WWE RAW Results – July 5, 2021

WWE RAW Results - July 5, 2021

WWE RAW Results – July 5, 2021 – We’re live from the WWE ThunderDome at Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida, and we see The Miz and John Morrison in the ring with a ladder for MizTV.

Miz welcomes everyone and he will have four guests tonight, the four men in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match from Raw.  Miz mentions he has cashed in twice, he says he is an expert.  Miz says that because of his expertise, the next winner will be John Morrison.

John says in front of a live audience in Fort Worth, he will reign in that match.  

Miz brings out the man he cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase on earlier in the year, Drew McIntyre.

Drew says Miz is the reason he has a love/hate relationship with the briefcase.  You did cash in successfully after I won the Elimination Chamber match and after Lashley attacked me from behind.  I haven’t stopped fighting my way back to the top.  I have not stopped until I win the Money in the Bank ladder match and cash in against any champion of his choosing.  

Drew mentions the Alamo and he says he is a distant relative of Davy Crockett.  He says they have similariites.  We are know for our fearlessness and for telling legendary stories.  He wants to make sure Morrison is extra moist that night because if you show up I will be shoving Morrison’s head up your ass.  I would rather die in Texas than surrender that briefcase.

Ricochet makes his way to the ring. Miz yells at Ricochet for not waiting for his introduction.  Miz brings up Ricochet’s recklessness and we see what he did last week to John Morrison. Miz says Ricochet was lucky that match ended in a double count out.  That stunt could have cost both of your careers.

Ricochet says he is a little shook about what happened last week.  That was just a little taste of what I am willing to do to grab that Money in the Bank contract.  If I have to use your wheelchair as a battering ram to get the briefcase.

Riddle’s music interrupts John Morrison and he scoots to the ring. Riddle climbs the ladder and Miz asks Riddle for a comment on his doomed attempt to wrestle on Randy’s behalf.Riddle says this is what everyone should be doing.  He says he is high and sad.  His foot is healed up but his bro is not in the match.  He says he will make Randy proud.

Miz asks Riddle why hasn’t Randy kicked him in the skull yet. Riddle says they are best friends. Drew says that he admires Riddle and Randy’s friendship.

AJ Styles interrupts and he makes his way to the ring with Omos.

AJ says he was robbed of his opportunity to be in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.  AJ says Randy Orton dropped out of the Last Chance Qualifying Match.  It shouldn’t have been a Triple Threat Match.  It should have been one on one, Drew McIntyre versus AJ Styles.  It had to be a Triple Threat Match that I was not pinned in.  If anyone deserves to be in the ladder match, it is me.  It was Riddle who was pinned.  AJ says it is all Riddle’s fault.

Riddle says that AJ looks like a rabbit down there and then he wants Omos to give him a high five. Omos wastes no time in tipping the ladder over. Riddle lands hard and hurts his leg it appears. Drew taunts Riddle. Omos throws the ladder out of the ring. Riddle, with his hurt foot taped up, tries to get back to his feet but he can’t.

AJ runs over and kicks the injured ankle. Morrison drops Ricochet from behind as fans boo him. AJ and Omos exit the ring. Ricochet counters and tosses Morrison over the top rope to the floor. Omos comes back in but Drew knocks him off the apron to the floor. Ricochet kicks Morrison back to the floor as he tries to re-enter. Morrison yells at Drew and Ricochet from his wheelchair, still in the ring. Ricochet takes the Drip Stick and breaks it over his knee as we go back to commercial.

John Morrison vs. Ricochet

Ricochet with punches to Morrison followed by chops and more forearms.  Ricochet with an Irish whip and clothesline into the corner.  Ricochet gets a near fall.  Ricochet with a punch and kicks.  Ricochet with another Irish whip and clothesline into the corner.  Ricochet with a slam and elbow drop for a near fall.  Ricochet with punches and a rear chin lock.  Morrison with a forearm and kicks in the corner.  Morrison catapults Ricochet’s throat into the bottom rope.  Morrison with a reverse chin lock into a cravate.  

Ricochet with a chop and Morrison with a back heel kick and a neck breaker.  Morrison gets a near fall.  Morrison returns to the reverse chin lock.  Ricochet with an elbow and Morrison with a knee.  Ricochet with a head scissors that sends Morrison to the floor.  Ricochet with a baseball slide but he goes into the wheelchair.  Morrison misses with the drip stick.  Ricochet uses Miz to propel himself to Morrison for a rana attempt but Morrison sends Ricochet into the ringside barrier.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Morrison kicks Ricochet.  Ricochet with punches and Morrison pushes Ricochet and takes Ricochet down with a head butt to the midsection.  Morrison with a double stomp and he misses a kick but Ricochet with a rollup for a near fall.  Ricochet with a rollup for a near fall.  Ricochet with a chop and punch.  Ricochet with a knee and Morrison with a standing Spanish Fly for a near fall.  Morrison traps one arm while punching Ricochet in the ribs.  Morrison with forearms in the corner.

Ricochet kicks Morrison out of the corner and Ricochet with a satellite DDT.  Ricochet with punches and forearms.  Ricochet with a clothesline for a near fall.  Miz sprays Ricochet and Morrison blocks a round kick and gets a near fall with a rollup.  Morrison with a kick and another kick to the back.  Morrison with a knee to the chest against the ropes.  Ricochet avoids Morrison and Morrison lands on the apron.  Ricochet with a cross body to Morrison on the apron and both men fall to the floor.  Miz blocks Ricochet’s path back into the ring and Ricochet is counted out.

Winner by Count Out:  John Morrison


Jinder Mahal arrived earlier today on his motorcycle and Shanky and Veer greet him.  Kevin Patrick asks Jinder about his match with Drew McIntyre. Jinder says they were close friends.  Jinder says Drew was with him when he picked up this motorcycle.  I texted Drew to go riding for old time’s sake.  It took 3 days to respond and he couldn’t even spell out his response.  Drew is in Money in the Bank, but I should have been in the match too.  That is why I demanded the match tonight.  I have always been better than Drew and I will prove it tonight.


Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, and Reginald are in the back and Reginald tells Shayna and Nia that Alexa is there and Shayna sees nothing.  Shayna tells Reginald he is an almost grown man and he is seeing shadows.  Nia says they need to get together for this match. They walk away and we see Alexa in the background.

We go to commercial.

— We go to a video package for the New Day versus Bobby Lashley and MVP feud.

— We take a look back at what happened last week with Alexa Bliss, Shayna Baszler, Nikki Cross, Nia Jax, and Reginald.


Nikki Cross, Naomi, and Asuka are in the back and Naomi says she is happy for Nikki’s new look.  Asuka says she always wanted to team with a superhero.  Nikki says she isn’t a superhero like Black Widow.  She is almost a Superhero.  She says she began to believe in herself and now she has a chance to win the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.  Nikki says there are some out there who don’t always have confidence in themselves, but if they do, who knows what they can do. Naomi tells Nikki that she is winning Money in the Bank.  Asuka says she is going to win Money in the Bank.

Nikki Cross, Naomi, Asuka, and Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, Eva Marie, and Doudrop

Naomi and Doudrop start things off..  Eva tags herself in before anything happens.  They lock up and Eva backs Naomi into the corner and Naomi pushes Eva away.  Eva with a forearm and she tags Doudrop back in.  Naomi drop kicks Doudrop off the apron to the floor.  Naomi with a flip dive onto Nia and Shayna.  Asuka with a running hip attack off the apron to Doudrop.  Nikki with a plancha onto Doudrop.  Eva turns around and Alexa screams at Eva and Eva goes down and goes to the floor as we go to commercial.

We are back and Alexa kicks Doudrop but Doudrop with a forearm and Alexa goes into the ropes but Nikki tags in and Doudrop sends Nikki to the mat.  Nikki with a drop kick and Asuka tags in and she kicks Doudrop.  Doudrop blocks a kick and connects with a head butt.  Nia tags in and they hit a double splash to Asuka and NIa gets a near fall.  Nia gets another near fall.  Shayna tags in and Shayna punches Asuka.  Shayna gets a naer fall.  Shayna with punches to Asuka.  Shayna works on the ankle and then falls back to hyper-extend the leg.  Eva tags in and she kicks Asuka.  Eva tags Nia in.  Nia with a slam to Asuka and she gets a near fall.  Nia with a chin lock on Asuka.

Nia with a forearm to knock Nikki off the apron.  Asuka with punches but Nia with a had butt.  Alexa stares at Reginald at ringside and Shayna tells Reginald to snap out of it.  Reginald walks to Alexa but Alexa is pulled off the apron and send into the ringside barrier.  

Nia with an Irish whip and Asuka sends Shayna to the mat and Nia misses a shoulder and goes into the ring post.  Eva tags in and Asuka with kicks and Shayna is tagged in.  Asuka rolls through and tries for a cross arm breaker but Shayna blocks it and counters with one of her own.  Asuka gets a near fall with a rollup.  Naomi tags in and hits a springboard round kick and Asuka with a German suplex.  Doudrop makes the save and hits a cannonball on Naomi.  Nikki tags in and hits a cross body.  Eva makes the save but Nikki sends Eva to the floor.  Nikki goes for La Magistral but Nia made the tag.  Nikki with forearms and Nia catches Nikki on a cross body and hits a Samoan Drop for the three count.

Winners:  Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, Eva Marie, and Doudrop


We go to the Lashley Lounge and the Lashley Lounge Ladies.  Kevin Patrick ambushes and asks MVP about the change in the match to a tag match. Porter wonders who Kevin got into the room.  He tells Kevin to make an appointment to talk to Lashley.  He says that Woods does not belong in the ring with Lashley.  Porter says being in Lashley’s corner is one of the biggest honors of his career.  He will not be disrepected by Kofi. Lashley says he eviscerated Drew and Xavier in Hell in a Cell matches and I took a vacation.  He says he heard Kofi say that he was soft.  I am not soft and I will end the New Day and Kofi’s pipe dreams.  We hurt people and that is what we do.

Back to commercial.

Mustafa Ali vs. Mansoor

Mansoor goes for the leg but Ali avoids him.  Ali with a wrist lock and Mansoor with a reversal.  Ali with an arm drag into an arm bar.  Mansoor backs Ali into the corner and Mansoor with a clean break.  Ali backs Mansoor into the corner and then sweeps the leg and tells Mansoor to take every advantage.  Ali with an arm drag into a reverse chin lock.  Mansoor with a back elbow.  Mansoor with a clothesline and chop.  Masnoor with an irsih whip and reverse atomic drop and spinebuster for a near fall.  Ali with a kick and Mansoor with an enzuigiri that has Ali’s leg caught in the ropes.  The referee tries to free Ali and Mansoor helps as well.

Mansoor gets back in the ring and Ali with a rollup for the three count.

Winner:  Mustafa Ali


Drew is in Gorilla Position and Sarah asks Drew about Jinder’s comments.  Drew says Jinder is willing to get into the ring to fight him.  Nothing is given, everything is earned.  Drew says his sword is important to his family.  Drew talks about the origin of his sword and it is linked to the Loch Ness Monster and her tooth.

Drew McIntyre vs. Jinder Mahal

McIntyre makes his way to the ring as we go to commercial.

They lock up and Drew backs Jinder into the corner and gives a clean break.  They lock up and Mahal with a side head lock and shoulder tackle but Drew bounces off the ropes and takes Jinder to the mat with a shoulder tackle.  Drew with a shoulder tackle and Mahal with a kick and punch.  Mahal sends Drew into the turnbuckles and punches Drew.  Jinder with an Irish whip and Drew with a clothesline out of the corner.  Drew with punches and chops.  Mahal with a kick and elbow to the back of the head.  Drew punches Jinder in the corner.

Drew goes for a suplex but Jinder blocks it and hits a suplex of his own.  Mahal with a kick to the head and a punch.  Drew with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and Mahal goes to the floor.  Veer and Shanky block Jinder from Drew and Jinder with a double thrust to the throat and Jinder suplexes Drew onto the announce table.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Jinder with a rear chin lock and then he turns it into a reverse chin lock.  Drew punches and chops Jinder.  Drew kicks Jinder and Jinder with a jumping knee for a near fall.  Jinder with a forearm and he chokes Drew in the ropes.  Jinder with a kick to the back and he chokes Drew in the corner.  The referee warns Jinder and Jinder with forearms and a hard Irish whip.  Mahal with crossfaces.  Jinder punches Drew but Drew with a head butt.  Drew with clotheslines and an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and then he hits a second one from the corner.  Drew with a neck breaker.  Drew with a kick and he tries for a Future Shock but Jinder escapes and goes for Khallas.  Drew escapes and hits Future Shock.

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