WWE SmackDown Results (11/26) Greensboro, NC

Matches And Segment Announced For SmackDown

WWE SmackDown Results (11/26) – We are live from the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, NC, as Kayla Braxton welcomes us to the show from the middle of the ring. She says that rumors continue to heat up that Brock Lesnar’s suspension…

Roman Reigns’ music plays and the Universal Champion along with Paul Heyman make their way to the ring. While Reigns walks to the ring, we see what happened last week when he faced Big E in the Main Event.

Kayls stands between Paul and Roman and is asked to hand Paul the mic.  

Paul asks about rumors about Brock Lesnar?  He asks if that is the best she’s got?  We don’t do rumors on the Island of Relevancy.  That’s your problem.  You parade around here like you are a journalist and have breaking news about Brock Lesnar when it is so personal to Roman and Paul.  You want the spotlight to talk about some rumors.

Paul tells the crowd not to boo Kayla.  You are not worthy to make judgment about anyone.  Paul points out that he is defending Kayla.  He tells Kayla to get some sources and present facts.  He says he used to like her because people thought she was pretty.  Now you live through an Instagram filter and that is not how a legitimate journalist operates.  He thanks Kayla for her time and wishes her goodnight.

Reigns asks Heyman if he wants to know the problem with rumors. They give losers false hope, and compared to Reigns, everyone else around here is a loser because he’s beaten them all. Reigns says Lesnar is the #1 loser around here. The boos continue. Reigns says he beat Lesnar and the conditions weren’t even ideal, Reigns flew around the world and smashed his ass. Reigns repeats it – Lesnar is a loser and he doesn’t care about the rumors, that’s a fact. Reigns says Big E is also a loser because he got smashed at Survivor Series. Reigns says these fools are just a part of a long list he’s beaten. Reigns says it’s getting embarrassing because he’s running laps around the roster, and management is getting worried.

Reigns and Heyman bring up the Black Friday Invitational Battle Royal to determine his next challenger. Reigns says it doesn’t matter what kind of match they have, they can let 3 or 4 win tonight and it won’t matter because he will smash them all. He can do that because he’s the best of the best, the Universal Champion, The Head of The Table, our Tribal Chief, and the greatest of all-time, and when his days are done around here, which could be sooner than later, then the whole world… will acknowledge him. The music starts back up as Reigns raises his finger in the air.

– Cole and McAfee hype tonight’s Black Friday Invitational Battle Royal main event. They send us to the Progressive Match Flo replay for this week, showing last week’s Jeff Hardy vs. Madcap Moss match, which led to Hardy and Drew McIntyre vs. Moss and Happy Corbin on tonight’s show.

Jeff Hardy and Drew McIntyre vs. Madcap Moss and Happy Baron Corbin

We go back to the ring and out homes Jeff Hardy to pyro and a home state pop. Drew McIntyre is out next with his sword, Angela. Drew raises the sword in the air as pyro explodes. McIntyre marches to the ring and poses in the corner with the sword as the fire shoots up around the ring. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Happy Baron Corbin and Madcap Moss as Hardy and McIntyre stand tall together in the ring. The pyro hits before Moss and Corbin head to the ring together.

Corbin punches Hardy and sends him to the mat with a snap mare.  Corbin misses a splash into the corner and Hardy with a reverse atomic drop and leg drop followed by a drop kick.  Corbin with a knee and Moss tags in and connects with a knee and shoulder tackle.  Hardy with a hip toss for a near fall.  Drew tags in and they hit a double back elbow and Drew gets a near fall.  Drew with a chop and Moss with an Irish whip and Drew with a clothesline out of the corner.  Hardy tags in and goes to the turnbuckles for a screaming double sledge to the arm.  Hardy with an arm bar and he sends Moss to the floor.  Hardy drop kicks Moss off the apron and then he knocks Moss off the apron.  Hardy with a clothesline to Corbin off the apron.  Moss clotheslines Hardy over the ringside barrier.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Corbin with an Irish whip but he misses a charge into the corner and goes around the ring post on the floor.  Corbin knocks Drew off the apron and then Drew argues with the referee and Moss works over Hardy.  Moss tags in and Hardy with a kick and he goes for a Twist of Fate but Moss escapes.  Both men with clotheslines and both men are down.  Drew and Corbin tag in and Drew with clotheslines and a back elbow.  Drew with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and then Drew gives Moss a neck breaker.  Baron runs around the ring post and Drew hits a neck breaker when Corbin re-enters the ring.  Drew does the countdown and Moss distracts Drew and Corbin with Deep Six for a near fall.

Moss tags in and he punches Drew in the midsection.  Hardy makes the save for Drew and then Hardy kicks Corbin as he comes off the ropes.  Hardy is sent to the apron but Corbin is sent to the floor.  Drew with a head butt and Claymore.  Drew tags in Hardy and Jeff with a Swanton for the three count.

Winners:  Drew McIntyre and Jeff Hardy


Aliyah and Kayla are talking in the back and Paul Heyman walks by and Aliyah decides to leave so Kayla and Paul can talk. Paul aks if Kayla got any confirmations or denials on the rumors.  Paul says there are no rumors about Brock Lesnar.  He got himself intentionally suspended.  Brock fears Roman Reigns.  Do you think that is a rumor?  Call Brock Lesnar.  I don’t have his new phone number and neither do you.  Paul says if Kayla doesn’t get a confirmation or denial by the end of the night, she is gone.  Paul says that is what he is pushing for.  Or is that a rumor?

— We go back to the ring and out comes Ridge Holland with Sheamus as Mike Rome does the introductions. Holland comes out to Sheamus’ theme song. We see what happened last week to set this match up. Holland prepares to make his blue brand in-ring debut as Sheamus hypes him up. Back to commercial.

Cesaro vs. Ridge Holland

They lock up and Cesaro blocks a punch from Holland and Cesaro with a punch.  Cesaro with an Irish whip and European uppercut into the corner.  Cesaro goes for punches on the turnbuckles but Sheamus distracts Cesaro and Holland sends Cesaro to the mat.  Holland with a dive at the knee and then he hits a back body drop and short arm clothesline.  Holland with a chin lock.  Cesaro with a forearm.  Holland with a head butt and then he traps the arms and hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall.  Holland with a forearm to the chest.  Cesaro with an elbow but Holland with an Irish whip and a tilt-a-whirl side slam.  Holland with a knee drop to the head.

Holland pie faces Cesaro and Cesaro with a rollup for the three count.

Winner:  Cesaro

After the match, Sheamus gets on the apron as Cesaro leaves the ring.

— Drew McIntyre is in an office with Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce now. Drew wants to be in the Black Friday Invitational Battle Royal but Deville says they don’t have the final list of participants yet, and when they do they will let him know.

Thanksgiving Leftovers Throwdown Match: Rick Boogs vs. Angel Garza

We go back to the ring and out comes Rick Boogs with his guitar. He does a grand introduction for himself and then WWE Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura. They head to the ring together for what Cole and McAfee call a Thanksgiving Leftovers Throwdown match. Back to commercial.

Garza throws his pants at Boogs as the bell rings and he punches Boogs.  They go to the floor and Garza tries to send Boogs into some of the leftovers.  Boogs presses Garza over his head but Garza gets to the apron and he kicks Boogs.  Garza with a flying boot and he applies a straitjacket choke.  Garza returns to the straitjacket choke but Boogs with a snap mare and Boogs spins around and tosses Garza down.  Boogs with a gutwrench toss.  Garza has a kick blocked and Boogs with a series of gutwrenches and a power bomb for a near fall.  Boogs with an abdominal stretch and Carrillo plays some guitar and he is better than Boogs.  Boogs yells at Carrillo and Nakamura with a sweep to the leg and Carrillo goes through the table.

Garza with a super kick and Wing Clipper for the three count.

Winner:  Angel Garza

— We take a look back at the Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch match from Survivor Series.

– We go back to the ring and out comes SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair to a mixed reaction from her home state. Flair stops on the ramp and poses as the pyro explodes above. The graphic bills this as a “Flair for the Dramatic” segment. Flair enters the ring as Cole says he’s going to interview her in the ring. We go to commercial as the referee opens the ropes for Flair to enter.


Adam Pearce is walking in the bck and Kayla Braxton ambushes him to ask about the participants in the battle royal.  He says once he gets the final confirmation, he will post it outside his office.  Kayla asks about the rumors surrounding Brock Lesnar.  We have a video package to remind us what Brock did to Adam. Adam says he hasn’t heard any changes to Brock’s suspension but stranger things have happened.  Think about everything that Brock did, Brock is a menace.  Adam says he would be shocked if that list was lifted any time soon.

In the Arena:

Michael Cole is in the ring with Charlotte Flair.

Cole asks if Charlotte is disappointed about her loss.  Charlotte says she is only disappointed about the horrible officiating.  Everyone saw it.  Becky won by blatantly cheating.  Congratulations to Becky, she won the way I thought she would.  Becky got lucky.  That match proved that Becky is everything she said about her.  Becky knows that Charlotte is the better woman.  Cole asks what is next for Charlotte.  Charlotte says she is still the most dominant woman in sports entertainment.

Toni Storm makes her way to the ring.

Toni says she didn’t realize how well she predicted.  You were obsessed with Becky and you lost.  Now you are going ot come after me because I was willing to go after the high and mighty Charlotte Flair.  Toni says she figures she would make it easy so she is right here.

Charlotte says she barely knows that Toni exists.  There is a reason why I wipe my boots before I walk into the ring.  There are levels and I am on a different level.  How would you like me to embarrass you tonight by beating you to a pulp or would you rather me do it like this?  

Flair charges but Storm ducks and sends her to the floor. Flair ends up grabbing a pie from the same dinner table that was out in the previous match, then smashing it all over Storm. Flair taunts Storm, who is seething now. Flair hits Storm with another pie and mocks her now. The music starts back up as Flair makes her exit. Storm seethes at ringside and wipes some of the cream from her hair.

— We take a look back at the Women’s Elimination Match at Survivor Series.


We see footage from earlier today of Banks confronting Sonya Deville backstage. Banks says she was Team Captain at Survivor Series, but Deville put her on a team with a bunch of flakes and traitors. Banks goes on and blames Deville for the loss, saying she should’ve been allowed to pick her own team. Banks goes on but Deville tells her to watch her tone in talking to her, and says Banks can’t just re-write history, Banks loss and the loss is on her because she was captain. Deville also says she has no issue with Naomi. Banks says she’s lying, then goes on wondering if Deville is jealous of Naomi for various reasons, such as popularity and Deville being downgraded to a suit. Deville says maybe that makes her a… boss. Banks smirks. Deville books Banks and Naomi vs. Natalya and Shayna Baszler for tonight. Deville walks off.

— We go back to the ring and out comes Naomi for the next match. Sonya Deville is already at the announce table with Cole and McAfee. Naomi wraps up her entrance as we go back to commercial.

Naomi and Sasha Banks vs. Natalya and Shayna Baszler

Back from the break and we get another new comic-style vignette for the Xia Li gimmick change. Li still remembers the deep breath of a bully that was picking on her older brother at school. Her pacifist, kind brother who was too good for the bully. She hates vultures, their confidence grows like mold on dirty dishes. If you let it, it will suffocate your spirit. The comic shows Li taking care of the bully. She hates vultures. We see the real Li standing backstage in her new attire now. She is Xia Li, the protector, defender of those who are wronged. Li says defends people, she finds them. Li is “coming soon” to SmackDown. We go back to the ring and Sasha Banks comes out. Natalya and Shayna Baszler are already in the ring. Banks confronts Baszler and they have words as fans cheer. Baszler slaps Banks but she slaps back harder.

Banks and Baszler go at it following the slaps. They tangle and Baszler blocks a takedown, going for an ankle lock after Banks fights from the mat. Baszler counters and gets the Kirifuda Clutch locked but Banks backs her into the corner. Naomi tags in and ends up rolling Baszler for a 2 count. Baszler blocks another attempt and grounds her by her arm now, with a boot on the head. Baszler continues to work on the arm, backing Naomi into the corner. Natalya tags in and takes Naomi down in the middle of the ring.

Naomi with a leg scissors as she gets out. They both kip up and face off as fans pop. They trade offense and Naomi gets the upperhand, nailing a dropkick. Naomi rocks Baszler on the apron now after Natalya ends up on the floor. Naomi slides out but Natalya counters and slams her onto the floor. Baszler tags in and levels Naomi with a knee to the face to keep her down in front of the announcers. Baszler brings it back in and goes for the Kirifuda Clutch. Banks runs over, ducks and drops Natalya at ringside, then runs in and takes Baszler out to save Naomi. Banks runs back out of the ring and rallies for Naomi from ringside as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Naomi slams Natalya to finally get an opening. Baszler tags in and knocks Banks off the apron as Naomi crawls to her for a tag. Fans boo as Baszler pounds on Naomi in the middle of the ring. Baszler keeps Naomi down and stomps on her leg. Natalya tags back in for a quick double team. Naomi kicks out at 2. Fans rally for Naomi but Natalya puts her back down on the mat. Baszler tags in for another double team as Banks looks on. Naomi kicks out at 2 as Baszler covers.

Baszler works on Naomi’s leg some more, wasting time with trash talking. Natalya and Baszler with more tags. Baszler approaches but Naomi takes her down face-first. Naomi drops Baszler again for a pop as Banks reaches and rallies on the apron. Banks goes to tag but Baszler pulls her to the floor. Banks and Baszler go at it. Naomi is close to another tag but Baszler drops her at ringside once again. Banks fights back and sends Baszler into the barrier, then nails the Meteora.

Natalya and Naomi trade pin attempts in the ring. Natalya with a big discus clothesline for a 2 count. Natalya with a Michinoku Driver for a close 2 count. Natalya seethes now but Naomi fights back from the apron. Naomi rolls into a sunset flip for the pin to win.

Winners: Naomi and Sasha Banks

After the match, Naomi stands tall as her music hits. Banks joins her and they celebrate. Naomi taunts Deville from the ring and then goes to face off with her at the announce table. Deville applauds her and tells her that was a good job. Naomi stares her down and walks away.


We see Superstars backstage checking a paper to see if their name is on the list for the Black Friday Invitational Battle Royal. Sheamus tells Drew McIntyre he will see him out there. Sheamus also says there’s no good way of saying this but… he didn’t make the call. Sheamus laughs at Drew and walks off as the announcers wonder if Drew could really be left out of the match.

— We go back to the ring for tonight’s main event, the Black Friday Invitational Battle Royal, as Sami Zayn makes his way out first. The winner of this match will be the new #1 contender to WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Out next are The Viking Raiders – Erik and Ivar. We go to commercial.

Black Friday Invitational Battle Royal: Sami Zayn, Erik, Ivar, Angel, Humberto, MACE, Mansoor, Cesaro, Ricochet, Drew Gulak, Rick Boogs, Jinder Mahal, Shanky, Madcap Moss, Happy Baron Corbin, Jeff Hardy, Ridge Holland, Sheamus

Back from the break and we get a RAW Rebound video from Monday’s show.

Back in the ring and Ricochet is out as the other Superstars look on from the ring. Rome does the match intro and the bell hits but the music interrupts and out comes Drew McIntyre. Drew rushes the ring with his sword, Angela, but the other Superstars retreat as he rushes in swinging the sword. Drew asks who’s going to come in and do something. Adam Pearce comes down and yells from ringside, asking Drew what he’s doing out here with the sword. Drew and Pearce yell at each other while the other Superstars wait at ringside. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and the match begins as everyone goes at it. Cole says McIntyre left to the back during the break. Sheamus works on Rick Boogs now while MACE works on Erik in the corner. We see The Bloodline watching from the back, and Pearce watching from ringside. It looks like Jinder Mahal may have been eliminated. Sheamus and Ridge Holland double team Cesaro. Cesaro hangs on while Drew Gulak works on Sami Zayn now. Sami eliminates Gulak with a Helluva Kick.

Cesaro works on Zayn now. Mansoor works on Sheamus. Madcap Moss works on Jeff Hardy. Holland and Sheamus toss Mansoor but he hangs on. Sheamus and Holland then eliminate Mansoor. T-BAR works on Ivar. Erik works on Shanky it appears. MACE tries to dump Moss but he hangs on. Moss eliminates Mace. Sheamus stands on Hardy. Shanky beats Moss down now. Sheamus saves Holland from Ivar. Moss eliminates Shanky. Cesaro interrupts Moss’ celebration but he hangs on. Holland and Sheamus try to dump Sheamus. Boogs stomps on Moss. Cesaro eliminates Holland. Moss eliminates Cesaro.

Happy Baron Corbin and Moss celebrate now. Moss almost dumped Corbin but he was just joking. Ricochet works on Ivar now. Corbin changes his mind and eliminates Moss. Moss laughs it up with Corbin after the elimination. Ricochet attacks Sheamus while Corbin laughs with Moss some more and we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and the Battle Royal is going on. Kayla Braxton is waiting at ringside so she can interview the winner. We also see The Bloodline (WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos, Paul Heyman) watching backstage again. Corbin and The Viking Raiders work on Ricochet while Angel and Humberto double team Boogs in the corner. Sami tries to talk Sheamus into double teaming Hardy with him. Sheamus kicks Sami and beats him down in the corner.

Corbin works on Ricochet. Erik and Ivar try to help Corbin dump Ricochet but he hangs on. Sheamus almost dumps Sami but he hangs on. Boogs fights off Angel and Humberto. Angel eliminates Boogs. Los Lotharios double team Erik but Ivar makes he save. Ivar eliminates Angel. Erik and Ivar eliminate Humberto, tossing him onto Angel. Sami gets double teamed by The Viking Raiders now.

Sami falls through the middle ropes to the floor, so he’s still in it. The Vikings double team Ricochet until Sheamus attacks them. Sheamus also gets double teamed. Sheamus avoids an elimination, then clotheslines Erik for an elimination. Sheamus then back-drops Ivar and he’s also eliminated.

It’s down to Sheamus, Corbin, Hardy and Ricochet. Sheamus and Ricochet trade offense as fans cheer them on. Ricochet kicks Hardy away and dropkicks him in the corner. Corbin decks Ricochet as he turns around. Corbin and Ricochet trade strikes. Corbin chokeslams Ricochet into his knee. Sheamus watches from the corner and Hardy is still flat on his back. Ricochet springboards in from the apron and nails a missile dropkick to Corbin. Sheamus levels Ricochet with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus eliminates Ricochet.

Sheamus stands tall as some fans boo. He goes to work on Corbin but Corbin fights back as Hardy watches from the mat. Sheamus dumps Corbin over the top but he hangs on. Sheamus with knee strikes but Corbin elbows him and comes back in. Hardy decks Sheamus, then Corbin. Hardy takes turns on both opponents. The home state crowd chants chant “Hardy!” but Sheamus runs over him. Hardy goes on and nails a Whisper In the Wind to Sheamus. Corbin goes to toss Hardy but they tangle into the ropes. Hardy with a Twist of Fate. Sheamus stomps on Hardy now.

Sheamus tells Corbin to help him eliminate Hardy. They go for the double team as fans rally for Hardy. Hardy hangs on as fans boo the heels. Corbin turns on Sheamus and eliminates him. Hardy comes right back and knocks Corbin over the top rope for the pin and the future title shot. Hardy begins to celebrate the win but we forgot about Zayn. Hardy is announced the winner and he goes to the corner to pose for the fans but here comes Sami to eliminate him for the victory.

Winner and New #1 Contender to WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns: Sami Zayn

After the match, Sami begins celebrating as the music hits. We see The Bloodline backstage watching again. Kayla comes in to interview and congratulate Sami but before he can speak, she has someone passing along breaking news in her ear. Kayla announces that Brock Lesnar’s suspension has been lifted, and he will be live on next week’s SmackDown from the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Sami is upset because his interview is interrupted and Kayla’s ignoring him. The Bloodline is shown backstage again as Kayla announces Lesnar’s return. Fans chant “we want Brock!” now. Reigns seethes at Lesnar’s return while a stunned Heyman looks at him. The post-Survivor Series edition of SmackDown goes off the air.

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