Impact Knockouts Knockdown Results

Impact Knockouts Knockdown Results

Impact Knockouts Knockdown Results – Before tonight’s competition begins, the entire roster is standing in and out of the ring, honoring Daffney with a 10 bell salute. A “Thank you, Daffney” chant echoes right after.

After they conclude this special tribute to Daffney, Mickie James and Veda Scott welcome fans to Knockouts Knockdown. They will be tonight’s commentators, while Melissa Santos returns as the main ring announcer.

We kick things off with the Knockouts Knockdown Tournament. The winner of this overall tournament will receive a future title shot for the Knockouts Championship. We hear from Lady Frost and Rachael Ellering ahead of their opening contest.

Opening-Round: Lady Frost vs. Rachael Ellering

The fans rally together with a “Knockouts Wrestling.” Neither woman has locked up yet before this chant rings out. Then, they lock up. Rachael Ellering sets Lady Frost in the corner. Ellering cleanly breaks it up. Both women exchange a fist bump. Ellering is back in charge again with another lock-up followed by a shoulder tackle. Ellering hooks Frost’s leg. Frost climbs out at two. Both women crash into each other in the center of the ring. Ellering, again, looks for a cover. Frost pops out at two.

Frost rolls through with a perfect wheelbarrow. Ellering flies out of the ring. She returns with a nice uppercut for two. Ellering connects three thunderous chops. Frost counters the fourth one with a flurry of offense. She looks for an arm drag, but Ellering is quicker and reverses it for another near-fall. Frost cartwheels out of the way and hits a low dropkick. Cover. Ellering kicks out. Frost is on a roll with two spears in the corner, followed by a handstand double knee maneuver! Cover. Ellering jumps out. Frost hits a standing moonsault for another near-fall. Ellering misses a pump kick but reverts with a well-planned lariat.

Ellering was an eyelash away from winning this whole thing after a spinning leg drop, but Frost freed herself out of the pin coverage at 2.9. Ellering eats a back kick. She sets herself up for a stack-up. Frost kicks out, then gets planted with a spinebuster. Another cover. Frost refuses to take the loss! Frost is expressing issues with her back. The referee asks for both of them to create some space. Seconds later, Frost flies off the top and almost had this thing in the bag. Ellering stops Frost from another top rope maneuver by hoisting her in the electric chair position. Frost gets slammed into the turnbuckles. Ellering seals this whole thing with a Boss Woman Slam for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Rachael Ellering

– Rachael Ellering will advance to the semifinals later tonight! Up next, we hear from Chelsea Green and Renee Michelle. They’re on deck!

Opening-Round: Chelsea Green vs. Renee Michelle

Both women tie up. Both women are holding on strong like two stubborn bulls. Once they hit the mat, they separate. They reset with fans divided in the audience on who they want. Green outsmarts Renee Michelle with a facebuster onto the canvas. Green continues full control with a side headlock takeover. Michelle reverses and falls back in line with another side headlock. Michelle pushes Green up towards the ropes. Green rocks her with a shoulder tackle.

Michelle throws Green’s arm first into the ring post. This is the same arm where Green’s wrist injury is. Michelle with a lateral press. Green kicks out. Michelle continues working on Green’s injured wrist. Michelle heads for another pin cover. Green fights out. Michelle tries to pull Green’s arm out of socket with a codebreaker of sorts. Michelle drives herself into Green with a low dropkick. Green stacks Michelle for a two. Green goes for two more pin attempts before changing the pace with a jumping enziguri. Cover. Michelle kicks out.

Green eats a massive spinning roundhouse kick. Michelle lands a cover. Green manages to grab the rope in time. Green fires back with a headbutt. She finishes this thing off with her Unprettier for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Chelsea Green

– Chelsea Green joins Rachael Ellering in the semis. Next, Mercedes Martinez and Brandi Lauren will battle it out for their spot.

Opening-Round: Brandi Lauren vs. Mercedes Martinez

Mercedes Martinez tries to end this thing early when she floors Brandi Lauren with a kick. Cover. Brandi kicks out. Martinez throws Brandi to the other side of the ring. Bradi sits up and flashes an eerie smile. She corners Martinez with a foot chokehold. Martinez escapes to the apron and slams another kick in Brandi’s direction. Martinez solidifies this thing with The O.G. Drop for the win.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez

– Mercedes Martinez will now face Rachael Ellering in the semifinals. Now, we conclude the last opening-round match with Jamie Senegal makes her first Impact appearance against Tasha Steelz!

Final Opening Round Match: Tasha Steelz vs. Jamie Senegal

Jamie Senegal pays homage to Daffney by wearing her favorite colors. Veda Scott and Mickie James discuss what an influence Daffney is on Senegal’s career. Both women trade side headlocks. Senegal sends Steelz for a ride with an arm drag. Next comes a dropkick. She slides out of the ring and eats a lighting fast kick from Steelz. Senegal recovers and clubs Steelz with a flurry of forearms. Steelz drags Senegal straight into the ring post before throwing her back into the ring. Steelz looks for a cover. Senegal pops free at two.

Steelz holds Senegal into a tight facelock. Both women rise to their feet, and Senegal escapes with an enziguri. She gets caught in the ropes, and Steelz begins to bend her in half. Once Senegal returns to the ring, Steelz is waiting, and she has a gift of stomps waiting for her. Steelz clocks Senegal with a jumping forearm and uppercut in the corner. Steelz pulls Senegal in the center to hit another devastating kick for a close near-fall. Then come the jabs. Senegal turns it around with a spinning side fist. She launches an arm drag next. Senegal floors Steelz with a Hosaka kick. Will this be enough? Not quite.

After a nice series of German Suplexes, Steelz counters Senegal with a big bulldog for 2.8. Steelz tries to send Senegal away with a cutter, but Senegal won’t back down from this yet! Steelz has Senegal hooked but turns it into a blackout crucifix bomb. 1-2-3, Steelz advances to the next round.

Winner: Tasha Steelz

– Tasha Steelz will meet Chelsea Green in the semifinals later tonight.

Backstage: Gia Miller is standing by with Knockouts legend Gail Kim. She is enjoying this event and looks forward to seeing how the semifinals play out!

Up next, the Knockouts and AAA Reina de Reinas Champion makes her way down to the ring for her scheduled match!

Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo (w/Matthew Rehwoldt) vs. Masha Slamovich

The match begins at a slower pace. Both women showcase their best catch as catch can maneuvers on the mat. Purrazzo starts to overpower Masha and sends her to the mat. Both women bridge out of a Greco-Roman style pinfall. Masha stays on top of the champ with some beautiful suplex variants. Purrazzo has to step out of the ring and take a breather. Masha flies on top of Matthew Rehwoldt with a nice rolling senton. Masha turns around, and Purrazzo decks her.

Back in the ring, Purrazzo hyperextends Masha’s elbow and decides to stomp down on it. Purrazzo lands a cover. Masha kicks out. Purrazzo turns Masha inside out with a lariat. But it still isn’t enough for her to pick up this victory. Masha stacks Purrazzo with a knife-edge pin. Purrazzo frees herself. Purrazzo traps Masha with a Koji Clutch. Luckily, Masha is in reach of the bottom rope and grasps it.IMPACT@IMPACTWRESTLINGBeautiful seamless transition into the Koji Clutch by @DeonnaPurrazzo. #KnockoutsKnockdown AM · Oct 10, 20215721

Masha knocks Purrazzo with a jumping knee strike, then another big boot. Cover. The Virtuosa wriggles out. Purrazzo sends Masha to the mat with a leg sweep. She floats over and applies her signature Fujiwara armbar. Masha escapes and looks for a piledriver. Purrazzo fights it. Purrazzo rolls Masha back onto the mat but can’t seem to lock in another armbar. Masha finds herself again locked into Purrazzo’s clutches. The Knockouts Champion holds her with the Venus de Milo (double arm Fujiwara armbar). Masha tries to hold on. She starts to fade and tells the ref she taps. Purrazzo reigns victorious.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo 

**The Semifinals of the Knockouts Knockdown Tournament Commences **

Semifinals: Mercedes Martinez vs. Rachael Ellering

Rachael Ellering sticks her hand out. Mercedes Martinez accepts it before the square up. Ellering drops Martinez to the mat and locks in a body scissors. Back on their feet, Ellering holds a standing armbar on Martinez. They trade beautiful arm drags. Martinez switches things up with a snapmare followed by a kick to the spin. Ellering regains the advantage with a leg sweep and then a head scissors takeover. Martinez rolls through and lands a wicked slap on Ellering.

Martinez connects two back-to-back butterfly suplexes. On the apron, Ellering looks for a low bicycle kick. Instead, Martinez charges her with a devastating spear. They head back into the ring, and Martinez looks for a cover. Ellering kicks out. Ellering traps Martinez in a small cradle. Martinez pops out. Ellering floors Martinez with a punt kick for two. On the ropes, Martinez grabs Ellering and drives her to the canvas with a perfect spinning neckbreaker! After a flurry of forearm smashes, Ellering evades a big boot. Ellering flies off the ropes with a springboard leg drop. Will this be enough? No! Martinez is out at 2.8.

Martinez lands another near-fall after a ferocious spinebuster. Ellering returns the favor, and just like a mirror image, another near-fall follows. Ellering plots. This time, she comes up with a Boss Woman Slam. 1-2, Martinez fights out of the pin. Martinez pulls off a guillotine choke on Ellering. Ellering is nowhere near the ropes. She decides to tap. Martinez is now heading to the finals!

Winner: Mercedes Martinez

Post-Match: Both women embrace with a hug.

Backstage: Chelsea Green is confident that she will be Mercedes Martinez’s competitor in the finals. She gears up for her fight with Tasha Steelz next!

Semifinals: Chelsea Green vs. Tasha Steelz

Dual chants rain out before women get things started. Tasha Steelz dodges a lockup and sets herself on the ropes. Now, they lock up. Steelz backs Green in the corner. The referee reminds her to break it up. Steelz taunts for a moment and proceeds to follow the ref’s orders. Steelz goes face-first towards the mat with a waist lock takedown. Both women go back and forth with sunset flip pins. Steelz, out of nowhere, sticks her hand out for a shake. The fans tell Green not to do it.

Back to the action, Green sends Steelz flying with double arm drags. Steelz heads after taking a massive dropkick. They play a little cat and mouse chase on the outside. Green soars through the ropes with a dive! She looks for another one, but Steelz stops her in her tracks. The momentum is back in Steelz’s favor. She lands a jumping knee strike that sends Green into the corner. Green stacks Steelz up twice. She kicks out every time. Both women had the same idea in mind when they crashed into each other with double headbutts.

On their feet, Green drops Steelz on her knee after hitting a neckbreaker. Steelz evades a leg stomp and turns it into a great cutter! Steelz sends Green down with her blackout crucifix bomb. Green fights out of the pin. Green finds space to hit an Unprettier, but it isn’t enough to win this thing. Steelz rolls Green through after Green comes off the top with a flying crossbody. Both women are on the ropes. Green was looking for an avalanche unprettier, but Steelz throws her off. Steelz jumps off with a frog splash, and that will be enough for her to meet Mercedes Martinez in the finals!

Winner: Tasha Steelz

Backstage: Mercedes Martinez sees the ending of Tasha Steelz/Chelsea Green’s match. She calls Steelz a little Chiwawa and says she’ll gladly send her to the pound.

Up next, Christy Hemme makes her way out to the ring. She is in the Impact Zone to make a huge announcement. She reveals that Awesome Kong will be inducted into this year’s Impact Hall of Fame at Bound For Glory! They show a highlight reel, showcasing all of Kong’s highs in TNA. After, she heads down to the ring to give a speech.

Awesome Kong’s Speech:

Awesome Kong is greeted with a “You Deserve It” chant. She thanks the crowd. She begins by joking about how winded she is coming down to the ring. Kong dedicates this monumental moment to Daffney, who she says opened so many doors in the Knockouts division. She asks everyone to continue opening doors and breaking barriers in this industry and beyond. She thanks the crowd and tells them she’ll see them all at Bound For Glory.

– Taylor Wilde takes a moment to reflect on her and Daffney’s first-ever and historic Monster’s Ball Match. Up next, the company will pay homage to Daffney’s legacy by holding this special match.

Monster’s Ball: Savannah Evans vs. Jordynne Grace vs. Alisha vs. Kimber Lee

Kimber Lee and Alisha head to the outside, leaving Savannah Evans and Jordynne Grace in the ring. It becomes a power vs. power spot with Evans and Jordynne. Kimber slides back into the ring and lays in the kendo stick shots on Evans! Kimber throws a trash can into the ring while Jordynne and Alisha trade shots on the outside. Jordynne sends Alisha into the guard rail. Lee places a trash can over Evans and lands another vicious hit with a kendo stick. Kimber looks to end things early. Cover. Alisha runs in and breaks it up.

Kimber places a barbed wire-wrapped chair in between the ropes. Alisha throws Kimber straight into it! Alisha introduces Kendra (her kendo stick). But for tonight, barbed wire is wrapped around it. Alisha plummets Kimber with multiple hits with Kendra and another kendo stick! Alisha drives Kendra into Kimber’s forehead. She looks for a cover, and Kimber kicks out, surprisingly. Jordynne Grace runs back in and lays a double knee drop on Evans and Alisha in the corner. Jordynne brings a weight into the ring.

Kimber shows off her crimson mask. She drops a bag full of tacks and scatters them all over. Jordynne hoists Kimber up with a muscle buster and forces her straight onto the tacks! Alisha also receives the same brutal punishment. Jordynne sends Alisha face-first into the weight plate. Evans is back in this thing. She throws chalk straight into Jordynne’s face. She falls to the outside. Evans takes her frustrations out on Alisha when she sends her straight onto more tacks with a Full Nelson Slam. Evans stands tall with the win.

Winner: Savannah Evans

And now, we’ll find out who takes home this whole Knockouts Knockdown Tournament!

Finals: Tasha Steelz vs. Mercedes Martinez

After taunting around the ring, Tasha Steelz eats a heavy right from Mercedes Martinez. Martinez sends Steelz to the other side with an overhead slam! Martinez leads a series of suplexes. She looks for the first cover. Steelz kicks out at two. Steelz turns things around with a head scissors takedown followed by a tornado DDT for two. Martinez mounts Steelz with a flurry of punches. Martinez has Steelz positioned for the O.G. Drop. Steelz slips out the back and turns it into a stunning cutter!

Steelz yells out that she hops Deonna Purrazzo is watching. She spends too much time on this because, by the time she charges into the corner, Martinez slips out and drops her straight into the turnbuckle, face-first. Both women are on the ropes. Martinez clocks Steelz on the head; she flies off. Steelz climbs back up and dumps Martinez with an avalanche hurricanrana! Steelz hits a Stratusfaction on Martinez. Cover. Martinez follows with a kick out. Martinez rolls onto the apron. Steelz grabs a handful of hair. Martinez fights free with a punt kick. Martinez gets the O.G. Drop in. 1-2-3, Martinez is the Knockouts Knockdown Tournament winner!

Winner: Mercedes Martinez

Mercedes Martinez will now be waiting in the wings for the shot at the Knockouts Championship. She will receive her opportunity after Bound For Glory!

Post-Match: Gail Kim presents Martinez with a trophy! Martinez is all smiles and praise with the fans cheering behind her.

Earlier this week, Trish Stratus and Lilian Garcia launched a new foundation called Tag Me In, which helps raise awareness on mental health and resources for those who are struggling. For more information, visit this link here.

And now, the main event!

Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Decay (Havok & Rosemary) (c)  (w/Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus) vs. The Influence (Madison Rayne & Tenille Dashwood) (w/Kaleb)

Rosemary and Madison Rayne start things off. Rosemary charges Rayne. She ducks out of the way and takes a picture with Tenille. Returning to the ring, she gets split in half with a spear from Rosemary. The Demon Assassin doesn’t stop there. In the corner, Rosemary takes a nice and juicy bite out of Rayne’s forehead before sending her to the mat with DDT. Rosemary goes for a cover. Rayne kicks out. Rosemary tags in Havok. Havok ragdolls Rayne all across the ring. Rayne evades out of a firewoman’s carry and sprints to her corner and makes a tag to Tenille.

The fans warn Tenille that Havok is gonna kill her, and they’re right! Havok grabs a handful of hair and swings Tenille all over the ring. Rosemary is back in for Havok. Rosemary locks in the Upside Down. Kaleb grips Rosemary’s leg. She starts to chase after him, and Rayne strikes her down. Rayne tags herself in and locks a rear chin lock while driving knee strikes towards Rosemary’s stomach. Rosemary falls to the ground. Rayne hooks a cover. The champ kicks out. Rayne makes a hot tag to Tenille. Tenille waltzes in with a neck breaker for two.

Rayne hangs Rosemary in the tree of woe position. She rains some vicious stomps down, but it still isn’t enough for Rayne to earn the titles. Tenille and Rosemary crash in the center with double clotheslines. Both women tag in their respective partners. Havok lays down some savage offensive moves just before driving her boot into Rayne’s face. Havok tags Rosemary in. Rosemary accidentally gets sent into Havok. Rayne and Tenille hit a joint maneuver, but the referee was too busy checking out what was going on, on the outside. Havok drives Rayne and Tenille into each other, setting up an assisted spear from Rosemary. Havok hooks the leg. Decay stay the Knockouts Tag Team Champions!

Winners: Decay 

– Just before tonight’s show concludes, it’s announced that The IInspiration (Cassie Lee and Jessie McKay) will be coming to Impact at Bound For Glory in two weeks!

This concludes tonight’s special broadcast.

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