AEW Dynamite Results (12/8) Elmont, NY

AEW Dynamite Results (12/8) Elmont, NY

AEW Dynamite Results (12/8) – We are live from  the UBS Arena at Belmont Park in Long Island, New York, as MJF music hits and… out comes CM Punk. The fans actually boo when “The Best in the World” emerges instead of The Pinnacle leader.

Punk plays into the boos as they get louder when he steps into the ring with a pipe-bomb microphone in-hand. He proceeds to take shots at the Long Island sports teams and the fans let him have it as they boo and chant at him. He says Chicago was louder.

He continues, taking off his coat to reveal the four pillars of AEW t-shirt, with one obvious exclusion — MJF. He goes on to bring up MJF’s comments about Punk trying to get into Britt Baker’s pants and then mentions how he claimed to be better than the late, great “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

CM Punk goes on to bring up offering to fight man to man, face to face, two weeks ago in his own hometown of Chicago. The fans get on his case with chants again, so much so that Punk stops in mid-sentence to try and make out what they’re saying. He goes on to take more shots at the local sports teams and then looks into the camera and asks if this what MJF wants.

As he proceeds to take more shots at Long Island and MJF, he goes on to talk about understanding that he’s their guy, even if he doesn’t personally agree. He mentions being a fan of Dennis Rodman when he played for his hometown Chicago Bulls just a couple of years after he was enemy number one while playing for the Detroit Pistons.

Now he brings up some in-house business, mentioning matches and shows coming up and then says he can see how this looks to someone from the outside, in that no one can tell who the idiot is between himself and MJF. He then brings up how MJF stooped so low as to bring up his dog Larry, noting he’s nuetered and still has bigger balls than MJF.

He admits he’s having fun and asks if MJF is the hero of the fans in Long Island, he understands since the Islanders haven’t won anything since about 1984. He lays out a challenge to meet MJF in the ring one-on-one. He tells him not to run anymore, but rather to stand-and-fight like they do in Chicago. He takes one more shot at the Long Island fans and makes it clear that the challenge to MJF goes for any time he wants. He offers to do it tonight but says it can just as well be any other time.

MJF’s Long Island Hometown Hero Vignette

We return to a vignette that is narrated by a professional voice-actor, which shows MJF pull up in a nice ride. He gets out with his fancy clothes and proceeds to put his letterman football jacket.

Eventually, we see him walk onto the field as the narrator puts him over for his many accomplishments in the sport, as well as how many chicks he’s gotten. MJF smiles and nods as the video wraps up with the narrator saying his, “He’s better than you, and you know it ….”

Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal

From there, we shoot back inside the UBS Arena at Belmont Park where we hear the familiar sounds of MJF’s theme song playing as The Pinnacle leader emerges and soaks in the love from his hometown crowd, getting emotional in the process. He begins heading down to the ring for our next match of the evening.

As he settles at the ringside area, he is met by fellow Pinnacle member Shawn Spears and Wardlow, who help him take his letterman jacket and cover-attire off. He slides into the ring, which is full of the rest of participants in this, the third annual Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this battle royal bout, as all the guys begin brawling and splitting off into pairs of two-and-three wrestlers fighting in different spots throughout the ring. Lee Moriarty is the first to get eliminated. Next is Jay Lethal, who is thrown out by Matt Hardy after he is given brass knuckles by The Bunny.

Dante Martin follows up and tosses out Hardy while he was in the middle of celebrating his own elimination of Lethal. Powerhouse Hobbs of Team Taz and Wardlow of The Pinnacle end up staring each other down in the middle of the ring, prompting the fans to erupt with noise.

They bump into each other without either man budging, and then we see Wardlow nearly eliminate him. Hobbs hangs on until Lio Rush flips over and kicks him out to get the elimination himself. On that note, Excalibur talks us into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues in the ring.

When we return from the break, we see MJF connect with a cheap shot kick to another participant that elicits a much louder-than-usual pop from his hometown crowd. Lio Rush starts to get some shine, but unfortunately it’s on MJF, so the crowd is crapping all over it. Wardlow comes to make the save, grabbing Rush and Lee Johnson by the throat for a chokeslam.

Instead, both, along with Wardlow, get eliminated by MJF. MJF over-reacts to the elimination and the commentators sell the fact that he threw out one of his own guys. Wardlow doesn’t look happy. MJF ends up throwing out Frankie Kazarian as well. This leaves Dante Martin and Ricky Starks as the only other two. Martin and Starks tease joining forces but Martin ends up throwing Starks out.

This leaves MJF and Dante Martin as the final two participants in the battle royal. This ends this portion of the match for now, as the ring announcer declares MJF and Dante Martin as the final two. They will square off in one-on-one action in the finals. MJF looks to shake Dante’s hand after the announcement. Martin eventually obliges after initially hesitating. MJF then exits the ring as the commentators promote the match between the two going down next week.

Winners and competing in the finals next week: MJF, Dante Martin

After The Match: MJF, Ricky Starks, Dante Martin & CM Punk Handle Business

We see MJF heading up to the back when from behind, Ricky Starks hits the ring again and begins beating down Martin for betraying him and eliminating him. MJF seems like he wants to do something, so he eventually decides to. He stops and turns around and then sprints down to the ring. He gets in the ring in Starks’ face and the two go nose-to-nose. He then drops down and starts beating on Martin even more, with Starks joining him.

Eventually, CM Punk sprints out and down to the ring to make the save for Martin. The fans boo this like crazy. MJF heads out the back door and retreats up the ramp. Punk stares Starks down in the ring. Martin recovers and kicks Starks from behind right into a GTS from Punk. Punk’s music plays and he and MJF taunt each other from the ring and entrance ramp, respectively. The commentators once again promote the MJF vs. Dante Martin finals of the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal for next week’s AEW Winter Is Coming special.

Jurassic Express & Varsity Blonds vs. The Acclaimed & Team 2point0

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this one. Jungle Boy and Anthony Bowens kick things off for their respective teams. We see Bowens jump into the early offensive lead and then he tags in Caster. They go for a double-team spot but Jungle Boy ends up taking them both out instead.

From there, we see Jungle Boy, followed by Pillman Jr. and Garrison, all hitting high spots from the ring to the floor. They bring the action back into the ring and it is Garrison working over Caster. He tags in Pillman Jr., who picks up where he left off, taking it to Caster.

Pillman Jr. gets Caster in the corner of the ring and climbs up to do the ten-punch spot as the fans count along. Caster ends up escaping before the tenth and dumping Pillman Jr. to the floor to shift the momentum into the favor of the heel team. Back in the ring, he tags in Bowens after putting the boots to Pillman Jr. in the corner.

Bowens gets in some offense and then tags in one of the members of Team 2point0, who continues to cut the ring in half and keep Pillman Jr. isolated on their end of the ring. From there we watch as they utilize frequent tags to keep a fresh man in the ring at all times on the weakened Pillman Jr.

The Acclaimed go for a double-team spot on Pillman Jr., but he reverses and ends up making the tag to Luchasaurus. He handles all four of the opponents by himself, rag-dolling the four and launching them in opposite corners of the ring. He then builds up a head of steam and connects with multiple back-splashes. He follows that up by taking them down with double clotheslines.

After that, he grabs a hold of both members of Team 2point0 for a double chokeslams, however Caster hits him from behind to change his focus on both members of The Acclaimed. He grabs them by the throat at the same time instead and executes the double chokeslam before tagging Jungle Boy into the match.

Jungle Boy comes in off the hot tag and is flying all over the place. He is joined by several other participants in the match and all hell begins breaking loose, with high spots being hit all over the place. Jungle Boy ends up settling into his snare trap submission finisher. He waits, however, as he sees Eddie Kingston run down to the ring to attack Daniel Garcia and Team 2point0.

Once “The Mad King” is done with his run-in, Jungle Boy returns his focus to the action in the ring, where he finally once again secures his snare trap submission finisher and forcing the tap out to give his team the victory.

Winners: Jurassic Express & Varsity Blonds

After The Match: The Brawl Continues

Once the match ends, we see Eddie Kingston take a camera man with him as he makes his way to the back. He ends up stopping and jawing into the camera as he is still fired up.

Out of nowhere, however, Team 2point0 and Daniel Garcia arrive to his location and begin beating him down. They leave him laying as officials flee to the scene to break things up. On that note, we head back to another commercial break.

FTR & Tully Blanchard With A Message For The Lucha Bros

We return from the break to a message from FTR and Tully Blanchard. Tully runs down their history with The Lucha Bros and then talk about the title showdown scheduled for this week’s Rampage, referring to it as the biggest match of their career. They vow to recapture the titles later this week.

The Young Bucks vs. Rocky Romero & Chuck Taylor

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with our next match of the evening. We see some back-and-forth action early on as the commentators tell the storied history between the four men involved in this match. We build to a series of back-to-back dives to the floor.

During one of the dives, Nick Jackson ends up tweaking his knee upon landing. He stands up and has trouble putting full weight on it, which one of the commentators point out on the broadcast. He is able to continue and tags in Matt, who does some unnecessary cartwheels and flipping just to hit a simple strike on Romero in the corner.

Nick tags back in and does a senton fist drop off the top to Romero before tagging Matt right back in. Romero tries fighting back, but the two gang up on him to remain in control of the offense. They stop briefly to play to the fans. Romero buys himself some time with one spot and then dives over to his corner to make the tag to Chuck Taylor.

Taylor then hits a big dive and splash onto the Bucks on the floor. He goes for another but they end up catching him. Romero tries getting involved but they take him out with stereo super kicks on the floor. They ram Romero into the guard rail and head back into the ring with Romero and Taylor laid out at ringside.

They get the fans to clap and then build up momentum, hitting the ropes and then sliding out to give Adam Cole a kiss on each cheek. The fans pop big and the commentators have their usual aggravated reaction to the trademark Super Kliq spot. Nick hits a flipping senton on Chuck as Matt held him across the guard rail.

They get into Orange Cassidy’s face at ringside and taunt him a bit before returning the action to the ring. They keep the pressure on Taylor, keeping him on their end of the ring as Excalibur points out how the match has been all in favor of The Young Bucks from the start of this contest until now.

We see another senton splash onto Taylor’s mid-section, which has been the focus of Nick and Matt’s attack throughout this match thus far. On that note, Excalibur talks us into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues.

When we return, we see the Bucks still in control of things as they once again come across Cassidy on the floor at ringside. Jackson goes for a splash but Cassidy stands in his way and puts his hands in the air. He does the big dramatic hand-in-pocket gesture after that, to which Jackson tries running the apron to kick his head off. He ends up missing, but when Cassidy turns around, he walks into a big kick from Adam Cole, who was standing behind him on the floor.

Back in the ring, we see Romero and Taylor trying to gain some momentum for the first time in the match, however The Young Buicks do a good job of keeping things in their control. Jackson hits a big northern lights suplex and keeps it going until Romero counters the third one by kicking off the ropes for a tornado DDT. The fans give this a standing ovation as Romero and Jackson are both down and out in the ring.

Brandon Cutler slides into the ring and sprays something on Jackson to try and help revive him. Also in is Adam Cole, who doesn’t notice that Cassidy is standing behind him. Cole turns around into a big shot from Cassidy and after that, we see super kick after super kick. Everyone gets taken out except for one of the Bucks, who turns into a pile driver from Taylor and a jackknife follow-up from Romero.

Romero looks for sliced bread and this starts a series of big spots from himself onto Matt, who he nearly finishes off with a pin fall. He kicks out, however, and ends up hitting a Meltzer Driver along with Nick for the win. Excellent match.

Winners: The Young Bucks

After The Match: The Super Kliq Raise Hell Until Sue Brings Trent Back

Once the match wraps up, we see Jackson and Cole immediately adding insult to injury by putting the boots to their fallen opponents. They gang up on them along with Cutler and then Wheeler Yuta runs out to try and make the save for The Best Friends. They guzzle him up, too. With all of them laid out, they feed Cassidy to Cole for a panama sunrise off the ropes.

They go for the BTE Trigger but then we hear The Best Friends theme play again and out comes Sue in her trademark van as the place goes nuts. Sliding the back door open and exiting the van is none other than Trent Barreta. He makes his way down to the ring with a completely new look

Trent settles into the ring and he ends up taking out all of the members of The Super Kliq by himself. Afterwards we see Kris Statlander and Trent’s mom Sue watching on with pride. They then give the people what they want by closing in for a big Best Friends group hug along with Cassidy, Chuck and Romero in the ring. They bring Sue and Statlander down to the ring to join them for another big Best Friends hug.

Ruby Soho Informed Of Upcoming Match And Then Attacked

We shoot backstage to Alex Marvez, who is standing by with Ruby Soho. Before she can say anything, up walks Penelope Ford and The Bunny. They inform her that there will be a match with the two of them and Nyla Rose against Ruby Soho and two of her friends.

They end up beating her down along with the help of Rose and Vickie Guerrero, who laughs like an insane woman in the background. Tay Conti and Anna Jay show up to run them off to end the segment.

Sammy Guevara’s Next TNT Title Open Challenge Announced

After that, we head out to the entrance stage. Tony Schiavone is standing by with the TNT Champion Sammy Guevara. He introduces him and before he can ask him any questions, out comes Cody Rhodes.

He tells him per Tony Khan that his next TNT title open challenge will be against him. He tells him good luck and walks off. We then hear someone laughing in the rafters and we see it is The Men of the Year — “All Ego” Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky.

Page complains about Cody getting the title shot, claiming he only received one because he kisses Tony Khan’s ass. He says the man who gets him his title shot is American Top Team’s Dan Lambert. He tells everyone that he’s coming back soon.

Sky then mocks Sammy for defending his title, but never against anyone in the top five of the AEW rankings. He says at some point he has to prove he’s a champion, or quit calling himself one. Off-mic, Guevara lays his title down and says he’s right here as the segment wraps up.

Jade Cargill, Thunder Rosa Hype TBS Women’s Title Tourney Clash

When we return from the break, we see a vignette featuring Jade Cargill and Thunder Rosa hyping their upcoming clash in the semifinals of the TBS Women’s Championship Tournament.

Jamie Hayter vs. Riho

We hear the bell to get this one started and we see Hayter and Riho getting after it right out of the gate. Early on we see Riho faring well, however it isn’t long before some distraction assistance from Baker and Rebel at ringside leads to Hayter taking over the offensive lead.

As Hayter continues to deliver punishment to Riho in the ring, Excalibur talks us into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break.

When we return from the break, we see Hayter stomping on Riho in the middle of the ring as Baker and Rebel cheer her on from ringside.

After that, Riho starts to show signs of life, fighting back into competitive form. She looks to shift the momentum in her favor, however Hayter catches her coming off the ropes and slams her down. She then stalks Riho, waiting for her to get back up, only for things to backfire as Riho connects with a big counter.

Both women are down now and female official Aubrey Edwards begins the double count out in the ring. The camera focuses on Rebel saying something to Hayter, as she and Riho slowly start to make it back to their feet. Hayter gets up first and the two trade shots as Baker riles the crowd up in the background from ringside.

Riho ends up rolling up Hayter, but only getting a two-count. She looks for a dragon suplex, but Hayter elbows her way out of it. She goes for the splash in the corner, but Riho side-steps her and finally connects on a second dragon suplex attempt. She goes for the immediate follow-up pin attempt, however Riho gets her shoulder up just in time to keep this match alive.

Back on their feet, Hayter starts to shift the momentum back into her favor. She executes a big brainbuster, dropping Riho on her neck / back of the head. She goes for the cover but only gets two. She hoists her up after that and connects with a big back-breaker for another close near fall. Afterwards, we see some immediate replays of the vicious back-breaker.

As we return to the live action in the ring, we see Hayter secure a single-leg Boston crab. Riho struggles but eventually escapes. She rolls Hayter up for a near fall attempt, but Hayter kicks out and blasts her with a big boot. Riho hits a running knee and follows-up with a code red for a super close near fall. She heads to the top-rope after that and lands the diving double foot stomp.

She goes for the cover again, but again Hayter kicks out before the count of three. The camera shows Baker looking relieved at ringside when Hayter managed to kick out. Riho heads to the top again, but this time is cut off by Hayter. Hayter heads up after her and is looking for a superplex. Riho blocks it and punches away at her on the ropes before sending her down to the mat.

Before Riho can do anything, Baker jumps on the ring apron and grabs the boot of Riho to distract her long enough for Hayter to recover and head back up to the top after her. She looks for the superplex but Riho gets on her back and they end up going down off the top-rope into an avalanche crucifix bomb. Riho follows that up with her finisher and scores the pin fall victory. She will now advance to challenge Baker for the title.

Winner: Riho

After The Match: Britt Baker Beats Down Riho

Once the match ends, we see Riho celebrating as the commentators point out that she now earns a title shot against Baker. They remind us that Baker has never pinned Riho in AEW history.

With that in mind, we see Baker hit the ring to beat down Riho afterwards. She gets the glove on and puts her in her lockjaw submission finisher. She then trash-talks her off-mic to end the segment.

Taz Reveals His Big News For Friday’s Rampage

The commentary team runs down the lineup for this Friday’s Rampage, as well as the lineup for the upcoming AEW Winter Is Coming special event next Wednesday night.

Fuego Del Sol will go one-on-one against Taz’s son and the “secret weapon” of Team Taz — none other than Taz’s son, Hook. This match was announced for Friday’s Rampage and was announced as the big news Taz had hyped having for later in the show.

Malakai Black Interrupts Varsity Blonds, Sprays Mist In Julia Hart’s Eyes

After they run down the lineups for the upcoming shows, we shoot to Tony Schiavone who is on the entrance stage. He introduces his guests at this time — The Varsity Blonds and Julia Hart.

He talks to them for a second and then asks his first question. Before they can say anything, however, the lights in the UBS Arena go out and we see nothing but darkness and silence for a few moments.

Finally, Malakai Black emerges with his crazy mask / horns-and-antlers head gear on. He takes it off and ends up spraying his black mist into the eyes of Julia Hart. She grabs her face, covering her eyes, and lets out a scream that would deafen anyone in reaching distance.

She continues to scream as Brian Pillman Jr. and Griff Garrison attend to her. On that note, we head to another commercial break.

Bryan Danielson vs. John Silver

The bell sounding as Danielson and Silver stare each other down. Finally the bell does sound and our main event of the evening is now off-and-running here inside the UBS Arena at Belmont Park in Long Island — which in addition to MJF, is also the hometown of John Silver.

“The American Dragon” starts off well, blasting Silver with kicks and chops to jump off to the early offensive lead. Silver keeps hanging tough, however, stopping Danielson from pulling too far ahead into the offensive lead. He gets Danielson down and blasts him with some stiff knees to the face, which the camera shows a tight close-up of as they land.

After that, Silver tries to follow-up, but Danielson ends up shifting the momentum back in his favor. He pulls Silver’s head under the bottom rope and heads out to the floor. He builds up a head of steam and blasts Silver with a few kicks to the head. He then lands some stiff European uppercuts for good measure.

He calls himself the best in the world off-mic to taunt the hometown fans of Silver in Long Island. From there, Excalibur talks us into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break. On that note, we take our final time out of the evening as the main event continues with Danielson comfortably in the offensive lead at this point.

When we return from the break, we see Silver begin making a comeback on Danielson. He fights back into competitive form and then the two have what the announcers call a kick-off, which they point out many likely expected when thinking of these two going at it. Silver does a good job of keeping the momentum in his favor, as he begins hitting high spots and near-finishers for close near fall attempts on the number one contender.

Danielson ends up capitalizing on the first mistake made by Silver. He uses repeated elbows to the side of his head to regain the offensive lead. He then hits a cradle piledriver before putting Silver in a submission that quickly finishes him off. Silver turns bright red and Danielson holds onto the submission a while after the bell for good measure.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

After The Match: “Hangman” Adam Page Runs Off Bryan Danielson

Once the match wraps up, Danielson gets on the mic and taunts the fans and The Dark Order to send a message to “Hangman” Adam Page. He brings up kicking the head off of Evil Uno, Alan Angels and Colt Cabana, and noted he vowed to do the same to Silver.

So, that’s exactly what he sets the mic down to do. Instead of that, however, “Hangman” Adam Page runs down to the ring and makes the save. He runs off Danielson and gets on the mic to deliver one final message to him before their title showdown in the main event of next week’s AEW Winter Is Coming special.

He vows to kick his head in with cowboy sh*t. His theme plays as he checks on Silver, all-the-while Danielson smirks and poses from the entrance ramp, as this week’s show goes off the air with the commentators plugging next week’s special event.

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