NXT “Takeover: In Your House” 2021 Results

NXT “Takeover: In Your House” 2021 Results

“Takeover: In Your House” 2021 Results – The Pre-show opens live from the Capitol Wrestling Center at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Sam Roberts us and he’s joined by Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated. They go over tonight’s line-up. We see video of a white limousine arriving to the venue earlier. Two armed guards are waiting, and one guard is holding a briefcase that contains the Million Dollar Title belt. WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase Sr. steps out of the limo and we go to a video package on tonight’s Million Dollar Ladder Match between LA Knight and Cameron Grimes.

Sam mentions how the Million Dollar Title made Virgil a star.  He asks Justin if he can believe we have this title on the line tonight.  Justin says it will be a game changing match.  Sam asks who does the title help more.  Justin says it is LA Knight’s night.  Sam agrees that LA Knight will win tonight.

— We see Kyle O’Reilly arriving at the buidling only to be confronted by The Way.  Kyle and Austin Theory have a little pushing session before security patroling the Most Dangerous Parking Lot in Sports Entertainment.

— We take a look at the Women’s Championship Match.

Sam mentions the press conference and how confident Ember Moon was.  Justin mentions how Ember came back from a severe injury.  Sam asks if Ember can hit Eclipse on Raquel and Justin says he doesn’t know if it is possible to hit Eclipse on Raquel.  Justin says Raquel has found her way to become a star and she will exert her will against Ember Moon. Justin says his heart is going with Ember but his head is going with Raquel.  Sam is going with Justin’s head.

— We go to Arash with MSK and Bronson Reed.  He asks why agree to this match.  Bronson says he feels more confident than ever since he won the title and he does not think he can lose with MSK.  

Wes says they know that Legado Del Fanatasma are tough and they have lost to them before in a six man tag match but they will be ready.  Bronson says that Santos should have stayed in the Cruiserweight Division.

Bronson is asked what does it mean to walk into Takeover as the champion.  He says it means it is a big deal to be the champion for the people he represents.

Arash joins Sam and Justin at ringside and Sam asks if MSK and Bronson have the cohesion to win tonight.  Arash says they want this to last for a long time.  Sam asks Justin about Bronson Reed.  

— We take a look at Arash with Legado Del Fantasma.  He asks them about being a team for a year facing a new team.  Santos says they have been with him since he won the Cruiserweight Title.  They have become the most dominant faction.  They should have won the tag titles a few weeks ago, but Bronson Reed had to make a cameo.  We fooled them into this match.  They are not a team while we are familia.  Mendoza says tonight is a huge night.  They flip two divisions upside down in one match.  Wilde says the logo says In Your House and Bronson Reed and MSK will be in their house.  They will embarrass MSK again.  They will look good with all of the gold around their waist.  Escobar says Sunday, traditiion, familia, legado is what they stand for.  In Your House is the appropriate place to cement their legado.

Sam asks if this is the most unified faction in NXT.  Arash says they are a family.  Justin says this will be a breakout moment for Legado Del Fantasma.  Sam says that he thinks Legado del Fantasmo wins.  Arash and Justin are picking the champions to retain.

— We take a look at Xia Li versus Mercedes Martinez.  

Arash says that Xia Li has been waiting for four years to get here.  Justin says to be someone in NXT, you have to go through Mercedes Martinez.

— We take a look at the Men’s Championship Match.

Sam says all of them are possible NXT Champions.  Kyle has tasted it but will tonight be the night.  Arash says tonight could be the night for Kyle, but no one talks about Pete Dunne.  Pete is the one we should be talking about.  Justin says it won’t be Pete Dunne’s night.  Kyle’s transition to singles wrestling has been similar to Shawn Michaels and he will be a champion some day.  Justin says Pete will be a champion but not tonight.  Sam mentions that Johnny Gargano wants to make up for his first title reign. Justin says that Johnny is the favorite tonight.  Arash says that people have forgotten about the greatness of Johnny Gargano and if he wins tonight, people cannot forget.  Sam brings up Adam Cole and how he is the face of NXT.

Arash says that Adam is a marked man.  Sam says that nobody can take Adam Cole down.  Justin says that Adam has always been dangerous and now that he is alone we don’t know how dangerous he can be.  Sam talks about Kross picking four challengers and having no advantage.  Justin picks Johnny Gargano.  Arash and Sam pick Adam Cole.

NXT “Takeover: In Your House” Opener:

NXT “Takeover: In Your House 2021” opens up with a video package, narrated by Todd Pettengill and WWE Hall of Famer Michael Hayes as Dok Hendrix. We’re live from the Capitol Wrestling Center at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida as fans cheer. Rapper Naomi Fox is on the stage to perform her part of the “Takeover: In Your House” theme song. Alicia Taylor introduces our host for the night and out comes Pettengill to a pop. Todd says it’s good to be home. He touts this being the largest crowd in the Capitol Wrestling Center. He then welcomes us to NXT “Takeover: In Your House” to another pop.

Winners Take All: Legado del Fantasma vs. NXT Tag Team Champions MSK and NXT North American Champion Bronson Reed

We go right to the ring and out come NXT Tag Team Champions MSK – Wes Lee and Nash Carter. Vic Joseph is on commentary at ringside, joined by Wade Barrett and WWE Hall of Famer Wade Barrett. Out next comes NXT North American Champion Bronson Reed. The winning team in this match will leave with all the gold. Out next comes Legado del Fantasma wearing their lucha masks – Santos Escobar, Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde. They hit the ring and pose in the center, removing their masks.

Lee and Mendoza start things off. Lee takes Mendoza down first but they go back & forth with offense and counters. Mendoza lands on his feet from a move while Lee kips up to a pop. They show each other up again for another pop. Carter tags in but Mendoza fights out of their corner to tag in Wilde. Carter rolls him for a 1 count. Wilde with a big chop before launching Carter across the ring. Wilde dances some but Carter drops him with a knee. Wilde ducks a kick and rolls Carter for 2.

Carter catches Wilde with a big dropkick. Escobar tags in and faces off with Carter. Santos wants Reed. Carter tags him in. Reed and Escobar face off but Escobar plays mind games and tags in Mendoza. Mendoza hesitates but Escobar tells him, yes you can! Mendoza charges but Reed catches him. Mendoza uses his speed but tries for a clothesline and Reed doesn’t even budge, and again. Reed yells at him. Mendoza tries again but Reed levels him with a big clothesline. Reed ends up dropping down on Mendoza but Escobar tags in and knocks him off with a kick.

Escobar works Reed over and scoops him for a slam but Reed just falls on top of him. Escobar tags Wilde in. Wilde also hesitates as Reed invites him in. Reed presses Wilde high in the air and tosses him. Carter tags in and launches in from the apron with a senton. Lee tags in and also flies in from the apron for a 2 count on Wilde. MSK goes to double team Wilde but they tag Reed in first, hold Wilde up off the mat, and Reed leaps to jump on Wilde for a big senton. Wilde kicks out at 2. The champs triple team Wilde in the corner again. Lee covers for 2.

Lee sends Wilde face-first into the turnbuckle. Carter tags back in and grounds Wilde. Fans rally now. Wilde with a jawbreaker to Carter. Escobar tags in and dumps Carter to the apron, then rocks him to the floor with a forearm. Carter pulls Escobar to the floor. Carter then nails a moonsault from the second rope to Escobar on the floor. Mendoza helps Wilde run the ropes and leap out onto Carter. Lee then runs and takes Wilde down. Mendoza runs and takes them down at ringside. Reed then runs the ropes and nails a suicide dive to hit the other 5 competitors. Fans chant “NXT!” and “this is awesome!” now.

MSK gets triple teamed now as Escobar keeps Lee down in the ring. Escobar mocks Reed while going to work on Lee. Escobar with running double knees in the corner. Escobar climbs up and hits a big hurricanrana for a 2 count. Escobar with a submission now. Legado del Fantasma take turns on Lee in their corner now with quick tags. Escobar with a Brainbuster. They hit a big triple team assisted 450 splash on Lee as Wilde covers for 2. More back and forth now. Reed ends up with Wilde and Mendoza on his shoulders for a big Samoan Drop.

Reed with a big modified suplex to Wilde. Mendoza ends up making an opening on Reed as Escobar tags in. Escobar with a huge Michinoku Driver to Reed for a close 2 count as Carter makes the save. Wilde and Carter go at it now. Carter with a jumping knee. Mendoza tags in and they double team Carter for a close 2 count that Lee flies in to break up.

Escobar goes to ringside and picks the North American Title up. He looks at it and yells, but turns around to Reed splashing him through the Plexiglas barrier for a huge bump. Fans pop. MSK with a big double team to take Wilde out at ringside. Mendoza flies but Carter superkicks him in mid-air. MSK with a double team Blockbuster from the corner on Mendoza now. Reed goes to the top and hits the Tsunami Splash on Mendoza for the pin to retain.

Winners:  MSK and Bronson Reed

After the match, MSK and Reed stand tall as the music hits. We go to replays with better angles on Escobar getting blasted through the barrier. Reed, Carter and Lee raise their titles to end the segment.

— We are back with a look at the confrontation in the Most Dangerous Part of Florida, the NXT parking lot, between Kyle O’Reilly and The Way.

– Todd Pettengill is backstage with a VHS tape of the 2017 Mae Young Classic to hype the Xia Li vs. Mercedes Martinez match. McKenzie Mitchell walks up and informs him that everything is digital these days, controlled by the production truck. Todd doesn’t understand and runs off to take his VHS tape to the truck. McKenzie plays the clip of Martinez defeating Li in the 2017 MYC.

Xia Li vs. Mercedes Martinez

They lock up and go through the ropes to the floor.  Li with kicks to Martinez and she sends Martinez back into the ring.  Martinez with a back body drop followed by forearms and chops.  Martinez with an exploder.  Li with a kick and Million Dollar Dream in the ropes with a body scissors.  Li pulls Martinez to the floor and sends Martinez into the ring post.  They return to the ring and Li kicks Martinez in the ribs and pushes her to the mat.  Li with more boots to Martinez and then she stretches Martinez around the ring post.  

Martinez with punches but they have limited effect on Li.  Li sends Martinez sternum first into the turnbuckles and then Li runs Martinez into the turnbuckles again and follows with a drop kick that sends Martinez through the ropes to the floor.  Li misses a kick and hits the ring post instead of Martinez.  Martinez gets back into the ring and Li barely beats the count.  Martinez with punches and forearms.  Li with a knee to the midsection.  Martinez with a Royal Butterfly to Li but she misses a splash into the corner.  Li with a knee into the corner followed by an exploder to Martinez.  Martinez with snake eyes to Li when Li charges into the corner.

Martinez gets Li on the turnbuckles and she connects with forearms to the back.  Martinez with Cliffhanger for a near fall.  Martinez with a near fall.  Martinez with knees to the head.  Martinez misses a knee and Li with a rollup.  Martinez with a running knee to Li but Boa pulls Li to the floor.  Martinez goes to the floor and she pushes Boa out of the way and Martinez gives Li a back body drop on the floor.  Martinez sends Li back into the ring.  Martinez gets Li up and Li with elbows.  Li with a spinning heel kick for the three count.

Winner:  Xia Li

After the match, Li stands tall as the music hits and we go to replays. Li has her arm raised now. She calls for Boa to hand her a steel chair, and he does. Li goes to swing the chair but Martinez kicks her leg out. The referee calls for them to stop but Martinez grabs the chair. Boa comes in but Martinez knocks him out of the ring with the chair. Martinez decks Li now and unloads on her with chair shots, then another for Boa as he tries to roll back in. Li pleads with Martinez and crawls away but Martinez delivers another chair shot to the back. Li crawls to the ramp.

The lights go back low and the red dragon is shown moving across the screens in the arena. Ying is shown watching from her throne. Martinez yells that she’s not scared, just watch. She delivers another chair shot to the back of Li. Ying walks down the ramp now, slowly. Martinez calls her a b—h and tells her to let’s go. Ying stares Martinez down now as fans rally. Martinez approaches with the chair in her hand. They face off even closer now. Ying grabs Martinez by the throat and brings her down to her knees. Martinez grabs the chair and knocks Ying away. She goes to swing the chair again but Ying blocks it and grabs her by the throat again, launching Martinez off the stage into the Plexiglas barrier. Ying stands tall on the stage and looks down at Martinez as Li and Boa join her. Vic says Mei Ying has risen. Tian Sha heads back to the back to end the segment.

— We get a backstage promo where Tommaso Ciampa says that this is not how they expected to be reprsented on Takeover.  They should be the new tag team champions, but GYV took it from them.  On Tuesday we get revenge.  Ciampa tells them to take a look at them.  You are looking at two grown ass men and in 48 hours, at your expense, we will show how dangerous we are.

Million Dollar Championship Ladder Match: LA Knight vs. Cameron Grimes

We go back to the ring and out comes WWE Hall of Famer “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase to his signature theme song. His armed guards bring a briefcase with the Million Dollar Title belt into the ring. There is a ladder on the Takeover set and other ladders around the arena. Out next comes LA Knight. Cameron Grimes is out next. Knight taunts Grimes as he poses. Ted and his guards attach the briefcase to the holder and it’s raised high above the ring.

Knight taunts Grimes as a “LA sucks!” chant starts up. Knight shoves Grimes. Grimes locks him up and they aggressively go into the ropes and the corners. Knight levels Grimes first with a big shoulder. Ted, his guards and referees look on from ringside. Grimes catches a kick and drops Knight, then taunts him with his rear end, telling him to kiss his grits. Grimes chops Knight now. Knight fights back but Grimes nails a stiff clothesline.

Knight looks to turn it around but Grimes hits a standing hurricanrana to send Knight to the floor. Knight slides a ladder into the ring. He follows and sends Grimes to the floor with it. Knight launches the ladder to the floor but it misses Grimes. Grimes comes back in and Knight clotheslines him for more boos from the crowd. Knight plays to the crowd and they keep booing him. Fans chant “to the roof!” again as Knight tosses Grimes back to the floor. Knight brings another ladder in the ring, standing it up under the briefcase.

Knight stars climbing but Grimes runs in and stops him. Knight drops Grimes and sends him to the floor into a ladder. They tug-of-war over another ladder. Knight gets sent back out but he avoids the barrier. Knight brings a ladder in as Grimes holds one of his own. They start swinging ladders at each other. Grimes drops his as his fingers are jammed. Knight still gets sent to the floor. Knight tries to bring a ladder in but Grimes uses it to shove him back into the barrier. Grimes goes to the apron and waits for Knight to get up. Grimes with a running punt kick to drop Knight on the floor. Grimes brings a ladder in but Knight grabs his hair and stops him. Knight sends Grimes into the barrier.

Knight poses on the steel stairs now after putting Grimes back down. Fans boo him. Knight goes back to work on Grimes, taunting fans and sending Grimes into the Plexiglas, then face-first into the steel steps as DiBiase watches. Knight goes over to Ted’s chair and brags, pointing at Grimes. Grimes comes back and sends Knight face-first into the barrier. Grimes follows but Knight jabs him in the eyes with a cheap shot. Knight then launches Grimes into the barrier.

Knight bridges a ladder from the apron to the barrier. Grimes goes back in but Knight follows. Grimes rocks Knight on the apron. Knight knees Grimes in the head. Knight launches himself from the apron into the ring, dropping Grimes with a flying shoulder. Knight leans a ladder in the corner now. He then stands on Grimes to keep him down. Grimes blocks a face-first shot into the leaning ladder, then ducks a shot and launches Knight into the leaning ladder with a big suplex. Grimes drops Knight with a ladder shot to the gut. Knight is down in the corner now. Grimes slides a ladder to between the legs but Knight moves to avoid the below the belt shot. They tangle and Knight drops Grimes over the edge of the ladder with a big neckbreaker.

Knight brings the larger ladder into the ring now. He stomps on Grimes to keep him from recovering from the neckbreaker. Knight stands the taller ladder up under the briefcase now. Grimes kicks him a few times. Grimes with an uppercut. Knight counters and sends Grimes face-first into the ladder. Knight leans the taller ladder into the top rope now, then stomps on Grimes. Knight grabs the smaller ladder and lays it over the top turnbuckle. Knight goes to send Grimes face-first into the turnbuckle ladder but Grimes counters and Knight smacks the ladder face-first. Knight goes down hard for a pop and a “to the roof!” chant. Grimes unloads on Knight with kicks to the chest now, more than a dozen kicks. Fans pop for Grimes as he yells out. Knight comes right back and drops Grimes. Knight charges but Grimes back-drops him onto the leaning ladder.

Fans rally for Grimes. He sends Knight onto the bridge ladder from the apron to the barrier. Knight lands hard on his back. Grimes yells out about wanting the gold. He goes to the Takeover set and grabs the gold ladder. He brings the gold ladder back into the ring as fans chant “to the moon!” now. Grimes stands the gold ladder up under the briefcase. Grimes climbs and gets his fingers on the case. Knight meets him at the top of the ladder, which also has green dollar signs on it. Grimes knocks Knight to the mat. Knight turns the ladder over and Grimes hits hard on the top rope. They then collide with the crossbody as Grimes turns Knight inside out, but both go down. Fans rally now and chant “this is awesome!” while two ladders are knocked over in the ring, and both competitors are slow to recover.

Knight gets up first and stomps Grimes. Grimes rolls to the ramp. Knight leans a ladder on the middle rope. He grabs another ladder and slams it over Grimes’ back on the ramp. Knight stands that ladder up on the ramp. He bridges the other ladder from the standing ladder to the middle rope. Knight falls off the stage and Grimes nails a running kick to the jaw. Grimes follows as Knight crawls around the ringside area. Knight hides behind the armed guards now, then decks Grimes as he looks past them. Grimes runs up a ladder at ringside, kicks Knight. Knight tips that ladder over but Grimes leaps onto the lighting rig at ringside. Grimes leaps from up high off the lighting rig, taking Knight down at ringside for another big pop as DiBiase looks on.

Fans chant “this is awesome!” now. Grimes returns to the ring and stands the gold ladder up. Grimes climbs while Knight is down at ringside. Knight stops Grimes from grabbing the briefcase. Knight powerbombs Grimes from the ladder but Grimes counters in mid-air and sends Knight to the floor. Grimes comes back in the ring, yells “to the moon!” and goes back to the ladder. Grimes climbs up and touches the briefcase but Knight tips the ladder over, sending Grimes landing back hard on the two ladder bridge he made on the ramp earlier. Fans boo as Knight positions the gold ladder and climbs up. Knight retrieves the briefcase and the bell rings for the win.

Winner and Million Dollar Champion:  LA Knight

After the match, Knight climbs back down the ladder as his music hits. Ted Sr. gives him a standing ovation at ringside. We go to replays. Ted brings the Million Dollar Title belt from the case and hands it to Knight in the ring. Knight begins celebrating as the music hits.

– Hit Row interrupts a WWE Shop segment with Todd Pettengill. They plug some merchandise and their new single on Spotify and other platforms.

– The camera cuts backstage to Pete Dunne and NXT Champion Karrion Kross brawling. Security and NXT General Manager William Regal are trying to break them up and keep them apart.

– We get a video package for the next match.

NXT Women’s Championship Match: Raquel Gonzalez vs. Ember Moon

Ember with a drop kick as the bell rings but Gonzalez stays on her feet.  Moon moves out of the corner and Moon with forearms and kicks.  Moon with a cross body but she bounces off Gonzalez.  Gonzalez sets for the power bomb but Moon sends Gonzalez into the turnbuckles.  Kai distracts Moon and Gonzalez knocks Moon off the apron into the ringside barrier.  Gonzalez with a forearm to the back and she breaks the referee’s count.  Gonzalez gets a near fall.  Gonzalez sends Ember into the turnbuckles and connects with knees.

Gonzalez with a hard Irish whip.  Moon escapes a slam attempt but she cannot get Gonzalez over for a sunset flip.  Moon goes for a Codebreaker but Gonzalez blocks it and sends Moon into the turnbuckles and follows with a side slam.  Gonzalez with a twisting Vader Bomb for a near fall.  Gonzalez with a Canadian back breaker.  Gonzalez sends Moon to the mat and gets a near fall.  Ember for punches and Gonzalez pushes Moon to the mat.  Moon kicks Gonzalez and Moon lands on her feet when Gonzalez pulls her from the ropes.  Moon with a kick.  Moon with a back heel kick and more kicks followed by an enzuigiri.   Moon with a clothesline but Gonzalez stays on her feet.  Moon with a back heel kick followed by a forearm and Gonzalez goes to the mat.  Moon with Code Red for a near fall.

Moon with a figure four on the legs and a rear chin lock.  Kai pushes the ropes to Gonzalez and Gonzalez is able to break the hold.  Moon with a suicide dive that sends Gonzalez onto the announce table.  Moon sends Gonzalez into the announce table and then Moon has some words for Kai.  Moon with a flatliner for a near fall.  Moon goes to the turnbuckles and Kai gets on the apron and Gonzalez takes advantage of the distraction and hits a superplex.  Gonzalez gets a near fall.  Gonzalez sets for the power bomb but Moon counters with a rana and she gets a near fall.  Gonzalez gets a near fall.  

Gonzalez gets Moon up for a delayed vertical suplex but Moon counters with a cutter.  Moon with a jaw breaker and she goes to the turnbuckles.  Moon with a Codebreaker off the turnbuckles.  Moon goes up top and hits Eclipse but Kai puts Gonzalez’ leg on the ropes to stop the count.

Shotzi Blackheart comes out and sends Kai into the ringside barrier.  Shotzi with forearms and punches to Kai on the stage.  They fight to the back.

Meanwhile, back to the match.  Gonzalez holds on to the ropes to stop Moon.  Moon sends Gonzalez into the ring post.  Moon goes up top and hits a tornado DDT onto the ramp.  Moon pushes Gonzalez back into the ring and gets a near fall.  Moon goes to the turnbuckles and sets for Eclipse but Gonzalez blocks it.  Gonzalez gets Moon up and hits snake eyes.  Gonzalez with the Chingona Power Bomb for the three count.

Winner:  Raquel Gonzalez

— Todd Pettengill says someone took his Walkman but it is time for Karate Fighters and his opponent is Dexter Lumis.  Todd asks Dexter how things are with him and the women and that triggers Dexter.

— The Great American Bash will return to NXT on July 6th.

— Tuesday night we will have the tornado tag match with Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher against the Grizzled Young Veterans and we will have an Open Challenge for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship.

Fatal 5 Way for the NXT Title: Johnny Gargano vs. Adam Cole vs. Pete Dunne vs. Kyle O’Reilly vs. Karrion Kross

We go back to the ring for tonight’s main event and out comes Johnny Gargano in his gear inspired by WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels. We see NXT General Manager William Regal with security backstage, trying to keep Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon from brawling with Dakota Kai and NXT Women’s Champion Raquel Gonzalez. Out next comes Kyle O’Reilly. Pete Dunne is out next, followed by Adam Cole. NXT Champion Karrion Kross is out next with Scarlett for their grand entrance.

There are no formal ring introductions. The bell rings and Kross decks O’Reilly as he and Cole brawl to the floor. Dunne and Gargano fight until Gargano gets sent to the floor. Kross stalks Dunne and they go at it now. Kross smiles and ends up catching Dunne with a big suplex. Dunne rolls to the floor. Kyle comes in to fight with Kross now. Kross takes a few strikes and boots Kyle in the face. Kross catches a kick and kicks Kyle in the head to stun him. Kyle with a takedown into a leg submission.

Kross easily breaks free and launches Kyle with a big German suplex, sending him out. Gargano springboards in and goes at it with Kross. Gargano mounts some offense but Kross nails another big suplex to Gargano, sending him out. Cole comes flying in and levels Kross. Cole unloads while Kross is on his knees now. Kross tries for a suplex but Cole gets free and drops him with an enziguri. Dunne traps Cole in the apron cover. Dunne, Gargano and Kyle triple team Cole while he’s trapped. Cole runs back in the ring but Kross drops him. Kross unloads on Cole in the corner now.

Dunne attacks from behind but Kross decks him, then drops Gargano and Kyle with ease. Kross end sup nailing a big double suplex on Dunne and Gargano. Kross levels Kyle with a lariat but he kicks out just in time. Kyle with kicks to Kross’ knee now. Kyle keeps offense going to Kross now. Kyle levels Dunne and Gargano as they charge. Kyle kicks Cole and delivers knee strikes to him now. Kyle takes Cole down and mounts him. Cole fights off an armbreaker. Dunne with an armbreaker of his own to Kyle. Gargano runs over to take over but Dunne bends Gargano’s fingers back. Kross grabs Dunne and powerbombs him on top of Gargano and Kyle.

Kross points at Cole,w ho is on the ramp, and calls him a son of a b—h, telling him to come back because they’re not done. Cole talks some trash. Kross tells him to say it in his face. Kross goes out for a a powerbomb on the ramp but Cole lands on his feet. Dunne and Gargano attack Kross on the set now, taking turns with superkicks and strikes. They then shove Kross through the In Your House front door.

Everyone is laid out on the set now. Cole returns to the ring with Kyle and delivers the Last Shot, then the Ushigoroshi for a close 2 count. Cole can’t hit the Panama Sunrise. Gargano comes in and works Cole over now, turning him upside down in a Tree of Woe against Kyle, who is sitting up in the corner. Gargano charges them both but Dunne rolls him for a 2 count. Dunne goes for a Bitter End but Gargano turns it into a DDT. Gargano lawn darts Dunne on his head into the others in the corner, covering for a close 2 count. Gargano takes turns on Dunne and Cole now. Gargano goes for a superkick but Kyle cuts him off. Cole attacks as all 4 challengers take turns on each other. They’re all 4 down. Cole covers Gargano for 2.

Cole and Kyle trade strikes now. Kyle with an ankle lock. Cole kicks him away and Kross pulls Kyle out of the ring, dropping him over the top of the barrier, then sending him over the barrier. Kross then drops Cole on his head at ringside, then knocks him over the barrier. Gargano attacks but Kross slams him back into the edge of the apron. Dunne flies out but Kross catches him and launches him over the barrier with a big throw. All three of those challengers are down on the other side of the barrier. Kross rolls Gargano in the ring and puts him on his shoulders for a huge tornado F5. Gargano barely kicks out in time.

Cole runs in but Kross rocks him. Gargano works Kross over. Gargano kicks Cole off and drops Kross with a tornado DDT. Gargano with a suicide dive to Kyle into the announce table. Gargano takes Cole down in the ring, then flies to the floor with a tornado DDT to Dunne on the floor.Fans chant for Gargano as he runs back in but Cole superkicks him. Gargano ducks the Last Shot and goes for the GargaNo Escape. Gargano and Cole with more back & forth. Cole superkicks the slingshot Spear attempt. Gargano blocks the Panama Sunrise and drops Cole with a Last Call for a close 2 count.

The 4 challengers slowly get up in the ring now and start fighting. Dunne drops Kyle and then superkicks Gargano. They continue trading counters and offense for close calls. Gargano stops Kyle from pinning Cole to win. Fans chant “this is awesome!” now. Kross has returned tot he ring now. He delivers corner clotheslines to all 4 challengers but Kyle ducks, then gets decked anyway. They take turns on Kross in the middle of the ring now but he’s still standing. Dunne and Gargano clothesline Cole. Kyle ends up dropping Dunne and Gargano with a double clothesline. Kross levels Kyle with a huge lariat.

Fans rally and chant “NXT!” now. Kross gets up first. Kross with a German to O’Reilly, a bigger German to Cole after mocking him, a big German to Gargano. Kross stalks Dunne and grabs him by his hair from behind, fro another big German but Dunne lands on his feet and superkicks Kross from behind. Kyle then superkicks Kross from the front. Kross recovers on the apron but Cole superkicks him from the side. Kross is dazed over the top rope. Cole and Kyle slowly watch each other before briefly teaming up to send Kross on top of the announce table with a big double powerbomb.

All 4 challengers are back in the ring now. They start brawling as fans cheer them on. Cole and Gargano superkick each other. Dunne and Kyle have submissions on Cole and Gargano. They drop their opponents and start brawling now, Dunne and Kyle. Kyle drops Dunne and delivers a knee. Dunne counters a suplex and applies a Guillotine to Kyle in the middle of the ring. Kyle gets free and takes Dunne down but they tangle on the mat some more. Gargano breaks them up with a slingshot Spear. Cole sends Gargano to the floor and then drops Kyle over his knee for a close 2 count. Cole and Dunne trade strikes. Gargano approaches but gets dropped. Cole with a big double superkick to drop them both. He tosses Gargano out and covers Dunne for 2. Gargano with One Final Beat to Cole for a quick pin attempt. Gargano with the GargaNo Escape on Dunne but Cole breaks it up from behind. All 4 are down again as fans chant “fight forever!” now.

Kyle attacks Gargano with strikes. Kyle with big knees and a Brainbuster. Kyle goes to the top but Cole shoves him off, sending him to the floor. Cole with the Panama Sunrise to Gargano for a 2 count as Dunne pulls Cole to the floor. Dunne drops Cole on the floor with a Brainbuster. Kross stands up on the other side of the announce table now, staring Dunne down. Dunne runs in the ring and shrugs his shoulders as fans chant “BruiserWeight!” now. Kross enters the ring and Dunne unloads with strikes, taking Kross to one knee. Kross grabs him and delivers the big German but Dunne comes right back up on his feet. Kross gets leveled. Dunne with a Bitter End to Kross but Kross kicks out just in time. Dunne brings Kross over into the Triangle submission while delivering elbows to the top of the head while the referee warns him.

Kross fades but the other 3 challengers run in and break the hold up. Dunne stomps on Kyle’s hands and kicks him, then kicks Gargano. Cole has his fingers bent back now. Kross delivers a double Doomsday Saito suplex to Cole and Dunne at the same time. Kross knocks Cole out of the ring. Kross grabs Dunne from behind now with the Kross Jacket submission. Dunne fades as the referee checks on him. Dunne start bending Kross’ fingers back and gets free. Gargano with One Final Beat to Dunne out of nowhere. Kross with the Kross Jacket to Gargano but he fights free for a 2 count. Kross goes right back to the Kross Jacket to Gargano in the middle of the ring. Cole beaks it with a Last Shot from behind.

Kyle drops Cole with a kick. Kyle goes to the top and delivers the flying knee drop to Kross. Kyle rolls Kross over for the pin but Cole superkicks him to break it up. Cole superkicks Gargano off the apron, then superkicks Dunne off the apron. Cole misses a Last Shot to Kyle. Kyle with a leg hook on Cole, trying to make him submit. Cole screams out. Kross grabs Kyle and applies the Kross Jacket. Cole is still screaming out in the leg submission. Kyle fades in the Kross Jacket, which breaks the leg hold on Cole. Kross is on top of Kyle now as he continues to fade. The referee calls the match and Kross retains.

Winner: Karrion Kross

– After the match, the music hits and Scarlett enters the ring to check on Kross as he recovers. They begin to celebrate as we see others slowly recovering at ringside. We go to replays. Kross and Scarlett stand tall in the ring now. Kross raises the NXT Title in the air as we see the other 4 challengers slowly recovering at ringside. Kross stares at Scarlett as we go to another replay of the finish and how Kross barked in Kyle’s ear after the bell rang. Kross and Scarlett stand at the In Your House set now.

The camera cuts to the back as McKenzie Mitchell stops NXT General Manager William Regal as he’s exiting his office, walking out to the parking lot. She asks his thoughts on tonight’s “Takeover: In Your House” event. A somber Regal says he’s been General Manager for 7 years and he’s never seen this much bedlam, complete madness. Regal says he thinks it’s time for a change. Regal walks off and McKenzie wonders what that could mean. Takeover goes off the air.

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