NXT Takeover 36 Results

NXT Takeover 36 Live Results

Pre-show match:  Ridge Holland vs. Trey Baxter

Baxter dropkicked Holland immediately at the bell but Holland overpowered him and drilled him with an overhead suplex. Holland yelled that Baxter asked for this and lifted him for another suplex. Baxter caught him with a knee to the face but was thwarted and caught with another suplex.

Holland worked over Baxter with strikes but was kicked away. Baxter used the ropes for leverage with a kick and nailed another leaping kick. He used a handspring into a kick and went for another but was caught and drilled with a headbutt. Holland smashed Baxter and scored the pin.

Winner: Ridge Holland

Short but nice action. After the match, Holland said this is what happened when people think they have the bollocks big enough to challenge Holland. He said he hoped Timothy Thatcher was watching as this was a direct look into his future.

— We are live from the Capitol Wrestling Center at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, as Vic Jospeh, Wade Barrett and Beth Phoenix welcome us to the show.

Million Dollar Title Match
Cameron Grimes vs. LA Knight (c)
If Grimes loses, WWE Hall of Famer “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase will be forced to work as Knight’s butler.

Ted DiBiase is out first and he brings a trash can on the stage. Cameron Grimes ripped off his butler gear and threw it in a trash can, revealing some DiBiase-inspired gear. The Million Dollar Champion LA Knight is out next. Knight kicked over the trash can coming out.

Knight poses in the corner, taunting DiBiase at ringside. Knight talks trash to Grimes in the middle of the ring now. The bell rings and here we go. Knight stalls in the corner as fans boo and chant. Grimes rocks Knight to start, then delivers chops. Grimes levels Knight for a big pop. Grimes with a big back-drop as the crowd stays hot. Grimes goes for the Million Dollar Dream but Knight fights it and goes to the floor for a breather.

Grimes misses two punt kicks from the apron but connects on the third for a big pop. Ted is all smiles at ringside. Grimes rams Knight into the Plexiglas barrier as fans cheer him on. Ted whips Grimes into Knight, taking him down with a flying kick at ringside. Knight turns it around and sends Grimes into the barrier. Knight brings int back in but Grimes kicks him in the chest. Grimes with a big boot on the apron. Grimes goes to the top but Knight crotches him and sends him to the floor. Grimes lands hard on the outside.

Knight brings it back in and beats Grimes down in the corner as Ted tries to give Grimes words of encouragement. Knight slingshots Grimes under the bottom rope as fans boo. Knight mounts Grimes with right hands. Grimes turns it around with a crossbody. They go back and forth now. Knight catches Grimes in mid-air with a big powerbomb for a 2 count.

Knight grounds Grimes now as fans rally. Grimes looks to make a comeback but Knight slams him in the middle of the ring. Knight shows off as fans boo and tell him he sucks. Knight misses an elbow and lands hard. Knight blocks Grimes with an elbow but lands hard on a moonsault as Grimes moves. Grimes mounts offense now. Grimes with a running dropkick in the corner. Grimes keeps control but can’t put Knight away.

Knight keeps fighting but Grimes drops him on the apron. Knight drops Grimes face-first one more time but Grimes kicks out at 2. Grimes mounts offense but runs into boots in the corner. Knight with a bulldog from the corner. Knight drives Grimes into the mat for another close 2 count. Knight shows some frustration as fans and DiBiase rally for Grimes. Grimes blocks the Stunner and nails an enziguri. They trade big shots and counters now. Knight sends Grimes over the top but he hangs on. Grimes comes right back in and levels Knight with the big crossbody for a close 2 count.

Grimes with big kicks in the corner now. Grimes keeps control but Knight hangs onto the ropes and takes Grimes to the top, facing the crowd. Knight climbs up and works Grimes over on the top. Grimes knocks Knight back to the mat. Knight leaps back to the top and delivers a huge super German suplex. Knight covers for a close 2 count as Grimes kicks out just in time. Knight can’t believe it. Fans boo as Knight struts around the ring, waiting for Grimes to get back up. Grimes blocks the Gravy Train but the Million Dollar Dream is also blocked. More back and forth between the two. Knight finally starts fading in the Million Dollar Dream but he manages to overpower Grimes into the corner and they both go down, breaking the hold.

Knight rolls to the floor and grabs the strap as fans boo. Knight brings the belt back in and the referee argues. Ted also gets involved and Knight is sent back to the floor by a big kick from Grimes, dropping the belt. The ref grabs the belt from the ring and hands it back to DiBiase. Ted applies the Million Dollar Dream at ringside while the referee isn’t looking, then rolls Knight back into the ring where Grimes is waiting. Grimes follows up with the Cave-In stomp for the pin to win the title.

Winner and New Million Dollar Champion: Cameron Grimes

After the match, Grimes is shocked as his music hits. He stands tall as Ted brings the title in and we go to replays. DiBiase and Grimes celebrate with the Million Dollar Title as fans cheer him on.

– We see Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly arriving earlier today.

– We get a video package for the next match.

NXT Women’s Title Match
Dakota Kai vs. Raquel Gonzalez (c)

We go back to the ring and out first comes Dakota Kai. NXT Women’s Champion Raquel Gonzalez is out next as Kai stares her down. Gonzalez takes the title off and places it in between them. We get formal ring introductions from Taylor now.

The bell rings and the former partners face off. Kai rocks Gonzalez first and starts mind games. Gonzalez takes control and works Kai over in the corner. Kai takes Gonzalez over and ducks an attack by sliding to the floor. Kai regroups at ringside now. Kai brings it back in with an arm submission but Gonzalez powers up in the hold. Kai with a Scorpion Kick but Gonzalez boots her. Kai goes back to the floor to regroup as Gonzalez seethes in the ring.

Kai comes back in but Gonzalez goes to work. Gonzalez with two big fall-away slams. Kai leaps from the top but Gonzalez catches her and rolls through. Gonzalez presses Kai high in the air now and drops her on the top turnbuckle. Gonzalez apparently hurts her arm but still manages a fall-away slam while Kai was laying on the top. Kai decks Gonzalez in the corner. Kai with a big Yakuza kick, sending Gonzalez back to the floor. Kai follows as the referee counts. Gonzalez looks laid out as Kai tries to bring her back in. Kai brings it in at the 9 count but Gonzalez kicks out just in time.

Kai keeps control and delivers another big kick. Kai boots Gonzalez while Gonzalez is on her knees, toying with her and taunting her. Gonzalez seethes and fights from her knees. Gonzalez with a big clothesline and a big boot. Gonzalez lifts Kai and slams her face-first in the middle of the ring as fans cheer her on. Gonzalez with a sidewalk slam. Gonzalez with a big twisting elbow drop from the second turnbuckle. Kai kicks out at 2.

Kai gets launched into the turnbuckles. Kai blocks the big one-arm powerbomb and takes Gonzalez back down, focusing on her hurt arm again. Gonzalez blocks the Scorpion Kick and delivers a big sitdown powerbomb in the middle of the ring for a 2 count. Kai with more kicks to keep Gonzalez down and beat her around the ring. Kai plants Gonzalez face-first with a modified hurricanrana. Gonzalez kicks out at 2. Gonzalez powers Kai up and slams her back over the top rope. Kai lands out on the ramp as a “holy shit!” chant breaks out.

Gonzalez is down in the ring while Kai is down on the ramp and the referee counts. Fans rally as they both get up and lock eyes. Kai charges with double knees but Gonzalez blocks it and drops her. Kai with a big kick but Gonzalez takes it and taunts her in her face as fans pop. Kai comes back with the Kai-Ropractor for a close 2 count. Kai can’t believe it. Kai is on her knees now, holding Gonzalez by the hair and talking trash as the referee warns her. Gonzalez grabs her by the throat but the one-arm chokeslam is blocked again. Kai dumps Gonzalez to the floor and she lands hard. Kai stays on her and brings it back in.

Kai goes to the top and delivers a double stomp for a close 2 count. Kai can’t believe the kick out. Kai picks Gonzalez back up but she’s struggling. Gonzalez overpowers and rams Kai upside down and stomach-first into the turnbuckles. Gonzalez takes Kai to the top but Kai knocks her to the mat. Gonzalez leaps back up but Kai headbutts her a few times. Kai drops to the mat and kicks Gonzalez in the jaw from between her legs from behind.

Kai runs in with a Yakuza kick but Gonzalez catches it while on the second turnbuckle. Gonzalez turns that into a big one-arm chokeslam off the second rope for the pin to retain.

Winner: Raquel Gonzalez

After the match, Gonzalez recovers as the music hits. She takes the title and raises it in the air as we go to replays. Gonzalez clutches her jaw and stands tall as Kai looks on from down in the corner. Gonzalez raises the title in the air as some fans boo. The music interrupts and out comes Kay Lee Ray from NXT UK to a loud mixed reaction. KLR stares Gonzalez down from the stage as fans chant her name. The segment ends with the two facing off.

– Back from a break and we see NXT Champion Karrion Kross backstage warming up for his title defense.

NXT UK Title Match
Ilja Dragunov vs. WALTER (c)

We go back to the ring and out next comes Ilja Dragunov for this big rematch from October 2020 on NXT UK TV. Dragunov is wearing a bandage on his head from being busted open by Roderick Strong last Tuesday. Out next comes NXT UK Champion WALTER. Fans chant for WALTER as we get formal ring introductions.

The bell rings and they size each other up, getting a feel for each other. WALTER drops Ilja first and puts him against the ropes but the referee warns him. Dragunov fights back with big chops of his own. This fires WALTER up but Ilja evades him. WALTER grounds Ilja a bit and they tangle on the mat. Dragunov fights out of the corner and takes WALTER down.

Dragunov shocks and takes WALTER down a few times. Dragunov counters and takes WALTER back down with a headlock, grounding him. Dragunov keeps control of WALTER despite his attempts. Dragunov has had WALTER in the hold for a few minutes now. WALTER takes them to the corner and the referee orders them to break. They do and WALTER rocks Dragunov in the face. Dragunov unloads with strikes to the face out of the corner. WALTER with a big chop. Dragunov takes WALTER back to the mat for another submission, focusing on the arm now.

WALTER finally powers up and takes it to the corner. They hold each other with Dragunov on the top turnbuckle until WALTER finally levels Dragunov, sending him to the floor with a big chop for a pop. WALTER stays on Dragunov and powerbombs him into the edge of the apron. Fans chant for the leader of Imperium as he brings it back into the ring and kicks Dragunov around. WALTER goes for the Sleeper but Dragunov resists as they get back to their feet. WALTER tries for the hold but stops and delivers a big German suplex. Dragunov comes right back up but collapses into the turnbuckles. WALTER tries for a Boston Crab now as Dragunov resists. WALTER kicks him and finally turns the hold over, locking it in in the middle of the ring.

WALTER then transitions into a modified Crossface hold. WALTER slams Dragunov and kicks him in the back. They trade shots. WALTER goes for another Sleeper again. Dragunov manages to slam WALTER. Dragunov with big strikes but WALTER is still standing. WALTER blocks a shot and drops Dragunov on his head with a big overhead suplex for a 2 count. Dragunov kicks from down on the mat but WALTER kicks him back and stands tall, taunting him. WALTER yells at Dragunov to get up but then he chops him right back down.

Dragunov fights but WALTER levels him with a kick. Dragunov with more strikes as they go at it now. Dragunov with a takedown. Dragunov tries for a submission on the arm. Dragunov with knee strikes from his feet now, then back-fists while WALTER is on his knees. WALTER gets up but Dragunov continues rocking him with big strikes. Dragunov unloads with elbows to the back of the neck. He keeps decking WALTER as WALTER powers up with him on his shoulders. Dragunov drops WALTER with a shot to the jaw. WALTER decks Dragunov and levels him with a stiff lariat to knock him out of the air for a close 2 count.

Fans chant for both as they struggle to get up to their feet now. WALTER with a huge chop to the back. Dragunov takes it and hulks up, turning around to catch a kick and clothesline WALTER down. Dragunov with a big chop tot he back and a German suplex. Dragunov yells out and gets hyped up again. WALTER rocks him but Dragunov comes back with a kick, then a running knee to the head. Dragunov drops WALTER on his head for a close 2 count.

Fans chant “this is awesome!” now. Dragunov keeps fighting and nails a missile dropkick. Dragunov charges with the Torpedo Moscow but WALTER blocks it with a Sleeper. Dragunov turns it into a modified German suplex and delivers the Torpedo Moscow to the back of the head. Dragunov still can’t capitalize as WALTER catches him and a “holy shit!” chant breaks out. Dragunov charges again and hits another Torpedo but WALTER kicks out just in time. Dragunov can’t believe it and fans go wild.

Dragunov with big strikes. He charges but WALTER chops him down for a 2 count. WALTER goes to the top but Dragunov leaps up to him and delivers a superplex. Dragunov goes back to the top and nails a missile dropkick. WALTER gets up first as fans chant “fight forever!” now. Dragunov charges but WALTER meets him with a dropkick, then a big powerbomb for another close 2 count. The Capitol Wrestling Center goes wild. A “yes!” chant breaks out now. Dragunov and WALTER with big strikes. WALTER drops him, delivers a running knee strike and a powerbomb in the middle of the ring. WALTER goes back to the top and hits the flying splash but Dragunov somehow kicks out. No one can believe it.

Fans chant “NXT!” once again. WALTER mounts Dragunov and pounds on him with big strikes. WALTER applies the Sleeper but Dragunov slams him. WALTER runs in with a big boot. Dragunov ducks a right hand and leaps from the second rope with a flying strike. Dragunov decks WALTER and unloads with elbow strikes on the mat now. Dragunov is on WALTER’s back with a Sleeper now. WALTER powers up to his feet and climbs to the top turnbuckle, with Dragunov still on his back. WALTER falls back to the mat to break the Sleeper but they both land awkwardly. Dragunov goes right back to pounding on WALTER, and then applies the Sleeper again.

WALTER powers back to his feet and slams back with Dragunov on his back. Dragunov keeps the Sleeper locked in. WALTER starts fading in the middle of the ring. Dragunov breaks the hold and unloads with kicks and punches to keep WALTER down. Dragunov with a huge chop to the back of the neck and a forearm. Dragunov rag-dolls WALTER with the Sleeper now and WALTER quickly taps out for the title change.

Winner and New NXT UK Champion: Ilja Dragunov

After the match, the crowd goes wild as Dragunov stands tall. His music hits as he raises the NXT UK Title in the air. We go to replays. An emotional Dragunov puts a boot on WALTER’s chest and raises the title in the air, continuing his celebration as fans cheer him on.

– McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with new Million Dollar Champion Cameron Grimes and WWE Legend Ted DiBiase. Cameron talks about how his dad is watching down on him and seeing him as a champion now. Ted praises Grimes and says he has a big future. Grimes gets hyped up and promises a Million Dollar Celebration on Tuesday night.

– Samoa Joe is backstage warming up. NXT General Manager William Regal comes in and says he hopes Joe entertains the fans tonight, but he also hopes Joe kicks NXT Champion Karrion Kross’ ass.

– We get a video package for the next match.

2 of 3 Falls Match: Kyle O’Reilly vs. Adam Cole III

First Fall: Traditional Wrestling Match (chosen by O’Reilly)

We go back to the ring for the next match as Kyle O’Reilly makes his way out. The first fall can only be won by pinfall or submission as it is a traditional wrestling bout. Adam Cole is out next.

The bell rings and they go at it, unloading on each other. Kyle drops Cole and sends him to the floor to regroup. Kyle with a flying knee from the apron to drop Cole on the floor. Kyle follows and unloads with kicks to the chest. Cole retreats back into the ring and kicks Kyle out of the ring as he tries to re-enter. Cole follows and takes apart the steel ring steps. He goes to suplex Kyle onto the steel but Kyle counters and delivers a suplex on the floor.

Kyle rolls Cole back in and follows. Kyle throws a kick but Cole catches it from his knee. Kyle counters again but Cole rocks him with a kick. Kyle with a knee to the gut. Kyle with a big forearm to drop Cole in the middle of the ring. Cole kicks out at 2. Kyle with a cross armbreaker submission now. Kyle goes right into an ankle lock in the middle of the ring but Cole isn’t submitting. Cole fights out and ducks a kick, then levels Kyle in mid-air with a flying knee. Kyle kicks out at 2.

Fans do dueling chants now as Cole stands tall. Cole scoops Kyle but he slides off his shoulders. Cole with an enziguri. Kyle catches a kick and clotheslines Cole for another 2 count. Kyle goes to the top for the flying knee but Cole superkicks him on the way down. Cole waits on the second turnbuckle now. The Panama Sunrise is blocked and Kyle drops down onto Cole for the pin.

Winner of the First Fall: Kyle O’Reilly

Second Fall: Street Fight (chosen by Cole)

Cole is a bit shocked as the second fall starts. They go to the floor for weapons but Kyle rocks Cole against the barrier. Weapons are tossed in the ring now. Fans chant for tables. Kyle grabs a steel chair but Cole rocks him and jabs the chair into his stomach. Kyle ends up putting Cole sitting in a chair at ringside. He grabs a trash can and places it over Cole’s head, then leaps from the apron with a flying knee and knocks Cole over while the trash can is over his head.

Kyle brings it back in and goes to the top but Cole superkicks him to the floor. Kyle hits the apron on the way down and clutches his ribs on the floor. Cole sends him into the edge of the announce table. Cole brings it back in. There are two chairs and two kendo sticks laying in the ring. Cole with a chair shot to the gut and some trash talking while Kyle is down.

Cole keeps Kyle down by shoving the chair into his ribs. Cole jabs the edge of the chair into Kyle’s ribs now. Cole wedges a chair in the corner and gets a pop. Kyle attacks but Cole drops him. Cole tries to whip Kyle into the wedged chair in the corner but Kyle resists. Cole decks him and whips him but Kyle slides under the wedged chair, but hits the ring post instead. Kyle lands hard on the floor, clutching his ribs again as Cole smiles.

Cole sends Kyle into the barrier now. Cole brings it back in and grabs a kendo stick as fans pop. Cole with a big kendo stick shot to the ribs as Kyle approaches. Cole exposes his knee and goes for a Last Shot as Kyle covers his head. Cole stops in his tracks, changes his mind and hits Kyle with a kendo stick and delivers a Backstabber for a close 2 count. Cole with a Rings of Saturn now, fingers in Kyle’s mouth and now using the kendo stick to pull back on him. Cole breaks it, beats on Kyle some more and talks trash.

Cole taunts Kyle as he tries to recover. Cole yells at Kyle to stay down but Kyle fights and they trade big strikes on their feet. Cole drops Kyle with another shot to the ribs. Kyle with more strikes but his ribs are hurting him. Cole with a kick. Kyle with a German suplex. Kyle runs the ropes but his ribs are hurting him. Kyle with a pump kick to drop Cole. Kyle slams Cole knee-first into a chair that is set up. Kyle with a Dragonscrew leg whip into the chair. Cole gets up first. Kyle charges but Cole moves and Kyle runs into the wedged chair in the corner. They collide with kick attempts three times and both go down after dual pump kicks. Fans cheer them on. Cole goes to ringside and wraps a chain around his fist. Cole brings the chain back in but Kyle also meets him with right hands. They unload on each other and Cole loses his chain. Cole drops Kyle with a superkick for a 2 count.

Cole crawls up the ramp and Kyle follows but Cole rocks him. Kyle with a Guillotine submission on the stage now. Kyle with a knee to the jaw before shoving Cole from the stage into the Plexiglas barrier next to the stage. A camera man may have been taken out as Cole lands hard. Cole blocks a suplex onto half of the steel steps at ringside. Cole with a neckbreaker at ringside. Cole rolls Kyle back in and follows, clutching his elbow from being tossed off the stage. Cole stands two chairs up against each other. He grabs Kyle to slam him onto the chairs but Kyle scoops him and delivers a knee on the way down. Cole is leaning on the two chairs now. Kyle goes to the top but Cole jumps up and grabs him, pressing him in the air and slamming him onto the two chairs.

Kyle lands hard and Cole follows right up with a Last Shot. Cole covers for the pin to win the second fall.

Winner of the Second Fall: Adam Cole

Third Fall: Steel Cage Match (chosen by NXT General Manager William Regal)

The Steel Cage match is announced. The familiar music hits as the cage is lowered around the ring. Officials tend to Kyle while he is down in the middle of the ring. Cole attacks while Kyle is being checked on. He takes Kyle to the floor and powerbombs him onto the announce table. Medics check on Kyle at ringside now as Cole yells for Kyle to be brought into the ring. Cole grabs Kyle and brings him in the cage as it’s still being lowered.

Cole sits up in the corner and smirks as we get ready to officially begin the third and final fall. Kyle is being checked on again. We get replays from the first two falls. Cole attacks as the third fall officially begins, throwing Kyle face-first into the cage wall twice. Cole walks around and shows off to the crowd. Kyle blocks a shot into the cage, and another. He drops Cole and slingshots him face-first into the steel of the cage. Cole is trapped between the ropes and the steel now as Kyle keeps charging and attacking.

Kyle goes to the top turnbuckle and delivers the flying knee to the back of the neck while Cole is draped over the ropes. Kyle goes back to the top but Cole moves and dodges the knee drop this time. Cole with a Last Shot but Kyle comes right back with one of his own. Cole kicks out at 2.

Cole delivers a low blow in the middle of the ring, which is legal. Cole keeps control and walks the top rope, then leaps from the top for a big Panama Sunrise in the middle of the ring. Kyle somehow kicks out just in time and Cole can’t believe it. Cole pulls out a pair of handcuffs and fastens Kyle to the top rope now, while Kyle is trapped between the ropes and the cage wall.

Cole talks trash in Kyle’s face and goes to work on him. Cole yells at Kyle to get up, then delivers another superkick. Cole with more trash talking while Kyle is chained to the top rope. Kyle catches a superkick and takes Cole down into a heel hook submission as Cole screams out. Cole taps out for the finish.

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly

After the match, Kyle’s music hits as some fans start a “bullshit!” chant now. Cole clutches his knee and pounds on the mat while still down. Kyle is still cuffed to the top rope as crew members start to take the cage walls down. Kyle sits up as we go to replays. Kyle is finally un-cuffed now. He looks on, clutching his ribs, while two trainers help Cole away from the ringside area. The referee raises Kyle’s arm in the air but not all fans are celebrating the win.

— They showed a beaten, bruised Ilja Dragonuv in the back.  He said the ring general has fallen.  Long live Dragonuv.

— Backstage, Legado del Fantasma cut a promo.  Santos Escobar said he offered Swerve an easy way out but he didn’t want it.  On Tuesday, they are going to finish Hit Row.  He who laughs last, laughs best.

NXT Title Match: Samoa Joe vs. Karrion Kross

We go back to the ring for tonight’s main event as Samoa Joe comes out for his return to the ring, his first match since February 2020. Fans chant “Joe!” as he heads to the ring. NXT Champion Karrion Kross is out next by himself. It sounds like fans are chanting “we want Scarlett!” but she is nowhere to be seen. Kross and Joe face off in the middle of the ring as Alicia does formal introductions.

The bell rings and they get a feel for each other as fans get riled up. Some fans chant for Jeff Hardy. Joe unloads on Kross in the corner with strikes now. Kross takes them and turns it around but Joe quickly turns it right back around. Joe levels Kross and drops him with a big kick. The Joe chants continue. Joe drops Kross and delivers two big kicks, then an elbow drop to the heart.

Kross fights back but Joe catches him in a Sleeper. Kross counters and launches Joe with a big Doomsday Saito suplex. Joe gets sent to the floor and he’s down now. Kross talks trash. Kross follows and keeps control, sending Joe face-first into the Plexiglas barrier. Kross brings it back in and kicks Joe around. Kross with more offense and another Doomsday Saito. They go back and forth now. Joe kicks Kross off the apron and runs the ropes for a suicide dive, sending Kross into the barrier.

Kross turns it back around in the ring and delivers big clotheslines. Kross drops Joe on his head for another pin attempt. Kross taunts Joe and charges into the corner for a takedown. Joe comes right back with a powerslam for a 2 count. Joe with a powerbomb and he holds it for a 2 count. Joe goes right into a Crossface submission. Kross hangs on but Joe transitions and tightens the hold. Kross gets free and ends up leveling Joe with a big knee. Joe kicks out. Kross unloads with strikes to keep Joe down as fans boo.

Kross with a DDT for a 2 count. Joe comes back with a big belly-to-belly suplex but they’re both slow to capitalize. Kross takes Joe to the corner but Joe side-steps and unloads with strikes. Kross misses a big right hand and Joe hits the inverted Atomic Drop, the big boot and the senton in the middle of the ring for the close 2 count. Joe with another big senton. Joe applies the Coquina Clutch from behind now. Kross starts to fade. Joe takes Kross to the mat and tightens the hold, trying to lock his legs around the champ. Kross counters and applies the Kross Jacket submission.

Fans boo the hold by Kross. Joe starts fading but he powers up and rams Kross back into the corner to break the hold. Kross shoves Joe into the turnbuckles and then drops him with the forearm to the back of the neck. Kross readies for another forearm as Joe slowly recovers. Fans boo. Joe ducks the forearm and delivers a Uranage for a pop. Joe places Kross up top and delivers the big kick. Joe then drops Kross with the Muscle Buster in the middle of the ring for the pin to win.

Winner and New NXT Champion: Samoa Joe

After the match, Joe stands tall as his music hits and fans cheer him on. Joe takes the NXT Title as we go to replays. Takeover 36 goes off the air with Joe raising the NXT Title in the air on the stage as the pyro goes off around him and the Capitol Wrestling Center celebrates.

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