AEW Dynamite Results (11/17) Norfolk, VA

AEW Dynamite Results (11/17) Norfolk

AEW Dynamite Results (11/17) Norfolk, VA – This week’s show begins backstage, where we see Kenny Omega, Adam Cole and The Young Bucks talking. Omega then asks them to hold things down while he deals with some stuff.

National Cowboy Sh*t Day Celebration With Hangman Page

Now we head back inside the venue and we see The Dark Order members in the ring. They announce that it”s “National Cowboy Sh*t Day” and then introduce the new AEW World Champion Adam “Hangman” Page.

Page’s music hits and out he comes as the crowd goes wild. He settles in the ring after flashing his newly acquired AEW Title and then his music cuts off.

The fans show love to the champ and then the crowd breaks out in a chant, which Page says he hasn’t earned. This prompts the Norfolk fans to break out in a “You earned it!” chant. Page talks about being in the position to do whatever he wants, but notes he is still just a man with a job and a boss.

“Hangman” says his boss is the fans. He says if his boss will allow it, he would like to stay in this ring and celebrate “National Cowboy Sh*t Day” with everyone. The fans break out in a loud “Cowboy Sh*t” chant.

From there, he goes on to bring up the new number one contender and his next challenger for the AEW Championship. After mentioning Bryan Danielson by name, the theme for the “American Dragon” hits.

Danielson makes his way down to the ring to a nice pop from the crowd and then settles inside the squared circle with a microphone. His music dies down and he says he’s here for one reason — to congratulate Page on capturing the AEW title.

He says he was hoping when he won the tournament that earned him the next shot at the AEW title, he would be standing across from Kenny Omega. Page points out that it’s not Omega, and even mentions how he beat him inside 30 minutes to win the title.

The conversation continues to get more tense and then they close in on each other and go face to face. Danielson asks the fans if they want to see this match tonight. The fans explode. Danielson says normally he would be up for it, and points out that he’s in his gear and ready.

He then points out Page is wearing cowboy boots and jeans, as well as “some kind of horrible leather jacket.” He says he doesn’t want to beat him for the title and give him the ready-made excuse that he was not prepared for the defense in the first place.

Page goes on to respond, saying he guesses they won’t have the match tonight. He points out that Virginia might be for lovers, but vows he’ll still fight. He gets nose-to-nose with Danielson and pushes his head back. This leads to a pull apart, with The Dark Order members trying to keep these two apart.

Danielson mentions how Page’s friends are stopping them, saying it’s intentional because Hangman doesn’t really want to fight right now. He says they know he’d kick his ass so that’s why they won’t let him go. On that note, they do let him go and they brawl again before Dark Order breaks them up.

The crowd chants “Let them fight!” as Excalibur talks us into a commercial break, noting Danielson vs. Evil Uno from The Dark Order will be up on the other side of the break.

Bryan Danielson vs. Evil Uno

The two go right at it, with Uno using his size and strength advantage to out-muscle his smaller opposition. He shoulder tackles Danielson down to the mat and then continues to go to work on him. The two have a brief stand-off and Danielson ends up slapping Uno in the face.

Danielson capitalizes on the momentum shift after the slap and now he lights the crowd on fire with repeated kicks as the fans chant “Yes!” when each shot lands. Uno starts to fight back into competitive form, hitting a big neckbreaker to slow down Danielson’s momentum.

Now we hear fans chanting “Uno! Uno!” as he goes to work on Danielson with big kicks and chops. Danielson hits a tornado forearm that decks Uno. He stalks him in the corner of the ring and then unloads with chops and slaps.

He then backs up and raises his hands as fans start to boo a bit. He charges across the ring and hits a big drop kick. He backs up and charges at him again. He heads to the top-rope and connects with a high spot. He then hits his running knee to the grill and says that’s not it. He grabs Uno’s hands and stomps away it. He locks in a submission and Uno taps.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

Once the match wraps up, Danielson gets on the mic after Tony Schiavone asks him about things with he and Uno getting intense during the match. He says he came out to congratulate Hangman Page on winning the title and ended up kicking someones head in.

He mentions wanting to beat down everyone in The Dark Order and then extends a challenge to Colt Cabana for a showdown in Chicago next week. He raises his hands as his music hits again and the fans boo. He walks off.

MJF Addresses Knee Issues, Darby Allin Match At Full Gear

Now the commentary team shoot things to a post-match promo from MJF after his bout with Darby Allin at the AEW Full Gear pay-per-view. He talks about his knee being messed up and not understanding what’s going on with it, but claims it doesn’t matter. He brags about beating Darby with a head lock takeover and then teases who his next victim will be. He closes with his catchphrase and we head to another commercial break.

Eddie Kingston Is Ready To Fight Team 2point0, Daniel Garcia

When we return from the break, we see highlights of the bloody battle between CM Punk and Eddie Kingston from the Full Gear PPV, as well as Kingston refusing to shake Punk’s hand after the bout.

We shoot backstage and Tony Schiavone is standing by with “The Mad King” himself. He brings up the match but before he can say anything, up walks Team 2point0 and Daniel Garcia. They brag about doing better against Punk than he did.

Kingston gets in their faces and says he knows where they’re from but he doesn’t respect them. He pie-faces them and says he’s gonna fight them. He turns to Schiavone and says he’s done. He complains about not getting to cut one promo without being interrupted. He heads off and says he’s going to catering.

The Butcher & The Blade vs. Orange Cassidy & Tomohiro Ishii

Ishii and Blade trade shots and then the action officially gets underway. Ishii does well early on and then tags in Cassidy. The “Freshly Squeezed” one gets out his trademark sunglasses and puts them on before hitting a dive from the ring to the floor.

From there, things start going downhill for Cassidy, as The Butcher and The Blade start to shift the momentum in their favor. As they take turns beating down Cassidy, we head to a mid-match commercial break. As we settle back in from the break, we see Blade still working over Cassidy.

This doesn’t last long, however, as Cassidy ends up buying himself some time and then he makes the tag to Ishii. Ishii comes in and uses his explosive power to deck Blade with a big shoulder tackle. He backs Blade into a corner and chops the hell out of him. He then hits a nice back-drop suplex for a near fall.

The Butcher ends up tagging in and the fans in Norfolk pop simply at the sight of these two big dogs as they stare each other down before engaging. Now they trade shots and we see The Butcher end up getting the better of things, which the commentators point out is the first time we’ve seen Ishii getting out-struck.

We see Butcher continue to beat down Ishii in the corner but then out of nowhere, the NJPW veteran starts no-selling the shots. He backs Butcher up and then takes him to the top-rope, where he connects with a big super-plex. He goes for the follow-up pin attempt but Blade hits the ring to break it up.

Ishii tags Cassidy in after decking Blade. The two turn and see Butcher and Blade waiting for them. They hit a double-team shot and then we see a stun-dog millionaire spot out of nowhere. Cassidy follows up with a tornado DDT on Blade. He goes for the pin but only gets two. He takes his elbow pad off and signals for his Orange Punch finisher.

He goes to connect with it but Butcher and Blade cut him off and hit their double-team finisher on him. They go for the cover, but Ishii hits the ring just in time to break it up before the count of three. He drags Cassidy to their own corner and tags himself in. He enters the ring and starts handling Butcher and Blade by himself.

He knocks Blade out of the ring and then backs Butcher into a corner and goes to work on him. Matt Hardy hops on the apron on one side of the ring while The Bunny does the same on the other side. This distracts the ref. Ishii hits a German suplex on Butcher but then turns around to a waiting Blade, who has brass knucks on.

They end up yanking Blade out of the ring before he can use them. Cassidy hits a top-rope splash to take everyone out on the floor and then inside the ring Ishii hits his brainbuster finisher for the pin fall victory.

Winners: Orange Cassidy & Tomohiro Ishii

Andrade El Idolo, FTR & Tully Blanchard React To Full Gear

We shoot backstage to Tony Schiavone who is standing by with FTR, Andrade El Idolo and Jose The Assistant. He asks Andrade something and Andrade shoves his assistant.

He then talks about proving to be better than Cody Rhodes and PAC. FTR then bring up PAC and Cody getting in their business and then make a challenge for a big multiple-person match.

Tully Blanchard then chimes in and delivers a message to Arn Anderson, warning him that he’s not an old man and that “he’s got one more in him.” After this, we head to another commercial break.

Tay Conti Addresses Loss At Full Gear

When we return from the break, the commentators set up a video package that shows some of the action in the AEW Women’s Championship match between Dr. Britt Baker and Tay Conti from Saturday’s Full Gear pay-per-view.

The package features Conti addressing her loss and vowing that the next time they meet, she will be leaving the ring with the title.

Britt Baker Predicts Jamie Hayter To Win TBS Women’s Title

Now we return live backstage where Tony Schiavone is standing by with the AEW Women’s Champion and her cronies. We see Baker talk about winning at Full Gear and then puts Jamie Hayter over as the future TBS Women’s Champion. She mentions Thunder Rosa as a name that should not be mentioned.

TBS Women’s Championship Tournament
Nyla Rose vs. Hikaru Shida

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with the latest action in the ongoing TBS Women’s title tourney. We see Shida try and finish this one quickly, as she charges at Rose but is decked. Rosa uses her size and strength to dominate the action early on, and then we see Shida start to use her speed and ring savvy to shift the momentum in her favor.

As Shida gains the offensive upper-hand, we see Rose roll out of the ring to regroup. Shida eventually chases out after her, but Rose slides right back into the ring. The commentators point out Vickie Guerrero is a factor at ringside. Shida tries sliding quickly into the ring but Rose stomps her and then chokes her with her boot in the corner.

She picks Shida up and slams her face-first into the turnbuckle in the corner before spearing her in the mid-section repeatedly and blasting her with a European uppercut. Rose gets arrogant in her offensive attacks now, slowly moving around the ring before distracting the referee so that Vickie can sneak in some cheap shots from ringside. Rose picks Shida up and slams her knee-first into the corner.

Shida drops and rolls out to the floor as the fans try to rally behind her while also breaking out into some negative chants aimed at Vickie Guerrero. As Rose comes out to add insult to injury to a beaten down Shida, we see Shida show signs of life. She decks Rose and then pulls a chair out from under the ring. She unfolds the chair and sets it up but ends up getting knocked down by Rose.

Rose sets Shida in the chair and hops on the ring apron. She runs and flips but Shida moves and Rose crashes hard onto the chair, which is now a bent mess of twisted metal. As Shida rolls Rose into the ring to presumably finish her off, we see Vickie try and get involved again with a kendo stick. Shida gets the stick and beats Vickie down with it.

She then climbs to the top-rope but just as Rose was recovering. Rose press-slams her off the top as Excalibur talks us into a mid-match commercial break as the action continues in this tournament bout. When we return from the break, we see Shida in control. She’s on the floor at ringside and out of the blue, Serena Deeb, who is once again sitting in the front row during a Shida match, hops the barricade.

Deeb takes Shida out and then returns to her seat as Rose works Shida over in the ring and tries finishing her off, only for Shida to kick out at the count of two-and-a-half. Rose goes for the Beast Bomb finisher but Shida counters and ends up locking in a triangle choke / armbar combo submission on the mat. The two roll and Shida ends up keeping the hold applied in the center of the ring.

Rose stacks up and then hoists Shida up while still in the hold. She hits her power bomb and then goes for a senton splash only for Shida to get her knees up. Rose goes to the top-rope and attempts another senton but this time Shida rolls out of the way. She goes for the Katana kick but Rose catches it and gets her in a standing stretch-muffler submission. Shida taps out. Rose wins and advances in the tourney.

Winner and ADVANCING in the TBS Women’s Championship Tournament: Nyla Rose

Malakai Black With A Message For Cody Rhodes & Others

We shoot to a message from Malakai Black. He talks about the definition of the word “nightmare” as he describes what he thinks is going to happen when he is in the ring for the big multiple-person match made earlier in the night. We see footage of his attacks and wins over Cody Rhodes since coming to AEW as he continues to hype next week’s match.

MJF Talks AEW Title Shot, Gets Confronted By CM Punk

The familiar sounds of MJF’s theme hits and out comes the leader of The Pinnacle, along with other members of the group such as Wardlow and Shawn Spears. He gets in the ring and demands his music be cut off.

He says he cannot without explaining what he’s talking about and then he passes the mic off to Spears. “The Chairman of AEW” demands the fans quiet down and show MJF respect. MJF gets back on the mic and mentions having something to say even though he feels it’s going to go over everyone’s head.

Friedman goes on to complain about how he should be in line for the next shot at AEW World Champion “Hangman” Adam Page, who he takes a crack at. He says the rankings aren’t set up properly and claims everyone knows he’s deserving of the next shot. He claims no one in the locker room is on his level.

Before he can say anything else, the theme for CM Punk hits. “Cult of Personality” plays as ‘The Best in the World’ makes his way out of the entrance tunnel. The fans sing along with his theme as he makes his way down to the ring.

Punk stands outside of the ring and crosses his arms while simply staring at MJF in the ring. He finally enters the ring and his music cuts off. He crosses his arms and stares at MJF again. The fans chant “Holy sh*t” before anything even happens. MJF then gets back on the mic and tries to talk but the fans drown him out with a loud “Shut the f*ck up!” chant.

MJF addresses the chants and then formally introduces himself to Punk while extending his hand for a handshake. Punk stares at the hand and then looks back up at MJF before disrespectfully turning his back on him and walking off and heading to the back without saying a single word. He stops briefly to turn and laugh at MJF before finishing his way back to the backstage area.

The Gunn Club Confronts Darby Allin

Excalibur sends us backstage to Tony Schiavone, who is standing by with “one of the four pillars of AEW,” Darby Allin. Schiavone brings up his loss to MJF at Full Gear. Darby declares MJF did not beat him mentally. He says he doesn’t want to take any time off and that he wants the biggest and baddest competition that AEW has to offer.

Up walks The Gunn Club and Billy Gunn says he is the biggest and baddest so he’s next. The sons of Billy Gunn mock Darby, telling him to bring his skateboard and then mocking him for liking to cuddle. Darby says to himself, “Screw it, let’s do it” as we head to another commercial break.

Adam Cole To Reunite With Bobby Fish For Big Upcoming Rampage Match

As we settle back in from the break, we see The Super Kliq standing backstage. They tell Brandon Cutler to be quiet this time and then we hear Adam Cole addressing their loss to Christian Cage and Jurassic Express at Full Gear. The Young Bucks then talk about how their kids were watching the PPV. Cole then announces on Rampage it will be himself and Bobby Fish against Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus. Fish walks up and talks about being ready to help Cole put an end to Jurassic Express once and for all.

Dante Martin & Lio Rush vs. The Acclaimed

We return inside the venue and out comes the team of Dante Martin and Lio Rush. The duo settle into the ring and their music dies down as we await our next match of the evening, which will be contested in the tag-team division.

Out comes their opponents for tonight, The Acclaimed. Max Caster freestyle raps as they head to the ring and then Anthony Bowens gets in a quick comment before Martin and Rush both run and dive onto them on the floor to get this one off with a bang.

Back in the ring, Martin works over Bowens as the bell sounds to officially start the match. Martin tags in Rush and the two hit a nice double-team sequence that culminates with Rush going for the cover. Bowens kicks out.

Rush tags Martin back in and he picks up where Rush left off until finally, Bowens gets some much-needed help from Caster. The two double-team and beat down Martin before dumping him to the floor at ringside. They head out after him and deliver more punishment before rolling Martin back into the ring to continue to work him over.

The commentators bring up Sammy Guevara defending his TNT title against the debuting Jay Lethal later in the show as we see Caster dominate the action, beating down Martin and then tagging in Bowens once again. Bowens picks up where Caster left off as the fans try and rally behind Martin.

Martin starts to fire back with some shots of his own, but Bowens gets the better of the exchange and then tags in Caster. Caster gets in some shots before Martin tries pushing him to his corner of the ring for the much-needed tag. Instead, Caster hits a neckbreaker and goes for the cover. Martin kicks out at two. Caster stomps away at him as we head to a mid-match commercial break as this match continues.

When we return from the break, we see both members of The Acclaimed double-teaming Martin until Martin drops them both and then walks off their backs to get to his corner to make the tag to Rush. Rush takes the hot tag and hits the ring like a man possessed, hitting any-and-everything that moves. He knocks Caster to the floor and then drops Bowens with an axe-kick behind the head for a close near fall.

Rush yells to try and help Martin recover. Martin gets involved and helps Rush deal with both members of The Acclaimed. They take out one member and then focus on the other. Martin hits a huge drop kick that knocks down the last man standing for The Acclaimed. The crowd pops as the camera shows all four men down and out in different spots inside and outside of the ring.

The fans break out into a loud “AEW! AEW!” chant as Rush directs Martin to get back to the apron so he can make the tag. He goes to do exactly that but Bowens picks up Rush and slams him. He then makes his own tag and in comes Caster running across the ring to knock Martin down so that he is no longer a factor for a tag. He then focuses his attack on Rush and ends up hitting his Mic Drop finisher.

He goes for the cover but Martin breaks it up just before the count of three. Bowens tags back in and works over Martin on the ring apron. Martin hits his double jump moonsault. This sets Bowens up for Lio Rush, who comes flying off the top-rope with a frog splash for the pin fall victory.

Winners: Lio Rush & Dante Martin

Team Taz Extends Another Offer To Dante Martin

Once the match wraps up, we hear the familiar sounds of Team Taz’s theme. Out comes Taz, Ricky Starks, Powerhouse Hobbs and Hook. Taz talks about Lio Rush’s grandma passing away and wishes him well. He then brings up his offer to Dante Martin to join Team Taz in Rush’s absence.

He asks what Rush’s issue is with the offer, noting he is a businessman just like they are. Ricky Starks then hops on the mic and makes one final pitch to Martin to accept the invitation to join Team Taz. He lets him think about it as Team Taz walks off.

Jurassic Express & Christian Cage Respond To The Super Kliq’s Challenge

We shoot backstage and we see Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus) standing by with Christian Cage. Cage talks about The Super Kliq mentioning their loss at Full Gear as they’re most embarrassing moment. Jungle Boy then talks about shaving his scruff off but still being ready to get his hands dirty. He vows to finish off The Super Kliq at Friday’s Rampage.

Jade Cargill With A Message For Thunder Rosa

We shoot backstage to Jade Cargill, who is standing by with Mark Sterling. She talks about Thunder Rosa a bit and then brings up their upcoming match in the ongoing TBS Women’s Championship tournament. She vows to end Velvet on Friday.

From there, the commentators run down some action scheduled for next week’s Dynamite, as well as this Friday night’s Rampage show. We then head to another commercial break before our advertised TNT Championship main event of the evening.

The Lucha Bros Respond To FTR & Andrade El Idolo

We return from the commercial break and we see the AEW Tag-Team Champions standing by with Alex Abrahantes. They go on to address the challenge extended to them earlier in the show by FTR and Andrade El Idolo. They vow to take them out the next time they meet inside the ring.

TNT Championship
Jay Lethal vs. Sammy Guevara (C)

The camera shows “The Premier Athlete” Tony Nese sitting in the crowd. The commentators bring up the fact that Nese has been in the crowd for multiple Guevara matches now, noting he likely has designs on the TNT title when he finally enters the squared circle in AEW.

The referee holds the TNT title up to show these two what they are competing for. The commentators point out that Guevara’s ribs are still taped up. The bell sounds and we’re finally ready to roll with our final match of the evening.

Finally these two get after it, and we see a bunch of holds and reversals and shifts in momentum, with neither guy establishing any real offensive control. The fans are super into the action, making a ton of noise and breaking out in a loud “This is wrestling!” chant as Lethal and Guevara re-engage.

Lethal gets Guevara down and goes for the cover, but the TNT champ kicks out to keep this one alive. Lethal hits a big backbreaker and then goes for the cover on Guevara, again only getting a two-count for his efforts. Lethal pounds away at the taped up ribs of Guevara, as the commentators point out on the broadcast. He runs him into the ropes and then cuts him off with a knee to the injured ribs.

Now we hear a loud “let’s go Lethal!” and “let’s go Sammy!” dueling chant from the Norfolk crowd. Lethal goes for a big dive onto Guevara on the floor, but Sammy recovers and blasts Lethal as he was charging in his direction. Back in the ring, Guevara catches Lethal with a big running knee. He heads to the top-rope and goes for the shooting star press. Lethal gets the knees up as Guevara comes down into a painful landing.

On that note, Excalibur talks us into our final commercial break of the evening.

When we return from the break, we are informed that Guevara was hurt during the break. We see him clutching his taped up injured ribs as the ringside doctor checks on him. We are told by the commentators that the ringside doctor suggested that the bout be stopped. Guevara, however, refuses.

The TNT champ re-enters the ring and encourages Lethal to continue fighting, even though Lethal doesn’t seem to want to based on the doctors reccomendation. Guevara flips him off and pounds his own injured ribs and finally the action continues. Guevara shifts the momentum in his favor and knocks Lethal out to the floor. He goes for a big dive spot but Lethal cuts him off and sends him to the floor.

Lethal goes to hit a tope suicida through the ropes, however Guevara caught him on the way out and connected with a brainbuster on the floor. Both guys are down and the fans break out in another “This is awesome!” chant. The two finally start duking it out on the floor again. Guevara hits a jumping knee to the face of Lethal that lays him out on top of the barricade.

Guevara heads to the top-rope on that note and goes for a big flipping splash onto Lethal, but Lethal moves and Guevara lands injured ribs-first on the top of the guardrail. Ouch. We see replays of this as Lethal rolls Guevara back into the ring and climbs to the top-rope himself. He goes for the flying elbow smash but misses and Guevara immediately tries covering him. Lethal kicks out. Lethal quickly picks up Guevara but Guevara counters Lethal’s attempted move and blasts him with a super kick.

We watch as Lethal hoists Guevara up backwards for a big modified flatliner. He goes for the cover but Guevara kicks out again. Lethal grabs the leg of Guevara and slaps him in the figure-four leg lock. Guevara tries to make it to the ropes to break the hold, however Lethal pulls him back to the middle of the ring while still in the hold. Guevara inches his way back to the ropes and finally grabs them, which forces the ref to break the hold.

“The Spanish God” finally escapes and goes back on the offensive. He hits back-to-back knees to the face of Lethal and then finally hoists him up and connects with his GTS finisher for the pin fall victory. With the win, Guevara beats Lethal in Lethal’s AEW in-ring debut to successfully defend his TNT Championship.

Winner and STILL TNT Champion: Sammy Guevara

After the match, The Inner Circle come down to the ring to celebrate with Sammy Guevara as this week’s post-Full Gear edition of Dynamite goes off the air. Thanks for joining us!

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