MLW Fusion Alpha #7 Results (11/3)

MLW Fusion Alpha #7 Results (11/3)

MLW Fusion Alpha #7 Results – Commentators Rich Bocchini and Joe Dombrowski welcome fans to another edition of MLW Fusion: Alpha! The head matchmaker, Cesar Duran, is on his way to the ring with an important announcement.

Cesar Duran’s Annoucement:

The True Visionary of Violence begins his speech by saying when he made tonight’s card, he felt like something was missing. A sacrifice, perhaps? He turns to the audience to ask who’d they like to see sacrificed tonight. Before he can get to any of the fan’s replies, 5150 barges out to confront him about a future tag team title shot.

The MLW Tag Team Champions, Los Parks, and LA Park Jr. head on out. 5150 takes the fight to them. Their fight spills all around the ring. Security comes out to break the melee up.

Thinking this is all over, Duran sees Tom Lawlor and Kevin Ku make their way down to the ring. Lawlor wants a title fight. He feels disrespected and is tired of sitting on the sidelines watching other guys get title opportunities before him. Duran agrees to give him a match tonight. It’ll be Lawlor vs. the Caribbean Champion, King Muertes, in a Casket Match! Will Lawlor meet his demise, or will he topple “The Man of 1,000 Deaths?

Before their epic clashing, we head back to the ring for some tag team action in the Featherweight division! This is also Zoey Skye’s first MLW appearance.

– While the women get ready for their match, they show a pre-taped video from Mads Krügger. Krügger tries to play mind games with the MLW World Heavyweight Champion Alex Hammerstone one last time before they lock horns in their War Chamber five-on-five match this Saturday. He calls himself the leader of CONTRA and warns the champion has no chance of surviving this battle.

Willow Nightingale & Zoey Skye vs. The Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo)

Zoey Skye and Ashley Vox start things off with a lockup. Both of them kick it into high gear, with Ashley connecting a dropkick for a two-count. Delmi Exo tags herself in for her sister. Delmi holds Zoey in a bridge suplex and helps Ashley springboard in with an assisted senton. Ashley gets another near-fall count. Ashley tries to trap Zoey with an O’Connor roll. Zoey finds the ropes, and Willow Nightingale tags herself in.

Ashley eats a flying forearm from Zoey before Willow takes over. Willow lands a jumping senton. Zoey tags back in. Willow hoists her up and tosses her onto Ashley. Zoey hooks Ashley’s leg for another two count. Ashley starts to build back some steam with a flurry of forearm strikes, but Zoey puts a halt to it. Both Willow and Delmi tag themselves back in. Delmi positions Willow in the Northern Lights Suplex for two. Delmi reaches out for a tag. Zoey interrupts Ashley’s tag-in and takes care of Delmi in the corner. Ashley flings Willow to the outside.

Just as Willow attempts to return to the ring, Holidead crawls out from beneath the ring and blindsides Willow. Holidead drags Willow under the ring. The Sea Stars send Zoey packing and earn the pinfall victory.

Winners: The Sea Stars

Post-Match: Everyone from the match rescues Willow.

– We look back on the vicious attack Alex Kane and King Mo led on Calvin Tankman last week. Up next, Alex Kane will host an open challenge fight!

– “Big Beef” Gnarls Garvin will make his MLW debut this Saturday at War Chamber.

– As announced last week, a Ladder Match for the vacant MLW National Openweight Championship will take place on Fusion, Thanksgiving night. Those who will be participating in this match are Myron Reed, Alex Kane, Zenshi, Alex Shelley and a Will Card entrant.

Next week:

* The semifinals of the 2021 Opera Cup will kick off with Davey Richards taking on Bobby Fish.

– Speaking of the Opera Cup Tournament, Alicia Atout reports that Tankman is cleared to compete in the semifinals. His showdown will be against TJP.

Alex Kane’s Open Challenge (w/King Mo)

So, who will step up and face The Suplex Assassin? Look no further than the former Independent Wrestling Champion, Warhorse.

Alex Kane vs. Warhorse

The fans start a boisterous “Warhorse” chant! Warhorse sends King Mo out of the ring with a wicked headbutt. A very frustrated Kane leads an attack on the indie favorite. Once he escapes the corner, Warhorse fires up a series of jabs. King Mo involves himself, and Warhorse chases him out of the ring. Kane sneaks up from behind. Warhorse counters him by sending him shoulder-first into the guardrail.

Back in the ring, Kane throws Warhorse into the turnbuckles. Thinking this will cause some damage, Kane is mistaken. Warhorse rises up and starts to headbang. Warhorse executes a breathtaking missile dropkick! King Mo grabs Warhorses’ leg, hindering his kick-ass momentum. Kane sees an opening and connects an exploder suplex into the turnbuckles. Although Warhorse was admirable in his efforts, he just couldn’t level up to Kane’s five back-to-back suplexes, in the end, giving Kane the open challenge victory.

Winner: Alex Kane

Post-Match:  Alicia Atout is waiting to get a word for Alex Kane. Kane is waiting for his Opera Cup opportunity. Should any of the tournament participants relinquish their spots, Kane will be the first to replace them.

Backstage: Tom Lawlor drew out a hilarious map to take down King Muertes. During their meeting, Ku breaks the news that he thinks he should leave Team Filthy.

The caskets are getting wheeled out to ringside. The main event is up next!

– CONTRA Unit’s Josef Samael gets one final word in before War Chamber.

Backstage: Richard Holliday is talking to Alicia Atout about his new candy project. He tells her consumers are lining up all around the world to try it. They head to his office, where all the candy is. When he opens the door, they see the World Middleweight Champion, Yoshihiro Tajiri, standing there eating the whole bag.

And now, the main event!

Casket Match for the Caribbean Championship: King Muertes (c) vs. Tom Lawlor

**This is Lawlor’s final match in MLW. **

After Tom Lawlor makes his way to the ring, a hooded figure strolls down the ramp. They have sage in their hand. They reveal themself. It’s the former Lucha Underground star and valet of Mil Muertes, Catrina! The commentators are now referring to her by her real name, Karlee Perez. It looks like she’ll be returning to her managerial duties for Muertes! Lawlor looks petrified.

King Muertes tosses Lawlor into the corner. Lawlor escapes landing a couple of forearms before taking a massive spear! Muertes stays on top of him. Lawlor finds a way out by stringing up a round of heavy heel kicks. Muertes drills Lawlor’s head straight onto the casket. Back in the ring, Muertes whips up a TKO and flips open the lid. He rolls him into the casket but can’t get the door to shut just yet.

Lawlor tries to put away Muertes. The champion is in the casket but refuses to let the door close down on him. Muertes rocks Lawlor with a round of chops. Lawlor counters Muertes by sending him into the guardrail, then decides to whale on him. Muertes recovers and drives Lawlor onto the casket with an intensely painful powerbomb! Lawlor climbs on top of Muertes and locks in a sleeper. Muertes fades but knows he needs to bounce back as his body gets placed into the casket again. He gets back up to hit a vicious scoop powerslam. Muertes looks to Karlee Perez for strength. Lawlor hooks in a guillotine choke. Muertes picks him up and turns it into a Straight To Hell! Muertes drags Lawlor’s lifeless body into the casket. Muertes seals him in to retain his championship.

Winner & Still Champion: King Muertes

That concludes this week’s episode of Fusion: Alpha.

MLW Fusion Alpha #7 Results

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