WWE RAW Results – May 24, 2021

WWE RAW Results - May 24, 2021

WWE RAW Results – May 24 – We’re live from the WWE ThunderDome at the Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida. MVP is in the ring and he introduces Bobby Lashley. The WWE champion makes his way to the ring and he is joined by a bevy of females.

We take a look at what happened last week on Raw.

Porter asks for a round of applause for Bobby Lashley.   He says that in addition to the champion being here, the WWE is leaving the Thunderdome in July so you can see Bobby Lashley in person.  Porter wants to talk about the dark cloud known as Drew McIntyre.  He asks Lashley for his thoughts. Lashley says he beat Drew at Wrestlemania and then he beat Drew and Strowman at Backlash so it is a no go for Drew.  Porter says that since Kofi was a former champion, he thought he could step into the ring with the champion and then the dark cloud showed up again… Drew’s music plays and he comes out.

Drew says we all knew that I would be coming out because your business is my business and my business is getting back the WWE Championship.  Drew says if it wasn’t for Porter, he would have won at Wrestlemania.  if it wasn’t for Braun, I would have won at Backlash.  You want to prove once and for all that you are the number one star on Raw.  Maybe you know that you don’t quite measure up to Drew McIntyre.  Maybe the All Mighty doesn’t have the balls.  Drew asks the ladies out for this evening.  Drew says that Kofi beat Lashley.

Bobby says that Kofi didn’t beat him but you hit me with Porter’s cane for Kofi to win.  Drew says he is hearing excuses.

The New Day’s music plays and Kofi KIngston comes out with Xavier Woods. Kofi says they are making some incredible points in the ring, but Kofi wants to remind everyone that he pinned the WWE Champion.  Kofi says they’re making some good points and he knows things move fast out here, but he doesn’t want them to forget that he pinned Lashley last week. He reminds us again. Kofi and Woods hit the ring now as the tension picks up. Kofi mentions how he and the fans want Drew to step aside as he did what Drew couldn’t do in months, pin Lashley. Out comes Adam Pearce to interrupt from the stage. Pearce has an easy solution. He announces Kofi vs. Drew for tonight with the winner challenging Lashley at Hell In a Cell. MVP says that is a great idea. He’s bringing the ladies and The VIP Lounge to the stage so they can watch the match. Kofi and Drew have words in the ring as MVP, Lashley and their models leave the ring. We go to commercial.

— We are back with a short clip of Braun Strowman, who says that he cannot wait to get back on the road.

Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston in a Number One Contender Match

They lock up and Drew with a clean break.  They lock up again and Drew pushes Kofi into the corner.  They go to a Greco Roman Knuckle Lock and Kofi with a side head lock.  Kofi with a waist lock.  Drew with a wrist lock.  Kofi with a reversal into a side head lock.  Drew with a shoulder tackle.  Kofi goes for a back elbow but Drew catches Kofi and sends Kofi to the mat.  Drew with a punch.  Drew with a front face lock and he tries for a suplex but Kofi with a knee to escape.  Kofi with a side Russian leg sweep and a slingshot splash for a near fall.  Drew with chops.  Kofi sends Drew to the floor and Kofi with a pescado.

Drew gets Kofi on his shoudlers and Drew with a reverse Alabama Slam into the apron and then Drew breaks up the count.  Drew waves at Bobby and his “nieces” as we go to commercial.

We are back and Drew with a chop in the corner.  Kofi with a chop but Drew with punches.  Drew with a suplex.  Drew puts Kofi in the ropes and he chokes Kofi.  Drew with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.  Drew drops Kofi on the ringside barrier and then they return to the ring.  Drew with a front face lock into a dead lift delayed vertical suplex and he mocks Lashley do hit it one armed for a near fall.  Drew with an arm bar.  Kofi with punches but Drew with a kick and Irish whip.  Kofi with a springboard drop kick out of the corner and both men are down.  Kofi with chops and a drop kick.  Drew avoids a clothesline and Kofi with a guillotine but Drew with a suplex to escape.

Drew gets a near fall.  Kofi gets a near fall.  Kofi with a back fist in the corner followed by a shoulder.  Drew with an Irish whip and Kofi with a pendulum kick.  Kofi goes up top and Drew stops Kofi with a punch.  Kofi sets for a superplex and Kofi blocks it with punches and head butts.  Kofi with a cross body and Drew rolls through and hits a Michinoku Driver for a near fall.  

Drew poitns to Bobby Lashley and Bobby makes his way to the ring as we go to commercial.

We are back and Drew with a forearm to the chest and he sets for a belly-to-back superplex and hits it.  

Bobby and Porter have let the ladies go do their homework so they have joined the announcers.  

Drew gets a near fall.  Drew and Kofi exchange punches.  Kofi with an elbow and Drew with forearms followed by a DDT but Kofi rolls through for a near fall.  Drew with a spinebuster for a near fall.  Drew with a power bomb for a near fall.  Kofi escapes a slam and then he moves out of the corner and Drew goes shoulder first into the ring post.  Kofi goes up top and hits Shadows Over Hell for a near fall.  Drew is sent to the floor and he sees Lashley at the announce table.  Kofi with a trust fall off the turnbuckles and Drew bumps into Lashley, but Porter was smart enough to move out of the way.  Kofi with SOS for a near fall.  Lashley and Porter attack Drew and Kofi and the referee calls for the bell.

Double Disqualification

After the match Lashley takes care of Woods but Kofi with Trouble in Paradise and Drew with a Claymore to Lashley.

— We take a look back at Asuka versus Charlotte Flair from last week.


Charlotte Flair is walking in the back earlier today and Rhea Ripley stops by to wish her luck because she will probably lose again. Charlotte says Rhea is jealous of her and that is why she is talking to her before her match. Nikki Cross stops by and she says she could beat both of you so why don’t one of you challenge me.  Charlotte says she would beat Nikki in two minutes if she wasn’t going to wrestle Asuka. Rhea says that Charlotte talks down to people and Charlotte tells Rhea to challenge Nikki and beat her in two minutes. Rhea accepts the challenge.

We go to commercial.

— We are back with an Eva Marie video package.  She says she couldn’t be where she is today without the right people to guide her down that path.  She wanted to be a heroine.  Now that I am, I don’t want to play a hero, I want to be one.  I might be a star, but a star’s purpose is to show people the way.  I want girls to look at me and say I can be that..

Nikki Cross vs. Rhea Ripley in a Two Minute Challenge Match

Rhea sends Nikki to the mat and then Rhea looks at the time remaining.  Nikki goes for the leg and Rhea with a knee to Nikki.  Nikki goes for a cross body and Rhea catches Nikki .  Nikki escapes and connects with a forearm.  Rhea grabs Nikki by the head and Nikki with a jaw breaker and she goes up top and gets a near fall with a cross body.  Nikki with a splash into the corner and she goes for a bulldog but Cross is sent into the turnbuckles.  Rhea with a drop kick and punches.  Rhea with a shoulder.  

Rhea with punches and kicks as time runs out.

Winner:  Nikki Cross

After the match, Cross heads to the floor and starts celebrating as her music hits. Ripley looks on and seethes from the ring. Cross runs around the ring celebrating but the music interrupts and out comes Charlotte Flair. Flair poses on the ramp as pyro goes off and Ripley rolls her eyes in the ring. Fans boo and Cross taunts her. Flair points and laughs over what just happened. We go to commercial with Flair pointing at Ripley and laughing at her.

— We are back and Damian Priest is telling people to come see him on the road when WWE tours again.

— We take a look back at the end of the Kofi Kingston versus Drew McIntyre match.


Adam Pearce is in his office and Drew shows up and he wants to know what does this mean.  Kofi enters as well.  Adam says he is pissed.  Adam says they have a rematch next week and the winner faces Bobby Lashley at Hell in a Cell.  Kofi says he is okay as long as Bobby and MVP can be kept away.  Then he will have no problem beating Bobby again.  Drew says he will go through anybody to get his title back.

Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka

They stare at each other and they lock up and Charlotte takes Asuka to the mat.  Asuka takes Charlotte to the mat.  Asuka misses a spinning back heel kick when Charlotte ducks in the corner.  Charlotte with a waist lock and Asuka with a standing switch.  Charlotte with a front face lock but Asuka with a hammer lock and Charlotte gets to the corner.  Charlotte goes for the leg but Asuka with an arm bar.  Charlotte with a monkey flip and Charlotte with a leg sweep and a near fall.  Charlotte with a head scissors (Asuka has lasted longer than Nikki Cross against Rhea)  Charlotte rolls through but Asuka escapes and Asuka with a back heel kick.

Asuka with a hip attack against the ropes but Charlotte dives into the hip attack.  Charlotte kicks Asuka.  Charlotte works on the leg in the ropes and the referee warns Charlotte of the five count.  Charlotte with a heel hook.  Charlotte drives Asuka’s knee into the mat and then she returns to the ankle lock.  Asuka rolls through and sends Charlotte to the floor.  Asuka misses a hip attack off the apron.  Charlotte with an atomic drop of the knee onto the ring steps as we go to commercial.

We are back and Charlotte with a knee drop to the leg in the ropes.  Charlotte wraps the leg in the ropes and then drop kicks the leg.  Charlotte gets a near fall.  Charlotte continues to work on the leg.  Charlotte with a Boston Crab.  Charlotte with an elbow to the leg and then Asuka with a float over into a cross arm breaker.  Charlotte gets to the ropes and she connects with a barrage of elbows.  Asuka with kicks to the arm.  Charlotte catches Asuka on a hip attack attempt and Charlotte with an atomic drop to the knee.  Charlotte puts Asuka on the turnbuckles and into the tree of woe.  Charlotte stomps on the knee and Asuka falls to the mat.  Charlotte misses a moonsault but Charlotte lands on her feet.

Asuka with a German suplex but Asuka goes down due to the damage inflicted on her knee.  Asuka with a hip attack and she goes for a German suplex but Charlotte escapes.  Asuka with a pop up knee and back fist followed by a hip attack for a near fall.  Charlotte drops Asuka on the top rope and Charlotte wrings the leg into the ring post .  Asuka pulls Charlotte into the ring post.  Asuka with a sliding knee to Charlotte from the apron.  Charlotte sends Asuka into the announce table as we go to commercial.

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