NXT WarGames Results (12/5)

NXT WarGames Results (12/5)

NXT WarGames Results – The NXT WarGames Pre-show opens up with Sam Roberts and McKenzie Mitchell welcoming us to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. They’re standing at the entrance-way, and not the traditional panel setting. Roberts and Mitchell go over tonight’s card.

— We have a video package for the Men’s War Games Match.

McKenzie asks if experience will prevail.  Sam whines about the idea of respecting your elders.  It is antithetical to what NXT is about.  McKenzie mentions the members of the veteran team.  Sam says it might be the best team assembled, but he mentions the new talent.

We go to footage after Gargano lost.  He apologizes for losing.  Pete says he has been there before so he is fine not having the advantage.  LA Knight says that you have the advantage tonight, but you let that sink it because that advantage will get shattered.  When we are put to pressure and doors are shut in our faces, that is when we excel.  I am standing next to greatness.  You don’t have to like us or respect us, but we will stomp respect out of you.  

Ciampa says you messed up because you have DIY together and unified.  WE are NXT.  Sunday you better be ready for some war.

We see the new talent.  Andre Chase shows up and he says it is a TEACHABLE MOMENT.  You don’t go to war without a good game plan.  Who better to have as the general than him. Hayes says he is starting things off. Bron shows up and Tony says they don’t need his help because they have a game plan.  Tony tells Chase to leave.

McKenzie is picking the veterans while Sam is picking the young guys.  

— We take a look at the Hair Match.

We have the barber chair in the ring with Sam and McKenzie.  McKenzie asks Sam how humiliating it would be to have your head shaved bald.  Sam says Cameron would be hideous if he loses.  McKenzie picks Grimes.  Sam says Grimes embarrassed a poker player at a poker table so Duke will win.

— We see Joe Gacy and Roderick Strong arriving at the building earlier today. We have a video package for their match.

McKenzie says that Gacy has gotten under some people’s skin and she suggests Sam can understand.  Sam says that Joe is trying to turn NXT into a safe space.  McKenzie is picking Roderick to win.  Sam is picking Joe Gacy.

We go to the Bump hosts for comments.  Ryan says he is going with the guy who has Malcolm Bivens in his corner.  Matt agrees.  Ryan is going with Cameron Grimes but Matt picks Hudson to win.  Ryan is picking Imperium and Matt agrees.  Ryan is going with Toxic Attraction and Dakota but Matt is going the other way.  For the Men’s War Games Match, Ryan is going with the young guys while Matt is going with the veterans.

— We take a look at the Women’s War Games Match.

They are joined by Denise Salcedo.  McKenzie brings up Io and Raquel on the same team.  Denise mentions the talent on that team and you have three former champions as well as Cora Jade.  On the other side you have a team that has a lot of momentum.  McKenzie is going with Kay Lee Ray’s team.  Denise and Sam pick Toxic Attraction and Dakota Kai. WarGames is next!

NXT WarGames Results

We are live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, as Beth Phoenix, Wade Barrett, and Vic Joseph welcome us to the show.

Women’s War Games Match
Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin, Jacy Jayne, and Dakota Kai vs. Kay Lee Ray, Raquel Gonzalez, Io Shirai, and Cora Jade

We go right to the WarGames double-ring cage as Alicia Taylor goes over the rules. Io Shirai is out next to a big pop. Cora Jade is out next with her skateboard. Raquel Gonzalez also gets a big pop on her way to the ring. Kay Lee Ray is out last for her team, carrying the baseball bat. KLR tosses the bat into the ring and then heads in. KLR is going to start the match while her teammates watch from ringside. The music hits next and out comes Toxic Attraction – NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne, and NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose. KLR looks on with her bat in hand. Out last is Dakota Kai. Kai sees KLR’s bat, so she grabs a bunch of kendo sticks and brings them in.

The 5 minute timer appears and they go at it. KLR works Kai over to start, chopping and beating her around the ring. Kai ducks but gets dropkicked into the ropes. KLR with a big chop to the chest, and another big chop in the corner as Kai screams at her. Kai blocks a tornado DDT but KLR leaps back into the corner for a DDT to the mat. Kai launches KLR into the steel wall of the cage.

Kai uses the steel again and uses a kendo stick over her back. Kai grinds KLR’s face into the steel now. KLR avoids a slingshot under two kendo sticks going from ring to ring but Kai stays on her. Kai sends KLR into the corner and climbs up for a superplex but KLR fights out and kicks her from the mat. Kai sends KLR back to the mat. Kai grabs KLR’s baseball bat but KLR flies from ring to ring, taking Kai down before she can swing the bat. Fans chant “NXT!” now. KLR with a kendo stick shot to Kai. KLR smashes Kai chest-first into the kendo sticks that were bridged from bottom rope to bottom rope in the other ring. The fans count down and in comes Jade.

The other teams are waiting in cages on a platform above the crowd, not at ringside. Jade hits the ring with her skateboard and goes to work on Kai with it. Kai ducks a shot and catches a kick but eats an enziguri. Jade with a jumping knee to Kai’s face. Jade taunts the other opponents in the cage. Jade and KLR stomp away on Kai now, and continue to double team her.

Kai fights from a corner but they nail a double suplex, and another double suplex. Toxic Attraction taunts Jade and KLR from their cage. The babyfaces go for a third double suplex but Kai blocks it with a big DDT. Kai goes at it with Jade as the timer counts down. In comes Dolin as fans chant “Gigi!” now. Dolin goes under the ring and brings a trash can out, and a bag that is apparently full of tools. She enters and smashes Jade with the trash can. Dolin comes off the top at Jade but comes right back with a big kick to the face. Dolin plants KLR into the mat. Kai and Dolin double team KLR now. Fans chant for Dolin as she taunts her opponents.

Dolin fights off Jade and kicks her in the back, then the head. Kai takes KLR to the corner and works her over. Dolin unloads on Jade in the corner now. Kai and Dolin switch opponents now with big kicks to their faces in the corner. Fans chant “one more time!” and they repeat the sequence. Jade with knees to the gut on Dolin, then a basement dropkick. Jade grabs a trash can and places it over Dolin’s head, then runs and dropkicks it as the ringside referee looks on. KLR with the KLR Bomb onto Dolin while the trash can is still over her head.

Dolin comes out of the can and sells the beatdown. The timer counts down as fans go along with it. The next WarGames competitor let out of the cage is Shirai as fans cheer her on. Shirai goes under the ring and brings multiple steel chairs in, handing one to KLR, who smashes Dolin with it. Shirai goes back under and brings out a trash can, and trash can lid. Shirai lifts a trash can to use it but Kai kicks it into her face. Kai launches Shirai into the steel wall of the cage. Dolin and Kai double team Shirai now. Dolin launches Shirai back into the steel.

Kai unloads on Jade now, stopping her from using the skateboard. KLR and Dolin go at it. Shirai is laid out against the steel and the ropes again. Dolin gets planted and Jade goes to the top to follow-up but Kai fights her. Jade flies and takes Kai down between the two rings. Jade runs to follow-up but Dolin drives her in between the two rings. Dolin kicks KLR in the back a few times as the timer counts down again. Jayne makes her way to the double-ring cage now. Jayne goes under the ring and brings a table out as fans and chant “we want tables!” now.

Kai works over KLR while Shirai recovers. Jayne tosses a trash can to KLR and then kicks it into her, sending her back into two chairs standing up in the corner. Dolin counters Jade and nails a hurricanrana. Jayne levels Jade with a high knee. Rose poses in the smaller cage as fans do dueling chants for Toxic Attraction now. Shirai blocks a double team and forces Jayne to kick Dolin in the head.

Shirai mounts offense finally, unloading on Dolin and Jayne in the corner, nailing double knees and again. Shirai charges again and smashes the trash can lid into them, then again. Shirai with a handspring in the turnbuckles, using that to smash the lid into them once again. Shirai with 619 to Jayne. Jayne is triple teamed in the other ring now. Dolin tried to save her but they kicked her away. Shirai and KLR place Jayne on a table as Jade climbs to the top of the cage. Jade leaps and puts Jayne through the table with a big Swanton Bomb. Fans chant “holy shit!” now as Shirai and KLR check on Jade. Fans are a bit shocked and impressed with the big bump. Jade clutches her left shoulder as Shirai and KLR check on her again.

KLR goes back to work on Kai, then Dolin in the corner. Jade gets back up and goes to the other ring but she goes back down to the mat, clutching her shoulder. KLR holds Kai in a corner with a kendo stick to the throat. Shirai talks to the referees and medics as they check on Jade, but Shirai then shuts the cage door and says she’s got this. Shirai goes back to tending to Jade as medics and officials yell at her. Shirai pulls Jade’s shoulder back into place as fans pop.

Kai with a jawbreaker to KLR. The timer counts down and here comes Gonzalez, who goes under the ring for a trash can to hand into KLR. Gonzalez then hands in several chairs. Kai attacks KLR to save Dolin in the corner. Gonzalez hands in a shovel but Kai kicks her in the head, then shuts the cage door. Gonzalez is locked out and she’s not happy about it. Gonzalez grabs a fire extinguisher and sprays Dolin and Kai from the floor, then fights her way int he cage, unloading on Kai and Dolin. Gonzalez grabs a trash can while Kai is on her shoulders, then places Kai into the trash can. Gonzalez then swings the can around, using it to knock Dolin over. Gonzalez tosses the can with Kai inside of it and fans pop.

Gonzalez checks on Jade, who is still hurt. Shirai climbs up and takes a trash can with her but Kai recognizes this spot and cuts her off. Others climb up with them but Gonzalez sends Kai to the mat with a powerbomb. Gonzalez places a trash can around Kai, so that Shirai can splash it with a moonsault. Shirai is a bit hurt but she celebrates the spot. Gonzalez goes back to the other ring to check on Jade again. Everyone is down or being checked on now. The timer goes off and in comes Rose. Rose grabs a chair and decks Gonzalez in the gut with it, then smashes it over her back. Rosa points at Jade and struts over to her in the other ring. Shirai grabs her leg but Rose stomps her. Rose stalks and taunts Jade, teasing her over her arm. Rose man-handles the arm briefly but Shirai quickly makes the save, as does Gonzalez.

KLR, Shirai and Gonzalez stand tall with kendo sticks as fans chant “WarGames!” now. The heels re-group in the other ring as the two teams yell at each other. KLR stalks Jade now, behind the backs of their teammates. KLR suddenly attacks Dolin, in an apparent bait, as the fight breaks out once again. WarGames has officially kicked off now as the referees hit the ring. Shirai with a German to Rose but Jayne makes the save. Jayne with a big Spinebuster to Shirai on a chair.

Gonzalez takes Dolin to the top and rocks her. Gonzalez then grabs Jayne, and goes for a double powerbomb to Dolin and Jayne but Rose makes the save with a kendo stick. Fans chant “Mandy!” as she stands tall with the stick. Toxic Attraction takes turns on Gonzalez with weapons now. Jayne covers for 2 but Jade makes the save with a kendo stick shot. Toxic Attraction stalks Jade back onto the other ring. Kai joins them as fans chant “this is awesome!” now. Jade starts swinging the kendo stick but the numbers game catches up with her. Rose with a running knee while Jade is held by Jayne and Dolin. Rose covers but Jade kicks out at 2.

Rose can’t believe it. Rose grabs Jade’s arm and yanks at it. Shirai makes the save with a kendo stick. Jayne drops Shirai with a chair, then hits Jade with it to keep her down. KLR gets sent into the steel. Gonzalez drops Jayne and then collides with Dolin as they both go for kicks at the same time. Jade comes from out of nowhere and rolls Jayne up for the pin to win.

Winners: Cora Jade, Io Shirai, Raquel Gonzalez and Kay Lee Ray

After the match, everyone is shocked as Jade pulled off the win. The winners stand tall and celebrate as Jade’s music hits. Gonzalez taunts the heels as she and her partners exit the ring. We go to replays. Kai and Toxic Attraction seethe from the WarGames cage as the winners celebrate at the entrance-way.

— We have a Tiffany Stratton video package.

— We have a Josh Briggs and Briggs Jensen video package.

— We have a Boa video package.

— We take a look at the MSK Shaman tour.  We will meet the Shaman on Tuesday.


Team Black & Gold (aka Team Old School) is backstage in the locker room. Johnny Gargano mentions this is his first WarGames, and could be his last. LA Knight cuts a promo on how their competitors are a bunch of scared little boys right now. NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa goes on about how this is a big night for Gargano, as this is his first WarGames match (and possibly end to his NXT run?), and not just a big moment for their team, but a big moment for Gargano.

NXT Tag Team Titles Match: Von Wagner and Kyle O’Reilly vs. Imperium

We go back to the ring and out comes Kyle O’Reilly and Von Wagner. NXT Tag Team Champions Imperium are out next – Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner. This is their first title defense since defeating MSK at Halloween Havoc.

Barthel starts off with O’Reilly. They lock up and Kyle goes behind but Barthel takes him down and controls him by the arm. Fans do dueling chants as they tangle but Barthel keeps control. Kyle with a back-drop but Barthel counters, and Kyle goes into an armbar. Aichner tags in for the double team, slamming Kyle and controlling him by his arm. Aichner with big chops now. Kyle turns it around in the corner but misses. Aichner drops him in the corner. They trade counters again and Kyle levels him with a kick.

Wagner tags in for the big double team leap frog. Wagner with a back suplex in the middle of the ring for a 2 count. Wagner drops a headbutt for another quick pin attempt. Wagner takes Aichner to the corner and in comes Kyle for double team strikes in the corner. Aichner gets out of an hold and unloads on Kyle with chops. They tangle some more until Barthel provides a distraction, allowing Aichner to hit a snap suplex.

Barthel tags in and takes over, nailing a running uppercut in the corner. Barthel with a big throw. Barthel leaps off the second rope but Kyle nails a knee to the face in mid-air. Barthel turns it right back around and delivers a punt kick to keep O’Reilly down. Barthel poses in the middle of the ring to mostly boos. Wagner comes in and levels Barthel with a flying shoulder block, then a powerslam. Wagner yells at Barthel to get up but Barthel kicks him away and tags in Aichner. Aichner chops Wagner but ends up catching Wagner on his shoulders. Barthel powers back up and hits the big rolling senton for a pop. Aichner is hyped up from the show of strength, yelling at Kyle as he looks on from the apron.

Barthel comes back in but Wagner clotheslines him. Kyle comes in and drops Aichner. Kyle with knee strikes to Aichner, then a slap and more big strikes to drop him. Kyle with a running right hand to Barthel. Barthel fights back and they trade strikes. O’Reilly with some trash talking but Aichner knees him in the back from the apron as he runs the ropes. Barthel with a running uppercut to keep O’Reilly down. Barthel tags back in and levels Kyle with a stiff clothesline. Aichner stomps on O’Reilly and mounts him with right hands. Aichner rams O’Reilly back into the corner. Barthel tags in but Kyle fights them off, knocking both of them to the floor.

Kyle slowly crawls for the tag but Aichner runs in and stops him. O’Reilly back-drops Aichner and in comes Wagner. Wagner with big boots for both opponents, then a high knee to Aichner. Wagner slams Barthel and hits a gutwrench slam to Aichner. Wagner sends both of the champions to the floor, then gets fired up for a big pop. Wagner goes to the floor and clotheslines both opponents. Wagner blocks Barthel and slams him on the edge of the apron. Kyle runs at ringside and nails a big knee to drop Aichner. Wagner brings Barthel back in and slams him in the middle of the ring for a close 2 count. Barthel unloads on Wagner with strikes to fight him off now. They collide with headbutts but only Aichner goes down. Barthel trips Wagner into the corner. Aichner tags in and they deliver a big double team from the ring and at ringside. Aichner covers Von for 2.

Wagner avoids the Imperium Bomb and takes the champions out. O’Reilly tags in and goes to the top for a big knee drop to Barthel’s ankle. He goes right into the heel hook but Barthel pounds on him, and then gets the bottom rope to break it. Aichner with a top rope springboard moonsault to force O’Reilly to break the submission. Fans chant “holy shit!” now. Barthel takes Kyle to the top. Aichner tags in and knocks Wagner off the apron to the floor. Kyle counters Aichner and applies a guillotine. Wagner tags in and sends Barthel to the floor, going with him. Kyle counters Aichner’s submission and rolls him but Barthel pushes them over so that it’s Aichner doing the pin. They both kick out. Aichner and O’Reilly unload in the middle of the ring and both go down as fans chant “NXT!” again.

Wagner and Barthel trade big strikes in the middle of the ring but Aichner with a chip block from behind. Kyle decks Aichner. The referee is distracted by Aichner on the corner as Wagner and O’Reilly nail the High Low double team to Barthel. They cover but the referee is late and Barthel kicks out at 2. Wagner gets sent to the floor by Barthel. Aichner tags in and misses O’Reilly in the corner as he moves, but then immediately jumps to the top rope and leaps from the top to splash Wagner on the floor for a big pop.

O’Reilly and Aichner tangle now. O’Reilly with a Brainbuster in the middle of the ring for 2. O’Reilly goes right into the cross armbreaker but Aichner fights it as O’Reilly transitions into another hold. Aichner holds on despite the submissions from O’Reilly. Aichner finally powers up and holds O’Reilly in the air for a powerbomb, but holds it. Barthel tags in and goes to the top to complete the Imperium Bomb for the pin to retain.

Winners:  Imperium

After the match, Aichner and Barthel stand tall as their music hits. The referee brings the straps in and they stand tall over O’Reilly in the middle of the ring. We go to replays as the Imperium music plays. We come back and fans are chanting “thank you Kyle!” now. He bows to the crowd and thanks them. Wagner is seething behind him. Wagner attacks but it backfires and O’Reilly takes Wagner down. O’Reilly stands over Wagner and yells at him. Fans chant his name as O’Reilly exits, yelling some more at Wagner.

— We go to a video package for Ikemen Jiro.

— McKenzie Mitchell is with Legado Del Fantasma.  She asks Escobar about his match against Xyon Quinn.  Escobar says Xyon bit off more than he can chew and reality will hit him on Tuesday.  McKenzie asks about Elektra and Xyon meeting up.  Escobar says that they are a family and they deal with things behind closed doors.  Elektra says that she is a big girl and she does not need McKenzie to know what is going on.

— We go to a video package for the hair vs. hair match.

Hair vs. Hair Match: Cameron Grimes vs. Duke Hudson

We go back to the ring for tonight’s Hair vs. Hair match and we see a pair of clippers on display, along with a barber’s chair in the middle of the second ring. Duke Hudson makes his way to the ring first. Hudson looks over to the second ring, where the clippers and barber chair are on display, and then poses for the crowd. Out next comes Cameron Grimes to a pop.

The bell rings and they go at it as fans chant “to the moon!” for Grimes. Hudson unloads in the corner until Grimes turns it around with kicks. Hudson drops Grimes and stomps on him. Hudson launches Grimes into the corner and he falls out to the steel ring steps against the ring, which are positioned differently tonight due to the WarGames setup.

Hudson pounds on Grimes but he fights back and nails a punt kick from the apron as the referee counts. Hudson rams Grimes back into the apron and rolls him into the ring. Grimes charges with a kick, then a right hand to stun Hudson into the corner. Grimes leaps into the corner but Hudson catches him with a big Uranage. Hudson pounds on Grimes some more as fans boo him. Hudson drives a knee into Grimes’ back.

Hudson with a cheap shot but Grimes drops him. Grimes mounts some offense and nails a moonsault from the top for a 2 count. Grimes kicks Hudson in the back of the knee, then unloads with kicks in the corner. Hudson rolls to the floor to regroup. Grimes follows and kicks from the apron but Hudson catches the leg, then nails a big overhead throw on the floor. Hudson waits as the referee counts. Grimes makes it back in at the 8 count. Hudson immediately starts stomping. Hudson drops Grimes with an elbow off the ropes as fans taunt Hudson.

Hudson with an abdominal stretch in the middle of the ring now. Hudson drops him with a cheap shot and fans chant “you suck!” now. Hudson drops Grimes in the corner again and stomps away as the referee counts. Grimes blocks a suplex and rolls Hudson up for 2. Hudson comes right back and drops him. Hudson drives another knee into Grimes’ back and plays to the crowd for more boos. Hudson launches Grimes into the turnbuckles and he goes back down. Hudson slams Grimes over his knee and holds him there, bending him over the knee. Fans rally for Grimes now.

Grimes breaks free with a right hand. They get up and Grimes counters a sidewalk slam, sending Hudson into the ring ropes. Hudson rocks Grimes and catches a kick but then eats an enziguri. Grimes charges and nails the big crossbody powerslam for a close 2 count. Grimes and Hudson trade strikes sin the middle of the ring now. Grimes goes for a slam but Hudson counters and scoops Grimes to his shoulders. Grimes turns that into a big DDT as Hudson stalls. Hudson kicks out at 2. Grimes sends Hudson to the floor. Grimes follows and brings Hudson back in as the referee counts. Grimes tries to roll Hudson up but Hudson drops onto him for a close 2 count. Grimes rolls Hudson for a close 2 count.

Grimes kicks Hudson, misses a follow-up kick, but then superkicks him. Grimes with a big spiked hurricanrana from behind to drop Hudson on his neck. Grimes with a high knee in the corner, then a high crossbody from the top as fans cheer him on. Hudson kicks out at 2. Grimes charges as fans chant “to the moon!” but Hudson catches him with the Winds of Change for a close 2 count. Hudson can’t believe it. Grimes ends up countering a Razor’s Edge and rolling Hudson up with a handful of tights for the pin to win and keep his hair.

Winner:  Cameron Grimes

After the match, Grimes is immediately all smiles as the music hits. Hudson is shocked and disappointed as the referee orders him to the other ring where the barber’s chair is set up. Hudson tries to retreat but Grimes rolls him back in. Hudson drops Grimes with a clothesline. Hudson places Grimes in the chair as fans boo. Hudson grabs the clippers and turns back around but Grimes kicks him in the face. Grimes nails the Cave-In for a pop. Grimes shows off the clippers as fans cheer him on. Grimes puts Hudson in the chair and shaves some hair off, most but not all, and Hudson quickly retreats. Grimes takes a seat in the chair as his music starts up. Hudson retreats as Grimes gets one last “to the moon!” pop from the crowd.

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— We take a look at Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter.

— We have a vdieo package for Draco Anthony.

— We are told that New Year’s Evil will take place on January 4th on USA Network.

NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match
Roderick Strong vs. Joe Gacy

We go back to the ring and out comes Joe Gacy with Harland. Vic talks about how the 205 pound weight limit has been lifted for this bout. Gacy and Harland stand tall in the middle of the ring as Gacy throws up two fingers for peace. The music interrupts and out next comes The Diamond Mine – NXT Cruiserweight Champion Roderick Strong with Malcolm Bivens, Hachiman, Ivy Nile and The Creed Brothers. We get formal ring introductions from Alicia Taylor as fans chant “Roddy!” now.

The bell rings and Strong charges Gacy into the corner. Gacy clutches him and Strong backs off, yelling at him as Gacy pleads. They lock up and Gacy tries for a takedown but Strong slams him. Strong is not interested in a peaceful talk. Gacy pleads and opens his arms for a hug, or at least a handshake. Strong refuses. Gacy slaps him. Strong unloads now. Strong with a backbreaker.

Strong chops Gacy and nails another backbreaker in the middle of the ring as The Diamond Mine cheers him on. They go at it again and Gacy takes control now. Gacy beats Strong around the ring and clubs him in the back of the head. Strong with chops in the corner to turn it around. Strong has ripped off most of Gacy’s shirt now, continuing the stiff chops.

Gacy unloads on Strong now, beating him in and out of the ring. Gacy with a big slam and a clothesline to keep Strong staggered and down. Gacy with a backbreaker of his own for a 2 count. Gacy with a Brainbuster as Harland looks over. Strong kicks out at 2. Strong finally turns it around and takes Gacy to the top. Strong climbs up for the superplex but Gacy resists. Strong still nails the superplex but Gacy kicks out at 2.

More back and forth now. Strong with a big Gutbuster in the middle of the ring, and another slam for 2. Bivens shows some frustration at ringside now. Strong applies the StrongHold submission now and it looks like Gacy is smiling some. Gacy reaches for the ropes to break it up but Strong pulls him back. Gacy fights and finally gets free. Gacy with a Crossface attempt in the middle of the ring but Strong edges to the ropes to get free. Gacy gets up and clotheslines Strong to the floor, right at the feet of The Diamond Mine.

Gacy charges and leaps over the top rope, taking The Diamond Mine down. He rolls Strong back in but stops as Nile faces off with him, staring him down. Harland comes from behind and picks Ivy up but Gacy talks him down, getting him to put Ivy back down. Gacy comes back in and goes at it with Strong, powerbombing him for a close 2 count. They tangle and Strong nails a jumping knee out of nowhere. Strong drops Gacy’s back over his knees for the pin to retain.

Winner:  Roderick Strong

— We have an Ikemen Jiro video package of him eating.


Back from the break and McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Kyle O’Reilly, asking what happened after their loss to Imperium when Von Wagner tried to attack him. O’Reilly says he’s been in the business for a long time and if Wagner thinks he didn’t smell that turn coming from a mile away, Wagner is as dumb as he looks. Kyle says this is the first time he hasn’t been in WarGames and he’s hungry for some steel, so he challenges Wagner to a Steel Cage match on Tuesday’s NXT. O’Reilly storms off.

– We see the WarGames cage setting up as the sirens go off. Vic sends us to a video package for tonight’s main event.

Men’s WarGames Match
Team Black & Gold (Tommaso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, Pete Dunne, LA Knight) vs. Team 2.0 (Bron Breakker, Carmelo Hayes, Tony D’Angelo, Grayson Waller)

We go back to the WarGames cage as the sirens go off to signal the main event. Taylor goes over the rules. Out first comes Bron Breakker for Team 2.0. Grayson Waller is out next, followed by Tony D’Angelo. NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes is out last with Trick Williams. Team 2.0 has the advantage tonight. Hayes enters the ring and raises the title in the air to mostly boos from the crowd. Trick looks on from ringside, taunting the crowd and holding the title now. The other WarGames competitors have entered their cage up on the platform. The music hits and out first for Team Black & Gold is NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa to a big pop. LA Knight is out next, talking trash on the way to the mini-cage. Pete Dunne is also out. Johnny Gargano is out last to a big pop, for his WarGames debut. Gargano enters the cage as the “Johnny Wrestling! pops continue.

Gargano and Hayes face off. Gargano points to the very loud pop from the crowd but Hayes isn’t interested. They lock up as the chants continue for Gargano, in what may be his final NXT match. Gargano takes Hayes down but they get back up. Gargano immediately takes Hayes back down and grounds him. Hayes goes behind and turns that into a submission as Trick cheers him on from ringside. Gargano turns it around and they fight back to their feet but Hayes applies a headlock. Hayes runs the ropes and they tangle. Hayes sends Gargano to the corner but Gargano counters and takes him down, then kicks him in the head. Gargano smiles and gets a pop.

They tangle between the ropes now. Gargano has One Final Beat blocked, but he comes back and hits the slingshot Spear. Hayes fights back and ends up flying from the top rope to take Gargano down. Hayes goes to the corner but Gargano keeps him on the top turnbuckle with strikes. Hayes kicks Gargano away. Hayes walks out on the top rope but Gargano leaps up with him, slamming him face-first into the steel wall. Gargano checks out the clock as we’re at 30 seconds now.

Gargano unloads with slamming Hayes face-first into the steel. Gargano delivers a big powerbomb from the top rope to the mat as a “NXT!” chant breaks out. Waller comes out of the mini-cage as fans boo. Waller drops Gargano and talks some trash. Waller baits Gargano in but Gargano unloads. Waller blocks a DDT and delivers a suplex. Waller runs into a kick in the corner. Waller counters another move and nails a backbreaker over the knee. Fans boo as Waller talks trash. Waller scoops Gargano on his shoulders but Gargano turns it into a hurricanrana. Gargano with more offense until Hayes decks him to begin the double team.

Fans boo Hates and Waller as they stand over Gargano. They mock DIY and go for their double team finisher but Gargano moves and they collide. Gargano unloads on his opponents now as the other participants look on from their smaller cages. Trick goes under the ring and brings out a steel chair, then tosses it in the ring and it apparently hits Waller. Trick climbs the cage but Gargano knocks him off with the chair. Hayes drops Gargano from behind. Hayes keeps Gargano down using the chair, pressing it into his chest or throat. Hayes and Waller take turns keeping Gargano down now. Gargano’s nose may be busted. The timer counts down and here comes Dunne.

Dunne enters the cage and unloads. Dunne drops Waller and nails a double knee drop to his elbow. Dunne decks Hayes and then slams him on top of Waller for a pop. Dunne sends Waller face-first into the cage steel but it’s blocked. Dunne bends Waller’s fingers back now. Hayes attacks Dunne and they trade shots. Gargano assists with a snap suplex. Dunne goes for Hayes while Gargano goes for Waller and they hit in-stereo offense on their opponents. Dunne with the Crossface while Gargano has the GargaNo Escape. They’re also kicking the other man while they have these submissions locked in. The holds are broken but Dunne drops Waller again while Gargano tangles with Hayes in the corner. Dunne saves Gargano and drops Hayes.

Hayes explodes and sends Dunne into the other ring. Hayes flies into the ring but Dunne decks him in mid-air. Waller with a Stunner to Dunne, then he flies into the main ring and drops Gargano. The timer counts down and here comes D’Angelo. Trick starts tossing kendo sticks into the ring as D’Angelo gets hyped up. Trick then passes a table in to D’Angelo, and another table, and another. Hayes also has a kendo stick now, using it to keep Gargano down by his throat. Trick is passing more weapons to D’Angelo, including a trash can and lid, a kendo stick. Trick crawls under the ring for something else but it looks like he’s struggling. Hayes is suddenly backed out from under the ring by Dexter Lumis.

Lumis gets a huge pop. He gives a thumbs up to Gargano, but Gargano is down in the ring. D’Angelo uses a chain and lock to lock the WarGames door now. Hayes and D’Angelo stomp Gargano. D’Angelo with a right hand to Gargano. Hayes smashes a trash can lid over Dunne’s back. D’Angelo with more rights to Gargano. Waller and D’Angelo take turns on Gargano with weapons. Dunne is also being dominated by Hayes and Waller. The timer counts down and Knight comes down but the door is locked. Knight has words with the referee but the referee says he can do nothing. Knight watches as Dunne and Gargano are destroyed.

Knight climbs the cage and comes in over the top, knocking Waller off the top rope and stopping a double team by Hayes and D’Angelo to take them out. Knight gets hyped up and unloads. Knight slams Waller and then scoops D’Angelo to slam him on top of Waller. Fans chant for Knight now. Knight with kendo stick shots to Hayes, then D’Angelo. Gargano tosses Knight a trash can into the other ring, and he places it over Waller, then smashes the can with a kendo stick and can lid. Dunne and Gargano join Knight in the second ring now as they take turns on all three opponents, keeping them down in separate corners.

We see referees come down with bolt cutters to open the cage now. Dunne punishes Waller with a trash can and makes him scream out. Dunne steps on Waller’s hand now and smashes the fingers with a kendo stick. Dunne grounds Waller with a knee and a kendo stick as fans chant “black & gold!” again. Fans start barking as Breakker prepares to come out of his cage. The timer goes off and Breakker takes the bolt cutters from the referees, and then starts cutting the chain away. Breakker is struggling a bit like the officials did. Breakker enters and slams Knight with a big powerslam. Dunne with an enziguri to Breakker. Fans with another “black & gold!” chant as Dunne attacks Breakker again but Breakker levels him. Breakker gets another bark from the crowd as he stands tall after dominating some more, using Dunne to take out the other two competitors.

Hayes sends Dunne face-first into a table leaning against the bottom rope. Breakker works on Gargano. D’Angelo stomps on Knight in the corner. Waller helps him and uses a kendo stick on Knight. Waller and Hayes double team Dunne now. Fans start chanting for Ciampa as the timer goes off. Ciampa rushes the ring and kicks Waller, then uses his own kendo stick on him. Ciampa unloads on Hayes, then Waller again, then beats on D’Angelo and sends Breakker into the steel. Fans chant for Ciampa as he sends D’Angelo between the ropes and the steel, then delivers a running knee to Waller in the corner, then one for Breakker in another corner, and one for D’Angelo in the opposite corner. Ciampa sits a trash can upside down in the middle of the ring and takes a seat, then applauds as fans cheer him on.

WarGames has officially started now, according to Vic. Ciampa unloads on Waller but Hayes drops him from behind. Gargano grabs a crutch and comes from behind on Ciampa. They face off as fans chant “DIY!” and Gargano tosses the crutch to Ciampa so he can use it on their opponents. Gargano and Ciampa team up to unload on Team 2.0 now. Breakker powers up and decimates DIY as a “this is awesome!” chant breaks out. Breakker tosses Ciampa into the cage wall. Fans chant “NXT!” as Waller and D’Angelo lawn dart Dunne into the steel. Team 2.0 is in control now, working on Team Black & Gold in both rings.

Fans want tables now. Team 2.0 surrounds Team Black & Gold but Dunne smiles and the veterans unload as a brawl breaks out. Fans chant “WarGames!” as Team Black & Gold gets the upperhand, standing tall. Team 2.0 stands back up but they’re between the ropes and the cage wall. Team Black & Gold attacks them against the steel, beating them down and stomping away Knight works on Breakker in the corner now. Dunne holds a trash can lid on the ropes and Gargano goes to lawn dart Hayes into it, and they hit it. Gargano clutches his knee. Ciampa takes Waller to the top and looks back at a standing table. D’Angelo makes the save with a trash can lid, knocking Ciampa off. D’Angelo lays Ciampa on the table and waits for Waller to stand up on the top turnbuckle, but Knight jumps to his feet, leaps to the top turnbuckle with Waller, and then launches Waller through the table. Fans chant “holy shit!” now.

Waller is laid out in the table debris. Gargano and Dunne double team Hayes on the top now. They climb up for a double superplex but Breakker and D’Angelo make the save, sending Gargano and Dunne to the mat. Knight with a BFT to Hayes out of nowhere but D’Angelo makes the save just in time, breaking the pin up. Breakker and Knight tangle and Knight sends Breakker into the steel. Knight talks some trash and goes for a draping BFT from the top rope but D’Angelo makes the save with a dropkick. Breakker and D’Angelo stomp on Knight now. D’Angelo goes for Knight but Ciampa makes the save with a trash can lid from behind. Ciampa with more lid shots. Ciampa and Breakker tangle in the corner. Ciampa with a super Air Raid Crash from the top onto a trash can. Breakker kicks out just in time. D’Angelo sends Knight into the cage wall, then delivers his modified swinging neckbreaker finisher. D’Angelo stands a table up in the middle of the ring, and orders Waller to go to the top of the cage. D’Angelo lays Knight on the table and holds him there as Waller leaps from the top of the cage, crashing Knight down through it. D’Angelo goes for the pin on Knight but Dunne yanks him off just in time. Fans chant “NXT!” now.

D’Angelo crawls to the middle of the rings and grabs a crowbar he had hidden. Fans chant “this is awesome!” Dunne hits D’Angelo with a kendo stick before he can use the crowbar. Hayes throws a trash can lid but Dunne ducks it. Dunne beats Hayes down with the kendo stick and unloads like a mad lad. Dunne stomps on Hayes’ fingers, then kicks him in the face. Dunne drags Hayes over and stomps a trash can onto his hand. Dunne goes to the top but D’Angelo decks him with the crowbar. D’Angelo climbs up and grinds the crowbar in Dunne’s face. D’Angelo takes Dunne’s mouthpiece out, and puts it into his pocket as a souvenir. D’Angelo hits his big swinging neckbreaker finisher from the top, with the crowbar in hand, and fans chant “holy shit”! now.

Ciampa and Breakker unload with lefts and rights in the middle of the ring now. They collide with clotheslines and keep fighting. Breakker with a big Frankensteiner in the middle of the ring. Gargano leaps over and stuns Breakker. Breakker presses Gargano high in the air but Ciampa makes the save. Gargano takes out Waller. Gargano hits One Final Shot to Breakker right as Ciampa hits Willow’s Bell to Waller. DIY hits their double team finisher to Breakker and they both cover for the pin but Hayes spoils it by stopping the referee’s count. Hayes pleads with the referee.

Hayes with a rake to the yes of Ciampa, then a low blow to Gargano. Gargano sacrifices himself, holding Hayes in place as Ciampa charges with the knee strike. Ciampa goes for the Fairy Tale Ending on Hayes but Breakker charges out of nowhere, crashing Ciampa and Hayes through the table leaning in the corner, with Ciampa getting the worst of it. Breakker presses Ciampa high in the air and turns that into a powerslam in the middle of the ring for the pin to win.

Winners: Bron Breakker, Carmelo Hayes, Grayson Waller and Tony D’Angelo

Winners: Team 2.0

After the match, Breakker gets to his feet first as the music hits. Team 2.0 begins to recover as fans boo. Breakker taunts the camera as we go to replays. Team 2.0 stands tall with their arms in the air while Team Black & Gold are still down trying to recover. Vic declares that there’s no doubt a seismic shift has hit NXT. WarGames goes off the air with Breakker, D’Angelo, Waller and Hayes standing tall in the ring as most fans boo.

NXT WarGames Results (12/5)
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