WWE RAW Results (8/9) – Orlando, FL

WWE RAW Results (8/9) - Orlando, FL

WWE RAW Results (8/9) – Orlando, FL – We are live from the Amway Center in Orlando, FL, as the returning Randy Orton makes his way to the ring!

Randy says this is where he is supposed to say ‘welcome to Monday Night Raw.’  Before Randy can continue, he is interrupted by Riddle and his scooter.

Riddle says he missed Randy so much.  Riddle asks the bro where did he go.  He thought he was hiding like an anaconda, but maybe he went on vacation.  Riddle says he missed Randy so much.  Riddle says 25 years ago, his stepdad went out to get some milk and he never came back.  You are back and do you know what that means?  We can team.  We can be R-K-Bro.  

Randy asks Riddle what in the hell makes you want to think that I want to team with you again?  Randy says we had a few matches and we made a few shirt.  We got a buzz… on social media.  Let’s be real.  I work better by myself.  You have done well without my help, or your stepdad. 

Riddle asks Randy if that means he doesn’t want to be on a team with him any more. Randy says they WERE a good team and… AJ Styles’ music interrupts and he makes his way to the ring accompanied by Omos.

AJ mocks Riddle and Randy and he says this is embarrassing.  He says you can taste it and it is too sweet.  AJ says Randy Orton has a few nicknames.  Viper, Apex Predator, and Legend Killer.  Everyone he has met, he has used and abused.  Do you think he is going to be your friend?  AJ says it doesn’t make any sense.  It is Randy Orton.  AJ says he thought Omos breaking your scooter would hurt you, then him throwing you around would hurt you.  I never thought a broken heart over Randy Orton would hurt you the most.

Randy tells AJ to shut up.  Randy says he has been home for seven weeks watching you run your mouth and acting like you run this place.  The only thing bigger than your ego is that jackass right there.

AJ says Omos is not a jackass.  AJ suggests that Orton wrestle him tonight so see who runs Raw. Randy accepts.  Tonight, he will beat AJ and he will do it with the three most destructive letter in sports entertainment… Orton goes for an RKO and AJ goes to the floor.  Omos pushes Orton away when Orton goes for an RKO on him. Orton leaves the ring and Riddle goes for an RKO of his own on Omos but Omos blocks it and he choke slams Riddle.

Riddle rolls to the floor in front of Orton and Orton tells Riddle that wasn’t a smart move.

— We take a look at what happened last week with Drew McIntyre, Jinder Mahal, Veer, and Shanky.


Baron Corbin is on Raw and Kevin Patrick ambushes him to ask him about the Brand to Brand Challenge and his challenge of Drew McIntyre. Baron says he has fallen on rough times and he needs the money.  Baron says that Jinder Mahal offered him a chance to turn things around.  He is not happy at the idea of being decapitated by a giant sword but he is running out of options.  If beating Drew gets him out of these trouble, I am ready. Back to commercial.


Drew is asked about Jinder’s offer to Baron.  Drew says it seems that Jinder and his flunkies are afraid.  Drew asks if he should feel any sympathy for Baron Corbin.  I have known you for years and you are a terrible human being.  You talked about beating up a homeless man.  Orlando wants to see Drew kick your ass.  Kevin asks about the sword. Drew says the sword is named after her late mother.  Drew says his mother had an illness throughout her life and she was told to abort Drew but she had Drew.  Drew says that she fought to the end.

Baron Corbin vs. Drew McIntyre

Baron misses a clothesline and Drew sends Baron into the turnbuckles and chops Baron.  Drew with a back elbow and he kicks Baron.  Drew with a forearm and a hard Irish whip.  

We see Jinder, Veer, and Shanky standing near a monitor while Drew hits a deadlift suplex for a near fall.  Drew clotheslines Baron over the top rope to the floor.  Drew chops Baron but Baron with a punch and he runs Drew into the apron.  They return to the ring.  Baron with a knee and he sends Drew over the top rope to the floor.  Baron charges at Drew and Drew with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex into the ringside barrier.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Corbin sets for a superplex and hits it.  Corbin gets a near fall.  Corbin with punches and an Irish whip but he slides around the post when Drew moves.  Corbin enters the ring and is met with a head butt from Drew and both are down.  Drew with punches in the corner and he connects with clotheslines.  Drew with an overhead belly-to-belly throw.  Drew with another overhead belly-to-belly suplex followed by a neck breaker.  Drew sets for the Claymore but Corbin starts to cry.

Drew takes the mic and he says that Corbin is absolutely pathetic.  Drew says he is starting to feel a little bad for Corbin.  If things are that bad, how much does Corbin need to get by for a few days to get a meal, a bed, and a shower. 

Baron says he needs $100,000.  Drew laughs at Baron and says that sounds reasonable.  Drew says how about $200,000.  How about $300,000?  Drew counts down and hits a Claymore for the three count.

Winner:  Drew McIntyre

After the match, Jinder Mahal, Veer, and Shanky make their way to the ring. They stop when Drew gets his sword.  Drew turns his back but Jinder and his band of merry men do not try to do anything with him.


Randy Orton walks in the back and Riddle scoots by.  Riddle says he knows Randy doesn’t want to be teammates, can they be friends.  He asks to be in Randy’s corner against AJ tonight.  Riddle says he wants to be there in case Omos does anything. Randy says he is serious and he tells Riddle not to call him bro.

Back to commercial.

Karrion Kross vs. Jeff Hardy

Before the match, Karrion Kross says Jeff Hardy ruined his debut by cheating.  I have thought about the demise of Jeff Hardy.  A cruel twist of fate has brought Hardy back into my clutches.  Hardy will fall and pray.

Kross with a boot to the head and then he sends Hardy into the turnbuckles.  Kross with a clothesline into the corner followed by another clothesline and an exploder.  Hardy with elbows but Kross sends Hardy to the floor.  Hardy reverses an Irish whip and sends Kross into the ring steps.  Hardy with Poetry in Motion off the steps into Kross.  Hardy with a side Russian leg sweep and then he goes up top but Kross sweeps the legs and Hardy falls on the turnbuckles to the mat.

We go to commercial.

Kross and Hardy exchange punches and Hardy with a DDT.  Hardy with a forearm and reverse atomic drop and leg drop to the midsection and a drop kick.  Hardy with a splash for a near fall.  Kross with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot.  Hardy with a splash for a naer fall.  Kross with a forearm and Hardy with a sit out jaw breaker.  Hardy with a rollup and a handful of tights for a near fall.  Hardy goes for a Twist of Fate and Hardy with a forearm.  Kross with a Doomsday Saito into the Kross Jacket and Hardy taps out.

Winner:  Karrion Kross

After the match, Kross with a Doomsday Saito and Kross Jacket on Hardy.

— We take a look at Tamina versus Doudrop from last week and Alexa Bliss’ appearance. Alexa makes her way to the ring as we go to commercial.


Riddle is in the back and Kevin Patrick ambushes him to see if RK-Bro is RK-Over.  Riddle says he doesn’t know how to feel or what to say.  If Randy wants to be alone, he has to let Randy do what he has to do.  Riddle says he is a stallion and he has to do what a stallion does, and that is ride.

Alexa Bliss vs. Doudrop

The referee sends Eva to the floor since Eva is not provided the rights that Lilly gets to sit on the turnbuckles.  Alexa kicks and punches Doudrop.  Doudrop sends Alexa to the mat and then Alexa does her creepy walk.  Alexa goes for a sleeper but Doudrop gets out of the hold.  Alexa avoids a seated splash.  Alexa with a kick and she gets a near fall.  Alexa with a springboard cross body for a near fall.  Alexa goes to the floor and Eva backs up.  Eva throws something at Alexa and Alexa grabs the hand.  Doudrop hits Alexa from behind with a forearm.  Alexa is sent into the ringside barrier.  They return to the ring.  Doudrop with a kick to the back and she sends Alexa into the turnbuckles and then Doudrop with an Irish whip and she sends Alexa to the mat.

Doudrop yells at Lilly and Alexa smiles at Doudrop and then Doudrop looks at Lilly and her notifications go off and Alexa with a rollup for the three count.

Winner:  Alexa Bliss

After the match, Eva slaps Doudrop in the head like she is an Equestrian coach.

— We take a look at what happened between Damian Priest, John Morrison, and Miz last week along with Sheamus and Ricochet.


Miz and John Morrison are in the back.  Morrison says Damian Priest doesn’t get it.  Miz says he cannot stand Damian Priest.  Sheamus shows up and he says he cannot stand gobshites with silly hair and stupid catchphrases. Sheamus says that Morrison cost him in his match last week. Morrison threatens to squirt Sheamus and Miz tells him to stop. Sheamus says he will take care of Ricochet tonight.  He tells Morrison he better get the job done or else.

We go to commercial.

Sheamus vs. Ricochet

They lock up and Sheamus with an arm drag.  They lock up and Sheamus backs Ricochet into the corner.  Ricochet with a forearm to the back and a waist lock.  Sheamus with a forearm to the back.  Sheamus with a side head lock.  Ricochet with forearms and Sheamus with a shoulder tackle.  Ricochet with a head scissors take down and drop kick that sends Sheamus to the floor.  Sheamus gets back into the ring and Sheamus with a kick and knee lift.  Sheamus with an arm bar and take down.  Ricochet with punches and chops.  Sheamus with a knee to the midsection followed by a slam.  Sheamus with a punch to the midsection.  Ricochet wtih a face buster but Sheamus gets Ricochet on his shoulders.  Ricochet escapes and Sheamus misses a Brogue Kick and goes over the top rope to the floor.  Ricochet with a baseball slide that sends Sheamus into the announce table.  Ricochet with a springboard cross body onto and over the announce table.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Ricochet with punches and chops but Sheamus with a uranage back breaker.  Sheamus with an arm bar.  Ricochet with punches and elbows.  Sheamus with forearms and Ricochet sends Sheamus to the floor.  Ricochet punches Sheamus and Sheamus punches back.  Sheamus goes up top and Ricochet kicks Sheamus.  Ricochet punches Sheamus and sets for a Frankensteiner but Sheamus pushes Ricochet off and Ricochet lands on his feet.  Ricochet with a Frankensteiner and a springboard cross body and a quebrada for a near fall.  Ricochet tries to get Sheamus on his shoulders but Sheamus blocks it and he sends Ricochet into the turnbuckles.  Ricochet drop kicks Sheamus into the turnbuckles.

Ricochet goes for a head butt off the turnbuckles and Ricochet goes down.  Sheamus with a Brogue Kick for the three count.

Winner:  Sheamus

After the match, Damian Priest comes out for his match against John Morrison. Priest and Sheamus have some words and they stare at each other. Sheamus backs off and thinks about leaving the ring but Priest turns his back for a moment but Priest is able to stop an attack by Sheamus and Priest with a back body drop that sends Sheamus over the top rope to the floor.

John Morrison and Miz make their way to the ring as we go to commercial.

John Morrison vs. Damian Priest

They lock up and Priest with an arm drag into a wrist lock.  Priest with punches in the corner.  Morrison with a round kick and a knee for a near fall.  Morrison with forearms.  Priest with kicks to the head.  Priest boxes the ears and connects with knees and kicks.  Priest with a forearm and clothesline.  Priest with knees and Morrison with a forearm but Priest fires back.  Morrison with a kick and he misses a knee.  Priest with a rollup but both men with kicks at the same time.  Morrison sends Priest to the floor and then he kicks Priest and hits a twisting cross body off the turnbuckles.

Morrison sends Priest back into the ring and Priest misses a few kicks.  Morrison with a kick but he is met with a spinning heel kick on a springboard move.  Miz sprays Priest but that does not stop Priest from hitting Reckoning for the three count.

Winner:  Damian Priest

After the match, Priest backs Miz towards the ring steps and Morrison tries to hit Priest from behind but Priest with a forearm and then he sprays Morrison with his fluids.  Priest points to Miz and Miz backs into the ring steps.  Miz pushes Priest and Miz slaps Priest and gets out of his wheelchair.  Everyone is in shock that Miz is standing.  Miz runs away and to the back.

Priest asks for the mic and he says for months we have seen Sheamus come out here to run his mouth and pick apart his opponents when they are not looking. Sheamus comes out and says you say it to his face.  He says he expects more from Priest. Priest says Sheamus has been running his mouth, treating people like garbage.  Priest says that Sheamus is a bully.  He will take care of Sheamus like the other bullies, but he wants to do it at SummerSlam.

Sheamus says Priest talks a big game.  Sheamus says maybe he is a bully and maybe he likes it.  He doesn’t care what Priest or the people think.  He says he will put Priest in his place at SummerSlam.  You better be ready for the fight of your life because I accept. Priest turns around and he kicks Morrison when he tries to attack Priest from behind. Priest says that is what will happen to Sheamus at SummerSlam.

— We take a look back at last week’s match featuring Mace and T-Bar against Mansoor and Mustafa Ali.

Mansoor is in the back and he apologizes to Ali for screwing things up and he got Ali a jacket.  Ali tells Mansoor to stop apologizing and he just needs to improve.  He says he will show Mansoor what to do and he can watch and learn.

We go to commercial.

T-Bar vs. Mustafa Ali

We are back and Mace and T-Bar says that Ali can teach all of the lessons they want, but Ali and Mansoor will find out that they are at the bottom of the food chain and size always matters.

They lock up and T-Bar tosses Ali into the corner and connects with an elbow and follows with a hard Irish whip and back body drop for a near fall.  Ali with punches and T-Bar with a knee.  Ali with a drop kick that sends T-Bar to the floor.  Ali kicks T-Bar and hits a pescado but T-Bar catches Ali and then connects with a knee to the back and he sends Ali into the ringside barrier.  T-Bar with a cyclone kick for a near fall.  T-Bar brings Ali back from the apron and hits a choke breaker for a near fall when Ali gets his foot on the rope.  

Mace takes care of Mansoor on the floor for snitching.  Ali with a rollup for a near fall and he goes to the turnbuckles for a tornado DDT.  Ali goes up top but T-Bar kicks Ali onto the turnbuckles and T-Bar with Feast Your Eyes for the three count.

Winner:  T-Bar

After the match, Mace and T-Bar go for the double choke slam but Mansoor with a missile drop kick to T-Bar and forearms to Mace.  Mace goes over the top rope when Mansoor drops down and Mansoor with a springboard drop kick to Mace to knock him off the apron.

— Reggie is at a photo shoot and he says he can get used to that. A ‘delivery man’ shows up and it is Tozawa.  Tozawa with a rollup but Truth breaks up the cover.  Reggie is able to flip away while Tozawa and Truth argue.

Bobby Lashley is next, but first… We go to commercial.


We are back and Kevin Patrick is actually scheduled to interview someone and he is with AJ Styles and Omos.  Kevin asks AJ about the return of Randy Orton.  AJ says that is great but he does not mean it.  He says he does not care about Randy.  If Randy thinks he can be at the top of the mountain after being away for so long.  They deserve respect and Orton made a mistake.  They will have to break Randy and put him on the sidelines for good.

In the Arena:

WWE Champion Bobby Lashley makes his way to the ring with MVP. Before the two can talk, we see what happened last week during the Lashley – Goldberg segment.

Porter says last week the All Mighty was here to talk to you about a main event at SummerSlam featuring Bobby versus Bill Goldberg at SummerSlam.  That announcement has been mired in controversy.  There have been some false narratives.  If Goldberg was looking for a fight, it was in the ring, but he never raised his hands to the man.  He left the ring in an orderly fashion.  Goldberg returned to the ring and hit him with a spear, like a coward, for no reason.  Then, because he had to cover himself and lied that Porter was threatening Goldberg’s son.  Porter say he never would have done anything like that.  What I said to Gage was, if you love your father, dissuade your dad from this fool’s errand becuase your dad’s career will be over.  For that, Goldberg attacked me.

When you slander me, you slander the All Mighty.  I don’t know if you know what it is like to be hit by a spear from Goldberg.  It is like being hit by a Mack Truck.  Porter says he has suffered some broken ribs.  The only thing worse than a spear from Goldberg is a spear by Lashley.  They are violent men by nature.  If you invovle your son in your battles, you never know what will happen.  I have been hurt and I cannot cough or sneeze.  I cannot laugh.  That is appropriate because this is not a laughing matter.  If you want to get your son involved.

Porter tells Gage to tell his father not to come to SummerSlam because he will be humiliated and destroyed like you have never seen before because he will end Goldberg’s career.  The upside is that you will have your dad and he can go to all of your football and baseball games.  Then you can sit on the couch and watch Raw and reminisce about how you could have kept your dad from being in his condition.

Lashley tells Bill not to let his son watch SummerSlam because he will see the level of destruction he will put on Goldberg.  You are not next, you are done.

— We have a video package for the Raw Women’s Title feud.


Rhea Ripley walks in the back and Sarah ambushes her to ask about her confidence against Nikki tonight.  Rhea says there is nothing more brutal than a No Holds Barred match.  Nikki held her own.  It takes a lot of heart and guts to be almost a super hero.  Almost isn’t good enough to stay the champ.  As a former champion, I understand the balance between light and dark to hold on to the title.  Does Nikki have a dark side because she hasn’t seen it.  As much as Nikki believes in herself, it will not protect her from the nightmare she unleashes tonight or at SummerSlam when she becomes the Raw Women’s Champion. Back to commercial.


Nikki is in the back and Sarah ambushes her about her match against Rhea.  Nikki says she has to be prepared for things not to go her way.  If you believe you can achieve your dreams.  Tonight, her dream might turn into a nightmare.  She feels okay because she has her trusty night light.  Her spirit and her drive.  She says she knew that Rhea and Charlotte would be dangerous.  Last week, I didn’t almost beat Charlotte, I did beat Charlotte.  Tonight, I am almost positive I will beat Rhea.  I know the odds are stacked against me at SummerSlam but I will do what it takes to remain Raw Women’s Champion.

Rhea Ripley vs. Nikki A.S.H.

Rhea with a take down and Rhea misses a kick and Nikki with a rollup for a near fall.  Nikki with a side head lock and Nikki with a take down.  Nikki with a springboard side head lock take down.  Rhea with a forearm to the ribs and a face plant to work on the injured ribs.  Rhea with a kick to the ribs and a shoulder in the corner.  Rhea with a punch and she sends Nikki into the turnbuckles.  Rhea tosses Nikki into the corner.  Rhea with shoulders in the corner but Nikki with forearms.  Rhea with a hard Irish whip.  Rhea sends Nikki to the floor.  Rhea with a hot shot onto the apron.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Rhea with a waist lock take down and knees to the back.  Rhea with forearms to the back.  Rhea with forearms in the corner.  Nikki with elbows and forearms.  Nikki with a DDT and both women are down.  Nikki with a shoulder in the corner followed by a victory roll for a near fall.  Rhea with a kick to the midsection and she sets for RipTide but Nikki counters with a lateral press for a near fall.  Rhea with a kick to the head.  Rhea punches Nikki in the ribs and then she puts Nikki on the turnbuckles.  Rhea sets for a superplex but Nikki blocks it.  NIkki with forearms and Rhea falls to the mat.  Nikki is pushed off the turnbuckles by Charlotte.

Winner:  Nikki A.S.H. (by disqualification)

After the match, Charlotte with a kick to Rhea followed by a fallaway slam to Nikki.  Charlotte with Natural Selection to Rhea. Charlotte holds the title belt over her head and then gives it back to Nikki.

We go to commercial.

— We are back and Elias is walking in the woods with his guitar and he stops by a fire.  Elias thinks about all of the times he was hit with a guitar over the years.  Elias strums his guitar and he tosses it into the fire.  He says WWE stood for Walk with Elias, but Elias is dead.


Charlotte walks in the back and Sarah ambushes her to ask her about her actions.  Charlotte says she created a strategic opportunity to rub salt in the wounds.  I am not taking any chances at SummerSlam.  If Rhea and Nikki were on my level, they would know what I was going to do.  One loss and that erases every victory I ever had?  I am the most decorated woman in WWE history.  Everyone can pray for my downfall and steal the opportunities I have earned, but nothing will stop me from walking out of Raw as the Women’s Champion.

— Kevin Patrick ambushes Randy Orton to ask why he has forsaken Riddle.  Randy says he works alone and that is what he does best.  He will beat AJ Styles all by himself. Randy heads to the ring as we go to commercial.

 Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles

Orton punches AJ a few times and follows with kicks.  Orton sends AJ into the turnbuckles.  AJ with a kick and chops .  Orton with a European uppercut and he drops AJ on the top rope and AJ falls to the apron.  Orton stares at Omos on the floor and then Orton stomps on the hand.  Orton with the Orton stomp.  Orton kicks AJ to the floor and Orton follows.  Orton sends AJ into the announce table and then he sets for the back drop driver but Omos distracts Orton.  Orton sends AJ into the apron when AJ tries to attack Orton from behind.  AJ with a baseball slide and a slingshot forearm to Orton on the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and AJ gets a near fall. AJ with a reverse chin lock. Orton grabs the hair and he head butts AJ. AJ with a punch and Orton punches back. They go back and forth. AJ with a kick and Orton with two clotheslines. Orton ducks a clothesline and hits a VINTAGE power slam for a near fall. AJ with a kick to the back of the leg. Orton with a back breaker and he gets a near fall. Orton puts AJ on the turnbuckles and he punches AJ. Orton sets for a superplex and AJ slides under and drops Orton onto the top turnbuckle. Orton blocks the Calf Crusher for a moment but AJ is able to lock it in but Orton gets to the ropes.

AJ is sent to the apron and AJ with a forearm.  AJ sets for the Phenomenal Forearm but Orton teases an RKO counter.  Orton with a clothesline and IEDDT.  Orton looks around for the RKO set up.  Omos pulls AJ out of the way and Omos has some words for Orton.  Orton has some words for Omos and Omos takes off his jacket.  AJ with a kick to the head and Riddle comes out and sends Omos into the ring post and then he puts Omos in a sleeper.  Omos backs Riddle into the ring post.  

AJ goes for the Phenomenal Forearm and Orton with an RKO for the three count.

Winner:  Randy Orton

After the match, Orton stands tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Riddle is in the ring now, wanting a hug from Orton. Fans cheer them on. Orton is hyped up but not necessarily thrilled with Riddle. Riddle tells Orton to listen to the fans. They finally hug and fans go wild. R-K-Bro is back. Orton hesitates some and tries to not show a ton of excitement but he raises Riddle’s arm as the pops continue from the crowd. Orton then drops Riddle out of nowhere with the RKO. Orton stands back up to a mixed reaction as RAW goes off the air with Riddle laid out.

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