NXT Results – July 27, 2021

NXT Results - July 27, 2021

NXT Results – July 27, 2021 – We start off with a video package for the Samoa Joe and Karrion Kross situation.

Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher vs. Oney Lorcan and Pete Dunne

Dunne and Thatcher start things off and they lock up.  Thatcher with a wrist lock into a hammer lock.  Dunne with an ankle pick into a figure four on the legs.  They go to a Greco Roman Knuckle Lock and Dunne bridges but Thatcher gets a near fall.  Thatcher stands on Dunne’s face and applies an arm bar but Dunne returns to the legs but Thatcher gets free.  They return to the knuckle lock and Thatcher takes Dunne to the mat.  Dunne with a triangle but Thatcher counters into a single leg crab.  Dunne with a knee bar but Thatcher gets a near fall.  Dunne rolls away from Thatcher and Ciampa tags in.  Lorcan tags in as well.

They lock up and Ciampa with a side head lock and Ciampa holds on when Lorcan tries to send him off the ropes.  Ciampa holds on a second time.  Lorcan with chops but Ciampa chops back and he sends Lorcan to the apron and then he sends Lorcan to the floor with a running knee.  Ciampa sends Lorcan back into the ring after acknowleging Dunne.  Thatcher tags in and he connects with a knee to the back.  Thatcher with a double wrist lock take down.  Thatcher with a figure four arm scissors.  Ciampa tags back in and he kicks Lorcan and stomps on the hand after mocking Dunne’s pose.

Dunne tags in and they lock up.  Ciampa with a wrist lock into an arm bar and Dunne with a clothesline.    Dunne with a head lock but Ciampa with a reversre chin lock.  Thatcher stiops Lorcan and then Ciampa and Thatcher with forearms across the chest and then Thatcher and Lorcan roll to the floor.  Dunne grabs the fingers but Ciampa with a kick and Dunne is sent to the floor.  Lorcan and Dunne are sent into the plexiglass while Ciampa and Thatcher applaud their work.

Thatcher with a European uppercut to Lorcan while Dunne punches Ciampa.  Ciampa sends Dunne into the plexiglass and then he chops Dunne.  Ciampa with a back elbow to Dunne.  Thatcher tags in and he works on the wrist.  Dunne gets to the ropes and then he connects with a forearm to Thatcher and a drop kick to the head.  Dunne chops Thatcher and Lorcan tags in.  Lorcan and Dunne chop Thatcher.  Lorcan with a Euroepan uppercut and he backs Thatcher into the corner.  Lorcan with shoulders and Dunne tags back in.  Dunne with a take down and a step over toe hold and he rolls through into a Trailer Hitch.  

Thatcher with a rollup for a near fall.  Lorcan tags in and he stomps on Thatcher.  Lorcan sends Thatcher into the turnbuckles and kicks him and follows with a European uppercut.  Lorcan goes for a single leg crab but Thatcher blocks it and Lorcan with a heel hook into the single leg crab.  Dunne tags in and he sets for a surfboard and Lorcan tags in and Lorcan with chops to Thatcher.  Thatcher with a European uppercut and Lorcan joins in the exchange.  Lorcan with a chop and Thatcher chops back.  

Lorcan slaps Thatcher and goes for a half and half suplex but Thatcher with an enzuigiri.  Ciampa and Dunne tag in and Ciampa with clotheslines to Dunne and even to Lorcan.  Ciampa ends the series of clotheslines with a flying double clothesline.  Lorcan with a European uppercut to Thatcher.  Ciampa with a clothesline to Lorcan.

Dunne and Ciampa exchange forearms but Dunne with a German suplex and he stomps on the hands.  Ciampa with a Fujiwara arm bar and Lorcan tries to pull Dunne to the floor but Thatcher with an ankle lock on the floor.  Ridge Holland attacks Thatcher from the penalty box.  Lorcan goes after Ciampa and Dunne hits the Bitter End for the three count.

Winners:  Pete Dunne and Oney Lorcan

After the match Ridge Holland enters the ring and Holland with a shoulder tackle to Thatcher when he returns to the ring.  Holland sends Thatcher into the ropes and then he slams Thatcher into the ropes while Lorcan and Dunne force Ciampa to watch.  Holland with a head butt to Ciampa.

— We have a video for Carmelo Hayes.  He says he does not wait for opportunities.  He took KUSHIDA to the limit.  I slapped Adam Cole in the face.  There will be only one man who stands tall at the end of this tournament and it will be Carmelo Hayes.


We go to commercial.

— We are back and Hit Row is in the back.  Scott says he has been waiting to get his hands on Santos.  B-Fab says that Joaquin’s back knows their greatest hits.  Top Dolla says they are the new kings of the jungle.  Adonis says Imperium is talking real spicy about them.  He tells them to be careful what they are saying.  

— Joe brings a table and chair into the ring and he has a contract.

Joe tells Karrion Kross he can come out here and bark about him until he is blue in the face, but he knows Kross is too much of a coward to be here.  Joe asks for William Regal to join him in the ring.

Joe says he can see the rage bubbling in your eyes.  What Karrion Kross did last week was reprehensible.  I know you are going to fire Karrion Kross for what he did.  Joe says he has a better solution.  He has a way to satisfy all of our needs in three easy steps.  Step Number One, I tender my resignation from NXT Management immediately.  I quit.  With this piece of paper and your signature, you reactivate me as a part of the active roster of NXT.  Regal gives Joe ‘that look’ before signing the papers to bring Joe back into the active fold.  Joe says that this was a three step process.  With this paper, you will make official Samoa Joe versus Karrion Kross for the NXT Championship at Takeover.

Regal signs the contract. Regal says something to Joe that cannot be heard and then they shake hands.  

— We take a look at Josh Briggs.  He says Carmelo Hayes is standing in the way of his destiny.  There will be two things broken at the end.  Bodies and dreams.  My hand will be raised at the end of this tournament.

We go to commercial.

— We go to the golf course where LA Knight is playing some golf and Cameron Grimes is washing Knight’s balls.  Knight asks for his driver and Grimes says he is his driver.  Grimes gives him a sand wedge and Grimes thinks he says sandwich.    Grimes bets Knight $1,000 dollars that he will hit the ball in the trees.  Grimes raises the bet to $5,000.  Knight hits a CGI ball into the woods and Grimes says he owes him $5,000.

Breakout Tournament First Round Match:  Josh Briggs vs. Carmelo Hayes

Briggs with a slam and then Hayes rolls away from Briggs.  Briggs goes for a slam but Hayes escapes and he connects with forearms.  Briggs with a forearm.  Hayes goes for a springboard move and Briggs catches Hayes.  Hayes with a jumping kick followed by punches.  Briggs pushes Hayes to the mat but Hayes with a drop kick to the knee to send Briggs into the turnbuckles.  Hayes is sent over the top rope to the floor by Briggs.  Briggs sends Hayes back into the ring and Hayes kicks Briggs in the ropes.  Hayes with a springboard leg drop for a near fall.  Hayes with a front face lock and forearms to the back.

Briggs picks up Hayes but Hayes with a guillotine.  Briggs with a forearm to the back to get Hayes to release the hold.  Hayes with forearms but Briggs with a back elbow.  

We go to commercial.

We are back and Briggs with a rear chin lock and forearms to the chest.  Duke Hudson is now on commentary for the match.  Hayes with a forearm and Briggs with a side slam and splash for a near fall.  Briggs gets Hayes up for a power bomb but Hayes counters with a rana.  Hayes with a series of enzuigiris and a springboard clothesline.   Hayes with a facebuster.  Hayes blocks a choke slam and lands on his feet.  Hayes with a Codebreaker for a near fall.  Hayes with a running bicycle kick into the corner but Briggs with a running boot and a choke slam for a near fall.  Briggs misses a boot but then he hits a Yakuza kick.  Hayes with a take down into a La Mistica.  Hayes goes to the turnbuckles and hits a leg drop to the back of the head for the three count.

Winner:  Carmelo Hayes (Advances to Face Duke Hudson)

— We go to Franky Monet with Robert Stone and Jessi Kamea.  She is asked about what is her deal with Robert Stone Brand.  She suggests a possible merger or they can go for the tag titles.  Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter show up and say that Franky and Jessi need to get to the back of the line.

We go to commercial.

— We are back with more Caddyshack 2 and Cameron is doing the commentary  Knight hits the ball into the water.  Knight asks Grimes if he can swim so he tells Grimes to get the ball.  Grimes goes into the water to get the ball and Ted DiBiase stops to ask Grimes what is he doing.  DiBiase says LA Knight is here to leave people out to dry.  Grimes says he is doing this because that is what he thought DiBiase would want.  Ted says Grimes wasn’t born to be a butler, he was born to be a champion.  You need to fight for what you want.  He says that Grimes is a fighter and he needs to think about that.

— We see Ridge Holland leaving the building and he is asked why did he attack Timothy Thatcher and he says Thatcher wasn’t the first person he did something like that to and he won’t be the last.

— NXT Women’s Champion Raquel Gonzalez comes to the ring with her friend Dakota Kai.

Raquel says last week she crushed one of the most feared women in the division.  She says she has dominated every person who stepped up to the plate.  Who’s next?  Raquel says she is the most dangerous woman in WWE.  All I have to say is keep ’em coming.

Dakota says 18 months ago you debuted and you have been unstoppable ever since.  I tell people that Big Mommy Cool is the most dominant woman in NXT history.  More dominant than Charlotte Flair, Asuka, and Shayna Baszler.  You have beaten everyone.  Do you know why the women’s division is so great.  It is because of one woman.  NXT Takeover is 4 weeks away.  Who is woman enough to challenge Raquel?  Is there anyone who will step up to Raquel?

There is no one.  We have been through so much together and as long as I have your back, you will always be champion.

Raquel poses on the turnbuckles and Dakota gives Raquel a Yakuza Kick.  Dakota grabs the title belt and stands over Raquel.

— Adam Cole is in the back and he says lately everyone has been attaching themselves to him.  You had Kyle O’Reilly screaming his name.  Bronson Reed told Wade Barrett he will be Bronson’s rebound.  There is a reason why you lost the title.  You are not good enough.  I don’t care about your fourteen year journey because tonight will be the next sad chapter in your story.

We go to commercial.

— We are back and Io Shirai is at the PC and Zoey Stark says they should be training together since they are champions to establish a relationship and be friends.  Io doesn’t like that idea.  Zoey suggests they establish a partnership.  Io says she does not like Zoey.  Zoey begs Io to trust her and Io is ‘okay’ with it.

Mandy Rose is talking to Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne. Jacy sees the camera and she tells the camera man to leave.

Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter vs. Franky Monet and Jessi Kamea

Kamea and Carter start things off.  Carter avoids Kamea.  Kamea wants a test of strength to mock Carter’s height.  Carter with a kick to the leg and an O’Connor Roll.  Carter with a drop kick and Kacy tags in.  Kacy trips Kamea and Carter with a drop kick.  Kacy with a slingshot elbow for a near fall.  Carter tags in and gets a near fall.  Kamea with a kick to Carter.  Monet tags in and she misses a clothesline.  Carter with an elbow but Monet hangs Carter in the ropes and htis a DDT.

Monet with a running double knee strike.  Kamea tags in and Monet with an Irish whip and elbow.  Kamea with a splash into the corner for a near fall.  Monet tags in and she kicks Carter in the back.  Carter with a chop but Monet kicks Carter in the leg.  Monet with an Irish whip but Carter knocks Kamea off the apron and she kicks Monet.  Monet with a take down and punches.  Robert Stone gets on the apron and he gives her a shoe.  Carter with a bicycle kick and Carter with a neck breaker while Kacy hits a 450 splash for the three count.

Winners:  Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter

After the match, Monet says something to Stone that we are probably glad we could not hear.

— Wade Barrett shows us footage of a talk he had with Roderick Strong and Malcolm Bivens.  

Wade asks how did Roderick get in contact with Bivens.  Strong says 90% of this game is mental and 10% is physical.  My 10% is better than anyone’s 100%.  I got a call from Bivens and he reminded me exactly who I am and that is when I knew the Diamond Mine was for me.

Bivens says that Roderick Strong is one of the best talents.  He is a leader.  In 2021, out of all of the people in the world, it would be Malcolm Bivens to bring him back.  

Wade asks about the Cruiserweight TItle and Bobby Fish.  He asks if Fish versus Strong is the next big money match.  Bivens says whoever said money can’t buy you happiness is a liar.  There is a big money matchup between Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish.

Strong says when I finish Bobby next week, it is over.

We go to commercial.

— We are back with the announcement from NXT UK that WALTER versus Ilja Dragunov for the NXT UK Championship will take place at Takeover.

— We take a look at what happened when Dakota Kai had too much of Raquel Gonzalez stealing her spotlight. Dakota Kai is seen leaving the building and she is asked to explain herself but she leaves.

Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner vs. Top Dolla and Ashante Thee Adonis

Barthel and Adonis start things off and they lock up.  Barthel with a side head lock and knee.  Adonis with a drop kick.  Barthel with a chop and forearm to the back.  Barthel with a tilt-a-whirl slam and Aichner tags in and hits an arm drag and then he gets Adonis on his shoulders.  Adonis escapes and connects with forearms.  Adonis with a neck breaker for a near fall.  Aichner with European uppercut and then he pulls Adonis out of the corner and hits a clothesline.  Dolla tags in and he catches Aichner on a cross body.  Aichner gets off Dolla’s shoudlers and Dolla with a Harley Race knee.  Adonis tags in and Adonis with a drop kick while Dolla hits a belly-to-back suplex.  Adonis gets a near fall.

Aichner with a belly-to-back suplex.  Barthel tags in and he sends Adonis into teh turnbuckles.  Scott and B-Fab get in the way to stop the double team move.  Adonis with a forearm and take down followed by a spinebuster for a near fall.  

We go to commercial.

We are back and Aichner and Barthel double team Adonis and Dolla breaks up the cover.  Adonis with punches but Aichner with punches.  Aichner with a spinebuster and Barthel with a knee.  They go for the European bomb but Adonis with a rana and he stops Barthel.  Barthel stops Adonis from making the tag and Adonis kicks Barthel and he is still unable to make the tag.  Barthel with an ankle lock.  Adonis misses an enzuigiri and Aichner tags in and hits an elbow drop for a near fall.  Aichner kicks Adonis.  Aichner with a back breaker for a near fall.  

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