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NWA “When Our Shadows Fall” Results – Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and Velvet Sky are on the call tonight. The show opens with a highlight package of the scheduled matches in circus theme.

The End (Odinson and Parrow) vs. Sam Rudo and Sal Rinauro vs. Marshe Rockett and Slice Boogie vs. Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf 450

The event begins with the four-team tag match being competed under AAA rules. Bestia and Mecha are in control early and go for a pin, but it’s broken up by Slice Boogie. Rocket tags in and hits some tandem offense with his tag partner. The End break up a pin attempt and take over control. Odison and Parrow nail “Hell on Earth,” a modified Doomsday Device. Their pin attempt is broken up by Bestia and Mecha, but are lifted in a reverse fireman’s carry by The End and launched into the turnbuckles. Sam Rudo hits a dive to the outside from the top rope, and while his partner Sal Rinauro attempts the same, he is cut off by Marshe Rockett. Rockett then hits a suicide dive to the outside. Rinauro up now, but is cut off by Odinson. Rinauro attempts a chockslam to no avail, and is powerbombed to the outside by Odinson.

Odinson is now met by Marshee Rockett. The two big men trade blows before Rockett gains the upper hand, and nails Odinson with a cutter. his pin attempt is broken up by Bestia, who hits Rockett with a muscle buster. Mecha Wolf takes to the skies to immediately land a 450 splash on Rockett, who successfully covers for a 1-2-3.

Winners: Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf 450

After the bell, The End confront Bestia and Mecha Wolf in the ring, but leave without getting physical.

Out now is Pope for an interview. Pope says Austin Idol and Tyrus are big men, and he has to face both of them tonight. Tyrus is out now for an interview. He calls Pope’s words “fake news.” Tyrus plans to dedicate his victory tonight to the Love Alive Charity, which he claims is his charity. The Love Alive Charity is actually Pope’s charity, which he has ran for over ten years. Tyrus says it has been under poor management, and he’s taking it over. Tyrus now enters the ring.

Non-Title Grudge Match: There Must Be A Winner – NWA Television Champion The Pope vs. Tyrus

Pope hits Tyrus with a flurry of strikes from the jump after the big man attempted to blow his nose in the charity t-shirt. Tyrus flees to the outside for a breather, but is met with more strikes once he returns to the ring. The two begin teeing off now in the center of the ring, with Pope knocking Tyrus to his knees. Pope lands a dropkick and attempts a pin, but Tyrus kicks out quick. Pope goes for a crossbody but bounces off Tyrus. Tyrus lands a running crossbody on Pope, but it isn’t enough for the pin. Tyrus is now in control, landing multiple strikes on Pope. The big man stands on Pope’s back for a four count.

Pope attempts a sunset flip pin combo, but Tyrus just sits on him for the pin attempt. Pope escapes at 2. Tyrus backs Pope into the corner now and hits his opponent with numerous body shots. Tyrus takes Pope to the center of the ring now where the two lock up. Pope again tries to get momentum back and hits the ropes, but is immediately met with a flattening strike. Tyrus now stands on Pope’s prone hand for a referee’s four count. Tyrus hits Pope with more boxing strikes before tossing him with a fisherman’s suplex. Tyrus once again stands on Pope’s back for a referee’s four count, breaks it up, then resumes by pressing his knees against Pope’s midsection.

Crowd begins chanting, “Let’s go Pope!” Tyrus goes for two elbow drops, but Pope rolls out of the way both times. Momentum swings back in Pope’s favor now. Pope lands numerous strikes to Tyrus, grounding the big man. Tyrus fights back briefly, but Pope lands a DDT on Tyrus. Tyrus goes to the ropes for a breather, but Pope lands a middle rope slide on him. Pope goes to the top rope, loses his balance briefly, but lands a massive elbow drop. Pope then pulls the kneepads down and goes for a corner strike, which Tyrus dodges. Tyrus lands the tongue-and-death grip slam, which Pope kicks out of at 2! Commentary notes this is the first time anyone has kicked out of that maneuver.

Tyrus goes to the middle rope to land a slam, but Pope gets the knees up. Pope then lands his corner knee strike. Austin Idol, Tyrus’s manager, hands Tyrus something that he puts on his right fist. Pope whips Tyrus around and is met with a strike straight to the mouth. That’s good for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Tyrus

After the bell, Tyrus and Idol head to the back. Idol shouts, “Get that man a stretcher!” towards Pope, who does leave the ring on his own feet.

Thunder Rosa and Melina vs. Kylie Rae and Taryn Terrell

Taryn Terrell and Melina begin this one. Terrell ducks a lock up attempt to start, and counters with a back hook of her own. Melina takes control, Irish-whipping Terrell to the outside. Terrell gets back in the ring and immediately tags in Kylie Ray, who is making her NWA debut in this match. Ray and Melina lock up in the center of the ring, trading control back and forth. Ray gets out of an arm lock with a cartwheel and puts Melina in an arm bar. Melina quickly counters and tags in Thunder Rosa. Rosa begins tying up Ray in an arm bar, and is briefly met with a roll-up, which she kicks out of immediately.

Rosa tags back in Melina. The two hit dual chest kicks on Ray, who kicks out quick. Terrell blocks Melina from hitting a move on the outside, which is enough to swing momentum back in Ray’s favor. Ray lands a suplex on Melina and locks her in an arm bar. Ray continues the assault by slamming herself on the mat, consequently torquing Melina’s arm. Melina is able to tag in Rosa, who is white hot with hot tag offense. Rosa takes the fight to both Ray and Terrell, landing double knee strikes to both of her opponents in the corner. She follows this up with missile dropkicks to her grounded opponents. Rosa goes for the cover on Ray, who kicks out at 2.

Rosa tags in Melina. The two hit a tandem flapjack on Ray. Terrell comes in for the save, but is no match for Melina. Rosa enters the ring and tosses Terrell to the outside. Rosa then carries Terrell to the back, effectively making this match one-on-one. The distraction backfires as Melina gets caught with a roll-up, good for the 1-2-3. Ray scores the victory, but had the tights as well.

Winners: Kylie Ray and Taryn Terrell

After the bell Ray celebrates and heads to the back.

JTG vs. Fred Rosser

The two begin the match with a tension-filled handshake. JTG and Rosser lock up, but disperse shortly after. The two once again lock up, to which Rosser assumes control. Commentary mentions this is the closest we’ll get to “Cryme Tyme vs. Prime Time,” as both JTG and Rosser were apart of popular tag teams during their time in WWE. Rosser maintains control, to whcih JTG is taken aback by.

JTG and Rosser trade arm drags, but JTG is able to take control. Rosser hits the ropes but is met with a bulldog scoop slam, followed by a dropkick. JTG goes for top rope strikes, but Rosser is able to dodge. Rosser drops JTG with a strike to the back of the neck. Rosser goes for a cover but only gets a 1 count.

Rosser in full control now. He begins hitting JTG with methodical strikes, including a leg drop and stomp to the chest. JTG is slow to his feet. Rosser goes for a suplex from the outside to the inside, but JTG is able to reverse it. Rosser once again goes for the suplex but JTG lands on his feet. JTG with a massive strike to Rosser, leaving both men grounded for an extended period of time. JTG back to his feet first, landing a vicious clothesline and back elbow combo to Rosser. JTG tops this with a tilt-a-whirl slam, to which Rosser kicks out at 2. Rosser flees to the corner, but JTG meets him there with strikes. JTG now goes for a high cross, but Rosser tugs the hair and gets out of it. The two are locked up, back to back, but JTG escapes and rolls up Rosser with a small package, good for the 1-2-3.

Winner: JTG

After the bell, JTG extends a hand to Rosser, who gets to his feet. JTG heads to the back, celebrating his NWA debut victory.

NWA World Tag Team Championship – Aron Stevens and JR Kratos (c) vs. War Kings (Jax Dane and Crimson) vs. NWA National Champion Chris Adonis and Thom Latimer

Kratos, Latimer, and Dane begin this contest. Kratos and Dane form a quiet alliance and nail Latimer with a double suplex. The duo don’t last as they quickly come to blows while Latimer is downed. Adonis quietly tags himself in and hits both Kratos and Dane. Adonis then offers his hand to Dane, but it’s just a distraction for Kratos to kick Dane in the back of the calf.

Adonis and Dane are alone in the ring now after Latimer attacked Kratos. Dane continues to dominate and tags in his partner, Crimson, who keeps the assault going. Adonis flees while Kratos returns to the ring, stumbling around the canvas. Despite the apparent leg injury, Kratos takes momentum back long enough to get the tag to his partner, Aron Stevens. Stevens almost accidentally hits his partner with a strike, but holds back just in time. Adonis is met with dual punches from Kratos and Stevens. This distraction lasts long enough for Adonis to sneak back in and lock Stevens in the Master Lock, but he escapes quickly.

Latimer tags in and resumes his team’s momentum. He hits a grounded Stevens with a flurry of kicks. Dane joins the fray and continues the assault on Stevens. Latimer throws Dane to the outside in an attempt to get a pin on Stevens, but Dane returns quickly enough to break it up. The grounded Stevens is still subject to 2-on-1 offense, but Dane begins taking the fight to Latimer. Dane throws Latimer to the outside and tags in Crimson, who is alone for only a matter of seconds. Latimer back in the ring now, but Crimson and Dane resume control. Stevens has a glimpse of hope, hitting both Crimson and Dane with strikes, but Latimer’s return is enough to send him back to his feet. Latimer and Dane with an unlikely alliance once again, as both trade kicks to Stevens’ midsection. Stevens tries to crawl to tag in Kratos, but is pulled back to the middle of the ring. Dane now locks Stevens in a stretch headlock, to which Latimer breaks up with an axe handle. Latimer tries to roll up Stevens with the tights, but it is quickly broken up by Dane.

Adonis back in now and resumes the alliance with Dane. Stevens is grounded and struggling to make a tag. Latimer back in now. He and Dane land a delayed suplex on Stevens. Both men go for the cover, to which the referee responds that he can’t count. Latimer and Dane come to blows while Stevens gets to his feet. Crimson tags in and tries to go for the “Off With His Head,” but Stevens battles out. Crimson nails Adonis with a fireman’s carry slam, but is met with a gut punch from Kratos. Stevens’ almost-unconscious body collapses on Crimson for the 1-2-3.

And Still: Aron Stevens and JR Kratos (c)

After the bell, Kratos shows respect to his partner. Commentary notes this is the first time in months Stevens and Kratos have shown cooperation.

NWA Women’s World Championship – Serena Deeb (c) vs. Kamille

The two come face to face, but Kamille shoves Deeb’s face. After coming together again Kamille shoves Deeb to the ground. Deeb looks noticeably surprised. Deeb gathers herself and locks her challenger in a head lock. Deeb continues to wrench and wrench before hitting the ropes, but is quickly met with a shoulder tackle. Kamille takes full control now as she Irish whips Deeb into the corner, hitting her with a flurry of back elbows.

Deeb gets momentum back in her favor. She locks Kamille in a choke hold, but is flipped over on her back shortly after. Kamille ties up Deeb in the ropes and hits her with clubbing blows. Shades of Sheamus’ Ten Beats of the Bodhrán.  Kamille goes for a cover but it’s only good for 2. Deeb attempts to take control by slowly getting to her feet, but Kamille cuts her off with a stomach strike. Kamille drops Deeb on her knee, and proceeds to whip her arm to the mat repeatedly. Deeb in the corner now and is met with a splash from Kamille. The challenger locks Deeb in a bear hug and continually wrenches the champion. Deeb tries to get out of it with elbow strikes but is countered with a suplex.

Kamille resumes the bear hug after kicking Deeb on the ground. More elbows to Kamille’s head from Deeb, but she remains in control. A body slam from Kamille is good for a 2 count. Kamille is frustrated now, wondering what has to be done to put Deeb away. Kamille puts Deeb on her shoulder and slams her into the turnbuckle before slamming her into the mat. Once again, only a 2 count. Deeb takes some momentum back by kicking Kamille’s legs, but is crying in pain with each strike. A dragon screw from Deeb is enough to fully swing momentum in her favor. Deeb locks Kamille in a guillotine choke in the ropes but has to abandon the hold to abide by the referee’s count. Deeb once again goes for a desperation cover, but Kamille kicks out at 2.

Deeb brings the assault to Kamille’s leg once again. She successfully lands two elbows before being kicked to the outside. Kamille sees a glimmer of control but loses it quickly to the champion. Deeb locks Kamille in an octopus arm bar before going for a sunset flip pin to no avail. Kamille back in control now but misses her spear attempt. Deeb goes for her finisher but is too weak to get Kamille up. She opts for a single-leg Boston crab instead, to which Kamille claws her way to the ropes for a rope break. Deep tries to set Kamille up for a killswitch but is unable to swing her opponent over. Kamille responds with a single-leg Boston crab of her own, but Deeb slowly is able to crawl to the ropes for a break. Deeb with a flash sunset flip pin attempt, but Kamille kicks out. Kamille readies her for a spear and nails it! 1-2-3!

And New: Kamille (c)

After the bell, Kamille celebrates with the title before heading to the back.

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship – Nick Aldis (c) vs. Trevor Murdoch

Murdoch has control early on and rattles the champion. Aldis shoves the referee who is not pleased with his actions whatsoever. Aldis flees to the outside to catch his breath, but is still fighting a defensive battle when he gets back in the ring. After taking a lot of Murdoch’s offense, Aldis is able to resume control. Aldis begins toying with Murdoch, slapping him about and throwing him into the ropes.

Murdoch sees a glimmer of hope by responding with a massive clothesline. Aldis is tossed to the ropes once more and is shattered with another clothesline from the challenger. Murdoch ascends to the top rope and lands a bulldog from the skies. Commentary go wild as Murdoch goes for the cover, but Aldis escapes at 2. Aldis flees to the outside as Thom Latimer comes ringside. Latimer has a chair and distracts the referee. While this is going on, Aldis brings a chair in of his own and hits the referee with it. With no official present, Aldis strikes Murdoch with numerous chair shots, ascends the top rope, and lands an elbow from the skies to Murdoch’s back. Aldis goes up for another but Murdoch moves out of the way. Murdoch takes the chair for himself and strikes Aldis with the weapon. Aldis is now locked in a cloverleaf as the referee wakes up.

The referee makes his way back in the ring and calls for the bell. Murdoch celebrates, but the referee corrects the ring announcer. He says Aldis is the winner by disqualification, as he pieced the present chair and Murdoch on the offensive as a DQ by the challenger’s hands.

And Still: Nick Aldis (c) [by disqualification]

Aldis is collapsed on the outside as the belt is draped over his stomach. Murdoch locks speechless in the ring as he tries to make sense of what happened.

Murdoch talks for a post-match interview. He asks what else he has to do to win the NWA Worlds Title. He says he doesn’t know what else he has to do at this point, but thanks the fans for their support.

The commentary team is enraged at Aldis’s actions. Tim Storm says the way the main event went down is not how things should be. Galli reminds everyone to tune in on Tuesday for NWA Powerrr.

That concludes our NWA When Our Shadows Fall

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