Impact Wrestling Hard To Kill 2022 Results

Impact Wrestling Hard To Kill 2022 Results

Impact Wrestling Hard To Kill 2022 Results – After the opening video, we move to Tom Hannifan and D’Lo Brown on the commentary team. Hannifan is the former Tom Phillips in WWE, making his debut for IMPACT Wrestling.

Alisha Edwards vs. Chelsea Green vs. Jordynne Grace vs. Lady Frost vs. Rosemary vs. Tasha Steelz in the first-ever Knockouts Ultimate-X Match with the winner earning a shot at the IMPACT Knockouts World Championship

A moment of pause before the match begins as the fans chant “This is awesome!” Jordynne Grace and Tasha Steelz first try to climb the steel beams to try and collect the X. The only way to win the match is by retrieving the X suspended above the ring, held up by cables going from each ring post to form an X above the ring. Rosemary takes some control as she sends Jordynne Grace over the top rope before Grace dives from the apron. Rosemary tries to collect the X with help from Havok, but Chelsea Green delivers a dropkick from the top rope.

Green and Alisha then try to climb the steel beams, but they both dive the opposite way from the top onto the wrestlers on the outside. Lady Frost then takes a dive outside of the ring. Grace once again attempts to climb the beams and she begins to scale the cables. Lady Frost jumps on her. Rosemary collects Frost from Grace as she is still hanging, but Tasha Steelz eventually pulls her down. Chelsea Green then tries to scale the cables, but she loses grip and fell onto Steelz. Alisha enters the ring with Kendra the kendo stick and hits everyone in the ring. Alisha then scales the cables as Rosemary follows her. Chelsea Green then picks up the kendo stick, but Rosemary spears Alisha from the cables.

Tasha Steelz then climbs the beams and pulls herself across the cables. Jordynne Grace follows her. Grace knees Steelz in the back and they both drop, as it looked like they Powerbombed each other, landing tailbone first on the canvas below. Lady Frost climbs the beams but delivers a Moonsault to the outside. Grace is back on the cables and she enters the middle of the ring. Steelz follows her as they both hang wrapping their legs around the cable, but Grace loses grip. Chelsea Green now enters the fray. Both Green and Steelz unhook the X, but Tasha Steelz grabs hold of it and falls to ring below to win.

Winner: Tasha Steelz

– A trailer is then shown for The Free Fall movie that is sponsoring tonight’s pay-per-view event.

– A video is shown of the IMPACT Knockouts World Champion, Mickie James, talking to the camera earlier today. James mentions the announcement of her being included in the WWE Women’s Royal Rumble match. James says her focus tonight is on the Texas Death Match.

– An interview with the challenger, Deonna Purrazzo, is shown. Deonna says Mickie has clung to her for her fifteen minutes of fame and tonight it ends. Gail Kim enters the picture and says that the no contact clause between Deonna and Mickie ends when the match begins tonight. She also states if Matt Rehwoldt lays his hands on Mickie tonight, then Deonna will lose the match. Deonna gets angry and says that Mickie won’t even make it to the Royal Rumble after tonight.

Trey Miguel (c) vs. Steve Maclin for the IMPACT X-Division Championship and if Maclin loses he can’t challenge for the championship again whilst Trey Miguel is champion.

Trey Miguel makes a cool entrance, which had two men by his side alluding to The Rascalz. Maclin immediately dives out of the ring before Miguel can enter the ring. They continue to brawl on the entrance ramp. Miguel hits the ring, hits the ropes, and slides back out, and delivers a DDT. They both enter the ring and the bell rings. Maclin is then outside of the ring again, and Trey does a flip over the top rope to take him out and ends up in the front row. Maclin responds by taking Miguel out on the outside, slamming him into the ring apron.

He then sends the champion back in the ring and attempts a pinfall, but Miguel kicks out, as Miguel feels for his ribs and lower back. Maclin continues his dominance and works on the champion. Maclin then delivers a crushing backbreaker but he only secures a two-count when attempting the pinfall. Maclin sends Miguel through the ropes, but Miguel hands on. He then boots Miguel to the outside of the ring, following it up with a Cactus Jack elbow from the apron.

Maclin then uses the edge of the ring to once again punish Trey Miguel. Again, he only manages to score a two-count as Trey kicks out of the pin. Maclin has Trey’s back stretched over his knee, as Miguel hits some punches and knees to fight off Maclin. Miguel builds up some momentum which results in a double stomp to the chest of the challenger. Trey has Maclin on the apron and tries to deliver a Meteora to the outside, but Maclin counters and has Miguel hanging on the ropes. Maclin then delivers a spear through the middle rope, as Trey is still hanging legs first.

Miguel once again tries to fight his way back into the contest, but he is struggling with his balance because of the beatdown he’s received. Trey heads to the top rope, but Maclin knocks him down. They both exchange blows on the apron. Miguel then hits a knee strike on Maclin. Trey then delivers a Meteora to Maclin onto the outside, as Maclin crashes against the barricade. Back in the ring, Miguel hits another Meteora and the challenger kicks out to the surprise of the champion. Trey then hits a Brainbuster and once again goes to the top rope. He hits one more Meteora and retains the championship and becomes the first man to defeat Steve Maclin in IMPACT.

Winner: Still IMPACT X-Division Champion, Trey Miguel

– A backstage interview is conducted with Madison Rayne and Tenille Dashwood. Tenille says that The IInspiration is wrong for not showing up. Madison Rayne says they should have made it a priority and should have shown up. Rayne says they will just have to get their championship match next time.

– Ring of Honor’s Ian Riccaboni joins the commentary team for the next match. Bobby Cruise also introduces the match.

Jonathan Gresham (c) vs. Chris Sabin for the ROH World Championship

The is contested under Pure Rules. Gresham and Sabin immediately lock up. Sabin tries to get a feel of Gresham using the wristlock, but the champion rolls out and gets the better of him. Gresham then grabs hold of Sabin’s wrist and tries to work on him, but Sabin this time escapes. Gresham takes Sabin down and locks in an ankle submission. Sabin then reverses and covers Gresham but the champion kicks out. Gresham takes down Sabin with an arm drag and works on the wrist before locking Sabin into another submission focusing on the ankle and left leg. It falls into a pinfall but Sabin kicks out, but Gresham immediately locks him back in a submission using joint manipulation.

Sabin has a window of opportunity as Gresham is sent out of the ring, as the challenger delivers a big knee on the apron. Sabin rolls him back in the ring but Gresham looks to get Sabin down again, but the one-half of the Motor City Machine Gun team takes some control and plants Gresham on the mat face first with a rotating DDT from mid-air. Gresham then looks to focus on Sabin’s arm once again. Sabin reverses and chops the champion before Gresham responds. Sabin then delivers a spinning neck breaker, but the champion gets his foot on the rope, with one rope break now used out of three.

Gresham recovers and hits a Dragon Screw Leg Whip taking Chris Sabin down. Gresham hits the middle rope and delivers a moonsault. Gresham then locks Sabin in the face lock. Sabin tries to get the rope but the champion tries to pull his arm away, but Sabin does grab the rope, with him now losing a rope break. Gresham then pulls Sabin to the middle of the ring, locking in the face lock again. Sabin rolls out into a pinfall but the champion kicks out. Jonathan Gresham then locks in The Octopus. Gresham strikes Sabin in the head whilst it is locked in. Sabin manages to lift Gresham into a Cradle Shock and the referee counts to three, but Gresham had his foot under the rope and immediately reverses the decision.

Gresham and Sabin then trade blows before Sabin headbutts the champion. They both have a hold of each other’s wrists. They then begin to deliver chops back and forth. The chops get harder and harder as the fans cheer. Gresham counters a Cradle Shock, they both go for roll-ups, but Gresham locks in his using the bridge and picks up the win.

Winner: Still ROH World Champion, Jonathan Gresham

– The Ultimate X winner, Tasha Steelz, is backstage having an interview. Steelz says she made history. Steel says whether it’s Deonna or Mickie, they have a date on the wrong side of the street with her.

Josh Alexander vs. Jonah

Josh Alexander and Jonah go to war. Alexander pounds Jonah in the corner with his fists, but Jonah reverses, and Alexander delivers a second rope dropkick. Alexander goes for the ankle lock but Jonah pushes him out of the ring with his feet. They fight on the outside with Jonah delivering a thunderous chop. Jonah then tries to get the upper hand but Alexander works on the left ankle of Jonah which got caught in the ropes. Alexander then delivers a crossbody as they both end up back on the outside. Jonah manages to recover and launches the body of Josh Alexander onto the apron ribs first. Back in the ring, Jonah lifts Alexander up above his head and sends him flying onto the top turnbuckle.

Jonah is now firmly in control as he goes for the cover, pushing on Alexander’s ribs, but Josh kicks out. Jonah has Alexander above his head once again for the Torture Rack, but Josh wriggles out and now Josh Alexander delivers shots to Jonah’s ankle. Jonah counters and drops his body weight onto Alexander. Jonah puts Alexander back in the Torture Rack. Alexander wants Jonah to hit him and Jonah strikes him down, but this seems to wake Josh Alexander up as he creates some momentum. He tries to send Jonah over the top rope with the clothesline, and he manages to connect after a number of attempts. They both begin to fight over the barricade on the front row. Jonah sends Alexander back over the barricade with a clothesline, but Alexander responds with a straight right hand. Alexander then climbs to the top rope and dives onto Jonah over the barricade.

Back in the ring, Jonah looks rocked as Alexander uses some smart offense as he goes to the top rope once again. Jonah counters it, as Alexander falls with the ring post going into his ribs. Jonah then climbs up to the top rope behind him and eventually delivers a Superplex as they take a big bounce as they hit the canvas. Both men are back up and they trade blows, striking each other with hard strikes. Jonah then lifts Alexander into a powerbomb but he kicks out of the pin attempt. Jonah then delivers a clothesline, but he again kicks out of the pin attempt.

Jonah then delivers multiple headbutts before hitting a brainbuster, but Alexander kicks out once again of the pin. Alexander is now bleeding following the headbutts. Jonah then heads to the top rope, but Alexander locks in an ankle lock. Alexander fights back but Jonah knocks him down with another headbutt. Jonah tries a moonsault, but Alexander moves and hits a German suplex, before hitting a massive powerbomb, but Jonah kicks out of his pin attempt. Alexander immediately locks Jonah in an ankle lock and continues to apply it, following some stomps. Jonah wants to tap and he eventually taps.

Winner: Josh Alexander

– We cross backstage with Eddie Edwards’ team heading into Hardcore War. He says his team is willing to go out there and die tonight. Rich Swann enters and says his team is ready to get hardcore. Willie Mack enters and says they are ready. Rhino then speaks and says he’s going after Eric Young tonight and says he’s going to make him bleed.

Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Heath and Rhino vs. The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson) and Violent By Design (Eric Young, Deaner, and Joe Doering) in a 10-man Hardcore War

A wrestler will enter every 90 seconds into the match according to the rules of the match. Rich Swann and Deaner start the match. A steel chair and trash can are introduced early on, with Deaner using the trash can on Swann. Swann counters with a spin kick, but Deaner sends Rich Swann into the steel chair set up in between the turnbuckles in the corner of the ring. Karl Anderson is the next entrant. Swann uses the golf club that Anderson brings to the ring on him using it in between the legs. Anderson recovers and takes out Swann from behind and attacks him with Deaner.

Willie Mack is the next entrant with an axe handle. A door is set up on two chairs in the middle of the ring. Swann and Mack deliver a 3D to Deaner through the door. Doc Gallows is the next entrant. Doc and Anderson now take some control of the match. The match can only end when all ten wrestlers have entered the match. Willie Mack has a trash can placed on his head and Doc Gallows smashes him with the golf club. Eddie Edwards is the next entrant.

Eddie immediately makes an impact and dives through the ropes on each side of the ring, sacrificing his body to take out his opponents. Eddie heads outside of the ring and pulls out a table from underneath the ring. Eric Young is the next entrant, who runs down to the ring with two trash cans and takes out Eddie Edwards. The Hardcore War has now erupted all around ringside, with Young and Deaner working on Eddie in the ring. Heath is the next entrant into the match. He comes with some powder to blind Karl and Eric Young. Heath and Eddie then take control in the ring. Willie Mack then goes to the top rope with the trash can and crashes and burns as there’s nobody home for the moonsault.

Joe Doerring is the next entrant into the match and immediately takes out everyone in his way. The match is still going on all around ringside and in the ring. Eddie Edwards is now busted open as Rhino makes his entrance as the last entrant into the match as the fans chant for “ECW!” Rhino has a steel chain wrapped around his fist. Rhino and Eric Young then collide on the outside. They then enter the ring and Rhino strikes Eric Young with a fist full of steel. Heath is now busted open, and Gallows too. Both teams are now lining up across from each other in the ring as they all go to war. Eddie takes his kendo stick and begins to strike everyone in his path.

It is absolute carnage all over the ring and at ringside. Eddie finds another kendo stick and sets it on fire and hits Doc Gallows with it. This is followed up with Eric Young delivering a piledriver from the ring apron to Eddie Edwards through a table set-up on the outside. Rich Swann and Willie Mack then pull out a barbed wire board from underneath the ring. Doerring then picks up Swann, knocking Mack down, and then sends Swann crashing into the barbed wire board set up in the corner of the ring. The match finishes when Rhino Gore’s Karl Anderson and Heath pins him for the victory for his team.

Winners: Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Heath, and Rhino via pinfall

After the match, Mike Bennett and Matt Taven enter the ring and attack Rhino and Rich Swann. Vincent then enters the ring and begins to assist Benett and Taven. PCO then makes his way into the ring and assists in taking out Swann, Willie Mack, Heath, and Rhino. The OGK performs a Spike Powerbomb and PCO takes a dive from the top rope onto the apron. Maria Kanellis-Bennett then appears as they all stand tall in the ring.

– Backstage, Scott D’Amore says he has just found about what just happened like everyone else. Scott says it’s about time he calls Baltimore to find out.

Moose (c) vs. Matt Cardona vs. W. Morrissey in a Three-Way Match for the IMPACT World Championship

The match starts with all three men going at it. Moose sends Matt Cardona into the barricade outside the ring as he looks to take advantage. Morrissey then gets involved and delivers a huge powerbomb to the champion on the floor. Morrissey sends both men back into the ring as he looks to take control. Moose instead shows off his incredible athleticism to find his feet in the match. He then delivers a Go To Hell to Morrissey from the top rope. Cardona takes advantage of the situation and delivers boots to each man.

Morrissey then finds himself on the top rope with Matt Cardona, Moose gets underneath and sends both men crashing down to the canvas. Moose, on the outside, sends Cardona crashing into the barricade once again. He delivers a big chop as they head up down the side of the entrance ramp. Chelsea Green then makes her way out and she dives off the stage onto Moose as Cardona begins to attack Moose. Morrissey then flys outside of the ring onto Moose and Cardona. Back in the ring, Cardona is on the mat as Morrissey shows his dominance basking in the boos from the fans.

Cardona responds with a roll-up, but Morrissey kicks out of the pinfall. Cardona then sends him out of the ring as Moose reappears and they exchange forearm strikes. Moose then tries to hit a move from the top rope, but Cardona pushes him off the top rope through a table set up on the outside. Moose took more of the concrete than the table. Morrissey now has a prosthetic leg thrown to him from the crowd and uses it as a weapon on Cardona in the ring. Morrissey almost picks up the win following a devasting chokeslam to Cardona but the match continues. Cardona hits his finisher and attempts the pin but Moose pulls the referee out of the ring.

Cardona is fired up and fights with Moose inside the ring. Cardona hits him with a number of strikes and eventually hits Moose with a roll through, but the champion kicks out. Moments later, Moose accidentally hits a spear on the referee. Morrissey reappears and hits a powerbomb but there’s no referee to count to three. Morrissey heads under the ring and pulls out some steel chairs. Moose hits him with a low blow. Moose then uses the chair and hits Morrissey with strikes to the back. Cardona returns to the ring with a chair and begins to swing at Moose and Morrissey. Moose then hits a low blow on Cardona. Chelsea Green then enters the ring, and Moose pushes her. Moose almost hits Green with the chair as Cardona ducks. Moose then powerbombs Cardona into the corner taking out the new referee and Chelsea Green. Moose spears Cardona but the first referee slowly crawls in and counts the one, two, three.

Winner: Still IMPACT World Champion, Moose

Mickie James (c) vs. Deonna Purrazzo in a Texas Death Match for the IMPACT Knockouts World Championship

The fans are split with dueling chants of “Virtuosa!” and “Mickie James!” The only way to win the match is by pinning or submitting your opponent anywhere in the venue and then your opponent has to stay down for the count of ten. The match starts as both lock up. Mickie then rolls up Deonna for the pin and the referee counts to three, but there’s no count as Deonna is still fresh. ROH Women’s World Champion, Rok-C, is shown sitting on the front row. Deonna and Mickie head out of the ring and throw steel chairs into the ring. Deonna then looks for a table, but she is greeted by Mickie James who slams her with a steel chair. Mickie then pulls out a golf club from under the ring and strikes Deonna with it. There is a random wheelbarrow at ringside.

Deonna then sends Mickie James into the ring post and takes some control, as Deonna taunts Rok-C on the front row. The pair end up on the stage, and Deonna delivers a thumping suplex on the hard floor. Deonna then sends a heavy touring cart into Mickie and the challenger pins her as the referee begins to count. Mickie makes it to nine as she is busted open. Mickie eventually locks Deonna into submission in the ring, but she gets her hand on the rope for a rope break. Mickie uses her knee brace for a number of knee strikes.

Mickie James begins to set up a table in the corner of the ring, but Deonna punches her from behind to send her down. Deonna then pulls out some thumbtacks from outside of the ring and scatters them out in the middle of the ring. Deonna then kicks the champion down into the thumbtacks. Deonna then chokes Mickie against the middle rope using her own attire as the champion taps out and falls out of the ring. The referee starts the count but Mickie makes it back to her feet. Deonna then dives out of the ring to send her crashing back down.

Mickie pulls out a guitar, but Deonna takes her out again from behind. Deonna then sets up a steel chair on the champion’s knee and heads to the top rope. Micke James gets up and smashes the chair on Deonna’s head who falls outside of the ring. Mickie then takes Deonna out from the apron and pins her. The referee counts as the challenger has blood dripping down her face. Matt Rehwoldt comes down and lifts Deonna up so she avoids the loss. Mickie then goes to the top rope and dives onto both of them.

Back in the ring, Mickie puts Deonna on the table she brought into the ring earlier. Mickie heads to the top rope, but Deonna responds with a punch and hits a Queen’s Gambit through the table. Deonna pins her and the referee begins to count. Mickie gets up at the count of nine. Deonna’s hand falls into the thumbtacks and she tries to grab Mickie. Mickie picks up the guitar and smashes it over Rehwoldt’s head. Mickie eventually hits a Mickie DDT on Deonna and scores a pin. Mickie buries Deonna in debris and retains her title as the referee counts to ten.

Winner: Still IMPACT Knockouts World Champion, Mickie James

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