Impact Wrestling Results – June 3, 2021

Impact Wrestling Results – June 3, 2021

Impact Wrestling Results – June 3 – Josh Mathews and D’Lo Brown welcome fans to Before The Impact! On tonight’s show, Josh Alexander will put his X-Division Championship on the line against TJP in an Iron Man Match. This historic match will start on Before The Impact and carry over onto the first couple minutes of Impact Wrestling. Their match is now underway!

60-Minute Iron Man Match X-Division Championship Match:

Josh Alexander (c) (w/Petey Williams) vs. TJP (w/Fallah Bahh)

Both men go straight for a lockup. Alexander pushes TJP up towards the corner. Alexander breaks the hold cleanly. TJP and Alexander trade counters just before the first commercial break.

Back from the first break, and neither man has scored the first point. TJP traps Alexander’s ankle in a hold. TJP then goes up high and starts working Alexander’s arm. TJP rolls Alexander through with snapmare. Alexander gains a moment to apply a standing armbar. TJP escapes with a perfect hurricanrana, sending the champion to the outside of the ring. Alexander shifts his focus to Fallah Bahh. TJP comes swinging out with an inside-out leg drop from the apron. TJP looks for the first pin in the match. Alexander kicks out at two.

TJP delivers one amigo, followed by a belly-to-belly suplex for another near-fall. Alexander turns the pace around by torquing TJP’s knee with a dragon screw leg whip. TJP spins out. Alexander has a hard time getting TJP in the Divine Intervention position. Alexander decides to turn it around with two big suplexes before the second commercial break.

The board remains scoreless coming back from the second break. TJP rolls Alexander up. Alexander reverses the cover with one of his own. 1-2-3. Alexander picks up the first fall and point.

Josh Alexander: 1 TJP: 0

After their 30 second break, they begin again. TJP puts on a front facelock. Alexander reverses with a brainbuster. TJP catches him again with the same hold. Alexander gets his shoulders up in time before the referee makes the count. Breaking out of the hold, Alexander comes through with a crossface. TJP finds the bottom rope for a break. Alexander tosses TJP out of the ring.

Alexander meets TJP on the outside and throws him up against a guardrail, then towards the apron. Alexander rolls in and out of the ring to break the count. Alexander carries TJP back inside the ring. TJP traps Alexander in the ropes with an octopus. Alexander returns the favor with a surfboard stretch in between the ropes! Back in the ring, Alexander stays on top of TJP and keeps him cornered before the third commercial break.

Back from the third break, Alexander is still in the driver’s seat with 1 point. Both men exchange counters until Alexander slams TJP down on the mat. TJP fakes Alexander out and rolls him up in an Indian Deathlock. TJP starts to push Alexander’s buttons with a flurry of slaps while keeping him locked down. Alexander fights back with slaps of his own and reverses the hold into an ankle lock. TJP finds the bottom rope to break it up.

Alexander stalls for close to a minute or so with a vertical suplex. Alexander looks for a cover. No. TJP kicks out. Alexander drives his knee into TJP’s spine. Alexander traps TJP again with a backpack submission turned into a backslide pin. TJP looks for a sharpshooter. Alexander finds the bottom rope for a clean break. Alexander spins out of another lockup and turns it into another suplex.

Both men are back on their feet. They trade a series of forearm clubs before turning them into stiff chops. Alexander stops TJP’s momentum by tripping him over towards the turnbuckles. This leads into the fourth commercial break.

Minutes away before Before The Impact transitions into Impact Wrestling, TJP has Alexander locked up in an octopus submission. TJP keeps it on for a couple of seconds before turning his offense into some high-flying action. TJP lands a tornado DDT. Both men go spilling to the outside. Alexander avoids a second tornado DDT with a well-scouted suplex. Petey Williams tries to talk the champion out of hitting the Divine Intervention on the ramp. TJP uses this moment of distraction to escape with a hit.

Trey Miguel and Chris Sabin run out to stop Alexander from applying the same move at the top of the entranceway. TJP takes advantage of this second interference by flattening the champion. TJP goes crawling back into the ring. Several members of the Impact roster come out to see this match up close. Alexander beats the count and makes it into the ring by the 9th count!

TJP is up and ready for the Mamba Splash. He misses the opportunity! Alexander heads to the top. TJP breaks his momentum and sets him up in the Tree of Woe. Both men tee off with slaps.

**Impact Wrestling starts. **

Eight minutes and counting, TJP springboards off the ropes. Cover. Alexander kicks out! Both men collide in the center of the ring with double clotheslines! The roster is clapping both men on. Alexander hoists TJP up with a double underhook. TJP spins out and hits the champion with a Falcon Arrow. Alexander pops free at two! TJP corners Alexander with a boot wash. Alexander fakes TJP out and looks for an ankle lock. TJP reverses. TJP hits the Detonation Kick for another near-fall count!

With four minutes left, TJP hits the Mamba Splash, but Alexander kicks out! Alexander and TJP trade ankle lock submissions. TJP turns it into a Figure Four in the center of the ring. Alexander finds TJP’s ankle during the lockup and switches it into an ankle lock! Alexander ducks an enziguri attempt from TJP. Alexander applies more pressure. TJP is having a hard time trying to get to the bottom rope.

There are 40 seconds left! Alexander adds more pressure in the ankle lock – second by second. Ten seconds left. TJP bridges over and traps Alexander in a pin. 1-2-3. A Hail Mary pin and fall come through for TJP!

Josh Alexander: 1 TJP: 1

We head into Sudden Death:

Alexander and TJP throw wild haymakers at each other after their 30-second break. TJP lands two perfect kick combinations but misses a standing Phonex Splash/senton combination! Alexander flies off the top with a perfect moonsault for a near-fall! Alexander looks for another deadly move: Powerbomb to the knee. Cover. No! TJP kicks out! Alexander delivers his Divine Intervention. Cover. 1-2-3. Alexander picks up another fall and point. Alexander retains his X-Division Championship!

Josh Alexander: 2 TJP: 1

Winner & Still X-Division Champion: Josh Alexander

After that magnificent match, Josh Mathews and D’Lo Brown run through the matches still to come on tonight’s show.

Backstage: Don Callis and The Good Brothers are enjoying the conflict between Moose and Sami Callihan. They see a camera and chase the camera person out.

Backstage: Josh Alexander and TJP meet again in the back. TJP thanks Alexander for that spectacular match. Scott D’Amore comes in and applauds both men. Alexander declares himself the self-proclaimed king of Impact into the company receives their Unified Impact World Championship back. Ace Austin, Chris Bey, and Petey Williams fight it out among themselves on who will be the next guy to challenge Alexander for the title.

The momentum train continues with a Tables Match between two friends turned rivals.

Tables Match: Jake Something vs. Rohit Raju

Rohit Raju lands the first hit in the match. Jake Something eats a boot after running the ropes. Both men find themselves on the apron with a table beneath them. Raju slithers out just before the commercial break.

Back from the break, Something slams Raju’s face into the table before tossing him into the guardrail. Raju builds some steam with a flurry of bicycle kicks. Raju throws in two steel chairs. Something shuts the option down with a double axe handle towards Raju’s shoulder blades. Something was close to knocking Raju’s head off with a massive clothesline before spearing Raju in half in the corner.

Something looks for the Black Hole Slam, but Raju counters. Raju smashes the chair into Something’s back before driving it into the shoulder and arm. Something gets back into this fight with several body shots. Raju swings a chair towards Something’s injured arm before locking him in a crossface! Raju places a chair on top of Something and sacrifices his body as he delivers a cannonball in the corner!

Something finds some strength to bring in a table and set it up in a corner. Raju taunts Something with a toehold right into two chairs. Raju stays on top of Something with a jumping knee, followed by a running knee! Raju avoids disaster and shoves Something spine-first towards the ring post. Raju hits a DDT on the apron. Something is sitting on top of a table. Raju climbs to the top. Something catches him in No Man’s Land. Raju kicks Something off of him.

Raju is up on top again and dives down with a double stomp right through the chairs! Raju builds momentum to put Something through a table. Something catches Raju with the Black Hole Slam! Something hits the same move again! Raju throws a chair at Something’s face. Filled with rage, Something spears Raju right through the table and wins the matchup!

Winner: Jake Something

Backstage: W. Morrissey finds Scott D’Amore and says he wants a match with Rich Swann tonight. D’Amore informs Morrissey that Swann came to him and wants the same thing. He’s giving these two powerhouses their match next!

Backstage: Rosemary is ready to take the Knockouts Championship and bring it back to the darkness. Havok enters the frame and demands her title shot. She wants Rosemary’s title opportunity. The Demon Assassin welcomes her challenge for a match next week.

Rich Swann vs. W. Morrissey

Sneaking up behind him, W. Morrissey throws Rich Swann off as he dances his way towards the ring. Morrissey gets rocked with an enziguri. Morrissey tosses Swann halfway across the ring. Half of security comes out to break it up. Morrissey backs one of the guards up with a chokehold. Willie Mack runs out and hits Morrissey in the back with a steel chair! Morrissey heads to the apron and retreats to the ramp.

Winner: No Contest

Backstage: Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb (With A “K”) find Rachael Ellering before her title match tonight. Dashwood wants to know if Ellering would like to become her new tag partner after noticing some tension between Ellering and Jordynne Grace. Grace comes in and saves the day before Ellering has a chance to reply.

– Brian Myers presents how to be a professional wrestler vignette. Myers is now working with Sam Beale on his look and his entrance.

Backstage: Gia Miller informs the Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo that Impact management has made it official that Rosemary and Havok will square off next week. If Havok wins, she will be added to the triple threat match at Against All Odds. Purrazzo says regardless of what happens, “The Age of Virtuosa” is far from over.

Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Fire ‘N Flava (c) vs. Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering

Jordynne Grace and Tasha Steelz kick things off. Steelz puts Grace in a side headlock. Grace uses the ropes to her advantage to break free. Steelz hangs on to the ropes to avoid a rollup. Grace spins Steelz and swings her into the canvas! Grace slams Steelz back into the mat with a spinebuster for a two count. Rachael Ellering is tagged in by Grace.

Grace hits a perfect running boot, followed by a senton for a near-fall. Steelz slips out the back in the electric chair position and yanks Ellering back. Kiera Hogan is in. Hogan softens Ellering with a low basement dropkick before boot washing the former champ. Steelz makes a tag back in. Ellering leaps over and makes a tag to Grace.

Grace delivers a sit-out powerbomb on Hogan for just a two count! Grace continues the momentum with a Vader Bomb for another near-fall. Steelz comes in to interrupt the sequence. Hogan makes a legal tag to Steelz. Ellering also makes her way in. Steelz hits an assisted missile dropkick on Ellering for a near-fall count! Grace and Ellering join forces with a Muscle Buster/ powerbomb combination for another near-fall from Steelz. Steelz lands a DDT on Ellering on the outside.

Hogan runs in and piggybacks Grace. Hogan holds on as Steelz soars from off the top with a perfect splash to retain the championships!

Winners & Still Knockouts Tag Team Champions: Fire ‘N Flava

Backstage: Sami Callihan cuts a promo on Moose before their big collision later tonight, but Don Callis interrupts. Callis pokes fun at Callihan, calling him the bridesmaid and never the bride. Callihan asks Callis to leave. He finishes his promo by warning Moose that he’s gonna kick his ass.

Up next, Japanese icon Satoshi Kojima will make his in-ring debut for Impact!

We see a vignette for Steve Maclin (fka Steve Cutler in WWE). He will be making his Impact debut soon!

Backstage: Fire ‘N Flava are informed they’ll be defending their titles against Susan and Kimber Lee at Against All Odds next Saturday.

Satoshi Kojima vs. Deaner (w/Violent By Design)

Both men go for a straight lockup. They reset after Deaner breaks off. Kojima pushes Deaner up towards the ropes and breaks it cleanly. Deaner hits a heavy kick. Deaner has a hard time knocking Kojima off his feet after running the ropes. Kojima knocks Deaner off his feet with a powerful shoulder tackle. Kojima looks to deliver his machine gun chops, but Deaner turns it around.

Deaner violently controls the matchup again and looks for the first pin in the match. Kojima kicks out at two. Deaner connects a snapmare and elbow drop to the chest for another near-fall. Kojima sets Deaner up in the corner and lands his hard-hitting machine gun chops! Kojima spins free from Deaner’s DDT and turns it into a brainbuster for a two count.

Rhino and Joe Doering get up on the apron and try to interfere in this match. Eddie Edwards comes to Kojima’s aid. Kojima delivers his Koji Cutter, followed by one of his many perfect lariats for the pinfall victory!

Winner: Satoshi Kojima

Backstage: Moose cuts a promo on Sami Callihan before their main event matchup. Don Callis tries to play mind games with Moose – the same thing he tried to pull earlier on Callihan. Moose refuses to listen to Callis. He asks Callis to tell Kenny Omega to keep his title shiny for him.

– Eric Young is calling out Eddie Edwards for causing mayhem in the match. Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus can’t help but laugh at Young’s antics for calling Edwards the bad guys. Decay wants a match with Violent By Design at Against All Odds. Eric Young grants them their request.

And now, the main event!

Moose vs. Sami Callihan

Sami Callihan tries to get the first say with a jumping boot. Moose catches him in a choke. Moose stares straight into Callihan’s eyes. Callihan hits a bicycle kick from off the apron. Moose slams Callihan’s arm into the ring post. Callihan avoids a cannonball near the guardrail. Callihan has Moose’s arm locked up just before the commercial break.

Back from the break, Callihan hoists Moose up for a Death Valley Driver. Cover. Moose kicks out at two. Moose picks up Callihan before he can land a piledriver and rushes him over toward the corner. Moose and Callihan come crashing down from off the top with a massive superplex! Moose heads right over for a pin. Callihan kicks out.

Callihan is sitting on the top rope. Moose slams him down with his Go To Hell finisher. Cover. Callihan kicks out! Callihan catches Moose with his Cactus Driver ’97 for a near-fall! All of a sudden, The Good Brothers run down and take out Callihan and Moose. The Good Brothers hit the Magic Killer on Callihan.

The Unified Impact World Champion Kenny Omega skips down the ramp merrily. He walks into the ring and stomps on top of Moose and Callihan. Doc Gallows rains down more shots on Callihan. Omega tells the fans at home that in the ring sits two losers. He retreats up to the ramp, and Omega, the Good Brothers and Don Callis stand tall just as the show concludes.

Winner By DQ: Sami Callihan

Post-Match: Scott D’Amore meets Omega, the Good Brothers and Callis in guerilla. D’Amore thinks it would be fair for Callihan to be added to Omega and Moose’s match at Against All Odds. D’Amore tells Callis he’s already spoken to AEW owner Tony Khan about it, and Khan will be back at Impact next week to sort this out with D’Amore and Callis.

That concludes this week’s episode.

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