Impact Slammiversary Results – July 17, 2021

Four Matches Added To “Slammiversary” - Updated Card

Impact Slammiversary Results – July 17, 2021 – Pre-show gets start with hype package for Impact World Champion Kenny Omega vs. Sami Callihan featuring sound bites from Rich Swann, Callihan, Don Callis, Omega, The Good Brothers, Moose, and others.

– A look back at TNA’s early days featuring the growth of the X Division. Clips are also shown of Sting, Christian, Kurt Angle, and others making the move to TNA.

– Clips shown of recent surprise appearances and former WWE stars who have made their way over to Impact over the past year.

– More on Sami Callihan facing Impact World Champion Kenny Omega in a No DQ Match at tonight’s PPV.

– Matt Striker and D’lo Brown on commentary for tonight’s PPV. Tonight’s show welcomes back a live crowd.

Fire ‘N Flava (c) vs. Havok and Rosemary with Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus (Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championship)

Havok and Steelz started up.  The fans chanted for Havok, then Steelz.  Steelz avoided a charge in the corner and nailed several kicks,  Tasha tagged out to Kiera, who found herself immediately mauled and tossed into Decay’s corner.  Rosemary worked her over and tagged back out to Havok, who nailed an exploder for a two count.

Rosemary tagged back and sent her flying by her hair.  Rosemary hung Kiera hanging upside down outside the ring.  Steelz nailed her, allowing Hogan to hit a sliding kick to the outside.  Kiera drilled her with a series of forearms and covered her for a two count.  The champions cut off Rosemary in their corner, tagging in and out.  Hogan snapmared her over and drill her with a kick across the back.  Rosemary fought back but Hogan tagged out to Tasha, who cut the ring in half, maintaining their control of the momentum.

Hogan nailed a sliding kick to the head.  Rosemary finally fought back and grabbed Steelz by the throat, drilling her.  Havok made the hot tag and nailed Steelz with a big knee strike and then a kick that sent her into the buckles.  Havok nailed a Facewash.  Havok nailed a bucklebomb, but missed a charge into the corner, nailing her shoulder on the ring post.    Hogan kicked her and smothered Havok with her boot.

Hogan grabbed Havok for a sleeper but was pulled over and hit with a tombstone.

Winners and NEW Knockouts Tag Team Champions: Havok & Rosemary

— Striker and Brown ran down the lineup for the PPV.

Slamminersary Opener:

They showed Kenny Omega and Don Callis arriving earlier today.  They showed Sami Callihan arriving as well.

Ultimate X for the Impact X Division Title
Trey Miguel vs. Ace Austin vs. Chris Bey vs. Petey Williams vs. Rohit Raju vs. Josh Alexander (c)

They stated on commentary that Madman Fulton and Shera were banned from ringside.  

Bey tried to climb the ropes early but found everyone else ready to attack him.  Everyone battled.  Alexander wiped out Austin with a huge German release suplex.  Rohit went to the top but found himself unable to get to the ropes, wary about it.  He leapt for the ropes and missed, finding himself kicked by Alexander.  Bey nailed a big flip dive to the outside on Alexander.  Williams leapt to the outside with a rana.  This led to a series of dives until Miguel hit a tornado DDT to the outside.

Everyone was out, leading to Rohit trying to toss a a rope around the cables to scale upwards like a mountain climber.    This was pretty funny.  He gets up there but Williams pulled him down.  Williams nailed him with a kick.  Bey scaled the cable and made his way across.  Miguel followed him.  Miguel went for a rana on Rohit off the top but Rohit held on, then speared Bey off the ropes.  Everyone battled in the corner, setting up a potential Tower of Doom.  Rohit tried to use a long stick to pull the X-Division title down but was unsuccessful.  With everyone down, Rohit stood on a chair to try and reach the chair but Miguel used a missile dropkick to wipe him out.

Alexander went to scale the ropes but Williams scissored him to force him to drop down.    Williams locked on a Sharpshooter on Miguel.  Rohit joined in with a crossface.  Bey joined in.  Alexander scaled the ropes and ended up hanging upside down, locking an anklelock in on Bey.  Everyone was in one connected submission until they all crashed and burned.  The crowd chanted, “This is Impact.”

Austin went to cross the ropes but Bey nailed him across the back.  Austin was hit with a cutter as he was hanging off the ropes with each crashing to the mat below.  Williams nailed a Destroyer on Rohit. He nailed one on Miguel and began crossing the wires.  Bey was pulled onto Alexander’s shoulders.  Williams nailed a Destroyer from the ropes onto Bey, which was insane.

Alexander and Williams battled back and forth.  Alexander cinched in the anklelock.  Williams faied with a Destroyer and was nailed with a C4.  Trey and Josh battled back and forth with blows.  Rohit was able to drill each of them with kicks to the face.  Raju climbed the ropes and made his way across the cables but was pulled down by Miguel.  Miguel nailed a Scorpion Kick and a neckbreaker.  Alexander nailed a suplex off the top.

Bey and Alexander fought to the cables and battled over the belt.  Austin tried to dive at them but failed.  Bey was knocked to the mat.  Alexander retrieved the belt and retained.

Winner and still X-Division Champion, Josh Alexander

— Don Callis was interviewed outside of Kenny Omega’s locker room.  He blamed Tommy Dreamer for the main event being named a No DQ match.  He said Sami Callihan was a sociopath and that concerns him.  He said Callihan will do his worst but he won’t be able to kick out of a one-winged angel.  When Omega is done, Callis’ work is complete.

Matt Cardona and a mystery partner vs. Brian Myers and Tenille Dashwood

As expected, Chelsea Green was Cardona’s partner.  Everyone battled on the floor.  Myers nailed a Flatliner on the ramp on Cardona.    Myers worked over Cardona untuil Matt blocked a suplex and nailed a neckbreaker.  Cardona went to make the tag but Dashwood pulled Chelsea off the apron.  Myers slugged Cardona and yelled at him for following him to Impact.  He set up for a spear but Cardona speared him instead.

Green finally scored the hot tag.  She cleaned house with a clothesline on Dashwood.  Green nailed a kick to the knee and a big boot for a two count.    Myers got in Green’s face but she slapped him.  That allowed Dashwood to knock her out of the ring.  Myers and Cardona battled in the corner.  Dashwood tried to low blow Cardona but hurt her arm as he was wearing a cup.  He shoved the cup in Myers’ face.  Green nailed a Destroyer on Myers, who crashed to the outside.  Green lowblowed Dashwood low and hit a Tomakaze for the pin.

Winners, Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green

Eddie Edwards vs. W. Morrisey

It was all Morrisey early on, including knocking him from the top to the floor.  Edwards went to the floor where Edwards sent his leg into the ring post.  Back in the ring, Edwards snapped his neck across the top rope but was knocked from the apron down to the floor.  Morrisey went for a suplex but Edwards landed on his feet, only to be nailed.

Morrisey lifted him again but Edwards was able to shift it and Morrisey was drilled down.  Edwards charged but was hit with a back elbow.  He absorbed it and nailed several chops.  Morrisey was sent to the floor.  Edwards went for a dive but was caught and propelled backwards with a chokeslam on the corner of the apron.  The announcers sold it like Edwards was dead.  Edwards came back with the Boston Knee Party on the floor.

The referee began counting the competitors out of the ring but by 8, they had each returned to the ring.  Morrisey nailed a Barnburner.  Morrisey placed Edwards on the top.  Edddie fought back and knocked Morrisey down to the ring.  Eddie nailed several kicks and a Blue Thunder Bomb for a close two count.  Edwards followed up with a big kick that sent him to the floor.  Morrisey pulled a chain out of his boot and nailed Edwards with it.  Morrisey smashed him with a powerbomb and scored the pin.

Winner, W. Morrisey

— They aired a Moose promo where he promised to beat Chris Sabin.

— They then aired a video where someone painted “Long Live the Drama King” and then destroyed it, so apparently Aiden English is coming in.

— Gia Miller was interviewing a fan where Madman Fulton and Shera burst on the scene, angry about being banned earlier on.  Scott D’Amore, playing his best Paul Heyman, came out.   He said if they were ready to action, he ran into some guys ready to fight.  Out came Juice Robinson and Dave Finlay.

FinJuice vs. Shera & Madman Fulton

The bigger team couldn’t agree who was going to start and weren’t on the same page, even when they were on the offense.  Fulton missed a charge into the corner.  FinJuice quickly capitalized and scored the pin.

Winners, FinJuice

Moose vs. Chris Sabin

The story early on was Moose’s power keeping Sabin’s finesse at bay.  Sabin kicked him but was caught going for a flying bodypress.  Sabin escaped but was nailed with a big right hand on the ropes.  Moose went for a dropkick but Sabin avoided and nailed a rana off the ropes.  He went after the legs with a Dragon Screw Legwhip.  Moose caught Sabin going for a move and smashed him into the Buckles face-first with a Snake Eyes variation.  That looked brutal.

Moose, limping, nailed a Beel toss and sent Sabin to the floor. He followed him and drilled Sabin with a brutal chop across the chest. He did it again but when the audience called for a third, Moose teased he would but then heeled the audience, allowing Sabin to nail a series of right hands before being cut down again. Back in the ring, Moose grabbed at his face but Sabin bit his hand. Moose slammed him and followed up with a Fall Away Slam.

Moose went to the top but missed a moonsault.  Sabin ducked and pulled down the ropes, sending Moose to the floor.  Sabin nailed a kick, then hit a pescado to the floor.  Sabin nailed a tornado DDT off the top into the ring and scored another two count.  Moose nailed a fallaway moonsault off the top but Sabin rolled to the outside.  Moose grabbed him by his legs and slammed him over and over again into the guard rails.  Moose continued to work him over until Sabin shocked him with a victory roll off the shoulders out of nowhere.

Winner, Chris Sabin

Fatal 4 Way for the Impact World Tag Team Titles
The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson) vs. Fallah Bahh and TBA vs. Rich Swann and Willie Mack vs. Violent By Design (Joe Doering, Rhino) (c)

TJP is not physically in Nashville.    Bahh said he was asked if he could find a replacement for TJP and he said  “No No No…Way Jose.”

Out came former WWE star No Way Jose, who was billed as “No Way.”  They even had a congo line with Alisha Edwards, John E. Bravo and a few others.

Bahh was chanting “No No No…Way Jose” to get the crowd doing it.  He and Anderson started out.  He tagged in NWJ and did a double-team elevated legdrop.  Swann tagged in but Gallows was able to take control over the former Impact Champion, nailing him with a big kick to the face and a series of elbows.  The Good Brothers tagged in and out, keeping Swann at bay.  They whipped him hard into the buckles.  Anderson held him for Gallows to work over.

Eventually, they built to Joe Doering and Doc Gallows playing Kong vs. Godzilla, laying each other out.  They each went for chokes at the same time.  Gallows ended up sent to the floor alongside Doering.  Mack and Swann brawled with NWJ and Bahh.  Swann nailed a clothesline on Bahh in the corner but coming out of it, Bahh caught him with a Samoan Drop.  Mack nailed a big jumping forearm and leaping kick but NWJ hit a lariat.  Doering nailed a DVDR and a lariat on NWJ.  Doreing covered him but Swann knocked Rhino into Doering.

Rhino set up for a Gore but Anderson nailed a Cutter after Doeing was pulled off the apron, distracting Rhino.  The Good Brothers mailed a Magic Killer and pinned Rhino for the pin.

Winners and new Impact Tag Team Champions, The Good Brothers

Impact Knockouts Title Match
Mystery Opponent vs. Deonna Purrazzo (c)

The mystery challenger is Thunder Rosa.  She is under contract to the NWA, so obviously the two promotions made a deal. The crowd popped huge for Rosa.

They had some really nice back and forth action early on with some good grappling.  Deonna grabbed an Octopus submission but Rosa drilled her backwards into the corner.  Rosa slipped out and nailed a series of kicks. Deonna went for a superplex but was pushed off.  Rosa nailed a dropkick out of the corner.    Rosa controlled Purrazzo and scored several near falls.

Some really nice submission wrestling.  Rosa scored with a DVDR for a close two count.  They battled to the top where Purrazzo attempted a superplex.  Rosa nailed a headbutt to send her to the mat.  Rosa nailed a doublestomp off the top for another near fall.  Purazzo and Rosa battled back and forth with strikes and kicks.

Rosa went for the Thunder Driver but Purrazzo rolled through for a victory roll for a two count, then kicked her in the face.  Purrazzo nailed the Queen’s Gambit and scored the clean pin.

Winner, Deonna Purrazzo

After the match, just as Purrazzo was about to celebrate, Mickie James came out, making her return to the company.  She entered the ring and took a ring mic.  She said it was good to be back and to be back in front of a live audience.  Purrazzo took the mic and said that this is her moment and her Knockouts division.  James said that’s true.  She said she wasn’t here to fight her.  She said she’s seen Purrazzo’s success and ran down her accomplishments.  She said that she was the EVP of NWA Empowerrr and she was going to find the best of the best.  She invited Purrazzo to come to the Empowerrr PPV in August.

Purrazzo said of course she would invite Purrazzo.  Everyone wants The Virtuosa on their show but since she didn’t have the respect to let Deonna have her moment, go “grab your trash bag and get the hell out of here.”  Purrazzo and Mickie got into it and James drilled her with the Chick Kick.  Purrazzo went to the floor where the two stars stared the other down.

— Sami Callihan vs. Kenny Omega is next, but first we get a long video package recapping the events leading to our main event of the night.

— They announced Impact Wrestling Homecoming on 7/31 for Impact+ with a Mixed Tag Team Tournament.

— They announced Las Vegas as the home of Bound for Glory 2021 for 10/23 with AAA, AEW and New Japan Pro Wrestling stars appearing.

No DQ Match for the Impact World Title
Sami Callihan vs. Kenny Omega (c)

Callis gave Omega a long, long ring introduction.  Callihan attacked him as soon as he was finished and nailed Omega with a piledriver for a two count.  It was all Sami early on.  He tried to use a fork but Omega stopped him and nailed a series of right hands.  Omega went for a sunset flip but Callihan pulled out a pizza cutter and used it on Omega’s forehead.  He placed Omega against the ropes and ripped at his forehead.  Omega was busted open.

Omega cut off Sami but was sent to the floor.  Callihan went for a dive but Omega nailed him with a trash can to the face as he hit the ropes.  Omega beat him with weapons, including a trash can.  He went after Callihan’s ankle.  He went for the One-Winged Angel but Callihan slipped behind him and rolled up Omega.  Omega kicked out, sending Callihan crashing into a chair wedged between the buckles at ringside.

Callihan was busted open by this.  Omega worked him over and grabbed the fork, digging it into Callihan’s forehead.  Omega fishhooked his mouth with it.   Callihan went back to the floor, where Omega sent him into the guard rails.  Callihan fired back with chops.  He missed one and hit the ring post.  Omega placed a table over Callihan and double stomped it off the apron.  He placed another table on the floor and teased a German supex off the apron.  Callihan bit his hand to break it.

Omega brought him over and attempted a piledriver but Callihan grabbed him low and reversed it, hitting a piledriver through a table on Omega. The crowd chanted, “Holy sh**.” Callihan brought several more weapons into the ring. He tossed a trash can from the outside into the ring, nailing Omega. Callihan was sent into the trash can, but blocked another shot. Callihan slammed him across the can, then powerbombed him through a table leaning in the corner for another two count.

A barbed wire chair was brought into the equation but Omega drilled Sami into it with a leaping legdrop, then a piledriver onto it. He nailed a V-Trigger but Callihan made it to the ropes. Omega placed Callihan on the top and drilled away at Callihan. He superplexed Callihan into a pile of weapons placed atop a trash can but Callihan kicked out at the last second.

Omega nailed the V-Trigger but Callihan sliped out of the One-Winged Angel.  Callihan placed him on the ropes and went for a tombstome on the barbed wire chair and nailed it, but Omega kicked up at the last second.  Omega tossed salt in Callihan’s face, leading to Callihan grabbing the referee and blindly piledriving him.  Omega nailed Callihan with the Impact title and piledrove him, but there was no referee.  A second referee hit the ring but Sami kicked out.  Omega punched the new referee out.

The Good Brothers came out byt Eddie Edwards and Chris Sabin intercepted them.  Callihan nailed a stuff piledriver but only scored a two count.  Callihan pulled out a bag of tacks from under the ring.  Callihan teased a piledriver on them but Don Callis got on the apron to distract him.  Omega tossed tack in the challenger’s face.  Omega put his knee into the tacks with the idea that he loaded the V-Trigger and nailed Callihan with the knee but Callihan kicked out.  Omega began putting tacks in Callihan’s mouth and nailed another V-Trigger.

Omega nailed the One-Winged Angel into the tacks and scored the pin.

Winner and still Impact Wrestling Champion, Kenny Omega

After the match, Omega, Callis and The Good Brothers celebrated in the ring.  The lights went out and The Bullet Club theme played.  Out came Jay White. He made his way to the ring.  The Good Brothers put up the Too Sweet symbol.   Callis joined them.  Suddenly the PPV went off the air without revealing how White reacted, which was a pretty lame way to have a cliffhanger.

That’s it from Nashville.

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