MLW Fusion Alpha #8 Results (11/10)

MLW Fusion Alpha #8 Results (11/10)

MLW Fusion Alpha #8 Results (11/10) – Earlier today, reporter Emilio Sparks caught up with MLW World Heavyweight Champion Alex Hammerstone, Richard Holliday and EJ Nduka. They told him they were too busy to talk. Holliday is on the phone with former Dynasty member MJF, who’s facing Darby Allin this Saturday at AEW Full Gear.

MLW matchmaker Cesar Duran approaches the Hammerheads. He wants to see how their search is coming since they’re still down two guys ahead of their War Chamber match. Duran is offering to recruit someone. They don’t want to deal with the devil. After some convincing, they accept his offer. He tells them the man who’ll join them must be “unlocked.” He reveals a necklace with a key on it. Could Duran be recruiting someone from his past?

Commentators Rich Bocchini and Joe Dombrowski welcome fans to another edition of MLW Fusion: Alpha! We kick things off with Los Parks in action!

– As Los Parks make their way to the ring, the camera crew catches Jacob Fatu in the back, going wild. Security is holding him back from the camera.

Los Parks (LA Park Jr. & Hijo de LA Park) vs. 5150 (Rivera & Slice Boogie) (w/Dr. Julius Smokes & Konnan)

Originally, this match was supposed to be a trios match. Due to a vicious attack on LA Park, everyone is figuring out if it’ll just be a regular tag match or if they can find a replacement in time to keep it as originally scheduled. The Hijo and LA Park Jr. take the fight to 5150 and separate them in the corners. Who comes out a few minutes later? Homicide! Homicide joins LAX, of course. LA Park is also out. This match is now a trios match.

World Tag Champions Los Parks (LA Park & Hijo de LA Park) & LA Park Jr. vs. 5150 (Rivera, Slice Boogie & Homicide) (w/Dr. Julius Smokes & Konnan)

Seconds after the match restarts, Los Parks all hit stereo dives to the outside on 5150! Let the carnage begin! Back in the ring, Hijo de LA Park sets up a table. Slice Boogie slides into the ring. Hijo stuns Boogie with a suplex followed by a spot on Code Red. The champ heads for a cover, and Boogie leaps out at the two mark. Boogie sends Hijo crashing straight through the table. LA Park runs in and whomps Boogie in the head with a steel chair. The referee calls for this match to end immediately.

Winners: No Contest

Post-Match: Both teams continue their scuffle while the bell sounds off repeatedly.

– Another teaser is shown for “Big Beef” Gnarls Garvin’s upcoming debut.

– Contra Unit’s Josef Samael is surprised the Philly fans are backing The Hammerheads heading into War Chamber. Samael doesn’t care what the fans think; he says Contra will back the Hammerheads’ into a corner and make them squeal.

– Los Parks and 5150’s fight continues in the back. 5150 rips Hijo de LA Park’s mask straight off his face.

With all the chaos unfolding backstage, we turn our attention back to the ring for a 12-on-12 Survival Tag Team Match!

Richard Holliday, EJ Nduka, Savio Vega, The Blue Meanie, Warhorse, & Zenshi vs. Ikuro Kwon, KC Navarro, King Mo, Gino Medina, Kevin Ku & The Beastman (w/Kimchee)

Richard Holliday’s team tosses their opponents to the outside. Once everyone returns to their respective corners, Warhorse and Kevin Ku kick things off. Ku plants a thunderous uppercut on Warhorse. Their battle turns into a chopping contest, which Warhorse wins. Warhorse then decks Ku with a lariat and propels him into the corner with a missile dropkick. Ikuro Kwon, not tagged in by Ku, steps in with an axe kick while Ku takes a breather in the corner. Ku eliminates Warhorse from the match.

Warhorse is eliminated. Richard Holliday’s team is down to 5 people.   

“The Judge” EJ Nduka, as does King Mo. Nduka hoists Mo up and slams him down on the mat with a nasty spinebuster. Nduka hooks the leg on King Mo. 1-2-3, King Mo is eliminated.

King Mo is eliminated. Ikuro Kwon and Richard Holliday’s team are tied 5-5. 

Kevin Ku returns and gets slapped by EJ Nduka. Ku falls to one knee but rises back to a vertical base to hit some light offense before The Judge catches him with a massive powerbomb for another elimination.

Kevin Ku is eliminated. Richard Holliday’s team leads 5-4 over Ikuro Kwon’s team.

KC Navarro and Richard Holliday have a go just after the commercial break. Navarro scores a major upset against Holliday with a beautiful dropkick and dive to the outside. Navarro comes up with a short near-fall attempt after hitting a leapfrog. Holliday heads over to tag in his high-flying teammate and one who can match Navarro, Zenshi. Zenshi lands on his feet after a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Zenshi looks for a pin and gets a two-count. Navarro tags in Ikuro Kwon. Zenshi evades a double offense combo by Navarro and Kwon. Navarro accidentally hits a solid kick on Kwon. Zenshi lands a double Pele kick for another near-fall count.

The Beastman makes a tag in on Navarro and Kwon. Zenshi jumps right into a big fallaway slam. The Beastman snaps Zenshi’s head in the corner with a cannonball!! Cover. 1-2-3, The Beastman eliminates Zenshi.

Zenshi is eliminated. Both teams are tied 4-4. 

Savio Vega steps in for his fallen brother, Zenshi. Vega formulates a painful melody on The Beastman with his kendo stick. The referee takes Vega’s kendo stick away. Vega turns around to a big splash and gets eliminated from the match.

Savio Vega is eliminated. Ikuro Kwon’s team leads 4-3. 

The Beastman meets his match when The Blue Meanie steps into the ring. The Blue Meanie kept The Beastman grounded until Kimchee involved himself, which allowed Beastman to land another splash and elimination.

The Blue Meanie is eliminated. Ikuro Kwon’s team leads 4-2. 

EJ Nduka returns and makes his presence felt by The Beastman and Kimchee! Nduka sends Beastman away with a spinebuster. He also uses the same move on Kimchee.

The Beastman is eliminated. Ikuro Kwon’s team still leads with 3-2.

Up next is Gino Medina and Richard Holliday. The former Dynasty members trade heavy open chops. Medina gets dropped with a facebuster slam but pops free at the two count. Their fight spills to the outside. Holliday doesn’t make it back to the ring by the 10th count. Therefore, he’s eliminated, leaving EJ Nduka to do all the heavy lifting.

Richard Holliday is eliminated by a count-out.

Ikuro Kwon’s team still leads with 3-1.

Team Kwon corner Nduka. He shoves all of them out of his way. He hits two back-to-back spinebusters on Medina and Navarro, respectively. The Judge deadlifts Kwon over his head and throws him back down to reality with The Major Verdict. Kwon is out cold. EJ Nduka picks a major victory.

Winners: EJ Nduka, Richard Holliday, Savio Vega, The Blue Meanie, Warhorse, & Zenshi

-Just announced, Cesar Duran has a big surprise for next week’s War Chamber episode.

– Speaking of Duran, he requests a special meeting with Willow Nightingale. With the impending Women’s Featherweight Championship tournament on the horizon, it seems Duran has a trick up his sleeve, and he might try and coerce Nightingale to follow along. Their meeting gets interrupted because of Jacob Fatu.

– MLW advertises nZo’s soon-to-be arrival.

In Duran’s Office: It looks like Duran is trying to plant a seed of doubt in Jacob Fatu’s head when he reveals that Fatu’s manager Josef Samael declined a World Heavyweight Title rematch on Fatu’s behalf. Well, The Samoan Werewolf isn’t falling for Duran’s tricks.

Next Week on the special War Chamber episode:

* The Hammerheads vs. Contra Unit

* Cesar Duran’s big surprise

Opera Cup Semifinals: Davey Richards vs. Bobby Fish

A massive chant rains out for Bobby Fish. Both men show their sportsmanship with a fist bump before locking up. Bobby Fish backs Davey Richards up against the ropes. Richards wildly misses a high kick, which Fish reciprocates. Fish holds Richards down with a tight wrist lock. Richards looks for two cartwheel escapes. When those don’t work, he bridges down and strikes Fish right on the shoulder to break it up.

After taking a walk around the ring, Fish slides back into the ring and applies a waistlock. Fish spills to the outside. Richards is up on the apron and tries for a victory kick, but Fish takes him out by the legs, and he lands face-first down on the outside mat. Fish whips Richards into the guardrail and uses his educated fists to connect a range of body shots. Back in the ring, Fish lands a back elbow for one count. Fish follows Richards outside of the ring again and plants another stiff kick to the chest. Back in the ring, Richards connects a desperate kick creating some space just before the quick break.

Coming back from the break, Richards grounds Fish with a cranked armbar. Richard then turns his attention on Fish’s knee with a dragon screw leg whip. Both men return to a vertical position. Here comes the brutal forearm smashes. Fish hoists Richards up and slams him into the corner. Fish returns a dragon screw on Richards before decking him with a low clothesline. Richards rolls away from a senton drop but gets trapped in a heel hook. Richards counters with a Sharpshooter. Richards turns an exploder suplex into an ankle lock. Fish shoves him off. Richards fires back with a brainbuster for two! Richards wastes little time and ensnares another ankle lock in the center of the ring. Fish has nowhere to go and taps. Richards etches his name in the finals.

Winner: Davey Richards 

Post-Match: Davey Richards and Bobby Fish embrace with a hug.

– In two weeks, Calvin Tankman and TJP will face-off in the second and final semifinals match.

– Before the show goes off the air, Alicia Atout speaks with Alex Hammerstone, EJ Nduka and Richard Holliday before their War Chamber match next week. They announce that Savio Vega will be joining their team. Atout asks them if they have any idea on who Duran is going to recruit. Nduka thinks it’s going to be Duran’s brother, Matanza. His indication came when Duran revealed the key he wears around his neck.

Just as they’re conversing amongst themselves, Atout is informed that Holliday is getting a future World Heavyweight Title shot. Hammerstone and Holliday plot out their future match. Holliday teases winning the title over his fellow Dynasty brother. Hammerstone says Duran can pit them against each other at any time, but it won’t change the fact that they’re as solid as they can be walking into next week’s bout.

– They air a vignette showcasing the long and storied rivalry between Contra Unit and Hammerstone. Their two-year story will draw to a close next week!

That concludes this week’s episode of Fusion: Alpha.

MLW Fusion Alpha #8 Results (11/10)
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