ROH Final Battle 2021 Results (12/11)

ROH Final Battle 2021 Results (12/11)

ROH Final Battle 2021 Results (12/11) – The show opens with a montage of the history of Ring of Honor and then focuses on the wrestlers competing in tonight’s Final Battle: End of an Era event. We then go live to the Chesapeake Employers Insurance Arena in Baltimore, Maryland.

Dragon Lee vs. Rey Horus

Both men lock up to test each other’s strength to get the first match of the night underway. The pace then immediately picks up with both men dodging moves. Rey Horus slides out of the ring and Dragon Lee flys over the top rope to land on Horus. Lee then sends Horus over the barricade. He then brings him back over to the ringside area and slams Horus into the ring post and then a slam onto the floor. Dragon Lee takes a seat as the fans chant for him as the referee continues his count before both men re-enter the ring.

Dragon Lee is firmly in control of the opening stages of the match. Horus manages to fight his way back into the match and sends Dragon Lee to the outside. He then performs his own dive over the top rope. Horus then sends him back in the ring. He then performs a belly-to-belly suplex on Lee sending him into the turnbuckles. Dragon Lee manages to get control of the match once again and locks Horus into submission, focusing on the back. Both men then find themselves in the middle of the ring delivering strikes back-and-forth.

Dragon Lee plants Horus with a Spanish fly to gain the upper hand once again, as he looks to go to the top rope. Horus manages to crash into the ring ropes to send Lee down sat on the top turnbuckle. Horus then hits the top rope and plants Dragon Lee onto the mat and manages to score a two-count. Dragon Lee then hits his own two-count following the Falcon Arrow. Lee persists with his beating and hits Horus with a knee to the back of the head to pick up the victory.

Winner: Dragon Lee

A video is shown of Eddie Edwards thanking Ring of Honor and the Ring of Honor fans.

Dalton Castle (c) vs. Rhett Titus vs. Silas Young vs. Joe Hendry – Four Corners Survival Match – ROH World Television Championship

The fans are firmly behind Dalton Castle for this one. The bell rings. Dalton and Joe Hendry almost lock up before Hendry is pulled out of the ring. Silas Young steps up and he and Dalton go at it. Dalton celebrates already running around the ring, as Rhett Titus attempts to pin Silas Young. Silas eventually delivers a Cannonball on the outside to Titus. Castle is back in the ring as Silas takes control of this match.

Joe Hendry has struggled to get in the ring at this point, almost every time being knocked back out of the ring. All four men are finally in the ring for a moment as Dalton Castle and Titus trade chops, before Castle goes for the knee in the corner. He misses and flys over the top rope. Joe Hendry takes some control and picks up two men and delivers a back body drop showing off his impressive strength.

The referee gets knocked out of the ring, as Joe Hendry brings the championship into the ring and smashes Dalton Castle with it. Draper then tries to interfere but is sent over the top ropes. The referee is back in as the match continues. Rhett Titus then delivers a standing dropkick to win the championship as the fans chant “You deserve it!”

Winner: Rhett Titus and NEW ROH World Television Championship

A video is shown of ‘Hangman’ Adam Page talking about his time with Ring of Honor.

Josh Woods (c) vs. Brian Johnson – Pure Rules – ROH Pure Championship

Brian Johnson cuts a promo before the match saying it is Mecca against the world tonight. Brian Johnson gets in Josh Woods’ face saying he’s “worked his whole damn life for this.” There is a 60-minute time limit in this match with three rope breaks permitted per opponent. Johnson uses his first rope break in the opening moments as Josh Woods takes control. He uses his second just a few moments later.

Johnson’s craftiness allows him to ultimately gain an upper hand and sends Josh Woods onto the outside. He sends him back into the ring and delivers an uppercut from the top rope. Josh Woods then locks Johnson into a chokehold but Johnson elbows his way out. Johnson delivers a devastating clothesline but only gets a 1-count on the pinfall.

Five minutes into the match, Johnson delivers a wicked drop from the ring apron, with Wood’s head crashing onto the floor below. Moments later, Woods digs deep and finds some strength. He comes up short as Johnson punches him down. The commentators note that only one closed fist move is permitted. Woods delivers a suplex to Johnson over the top rope and both men crash and burn onto the floor.

Josh Woods then uses another chokehold and Brian Johnson uses his third rope break. Johnson then takes advantage using his finisher, but Woods kicks out at two. Johnson heads to the outside and picks up the Pure Title and brings it into the ring. The referee takes it off him and gives him a warning. He then tries to undo the top turnbuckle, as Woods creeps up behind him and delivers a suplex. Johnson then has some brass knucks as the referee is dealing with the turnbuckle. Johnson uses them but Woods kicks out again at two.

Josh Woods then manages to pick up the victory locking Brian Johnson into a hold in the corner of the ring, whilst sitting on the top turnbuckle. The referee stops the match as Johnson’s arm flops when he tries to raise it.

Winner: Josh Woods and STILL ROH Pure Champion

A video is shown of Jimmy Jacobs and his memories of working for Ring of Honor.

A video package is then shown hyping up the next match between Kenny King and Shane Taylor.

Kenny King vs. Shane Taylor – Fight Without Honor

Kenny King starts the match by spraying water from his mouth into the face of Shane Taylor. The fight goes to the ringside area immediately as Taylor sends Kenny King into a chair and the barricade. There’s a huge ladder set-up on the outside which will no doubt come into the play. Taylor sets-up two tables on the outside after he tries to smash a chair towards Kenny King but hits the ring post instead.

They head back into the ring as Kenny King gets some offense just for a moment. Taylor then takes King up on the turnbuckles, but it’s King who delivers a neck breaker to Taylor through the table on the outside. Kendo sticks are then introduced into the match as Kenny King begins to punish Shane Taylor. A trash can is then introduced and it is Shane Taylor who sends Kenny King driving onto the weapon.

Shane Taylor then has his moment with the kendo stick, hammering Kenny King repeatedly. Taylor heads to the outside and sets up another table. Taylor puts Kenny King on the table after delivering a wicked punch. He then gets up on the apron and delivers a splash through the table. Shane isn’t finished and brings out another table from under the ring. This time, he sets it up in the corner of the ring.

Taylor picks Kenny King up, but King wriggles out and delivers a kick, and lifts Shane Taylor. He then puts Taylor through the table in the corner with a running cannonball. King then heads outside and grabs ahold of the large ladder. He rests it on the ring apron and barricades. Shane then pulls out an even larger ladder and puts it into the ring. Kenny King sets up the ladder in the ring as Shane Taylor hits him with the kendo stick.

Taylor brings in some smaller ladders to the ring and positions them how he wants them. King then uses the kendo stick to choke Taylor as he lay on the ladder. Kenny King then climbs the bigger ladder with Shane Taylor down below resting on a ladder. King heads to the top and delivers a splash. Kenny King pins Taylor after this but only manages a two-count. Taylor then delivers some devastating forearm punches and knees to Kenny King and only manages a two-count himself.

The focus then turns to the ladder positioned between the ring and the barricade. Shane Taylor stands on the barricade and Kenny King on the apron. They begin to fight on the ladder as it looks like it is about to give weight. Shane Taylor then delivers a deadly piledriver through the ladder, although the ladder moves out the way, and they hit the floor. Taylor sends him back in the ring but Kenny King still kicks out. Taylor grabs a chair as Kenny King tells him to hit him. He hits him in the head and Taylor then hits the piledriver onto the chair and scores the pinfall.

Winner: Shane Taylor

A video is then shown of CM Punk talking about Ring of Honor’s past and how proud he is of it. He tells us not to be sad if this is the end but to be damn happy that Ring of Honor happened.

A video package is then shown of ROH Women’s World Champion, Rok-C, and Willow Nightingale to hype up our next match.

Rok-C vs. Willow Nightingale – ROH Women’s World Championship

Quinn McKay joins the commentary team for the match. Willow starts the match locking Rok-C in a wristlock before the champion reverses it. Willow showcases her knowledge of Rok-C’s moveset by countering her offense. Rok-C tries her moonsault with the knees but Willow once again counters and sends Rok-C into the corner. Rok-C again tries to build up some momentum but Willow once again counters.

Willow lifts Rok-C up for a suplex but Rok-C counters and looks to hit the Three Amigos in tribute to Eddie Guerrero but Willow, again, counters. Willow has the edge and takes control by focusing on the champion’s left arm now. Rok-C digs deep and uses her fighting spirit to finally get a firm hold of the match. Willow does not seem affected by Rok-C’s offense and then delivers a big pounce to send Rok-C flying into the ropes.

Willow goes for the cover but the champion kicks out at two. Willow sets Rok-C up for the moonsault but she grabs Willow’s leg to stop her from climbing the ropes. Rok-C delivers some chops but Willow smiles and delivers her own chop to the Texas-born star. Willow counters the Code Rok finisher and plants Rok-C but the champion kicks out. Willow goes up for the moonsault again but Rok-C gets there in time and tries to powerbomb Willow from the top.

Rok-C delivers multiple strikes on the top rope and eventually delivers the powerbomb but Willow kicks out at two. The fans begin to chant for Willow. Rok-C attempts to go to the top rope, but Willow follows her up and Willow hits the superplex and heads straight to the other ring corner and delivers a moonsault. Rok-C, surprisingly, kicks out. She then looks for the powerbomb but Rok-C counters. Rok-C hits Code Rok and the champion retains.

Winner: Rok-C and STILL ROH Women’s World Champion

The former IMPACT Knockouts Champion, Deonna Purrazzo then makes her way down to the ring. Deonna says Rok-C has something that she wants. Deonna says Rok-C is a fighting champion and Deonna can name an opponent and a place right now. Deonna says she will beat Mickie James to win back her Knockouts Title and then she challenges Rok-C for a winner take all match. They shake hands.

A video is shown of Adam Cole talking about how cool it was to work for Ring of Honor.

Eli Isom, Taylor Rust, Tracy Williams & EC3 vs. Brody King, Homicide, Rocky Romero and Tony Deppen in an Eight-Man Tag Team Match

Rocky Romero kicks starts the match in good form against Tracy Williams. Tony Deppen and Taylor Rust are the next two men tagged into the match. They go at a fast pace. Both men show great technical ability. Homicide is tagged in but Tracy immediately counters him with a face lock. Homicide eventually escapes, and Tracy Williams tags in EC3.

EC3 and Homicide trade blow as they pick up the pace exchanging strikes. Homicide then tags in Brody King and they double-team EC3. EC3 then uses his ability to take control and eventually tags in Eli Isom and they double-team Brody King. Brody fights out of Eli’s offense. Brody continues his beating before tagging in Homicide, as Ian Riccaboni mentions he is wearing the same attire he wore on his first-ever RoH event.

The referee eventually loses control of the match as all competitors get involved as they line up to fly over the top rope to the outside. Brody King then dives through the middle rope onto everyone on the outside. On the outside, Taylor Rust delivers a powerbomb to Rocky Romero onto some chairs set up on the outside. In the ring, Homicide uses a fork on EC3. The pace picks up rapidly in this match as everyone gets a moment to shine. The legal man Homicide then delivers a Cop Killer to Eli but he kicks out at two. Homicide then picks Eli back up, but Eli had enough time to recover. Homicide tags in Brody King, who eventually delivers his powerbomb to Eli for the win.

Winners: Brody King, Homicide, Rocky Romero, and Tony Deppen

EC3 grabs a microphone after the match as Eli Isom lays waste in the ring. EC3 says today we pay homage to the past. EC3 wants Eli to stand. EC3 helps him up. He says that they stand in a ring of honor. EC3 says there is no honor in what they do, but they do it for them for corporate three-letter companies. EC3 says people’s souls go into this and they get nothing. He asks where are the leaders. Brian Johnson comes out and gets in EC3’s face and EC3 tells him he lost everything tonight. EC3 says it makes a man like him so dangerous. EC3 says they can take back this industry block by block and build it in their own image. EC3 offers a choice: control your narrative. Become who you’re supposed to be. EC3 says they are the leaders the wrestling world has been waiting for. EC3 says he’s suffered the public humiliation of being fired and lost his home. He wants those in the ring to join him for freedom. EC3 says to control your narrative you have to fight. EC3 tells Brian Johnson to free the titan. The former Braun Strowman then makes his way down to the ring to shock the RoH fans.  He clears the ring and EC3 says this is not an invasion and this is an awakening as he stands in the ring with two others. The former Strowman then picks up Eli Isom and chokeslams him to the mat. The RoH fans chant “Holysh*t!” as EC3 says we’ve been warned.

A video is shown of The Young Bucks reflecting on their time with Ring of Honor.

The OGK (Matt Taven and Mike Bennett) (c) w/ Maria Kanellis-Bennett vs. The Briscoe Brothers (Mark Briscoe and Jay Briscoe) – ROH World Tag Team Championship

Matt Taven and Jay Briscoe get the match underway. Taven tags in Mike Bennett after they felt each other out, as Mark Briscoe is tagged in and they go at it. Bennett delivers a big boot to Mark and he tags Taven in as they double team him. Taven goes for the cover but Mark Briscoe kicks out. The referee loses some control early on as both teams are outside of the ring, with Matt Taven taking a dive through the middle ropes. He then tries again and goes over the top rope this time accidentally onto his own tag team partner.

Mark Briscoe then brings a chair into the ring and uses it to leap over the top rope onto The OGK. Back in the ring, The OGK then utilize their experience for some more double-team moves on Jay Briscoe. Mike Bennett is the legal man as he delivers an elbow drop but Jay kicks out of the pinfall. Mark Briscoe is then tagged in the ring as he fends off both Bennett and Taven. Jay Briscoe is already busted open as Maria shows her encouragement for The OGK.

Jay Briscoe is once again the legal man as he looks for the Jay Driller on Matt Taven. Taven rolls away and tags in Mike Bennett and delivers multiple chops to Jay. He then delivers a brainbuster and sizes Jay Briscoe up but he exits the ring. Matt Taven then heads to the top rope and delivers a splash onto Jay on the outside. Mike gets him back in the ring but Jay kicks out at two.

All four men go at it and they eventually lay in the ring for a moment to regain their breath as the RoH fans clap them on to continue their war. Mark Briscoe sends Mike Bennett on the outside and dives over the top rope to take him out. Taven is sent out of the ring, and The Briscoes each dive onto them on the outside. Back in the ring, Mark Briscoe delivers an elbow drop to Matt Taven, and as he’s pinning him, Maria pulls the referee. Maria is on the apron, and Mike accidentally spears her as Mark Briscoe moves out of the way. Bennett manages to then deliver a piledriver to Jay on the outside.

Bennett then lifts Mark Briscoe above his head, as Matt Taven dives over the top rope to hit the Doomsday Device. Jay Briscoe hits the Jay Driller on Mike Bennett, but Matt Taven gains some control for The OGK and hits a frog splash, but Mark gets his knees up. Jay then hits his finisher on Taven, but Taven kicks out. The Briscoes hit their own Doomsday Device in the ring but Taven kicks out once again. The Briscoes then hit their finishers, with Mark flying off the top rope with the elbow to pick up the win.

Winners: The Briscoes and the NEW ROH World Tag Team Champions

Jay Briscoe gets on the microphone and says he loves every single RoH fan. He says it may be the end of an era, but it isn’t the end of The Briscoe. He then sets out the challenge for any tag team out there. The lights then go out in the arena and FTR appears from AEW. FTR and The Briscoes brawl in the ring. RoH security and personnel come out to break the teams up as the fans chant to let them fight. FTR then picks up the ROH Tag Titles in the ring, and they race out of the ring to continue their brawl with The Briscoes.

A video is then shown of Bryan Danielson talking about his memories of Ring of Honor.

Jay Lethal vs. Jonathan Gresham for the original ROH World Championship

Both men soak up the atmosphere realizing the magnitude of their match as the fans chat “RoH!” Lethal and Gresham exchange wristlocks to get the match underway. Lethal and Gresham then feel each other out, testing strength and technical ability. Gresham uses his agility to send Jay Lethal crashing out of the ring. Lethal returns and Gresham delivers a quick arm drag to take control of the match.

Gresham misses a kick and Jay Lethal immediately takes advantage, as Gresham tries to find his way back into the match. Lethal hits a chop to Gresham sending him down in the middle of the ring. Lethal feels confident now and takes his time hitting his next move. Again, Gresham tries to work his way back into the contest and he surprises Lethal with his offense. He attempts a pinfall, bridging over, but Lethal kicks out.

Both men trade chops as they get harder and harder each time, with Lethal knocking Gresham down, holding onto the wrist. The trading of chops continues as Gresham hits the ropes but Lethal plants him with a power slam. Gresham eventually gets Lethal up on the top rope, but Lethal pushes him down. Jay Lethal doesn’t hit it, but he easily spotted Gresham moving out of the way. Lethal then gets Gresham into the Torture Rack and then heads back to the top rope to hit his elbow drop.

He goes for the Lethal Injection but his arm that Gresham had a hold of earlier in the match gave out. Gresham then locks Body Scissors on Jay Lethal. The Ring of Honor locker room comes down to the ring to surround the ring to cheer on the main event. Gresham repeatedly hits his clotheslines but Lethal tries for the Lethal Injection, as Gresham hits another clothesline. The RoH roster bang on the ring. Lethal again goes for the Lethal Injection but Gresham reverses into a backslide and he kicks out. Gresham then locks in The Octopus and Jay Lethal taps out.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham and NEW ROH World Champion 

The fans throw streamers into the ring and chant for Ring of Honor as the show ends. A graphic is shown saying that “When one era ends, another begins. April 2022.”

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