ROH Best In The World Results – July 11, 2021

ROH Best In The World Results - July 11, 2021

ROH Best In The World Results – July 11, 2021 – Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman welcome us to the pre-show. Tracy Williams is out tonight after not being cleared to wrestle (hit by a car a few weeks back). The tag titles will still be defended with Jay Lethal stepping in for his fellow Foundation stablemate.

Rey Horus vs. Demonic Flamita

Action is fast and furious as the two battle out on the floor. They make their way back into the ring, Horus up top, leaps, and eats a dropkick in midair. Flamita taunting his opponent, puts him on the top rope and tries to rip off Horus’ mask. He puts Horus in the tree of woe position, running dropkick, cover, two-count. He continues to work over Horus, but Horus hits a twisting body scissors off the second rope and lands a huge spinning DDT off the second rope, cover, two.

Flamita comes back with a powerbomb, cover, two. Flamita floats back up to the top rope, slow to leap, frog splash and Horus lifts his knees. Back and forth shots in the middle of the ring. Horus gets popped up, but still hits a DDT, pin, two-count. Flamita hits double knees to the face, superkick, cover, two. Flamita looks for a powerbomb, reversed into a pin by Horus, cover, and that will get the win.

Winner: Rey Horus via Pinfall

– Post-match, Flamita attacks Horus from behind. He spits at Horus and leaves the ring.

– ROH World Champion Rush and the rest of LFI make their way into the building.

– Kenny King heads out to the stage with a microphone in hand. He hypes up the crowd for tonight’s PPV. He tells them the wrestlers in the back have been waiting for over a year to wrestle for the fans. King introduces himself and what he does in LFI. King says he’s not wrestling tonight, but LFI is going to take home all the gold. He guarantees that Dragon Lee is leaving tonight with the gold. He calls Bandido a scrub and won his opportunity through a contest. He finishes that LFI is ready to dominate ROH and run over anyone in their way.

– Multiple video packages shown to hype tonight’s main card matches.

– Matt Taven in the ring for his “Trending with Taven” segment. Taven says he should be excited to see everyone in the crowd, but he had to undergo two surgeries, thanks to The Righteous. He runs down some good things that have happened lately in ROH, but those memories are ruined because of Vincent. He says there’s only way for things to end, but Vincent’s group interrupts him before he can say much more. Vince dances and snaps his way into the ring. He gets on the mic and asks Taven, “Why the long face?” Taven doesn’t want to hear it and says it’s obvious ROH isn’t big enough for the two of them, and there’s only one way for it to end. On August 21 in Philly, Taven vs. Vincent and win, lose, or draw, Taven leaves ROH.

Vincent doesn’t want to sign it, he’s having too much fun with Taven. Vincent says he doesn’t care about Taven’s career, but he does have something Taven has…his ROH World Title shot. Taven says how about just the two of them with his title shot on the line? Vincent ups the ante by making it a Steel Cage Match. Taven says since he agreed to that, he can get physical again and smacks Vincent with the table. The rest of The Righteous jump in the ring and battle Taven. Vincent eventually whacks Taven with the clip board and the group ends up throwing Taven through his neon sign that was attached to a ladder in the ring. Taven goes crashing out to the floor. Vincent says he was once buried for four years in The Kingdom, but Taven is going to soon see him as the ROH World Champion.

– Quinn McKay heads out to the stage with a mic. She welcomes back the fans and plugs a few ROH items. She says fans will get to see the new ROH Women’s Championship and the bracket for the upcoming tournament.

PCO and Danhausen vs. The Bouncers (Brawler Milonas and Beer City Bruiser)

Danhausen gets a nice pop from the crowd. Bruiser immediately beats up Danhausen, stomps away, tags in Milonas, double spinebuster. Danhausen launched in to the corner, eats a few shots, big splash in the corner, shoulder tackle puts down his opponent. Bruiser back in the match, Danhausen throws some shots to the midsection, hits the ropes and gets dropped. Milonas back in the match, taunts a bit, trust fall crushes Danhausen. Danhausen hits a release german suplex on Bruiser! He then tags in PCO, flapjack on Bruiser, machine gun chops to Milonas and then a clotheslines sends Milonas to the mat. PCO with a crossbody splash in the corner on Milonas. Bruiser near the apron, PCO climbs to the top rope and hits a senton down on him! Crowd loved that.

PCO then hits a cannonball senton on Milonas. Back in the ring, Danhausen looks to chokeslam Bruiser, no luck. PCO gets in the ring, double chokeslam hits. Danhausen thought he did it on his own, and gives PCO a shove. PCO is “malfunctioning” and goes after Danhausen, but he moves and PCO crushes Bruiser. Lots of action on the floor. Bruiser drops down from the apron on PCO. Danhausen tries to leap on Milonas, but he’s caught in midair. Danhausen pops up to the apron, superkick, head scissors into the ring post. Danhausen gets the jar of teeth, puts them in Bruiser’s mouth, pump kick, and then looks for his finisher. He doesn’t get it at first, tries again, and ends up just hitting a death valley driver on the teeth. PCO goes up top and hits a big moonsault, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: PCO and Danhausen via Pinfall

– Hype video package to kick off tonight’s main card.

The Briscoes vs. PJ Black and Brian Johnson

Johnson talking a whole lot of trash on his way to the ring. Briscoes head out and get a huge pop from the crowd. They high-five a bunch of fans. The two team pair off and battle on the floor. Black gets suplexed on the barricade and then the apron. Mark sets a chair up in the ring and then leaps off it, hitting a senton on Johnson. Back in the ring, Jay lands a big boot to Johnson’s face. Mark chops away at Johnson. “Briscoes!” chant breaks out.

Johnson able to recover and put Mark down for a two-count. Johnson and Jay both talking some trash and then throw shots in center of the ring. Jay accidentally knocks Mark off the apron, Johnson with a roll-up for two. Johnson with a cutter, Black hits a springboard 450 splash for a two-count. Black gets kicked out to the floor, as does Johnson. Mark hits a blockbuster on Black. He then hits an elbow drop off the apron down on Johnson. Back in the ring, Jay hits a jay driller on Black. Mark with a froggy bow, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: The Briscoes via Pinfall

EC3 vs. Flip Gordon

Bit of a feeling out process from both wrestlers as things get started. Flip looks to be focused on EC3’s knee, working it as much as he can. Flip with a kneelock, but EC3 kicks out of it. Flip hits a standing moonsault, pin, two-count. EC3 able to drop Flip and throws punches. Gordon gets sent to the mat, then rolls out to the floor. He trips up EC3, then throws his bad leg into the ring post. He jumps back in and hits a chop block from the back and the front.

STF locked in on EC3, he gets out of it though. Flip heads to the top rope, but is cut off. EC3 lands a superplex off the top rope. Gordon is up and tries for a springboard move, but eats a chop, then takes a powerbomb. EC3 drops Gordon with a butterfly driver and locks in his submission, find the purpose, and Gordon taps out.

Winner: EC3 via Submission

– Post-match, Gordon isn’t happy about losing. EC3 offers his hand, but Gordon slaps him in the face. EC3 puts his hand out again and gets slapped again. EC3 tries a third time, Flip goes for a slap and instead spits on EC3.

Shane Taylor Promotions (c) vs. Dalton Castle, Dak Draper, and Eli Isom (ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship)

Kaun gets the best of Draper as we get going. Both men tag out and in come Isom and Moses. Moses with a pounce on his opponent. Isom tries for a waistlock, but gets spun away. Castle tags in, Moses talking trash. “I can’t hear you, they’re chanting my name!” Castle says about the live crowd. Castle wit ha few shots to the face and ends up in the corner. Castle tries for a sneaky shot, misses, ends up dropping the ropes so Moses goes out to the floor. He does some taunting, goes out to the floor and hypes up the crowd with his boys clapping around him.

When he gets back in the ring, Taylor is waiting for him. Castle running his mouth a whole lot and Taylor ends up just knocking him out, lol. Castle gets backed up into his corner and quickly tags in Isom. Taylor with a big spinebuster on Isom. Distraction allows Draper to get in a cheaper shot, he then tags in and works over Kaun, cover, two. Castle tags in and hits a t-bone suplex. Isom and Draper say to pin him, but he ends up tagging Isom. Release german suplex on Kaun, black hole bomb, cover, two. Castle yelling at Isom for trying to pin his opponent?! The challengers are not getting along. Moses tags in and hits a spear on Draper. Moses lands a big cannonball senton on both Castle and Isom. Crowd was all about that.

Back in the ring,  Taylor with the blind tag. Draper catches Moses in midair, cover, but he’s not the legal man. Taylor takes a punch, but throws a big headbutt, marcus garvey driver, cover, Isom breaks up the pin. Isom tags in, and plants Taylor. Castle is just out on the floor with his boys fanning him. Isom and Castle both go up to the top rope at the same time. Isom shoves Castle down. Kaun lands a super jackhammer on Isom. Everyone getting dropped in the ring now. Taylor hits welcome to the land on Draper, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Shane Taylor Productions via Pinfall

Josh Woods vs. Silas Young (Last Man Standing)

Woods attacks Young during his entrance before he can even get to the ring. Woods dominating his opponent thus far as he grabs a chair from under the ring. He goes to swing, but Young pulls the ref in the way. Young gets the chair and cracks Woods over the back. Young then brings a table out and sets it up on the floor.

Young pulls out a ladder and puts it up against the apron as Woods strikes. Woods splits the uprights, sending Young into the ring post. Referee starts his ten-count, but Young gets up. Woods brings out another table and slides it into the ring. Table is put up against the corner. Woods with big corner-to-corner strikes on Young. Woods look for a move, but Young just lifts and drives him through the table. Both trading shots in the center of the ring.

Woods goes out to the floor and puts two tables next to each other. Young with a lowblow kick to Woods. Woods gets up and sits on a chair. Young tries for a cannonball senton, but is caught and powerbombed into a nearby ladder. Woods tosses a bunch of chairs into the ring. Both head into the ring, Woods hung up in the ropes, Young with a chairshot to the back, then a german suplex on the rest of the chairs on the mat. Young hits a TKO on the chairs. Woods and Young on the apron near the two tables. They swing away wildly at each other. Woods with some elbows and tries for a german suplex, no, he eventually is able to hit it as both men end up going through the two tables. Ref starts his ten-count and Woods is able to get to his feet in time.

Winner: Josh Woods

– Backstage, Quinn McKay looks to talk with Matt Taven about his upcoming Steel Cage Match against Vincent. He said he wants that more than anything. Taven says he got the win tonight and finally is going to get Vincent to leave him alone. He’s going to leave Vincent with scars in August.

Jay Lethal vs. Brody King

The two shake hands before the bell ring. King with a slap to the face and Lethal is already bringing down the straps on his ring gear. Lethal with some shots, but eats a few chops. Lethal with some misdirection, lethal injection hits, cover, one-count! King quickly gets to the floor. Lethal with a suicide dive, a second one, a third, a fourth?! Lethal keeps attacking, but King keeps climbing into the ring. He then sends Lethal out to the floor. King brings him back on up the apron and chops Lethal into the ring.

King continues to control the match. They both end up on the second rope, Lethal powerbombs King to the mat. He looks for a figure-four, ends up trying for a jackknife pin. King up and hits a snap piledriver on Lethal. Jay quickly rolls out to the floor. Lethal is sent into the barricade. King grabs a chair and sits Lethal in it. He hits a couple bit chops, and then charges in for a crossbody splash. Back in the ring, King looks to put Lethal away, but no luck. Lethal can’t hit multiple moves in a row at this point. King with a gonzo bomb, another one! Cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Brody King via Pinfall

Jonathan Gresham (c) vs. Mike Bennett (ROH Pure Championship)

Crowd pretty split as the two get ready for their match. Lots of mat wrestling early on with Gresham controlling the action. Gresham does end up using his first rope break. Big time arm drag by Gresham and goes right back to the wristlock. The champion tells Bennett, “you don’t belong here.” Bennett with another wristlock, but Bennett uses his first rope break to get out of it.

Bennett on the floor, Gresham tries to splash down on him, caught in midair, but Gresham with another wristlock! Bennett is tapping out, but can’t win out on the floor. Bennett uses his second rope break. Bennett gets his own submission locked in, Gresham uses his second break. Gresham with a kick to Bennett’s bad arm. Bennett hits a clothesline, death valley driver, cover, two-count. He goes right back to the london dungeon arm submission, tries for a pin, two-count. Gresham with a flurry of attacks, finishing with a big kick to the bad arm.

Cobra twist on Bennett, he gets to the ropes and that’s his last! 15 minutes deep into the match. Gresham nails an enziguri, springboard moonsault, suicide dive out to the floor. He immediately gets Bennett in the ring, springboards right into a superkick, Bennett with a powerbomb, cover, two. Big clothesline on the champ, cover, two, and reversed right into a facelock. Bennett has no rope breaks, Gresham throwing elbows to the back of the neck. Bennett lifts Gresham, but he puts in a sleeper hold. Bennett then launches Gresham into the corner, powerbomb, lariat, piledriver, cover, 1-2-3! Gresham’s foot is under the rope though and they say no three-count. Gresham has no more rope breaks. Gresham with a kick to the knee, kick to the arm, and Gresham bends Bennett’s bad knee to the side until Bennett’s taps out.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham via Submission

– Backstage, Jay Lethal is too banged up to defend the tag titles. Titus tells Williams he can’t go out there because they will strip him of the titles. Titus tells Gresham he has to be his tag partner. Gresham isn’t thrilled with that after just having a match, but agrees to the match.

Tony Deppen (c) vs. Dragon Lee with Bestia (ROH World TV Championship)

Quick start to this one as both throw haymakers at each other in the center of the ring. Lee with a big boot in the corner, followed up by a bunch of shots. Deppen follows up with a rising knee strike and multiple chops in the corner. Lee with a huge chop to Deppen, but then gets dropkicked out to the floor. Deppen slides out to the floor, then sends Lee into the barricade. Lee explodes out of that with a kick to the face. Deppen returns fire with a german suplex.

Cannonball destroyer out on the floor by Deppen! Right back in the ring, Deppen looks to finish the match, no luck. Lee recovers and hits a low dropkick in the corner. Deppen caught up in the ropes. Lee with a huge double stomp, both men crash down to the floor. In the ring, Deppen with a reversal into a roll-up for two. Kenny King has been on commentary for this match and heads to the ringside area. King gets on the apron to pose for the distraction. Lee with a big kick to the face, but eats a dropkick by Deppen. Both guys trade a couple release german suplexes. Poinsonrana by Lee and he runs right into a big lariat.

Both wrestlers trading strikes in the middle of the ring. Lee hits the dragon driver for a two-count. Lee with knees to the face. Deppen catches one and throws a bunch of chops to the neck. Lee blasts him with a clothesline, cover, one-count. Lee looks for the running knee finisher, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Dragon Lee via pinfall to win the ROH World TV Championship

– Post-match, Chris Dickinson and Homicide ran out to the ring to protect Deppen from an attack.

Jonathan Gresham and Rhett Titus (c) vs. Chris Dickinson and Homicide (Fight Without Honor for the ROH World Tag Team Championship)

Gresham and Titus decide to get on with this tag match and immediately attack their opponents. Brawling all over the ring as the chairs are already coming out. Titus gets sent off the top rope and down on a chair! Titus and Homicide out on the floor, Titus ends up hitting a falcon arrow through the table. Back in the ring, Dickinson with a suplex on Gresham, cover, two. He then chokes Gresham with his shirt.

The two teams battle all over the place. Titus with a chairshot to Dickinson. Homicide catches Titus on the top rope and nails him with an ace crusher. All four men are down at this point. Gresham lands an enziguri, dropped by Homicide. Titus blocks an ace crusher by Homicide, but then takes a german suplex from Dickinson. Titus with a belly-to-belly (with a chair) on Homicide, cover, two. Homocide grabs a fork and says he’s going stab Gresham! Titus is able to drop Homicide before he can do that. Dickinson gets Titus up on the top turnbuckle and powerbombs him through a table! Homicide hits 187 on Gresham, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Homicide and Chris Dickinson via pinfall to win the ROH World Tag Team Championship

– Maria Kanellis reveals the bracket for the upcoming Women’s Championship Tournament. She then introduces Chelsea Green! Green has a broken arm and isn’t cleared for action yet, but said she is going to be watching the division very closely. In one month’s time she plans on taking the women’s division to the top.

Rush (c) vs. Bandido (ROH World Championship)

Rush quickly hits the bull’s horns on Bandido! He looks for the cocky pin, but just picks up his foot. He decides to keep the match going and throws Bandido out to the floor and then right into the barricade. Rush slams the barricade door on Bandido and launches him into the barricade again. Rush continues to beat up the challenger on the floor. Back in the ring, Rush continues to kick away at Bandido’s bad shoulder and head. He teases bull’s horns again, stops, and gives a light strike to Bandido, then poses for the crowd. Bandido rolls out to the floor.

He toys with him, before throwing Bandido back in the ring. Rush playing around and ends up taking a dive from Bandido. Bandido with a twisting splash down on the champion. Bandido looks for a big knee, blocked, but he hits a crucifix bomb for two. Rush counters a move for two. Rush charges in, nobody home, Bandido hits a kick, goes for springboard splash and eats a kick midair. Bandido out to the floor, Rush then flips out and on him. Rush decides to bring out a table and line it up next to the timekeeper’s table. The two are on the apron now, Bandido goes into the ring, superkick, charges and both guys end up crashing down through the two tables.

Referee gets to 18 before Rush finally gets in the ring. Bandido at 19! Snap german suplexes from both wrestlers. Huge roundhouse kick by Rush to put the challenger down. Deadlift second rope german suplex on Bandido, cover, two. They end up on the top rope, moonsault press on Rush! Bandido hits his finisher, 21-Plex, 1-2-no! Bandido launched into the corner. Rush rips Bandido’s mask off. Rush ends up knocking down the referee and looks over at him. Bandido rolls up Rush for the victory!

Winner: Bandido via pinfall to win the ROH World Championship

– Post-match, Rush throws the ref out of the ring. The rest of LFI rush the ring and beat up Bandido. Rush grabs the title and smacks Bandido with it.

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