Gabe Sapolsky Denies Burner Account Allegations Following WWE Release

Gabe Sapolsky has a lot to get off his chest after being released from WWE this week.

The former writer, who also served as Ring of Honor booker and founder of EVOLVE in the past, kicked things off when he responded to a Tweet by former EVOLVE and WWE star Anthony Henry praising him, with Sapolsky taking a shot at those who have criticized him.

“The ‘groups’ this is unpopular with are led by talents who have all been exposed by scumbags at some point or that begged me for bookings and were rejected,” Sapolsky said.  “I fought with my heart and soul for everyone who earned my respect and admiration. You were one of them.”

Soon after, Gabe Sapolsky also took the opportunity to refute rumors that he had used burner accounts on Twitter in the past. He stated that working with WWE left him little time to engage in what Sapolsky called “tribalistic crap.”

“As far as this burner account thing, I worked 24/7 at the top of my industry,” Sapolsky tweeted. “To think I’d argue with fans about tribalism crap is idiotic. You are just telling on yourself if you think I waste my time on here with that crap.”

In the irony of all ironies, Sapolsky would then proceed to spend the next little bit arguing with fans on Twitter. In particular he took issue with fans saying that WWE killed EVOLVE, claiming that Triple H and WWE helped save the promotion back in 2016 and that EVOLVE was ultimately killed by the pandemic. In the past, Sapolsky was accused of not paying EVOLVE talent, and in a deleted tweet once even apologized and promised he would pay talent.

“Another narrative that is so wrong. HHH and WWE saved EVOLVE, put it on a bigger platform and hired about half the roster during a pandemic,” Saposlky tweeted. “EVOLVE would have died in 2016 otherwise.”

Sapolsky would then acknowledge that he could see why fans felt he was a traiter to independent wrestling given his association with WWE. He claims to be fine with it, more interested in looking out for wrestlers and getting them money, especially after he lived paycheck to paycheck while working for Ring of Honor.

“This also doesn’t include all the people who were hired or given tryouts before the pandemic,” Sapolsky tweeted. “I’m very proud of the connection we built from the indies to WWE. I understand why the diehard indie fans will think I’m a traitor for that, but I also know they won’t be there for their favorite indie talent when they are 40-50 years old and broken down. There is a time in a wrestler’s career to be artistic and free and then there is a time to make money and set up their family for generations.

“This is coming from a guy who lived paycheck to paycheck in ROH, was fired close to 40 and was broke, had a mortgage and baby. This is why I fought for indie talent to get to WWE one day. I didn’t want to see it happen to anyone I liked and believed in. Hey and if they ended up in AEW instead, I congratulated on their success and expressed how happy I was for their success if we spoke or texted. Just ask them. Take that to your burner account slander and stick it up your you know what.”

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