Former WWE Star Says Goldberg Was Unsafe When They Worked Together

Former WWE Star Says Goldberg Was Unsafe When They Worked Together

Former WWE star Rene Dupree joined That 90’s Wrestling Podcast to talk about his wrestling career. In particular Dupree talked about an incident with Goldberg where the former WWE Champion injured Dupree. It’s an incident he hasn’t forgotten.

“Yeah he dislocated my collarbone,” Dupree revealed. “We (La Resistance) had a pre-tape in the back with Goldberg and he hit me with the French flag and we had to do 5 takes. To this day, if I try to flex it, it still hurts. Yeah he’s the s***s. He’s horrible, many wrestlers will tell you that.”

Dupree is also shocked that Goldberg continues to have a prominent role in the modern day WWE. He attributes it to desperation on WWE’s part due to an inability to make new stars.

“To me they (WWE) must be desperate,” Dupree said. “That’s the only thing I can figure. They can’t create new stars or they don’t have confidence in the people they have.”

Dupree last wrestled for WWE in 2007, and has since primarily wrestled in Japan for All Japan Pro Wrestling, Wrestle-1 and Pro Wrestling NOAH. That said, he wouldn’t mind a return to WWE (or US wrestling as a whole) to show fans how much he’s improved.

“Depends on what day you ask me,” Dupree said with a laugh. “I don’t give a s–t who you are, that roar of the crowd is the most addicting adrenaline pumping experience you could ever have. And I know the ribbing and the bullying, that bulls–t doesn’t happen anymore. But there has to be a reason why guys are turning down half a million dollar a year deals. I don’t really talk to anyone that’s there, but on the outside looking in, and all these guys that’s all in love with wrestling that are willing to turn down that type of money I can understand that too. But at 37 years of age, I don’t know how many years I have left, and I am in the prime of my career.

“You know, when I first left there, I wanted to accomplish stuff outside of WWE as a wrestler to gain respect. And after nearly 60 tours of Japan, main eventing all over the world, main eventing sold out arena’s all over the world, I kind of like to think I’ve earned that respect from my peers. And honestly, WWE is the worldwide showcase, and I will also not be scared because there was a lot of times of ‘I can fire you Rene’ (John Laurinaitis voice) that wouldn’t scare me because I know there’s a world outside and I know how to work that game. So you can’t scare me with that bulls–t anymore. But because of that, that might actually hold me back because they know they can’t f**k with me that way. But I would love to work in front of an American audience audience and a worldwide audience again, just to show them I’m not the same wrestler I was back then. I’m a hell of a lot better.”

Former WWE Star Says Goldberg Was Unsafe When They Worked Together
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