“Trip” – Being The Elite Ep. 261 Recap

“Trip” – Being The Elite Ep. 261 Recap

“Trip” – Being The Elite Ep. 261 Recap

* Matt Jackson hypes the Trios Match (with The Good Brothers) on last week’s show. Matt asks Doc about a plan, Nick steps in and says he’s going to help them cheat to win. Anderson says he’s always down for a good cheat. He goes on and on, so Matt gives him a Sour Patch Kid to bring out Anderson’s “sour face.” Matt keeps laughing as Anderson continues talking.

* Quick clip of the cage at Dynamite for the MMA fight.

* Ryan Nemeth interviews -1, but -1 just ends up making fun of him and his jacket.

* Trick shots with Nick Jackson

* Leva Bates runs into Peter Avalon and reminds him about a gift he had for her. Avalon says he just misplaced it, but Alex Reynolds strolls up and gives her the book that Avalon had for her. Cezar Bononi strolls by out of breath and gives Avalon a Kama Sutra book. Bates thinks that’s what Avalon was going to give to her, but he says it wasn’t! Reynolds calls him a pervert and heads off with Bates.

* Marko Stunt hanging out at home with the BTE Championship. Says next week there will be a qualifying match, then the week after he will defend the title.

* Dark Order hangout, the group is making a movie as Page takes a video. 10 has a special drug for the group to try and has to make his way through a busy hallway to get to the room. He finally gets there and trips — throwing it on everyone. The group immediately feels it and starts freaking out.

* Clip of Trios Match on last week’s Dynamite

* Back to Dark Order tripping out. Cut to Grayson seeing images of Anna Jay, but realizing he’s just outside by a dumpster. Page then has a vision where Evil Uno hands him a paper bag and then the group presents him the AEW World Championship as angelic music plays. A sober 5 walks in on the group, sees the group is not well, and decides to leave for another week.

* Nyla Rose, Vickie Guerrero, and Ryzin decide to have a drink together. Ryzin eats some more Blew Chew. They try to figure out a game to play and Vickie recommends Uno. Rose goes off about how much she hates Uno! Just as Evil Uno walks into the room. He then leaves all dejected. They instead decide to play some Ouija. They end up trying to talk with the spirits and come up with a group name, A.M.E.N. (Angelic Ministry of Embezzling Negotiations).

*  H.F.O. walk down the hallway in slow motion as music plays in the background. Hardy talks about giving Christian Cage a big check so he’ll retire from wrestling. Hardy says Cage was gone for seven years with career-ending injuries, but now he’s back, and getting into Hardy’s business. Hardy says he’ll keep dropping Cage on his head if he doesn’t retire.

* Ryan Nemeth does Hollywood Trivia with Trent. Nemeth asks Trent who played the hunky grandson in Taco Bell’s web series, Taco Tales. Trent immediately says it was Nemeth because Nemeth told him (and tells him every time he gets a part in something). Trent says he didn’t watch them, and isn’t happy about being in the bit again with the same clothes on. “You’re making me look like a guy who wears the same clothes all the time,” Trent says. He tells to come up with something else for BTE and walks off annoyed.

“Trip” – Being The Elite Ep. 261 Recap

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