Impact Wrestling Results (1/13)

Impact Wrestling Results (1/13)

Impact Wrestling Results (1/13) – The show opens up with a video highlight package of Hard to Kill from this past Saturday. We then see W. Morrissey arrive and is looking for Moose. He heads directly to the ring with purpose. Morrissey immediately calls out for Moose. He said ” he had Moose down for a freaking ten count! ” He also says Moose walks around here as the champ but he holds a title he practically hijacked and will do anything to keep it, including hiding from him. He waits to see if Moose will answer the call but no one comes out. Morrissey says ” he wants a title match tonight!”.

Moose shows up on the screen from backstage. He says he knows W. Morrissey is pissed but he’s the “greatest world champion in professional wrestling” and he’s moving on and there will be a world title match tonight but he will pick someone else that hasn’t challenged for the title before and Morrissey will have to get to the back of the line. Morrissey says that he will make sure Moose doesn’t make it to the title match. He goes backstage and is greeted by Scott D’More who confirms that Moose has a title match against someone else. Morrissey tries to make his case again but D’More is interrupted by someone over the headset.

We go back to ringside where we see Matt Taven interrupt at the broadcast table with Vincent and confront D-Lo Brown. We then see Mike Bennett and Taven surround Brown. Brown then strikes Bennett and starts to brawl. That’s when we see mayhem as he fights Bennett and Vincent and then is also joined by PCO. This team of misfits from ROH then attack D-Lo and put him through a table leaving Tom Hannifan in pure shock and referees come to ringside to aid Brown as we cut to commercial.

– We come back and see a recap of what just occurred to D-Lo Brown by this group from Ring of Honor and Tom Hannifan declares that he will have to go the rest of the show alone for the rest of the night. We then get back to Tom breaking down the card for tonight’s episode. We see a video package of Rok-C’s journey in ROH so far to become the ROH Women’s Championship setting up for the main event tonight. It’s now time for the first match of the night!

Chris Bey vs Laredo Kid

We are joined on commentary from the X-Division Champion Trey Miguel. He talks about how tough and talented Chris Bey is and is here to study this matchup against Laredo Kid. The matchup starts fast right off the mark with Laredo Kid rushing Chris Bey towards the corner but misses. They start to trade hard strikes and vicious chops. We then go back to the fast-paced offense that leads to Laredo Kid landing a cross-body dive onto Bey into the outside. Bey then reverses sending Kid into the ring apron area. He then jumps and hits a huge backflip on Laredo Kid still outside as we head into the next commercial.

We cut back from the commercial where we see Chris Bey still on the offense and go for a quick cover that ends in a two-count. They both are up trading running jumps and knees in the corners where Bey gets the better of Laredo Kid, and we see him jump over the ropes with both knees to the back of Kid’s head. Bey continues the offense throwing Laredo Kid out of the ring. He then works him over with punches and slaps, leaning Kid on the guard rail. Bey puts Kid on the apron and tries a kneck breaker but Laredo Kid reverses and does a backdrop to Bey on the ropes that then bounces him to the ring apron and then the floor! We see Kid on the attack with an outside dive through the second rope. He then puts Chris Bey into the ring hitting him with a top-rope moonsault. We see a quick pin but end in two. We see the pace pick back up with Chris Bey reversing and throwing Kid’s head with his knees into the second rope, and hitting him with a splash. We get some more back and forth with Bey trying to hit the reverse GTS to Laredo Kid but he reverses. The fight continues as Bey tries for the top rope but Laredo Kid catches Chris Bey and hits him with a huge Spanish Fly for the 1,2,3.

Winner: Laredo Kid

We go backstage to see Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann, and Willie Mack talking about the group from Ring of Honor that attacked everyone after their match from Hard to Kill. They are joined by Heath and Rhino. They say “they don’t know who these guys even are but we aren’t gonna let them take over like this!”. Rhino says “they need to rip them from limb to limb and they need to go find them”. They all storm off as we head into the commercial break.

– We come back from the break to an intro from “The Most Professional Wrestler” Brian Myers and he is back and we see him with VSK and Ziggy Dice. Myers says he’s been at home watching the two of them and they need to prove to him that they really want this. He says they are about to be cut. He’s interrupted by Dice that announces that he’s the one getting the world title match with Moose. Myers and VSK are in disbelief. Dice then get a huge pizza delivered and Myers asks him “don’t you have a title match tonight?!” Which Dice says he’ll be ready for. Myers takes a slice of pizza and says he’ll be watching good luck sarcastically. We then go back to the ring for the next match of the night.

“Speedball” Mike Bailey vs Jake Something

We see Madman Fulton and Ace Austin join Tom over at commentary looking to watch this matchup and the match starts out with some vicious strong-style striking and blows. Jake Something finally gets the upper hand as they go to the floor where Jake Something hits a slam to Bailey on the apron, he then puts Speedball into the ring where he tries for the pin but gets a two. We then see a huge lariat clothesline from Jake Something but still Bailey out with a two-count. We see more back and forth until we see Mike Bailey get the upper hand hitting some huge kicks. Jake Something is able to turn it around for a Falcon Arrow slam but still, Bailey is resilient and kicks out. We see some more huge kicks and blows traded before Bailey hits Jake with an insuguri kick stunning Something, he then gets on the top rope and hits his flipping double knee slam finisher on the back of Something to see the 3-count and the victory.

Winner: Mike Bailey

We cut back to backstage where the Good Brothers and Violent By Design are talking. Anderson says the only reason they have this agreement is to take out two tag teams in Impact. Eric Young agrees but says the alliance should continue as long as the Ring Of Honor guys are around. They then get interrupted by the commotion and see Heath and Rhino beat up and down. Anderson and Gallows pretend to help them up and ask if they are ok, but then all of them start to beat down Rhino and Heath more before officials and refs break it up as they go into the break.

-Back from break we see an interview from Gia with Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green. They go over how both of them had amazing matches but ultimately came up short. They are then interrupted by Tasha Steels and her lackey. She says it’s good that Chelsea Green because it will help her get used to waking up to a loser in Matt. Chelsea Green then stands up to confront Steels and challenges her for the number one contender spot she won during Ultimate X and pushes her down in the chair to tell her to think about it. Time for the next matchup.

Masha Slamovich vs Vert Vixen

The Russian superstar attacks Vixen slamming her with her hair! They then trade blows with some quick reversal from Vixen getting Slamovich into the corner but Slamovich counters with a clubbing blow to Vixen. We then see Slamovich make quick work with a huge slam in the middle of the ring to Vixen for the squash match victory.

Winner: Masha Slamovich

After the match, we see Joshua Alexander head to the win with a quick staredown with Slamovich. He starts his promo saying he hears Dallas and the rest of the world. He’s had Suzuki and JONAH get in his way. He says he now is set and is looking to regain what he claims to have never should have lost, the world title. He says Moose is handing out title matches left and that if he wants to really have a match then it needs to be with him tonight!

We hear new music and the arrival and debut of Charlie Haas! Wow! Haas enters the ring and introduces himself to Josh. He praises Alexander for his work and how hard he works at their craft. He says they share similarities in amateur wrestling and how Haas used to be a part of “The World’s Greatest Tag Team” too. Charlie Haas issues a challenge to Josh Alexander. Josh says “everyone knows who Charlie Haas is and it would be an honor to step into the ring with him.” Alexander says if he doesn’t get the world title first then Haas is just an obstacle in his way. Haas says that Alexander is the obstacle and attacks him. They brawl hard until security breaks them up. The venue erupts with “Charlie” chants. Alexander grabs the mic and angrily accepts Haas’s challenge for a match.

We go backstage and see Rok-C joined by Impact Women’s Champ Mickie James. She says she’s been watching Rok-C. Rok-C says she’s been hiding out in the room hoping she would come in and says “sorry” for the ROH guys causing all this trouble. Mickie says no need to apologize the boys will be boys. She then warns Rok-C that she needs to be ready because Deonna is very intense and still showing scars from their Texas Deathmatch at the PPV. She tells Rok-C she’s rooting for her and to get her mind right for their match tonight as we go into the commercial.

– Back from the commercial and we see the entrance from “The Learning Tree” with all three members as they get ready for Ziggy Dice to take on Moose for the world title match. We then see the entrance from the Impact World Champion himself as the crowd chants “Moose!” Moose is coming out in his actual business attire for the match! Brian Myers is joining Tom Hannifan at commentary for the match.

Impact World Championship Match: Moose vs Ziggy Dice

The bell rings with Ziggy screaming “Outlandish!”. He attacks Moose with no luck as Moose grabs Ziggy Dice and hits him with his finisher and stands on him for the quick three count. Just like that this title match is over.

Winner: Moose

After the bell we see W. Morrissey out to attack Moose and trades blows with him forcing Moose out of the ring and he retreats towards the back. Morrissey raises the Impact World Title over his head challenging Moose. Moose comes down and is able to grab his title real fast as Morrisey destroys VSK and Dice of The Learning Tree as Myers shakes his head. Morrissey chases after Moose. We see Moose getaway in a vehicle that peels off quickly heading to the next commercial.

-Back from the break a new match is about to begin and Tom is joined by Scott D’More. He lets people know they are getting updates on D-Lo Brown and that Ring of Honor has nothing to do with this group that they seem to be true renegades, but the security will be on hand to make sure we get the main event we have been wanted. Singh is in the ring already before the match and tells D’More he wants to add to his wins and will take on anyone no matter how big they are. Then out comes JONAH!

Raj Singh vs JONAH

The match starts and Singh tries to strike JONAH and shoulder tackle him but nothing. He tries again and gets clotheslined. JONAH continues to fight off a fury of strikes from Singh, he tries to sling JONAH to the corner but didn’t happen, JONAH  Samoan drops Singh. He then climbs to the top rope and nails his finisher The Tsunami and that’s going to do it with JONAH capturing his first win in Impact Wrestling.

Winner: JONAH

We go backstage after the match with The Influence talking about how “sad” they are that the IInspiration couldn’t make it to Hard to Kill. They are then interrupted by the ladies of Decay who say their schedule is wide open and next week they want to challenge The Influence. They are interrupted by Impact staff that screams they need a medic and shows Eddie Edwards down on the ground clutching his head in extreme pain as we head to break.

– We’re back and Gia is with ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham asking if he knows what’s going on? Gresham says he has no idea but there’s a war raging for the identity of Ring of Honor and the purists have won and purified ROH. That these guys are renegades. He’s interrupted by Steve Maclin who questions if Gresham is telling the truth and those real brothers where he is from don’t abandon each other. Gresham gets mad and asks if Maclin is telling him he’s a liar?! He is going to ROH management and asking for a title match between him and Maclin. We go back to the ring for the main event and Tom is joined by Ian Riccoboni of ROH for the match. We then see the entrance of the Reina de Reinas Champion, Deonna Purrazzo. She is joined by the Drama King himself. Out next we see the entrance of the Ring of Honor Women’s Champion. Rok-C. It’s time for the Winner Take All match!

Title vs Title Match: Deonna Purrazzo vs Rok-C

We start the matchup with some very quick back and forth with Rok-C with a mocking of the curtsey that we see from Deonna most times. That angers Purrazzo and she starts another attack and they go back and forth with holds and flips and Rok- C trying to apply a submission before Purrazzo is able to escape under the ring to break it up as we head into commercial.

Back from the commercial, we see the same back and forth from earlier, both ladies trying to get the upper hand on offense. Rok-C goes for a quick pin but only gets two. Rok-C goes up top but Purrazzo pushes Rok-C off and down on the mats outside giving Deonna a breather. Deonna then starts to work on the left arm of Rok-C immediately. Deonna starts to stalk her before wrapping her arm on the bottom rope and kicking it hard. Deonna drags her to the middle of the ring. Purrazzo stomps on the bad arm and tries a count that ends in two. Rok- C tries to come back and fire up and whips Deonna but Purrzzo catches her with both hands and snaps the arms back on the mat. Deonna is starting to work her technical prowess and works over Rok-C’s arm in a straight jacket hold. They get back up but Rok-C throws Deonna into the ring post shoulder first giving Rok-C a break. Rok-C hits a Thes Press from the second rope and then hits a backdrop and goes for the Rok Lock but Deonna gets out. They trade blows and Deonna hits a suplex and tries for the Arm Bar finish but Rok- C reverses and is then able to get Deonna with the Code Red! She goes for the count but it’s still only a two count. The match continues with reversals of the Arm Bar and Rok Lock with Rok-C countering and almost has her tapping out but Deonna reverses with the finisher. She wrenches hard as Rok-C is fading but prevents the ref from calling the match. Deonna reapplies the Arm Bar one last time and hard and Rok-C is caught and finally taps out. The winner and new ROH Women’s Champion is Deonna Purrazzo!

Winner: Deonna Purrzzo is Double Champion

After the match we see Maria Kannelis come out to confront Deonna and we think we’re gonna see a fight but out comes the renegades from ROH, we then have Impact reinforcements show up in Willie Mack and Rich Swann to fight them off, but they are outnumbered four on two. They lay waste to Mack and Swann and leave them laying as all five of them stand tall and pose to end the show, ruining Deonna’s moment after the big win as they go off the air.

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