO. Sabin has a flurry of offense before PCO dumps him outside to the floor. PCO does more damage to Sabin before stepping back in the ring and hitting Sabin with a suicide dive. The ten count begins but PCO is interested in doing more damage to Sabin outside of the ring.

PCO is in full control of the matchup and sets up Sabin on the ring apron and hits him with a huge Swanton dive. The tables of the match turn when PCO goes to the air again and misses big on a moonsault. The offense of the Motor City Machine gun mounts and he hits a suicide dive of his own.

PCO is a freak of an athlete, but goes for one two many Vader bombs as Sabin gets the knees up. Honor No More tries to distract Sabin and he fends them off temporarily before Maria Kanellis distracts the ref. PCO drives Sabin into the canvas with a Full Neslon bomb and picks up the win.

Winner: PCO

Honor no more continues the attack on Sabin after the match before Team Impact makes the save and gets the best of Honor No More members before they flee the ring.

That’s how tonight’s Impact Wrestling concludes. Be on the lookout for all the action next week in the Impact zone.

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