NXT Results – August 10, 2021

Live NXT Results - August 10, 2021

We start off with a look back at last week’s episode of NXT and a look ahead to this week’s show.

We are in the Capitol Wrestling Centre and your announcers are Wade Barrett, Beth Phoenix, and Vic Joseph. They inform us that Ember Moon in not medically cleared to compete and that Dakota Kai will face Sarray instead of Moon.

Dakota Kai vs. Sarray

Before the match, Dakota Kai takes the mic and tells Raquel Gonzalez she hopes she is watching because she is going to defeat the undefeated Sarray to show that she is no one’s side kick.  You are looking at the next NXT Women’s Champion.

Sarray is out next offers her hand but Dakota slaps it away.  They lock up and Kai with a wrist lock.  Kai with a top wrist lock and Sarray with a wrist lock of her own.  Kai with a wrist lock and Sarray with a reversal into a hammer lock.  Kai sends Sarray face first to the mat.  Kai slaps Sarray and she Irish whips Sarray into the corner. Sarray floats over and kicks Kai.  Kai with forearms in the corner.  Sarray with a springboard arm drag and she kicks Kai.  Sarray gets Kai up for a slam and sends Kai to the mat.  Sarray with a step over toe hold and she leans back for a Mutoh Lock.  Kai pulls the hair to escape and she kicks Sarray in the back.

Kai chokes Sarray in the corner.  Kai gets a near fall.  Kai chokes Sarray and gets a near fall.  Kai with forearms to the back.  Kai chokes Sarray in the ropes.  Kai with a snap mare and kick to the back.  Kai gets a near fall.  Kai with a suplex and she gets a near fall but Sarray bridges out.  Kai pulls Sarray to the mat by the hair for another near fall.  Sarray with a rollup for a near fall into a bridging single leg crab.  Kai gets to the ropes to force a break.  Sarray with kicks to the back.  Sarray stands on the back and then hits a seated splash for a near fall.

Sarray with a fisherman’s suplex for a near fall.  Sarray goes up top and hits a missile drop kick for a near fall.  Sarray charges into the corner but Kai with a drop toe hold to send Sarray into the turnbuckles.  Kai with a shoulder and she goes to the floor and trips Sarray followed by a boot to the head for a near fall.  Kai with a rear chin lock.  Kai gets a near fall.  Kai with forearms to the back.  Kai chokes Sarray in the ropes.  Kai with forearms to the back.  Kai stands on Sarray’s back and neck.  Kai with a forearm and snap mare for a near fall.  

Kai with a straitjacket choke.  Sarray with a jaw breaker.  Sarray with forearms followed by a German suplex and a victory roll for a near fall.  Sarray with a double stomp to Kai.  Sarray with a waist lock but Kai with elbows.  Kai misses a bicycle kick and Sarray with a German suplex for a near fall.  Kai with elbows and an Irish whip.  Kai with a running boot to the head for a near fall.  Kai with forearms and Sarray fires back.  They go back and forth.  Sarray with a forearm and Kai with a scorpion kick as she comes off the ropes.  Sarray with a drop kick that sends Kai against the ropes.  Sarray sets for the drop kick and hits it.  Sarray misses a second drop kick and Kai with a kick to the head.

We see Raquel Gonzalez arriving at the building in a much brighter version of the evening.

Sarray with a rollup for a near fall.  Sarray with a victory roll into a jackknife cover for a near fall.  Sarray with a spinning back kick and a jumping back heel kick.  Kai with a Yakuza Kick from second for the three count.

Winner:  Dakota Kai

After the match, Kai sets for another Yakuza Kick but Raquel Gonzalez gets into the ring and Kai runs away. Raquel gets a mic and she tells Dakota she will never beat Raquel Gonzalez and you will never have this.  If you wanted a chance, all you had to do was ask.  You will get your chance at Takeover.  At Takeover, I will tear you apart.

— We take a look back at the Gargano – Lumis match from last week and Indi Hartwell’s refusal to abide by the stipulation of the match by jumping Dexter. Vic mentions that Indi and Dexter are going on their first date.

— We see Indi getting ready for her date and Johnny and Candice are in the kitchen talking about how they got this house so the kids can have their own bedroom.  Johnny says they don’t want Indi to end up like Austin.

Dexter shows up with the look on his face that only Dexter can give and a bouquet of roses.  Elsewehre, Indi asks Candice how does she look.  Candice asks Indi if she has protection and Indi says she is the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion, she doesn’t need protection.

Johnny asks Dexter what his intentions are.  Johnny tells Dexter he will take her to a nice restaurant and they will be home by 10 PM.

Indi shows up in the kitchen and she tells Dexter she loves the flowers. As soon as Dexter and Indi leave we see that Candice and Johnny are going to follow them using a phone app to track their moves.

We go to commercial.

— Hit Row appear in a truck and they talk about how they were going to let this go until they jumped Swerve.  Swever says when they took out his grill, you disrespected not only Swerve, but Hit Row, and our culture.  Scott has a mask and he says respect before tossing it into the fire.

— Ilja Dragunov makes his way to the ring.

Ilja says he is not a man of the big words simply because where I come from and on the path I have been going, words don’t mean anything.  Pain has meant something.  The struggle has meant something.  This fighting spirit has meant something.  I have put all my strength not into my mouth, but straight into my fists.  If these fists and with everything else I am, I will make the unthinkable.  On August 22nd, at Takeover, you will witness chaos.  You will witness rage.  History will be made.  An unbeatable kingdom will fall when I will end WALTER’s reign and become the NXT UK Champion.  At Takeover…

Pete Dunne’s music interropts and he makes his way to the ring.

Pete says before you get ahead of yourself, you owe me a big thank you.  Without me traveling the world with the UK Championship and putting NXT UK on the map, and carrying the entire continent of Europe on my back, you don’t get to compete against WALTER, you don’t get to compete at Takeover, and you don’t get to stand across the ring from the baddest man in the business.  If I stayed in the UK, I would have finished you a long time ago.

Ilja says that Pete has a lot of big words.  He is not here because of you or anyone else.  I gave everything I have and I carried myself to the top.  I will make the impossible possible and beat WALTER.  That is something that you cannot change.  That is something you never did.  That is in two weeks.  How about you show me that your words are as strong as your will and fight tonight.

Dunne says Ilja must be as mad as you look.  After tonight, you won’t make it to Takeover.

— LA Knight is in the back with Cameron Grimes and McKenzie.  She asks him about leaving Cameron behind last week. Knight says that Cameron lost the match last week and kept him hanging.  He wanted to make sure that Grimes could clean up his mistakes on the golf course. McKenzie mentions Ted DiBiase coming out to help Grimes. Knight says that Grimes will see what it is like to win. Grimes puts the Million Dollar Belt on Knight’s shoulder, but he does not bring his Sonic beverage with him.

LA Knight vs. Andre Chase

They lock up and Knight with a side head lock and shoulder tackle.  Chase with a hip toss and arm drag.  Knight sends Chase into the ropes and then Knight with a head lock driver for the three count.

Winner:  LA Knight

After the match, Knight wants Grimes to do something for him but Ted DiBiase’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.  

Ted tells Knight this has gone too far.  Ted tells Cameron he knows he is a man of his word, but you could be doing a lot of other things.  Ted says Grimes shouldn’t be a butler.  he has so much more going for him.  He believes in Grimes and so do the people.  

Knight wants to know what does Ted want to say. 

Ted tells Knight to shut his mouth.  Ted tells Grimes he can be whatever he wants to be and he needs to follow his heart.  You need to be what you want to be.  You want to be a champion and I think you can be a champion.  If LA Knight puts the Million Dollar Championship on the line again, that is what would happen.

Knight says no and he says he beat Grimes twice.  You can feed Grimes all the false hope.  Knight says Grimes is his butler now.  You get me again at Takeoever.  When I beat you for the third time, Grimes won’t be his butler, Ted will. Ted says that is an interesting proposition.  Ted says he is a gambling man and his money is on Cameron Grimes and he has a lot of money.  Ted says that Knight is on.

— Gigi Dolin says you don’t drive yourself home every nigth beause you aren’t satisfied.  This is everything to us, not a 9 to 5 job.  It is making sure you take notice as I go through everyone in the women’s division and I am not alone.

We go to commercial.

— We are back and the Million Dollar Championship Match is now official.

Gigi Dolin (with Jacy Jayne) vs. Amari Miller

They lock up and Dolin sends Miller to the mat.  Miller with a hammer lock.  Dolin with a snap mare and pie face.  Miller with a waist lock and Dolin with an elbow.  Miller with a forearm and elbow.  Miller with a neck breaker for a near fall.  Dollin pulls Miller down from the apron and she drops the arm on the bottom rope.  Dolin stomps on the hand.  Miller with a forearm and Dolin with a forearm of her hown.  Dolin with forearms as Miller comes off the ropes.  Dolin with a swinging abdominal stretch bomb for the three count.

Winner:  Gigi Dolin

We go to commercial.

— We are back at Fresco for the date between Dexter and Indi. Indi talks about how classic it is to have chicken fingers at a restaurant.  Indi hears something that sounds like Candice and Johnny and she goes to a table and finds Candice.  Indi tells Johnny to leave them alone.  Candice leaves and Indi returns to Dexter.

Adam Cole makes his way to the ring first.  He is followed to the ring by Kyle O’Reilly.

Williams says the match will be two out of three falls.  You will pick the stipulation for the first two falls but Regal says if it goes to a third fall, he picks the stipulation.

Kyle says he is not ripping off Adam’s head right now because he has respect for Mr. Regal.  He has been thinking about ways to inflict pain on Adam, but the loss at Great American Bash hurts and he is choosing a straight pinfall or submission match.  A loss in a straight up match will hurt his ego more than a steel chair could.

Cole says Kyle is so predictable.  It is because you are delusional. You are in a fantasy world and you think you are a better competitor than I am.  For 13 years, I have shown you how much better I am than you.  I beat you at the Great American Bash, but you are trying to hang on the match at Takeover that was unsanctioned.  You smashed my skull into steel steps. I want the same thing as you.  The second fall needs to be a street fight.  Don’t worry what the third fall is going to be because I am going to beat you two falls to zero.  I will be the one to end the Kyle O’Reilly/Adam Cole saga.

Kyle says he slammed Cole’s head into the steps because you taught me.  I know what being a human piece of garbage can do you a career.  I have my priorities straight now.  I am literally willing to do anything to put you down for good.  I don’t care.  Now that I don’t give a damn, I am the most dangerous man you ever stepped in the ring with.

Cole calls Kyle a moron.  He says he has taught Kyle for 13 years and you have tried to live up to my legacy and you have ridden on my coattails.  You will never be Adam Cole.  I am the greatest NXT Superstar this brand has ever seen.  No one ever has and no one ever will.  You are a footnote on my career.  How about I teach you something else Kyle.  You don’t have a killer instinct.  You are soft.  Kool Kyle is pathetic.  Are you going to hit me?  You are nothing.

Cole pushes Kyle and Kyle pushes back.

William Regal says if there is a third fall, it will be in a steel cage.

— Tommaso Ciampa says that Dunne and Lorcan had a chance to show that they were the toughest, but they needed a third.  Enter Ridge Holland.  He is young and tough and big.  He is a blue chipper.  What Ridge is not, he is not Timothy Thatcher.  He is not Tommaso Ciampa.  You are looking at two men who have traveled the world to perfect our craft.  We chose this industry.  We define what is good, just, and pure about this industry.  Ridge wants to enter our world at their expense?  Let’s party. Thatcher tells Ciampa it is going to be Timothy Thatcher versus Ridge Holland.  Class is in session.

We go to commercial.

— We are back with Imperium.  Barthel says they are here to protect the purity of their sport.  Aichner says by any means necessary. MSK interrupts and they talk about interrupting someone’s message and then Carter says Imperium called their title reign meaningless.  If you want to be next in line for the tag titles… Wes Lee tells them to let them know because they are fighting champions.

Odyssey Jones vs. Trey Baxter in a Breakout Tournament SemiFinals Match

Baxter goes for a waist lock but Jones blocks it and he sends Baxter to the mat.  Jones blocks Baxter’s path and Baxter goes for a sunset flip but that does not work and Jones sends Baxter into the corner.  Baxter with a flying forearm and kick to the leg followed by forearms.  Jones picks up Baxter and tosses Baxter to the mat.  Baxter goes to the apron and kicks Jones.  Baxter goes for a springboard move but Jones with a press slam.  Jones picks up Baxter but Baxter with a sleeper.  Jones with a snap mare.  Baxter with an enzuigiri but Jones holds on.  Baxter with another enzuigiri and Jones releases the hold.  Baxter with a springboard drop kick to the knee followed by a DDT and round kick for a near fall.

Baxter goes to the turnbuckles but misses a move when Jones moves.  Jones with a splash in the corner followed by a uranage for the three count.

Winner:  Odyssey Jones (Advances to face winner of Duke Hudson versus Carmelo Hayes in the Finals)

Samantha Erwin is with Odyssey Jones and she asks him how does he feel.  He says he is excited to have his ticket punched for the finals.

— Boa says Disobedience will not be tolerated. We go to commercial.

— We are back and McKenzie Mitchell waits for William Regal and Roderick Strong and Malcolm Bivens emerge.  Bivens says that Regal has some news. Willaim says Imperium will face MSK for the tag titles next week.    Roderick Strong will face KUSHIDA for the Cruiserweight Championship next week.

— We see a tweet from Mandy Rose talking about Gigi Dolin’s victory.

Boa (with Mei Ying) vs. Drake Maverick

Boa with kicks to Maverick but he misses a kick in the corner.  Drake with kicks to Boa but Boa with a thrust to the throat.  Maverick with boots to Boa and he clips Boa.  Drake runs into a palm strike.  Boa with a kick and he applies a wrist lock and kicks Drake in the chest.  Boa with a round kick to the back and then he lifts Drake up by the wrist and sends him to the mat.  Boa lifts Drake up again and Drake gets on the shoulders.  Drake with a head scissors and Boa goes into the turnbuckles.  Drake with a drop kick and Boa goes to the floor.  Drake goes up top and hits a cannonball onto Boa.Boa 

Drake slams Boa’s leg into the apron.  While the referee deals with Boa in the ring, Mei sprays something in Drake’s face.  Boa with a round kick to the back of the head for the three count.

WInner:  Boa

We go to commercial.

— We are back for more of the date.  Indi says she can talk to Dexter all night.  She says she always has room for dessert.  The ‘waiter’ brings a cake for Indi and Dexter and it is Johnny Gargano.  Johnny says Dexter better be paying for dinner.  Johnny wants to take the cake with him and they fight over it and it gets all over Dexter.

Johnny leaves. Indi tells Dexter she always has room for deseert and she takes the cake off Dexter’s face.  They are about to kiss as Indi covers the camera lens.

— We take a look at the NXT TItle Match.  

Karrion Kross says he has a lot to say for a long time.  A lot of people would not get in the ring with me.  There is a right time and place and that is now.  I will not deny that I enjoy what I do.  Someone has to take this chaos and destruction.  That somebody was me.  

Joe says coming back is reserved for people who think they are gone.  

Kross says Joe came back like a superhero with a cape.

Joe says Kross has a big mouth and a championship.  Kross asks if you buy this crap.  Do you know who Samoa Joe really is.  He is not much different from me.  He likes to hurt people.

Joe says comparing him to Karrion Kross is like comparing a house fire to a hurricane.  I am much worse.  Kross says Joe is not trying to change things, but control them.  Kross says he knew what Joe was all about.  Just another opportunist.  Joe is getting what he always wanted, a second chance.  Joe says he is here to f*** Kross up.  Kross says change will occur by any means necessary.  When Joe goes out cold, so does the past of NXT.  Wherever time is tolled, everybody pays the toll.  Tick Tock.

Next week, we will have a face to face segment between Karrion Kross and Samoa Joe.

— We have a video package for Ilja Dragunov. Back to commercial.

 Ilja Dragunov vs. Pete Dunne

They lock up and Dunne takes Dragunov to the mat and applies a hammer lock.  Dunne with a wrist lock take down into an arm bar.  Dragunov with a fireman’s carry into a side head lock.  Dunne with a wrist lock and he works on the fingers and he takes Dragunov to the mat with a leg trip.  Dunne gets a near fall.  Dragunov with a double leg take down and he gets one of Dunne’s arms down and Dunne grabs the ears and hits a drop toe hold and he works on the leg and punches Dragunov.  Dragunov with a side head lock take down.  Dunne with a knee and a boot to the back followed by a chop.

Dragunov misses a punch but connects with a clothesline.  Dragunov with a waist lock and a German suplex but Dunne lands on his feet.  Dragunov with a matrix and enzuigiri.  Dragunov with a running knee into teh corner followed by an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.  Dragunov with a knee off the turnbuckles for a near fall.  Dragunov goes up top again but Dunnestops Dragunov and goes to the turnbuckles.  Dunne with a wrist lock but Dragunov with a chop and he sends Dunne to the mat.  Dragunov comes off the turnbuckles and Dunne with a forearm as Dragunov falls to the floor.  

Dunne brings Dragunov to the steps and he stomps on the hand.  Dunne returns to the ring.  Dunne with a figure four on the legs and he stomps on the chest.  Dunne with a knee drop to the shoulder and he works on the arm.  Dunne with another knee drop to the arm.  Dunne works on the other arm and then plays with Dragunov’s face.  Dunne with a kick to the ribs.  Dunne with a punch to the head and he gets Dragunov to the mat.  Dragunov with a kick to the back of the head.  Dunne with a boot to the shoulder.  Dunne with boots to the head.  Dragunov tells him to give him more.  Dragunov with a forearm and Dunne fires back.

They go back and forth.  Dragunov with a series of clotheslines to get Dunne to the mat.  Dunne kicks the shoulder but Dragunov with a series of clotheslines but Dunne kicks the arm.  Dragunov with the Konstantin Special and both men are down.  Dragunov with a wrist lock and chops to the side of the head.  Dragunov with a Gotch Suplex attempt but Dunne pulls at the fingers.  Dragunov with elbows and a Gotch suplex for a near fall.  Dunne with a boot to Dragunov and Dragunov with another matrix but Dunne kicks Dragunov in the arm.  Dragunov with a kick and back senton.

Dragunov with a rollup and elbows to Dunne.  Dunne with a Fujiwara arm bar into a Fujiwara arm bar on the injured arm.  Dragunov rolls through but Dunne with a triangle.  Dragunov goes for a forearm but Dunne gets his knee up.  Dunne with a triangle but Dragunov with a one arm power bomb for a near fall.  Dragunov gets a near fall.  Dragunov tries for the Gotch suplex but Dunne pulls at the fingers.  Dragunov with a chop and Dunne stomps on the hands and kicks Dragunov.  Dragunov falls in the ropes and Denne with a stomp to the hands and a forearm.  Dunne goes for the Bitter End but Dragunov escapes.  Dunne with a rollup into a cross arm breaker.  

Dragunov with a German suplex for a near fall.  Dragunov goes up to and hits the back senton.  Dragunov sets for Torpedo Moscow, but WALTER appears on the stage and makes his way to the ring.

Dragunov kicks Dunne to the floor so he can focus on WALTER.  Dunne goes for BItter End but Dragunov with a a jumping kick.  Dunne with a forearm to stop Torpedo Moscow.  Dunne with Bitter End for the three count.

Winner:  Pete Dunne

After the match, WALTER enters the ring and Dunne leaves. WALTER picks up Dragunov and slaps him.  WALTER gets Dragunov up and Dragunov with an arm drag and Torpedo Moscow. WALTER goes to the floor and Dratunov holds on to the title belt.

We go to credits

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